Nightfall Overture



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April 11th, 2007 | 9 replies

Release Date: 2005 | Tracklist

Label: Black Mark(Printed at 500 copies)


Dan Swanö - Vocals, Guitars and keyboards
Tom Nouga (Dag Swanö) - Guitars and Keyboards
Tom Björn - Drums
Erik Oskarsson - Bass

Nightingale is the main project of Dan Swanö since Edge Of Sanity has slip-up. This swedish quartet offers a prog rock/metal influenced by bands such as Rush and Deep Purple. If Dan's solo album was in you taste, you'll sure love this band.

''Nightfall Ouverture'' is well know to be Nightingale classic song. It's also the title of this best-of compilation. The record features songs from every Nightingale album except Invisible. It also features an EOS demo and a new song call ''Better Safe then Sorry''. The songs are re-recorded for the pupose and I must say that the production is top-notch, I'm gonna do a Track-By-Track

1-Nightfall Ouverture (5/5)

Like I said earlier, this song is well know to be Nightingale classic. From the first riff you could hear what I mean by a fantastic production. Their's a kind of weird vibe in this song. It's probably the most progressive song of the record. Their's lot of chord progression which is a good point. The lyrics are about the fact of being lost in your dreams and being afraid to die.. The chorus goes like this: «Oh, when the night comes down/And all the colours turns black and white/Oh, when the night comes down/And the dark is conducting the nightfall overture». Dan's voice is very powerfull and emotive on that one. A fantastic song.

2-Dreamreader (5/5)

This is the second song from their debut album ''breeding shadows''. This one is more of a rock song. Dan's voice is shining in this one. I love his voive during the «Dreamland is calling I am drifting away/Far from the shadows that's haunting my day» Once again, the subject is about dreaming. This song feature awesome keyboard and guitar lead as well as harmony vocals. The piano interlude is very beautiful. A very interesting catchy song.

3-Revival (4/5)

This song is about being ressurected in an other body and wanted to be revenge. «No longer a shadow, once again I walk the face of the earth./I'm in his body, I'm free to live/And I will make sure that he will see no rebirth/He'll never find the answer, he'll never know the way/I'll never ever forgive him for what he did to me that day» The stucture of the song is more pop-ish and there's less progression. The main melody is interesting and the chorus reminds me a lot of Deep Purple.

4-Steal The Moon (4/5)

This song reminds me a lot of ''The Darness''. It's very classic rock indluenced. The song is based on Dan's vocal. It's cathcy as hell. It could have been a hit song. The song is short and their's almost no progression. It's a simple catchy pop song. If you loved ''I believe in a thing Called love'' by ''The Darkness you'll sure like it.
The lyrics are cheesy but the vocal performance is pretty good.

5-Alonely (5/5)

This is in my opinion the best vocal performance by Dan and the best song of this record. It's an emotive slow acoustic ballad. Dan's voice shine throug all the song and especially in the chorus: «I feel that I'm loosing it all/There's nothing left to live for/I'm ending it all in my dreams/It always seems so easy in my sleep». The song is about loosing someone you loved. The best point of this song is that it's building and building and building. You reach the point at the solo, it's pretty intense and emotive. One of the best solo I've heard from Dan.

6-I Return (3,5/5)

This song is one of the weekest of the record. It's not that bad but not that good. It's pretty simple and repetitive. Dan's voice has not the same impact that he has in songs like ''Nightfall Ouverture'' and ''Alonely''. A simple catchy song.

7-The Glory Days (4,5/5)

One of the best song of the record. You can see the Rush influences in the intro. His vocal are now back at his peak. The harmony vocal is well done and serve the song as well. «Oh, it's taking me back to the glory days/I smile as I fade in this empty space/The memories awake and it feels like I'm alive/(Like I'm alive) in the glory days.» As you can see the subject is about going through your past. Another nice solo is featured on this song. It's a more happy song.

8-Shadowland Serenade. (3,5/5)

This one is another classic rock influenced song. The structure is pretty simple but it's catchy as hell. Dan Voice's perfect. I'm not big into this song but the lead guitars are insanely beautiful. Dan's a master in guitar leads. It's an OK song but their's nothing special.

9-Losing Myself (3,5/5)

This is the EOS demo song. It's more of a rock song. The stucture is simple and the riff are as well. The Lead part are good once again. A short song and something is missing.

10-Better Safe Then Sorry (4/5)

I love this one. The chorus is catchy and remind's me of a rocky's movie song. Their's some progression here and here. The keyboard shines in this one. Almost all the lead parts are done by the keyboard. You'll love this one if you had love Dan's solo record. I love the clean/delayed guitar part. It reminds me of Dream Theater in the ''Images And Words'' period. I love the outro guitar lead over the chorus part.

Recommended Songs:

Nightfall Ouverture
The Glory Days
Better Safe Then Sorry


Dan's clean voice


Some Filler
Some song are not prog at all
Some people may not like the pop catchy song.

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April 11th 2007


Album Rating: 4.5

Fantastic album, great review =)

April 11th 2007


any music you would compare it too? sounds pretty good, but I'm not sure

April 11th 2007


Album Rating: 4.5

check out their myspace for some samples....

April 12th 2007


Album Rating: 4.5

So, it seems that nobody knows them. If you really like Dan Swanö(Edge Of Sanity, Bloodbath, Katatonia, Solo project) you will sure like it. Dan also produce album for ban such as Opeth, Katatonia, The Project Hate, etc. I must say it's also for fan of rock N' roll stuff. Deep Purple, Zeppelin and Sabbath are some of their influences.This Message Edited On 05.07.07

October 17th 2007


Album Rating: 4.5

im listening to The song Nightfall Ouverture right now and it's probably in my top 10 best song ever. This song is perfect.

February 15th 2009


Album Rating: 4.5

The Glory Days is one of the best songs Ive heard in my life

November 19th 2009


gettin this

January 24th 2010


Album Rating: 4.0

Losing Myself (3,5/5)

Screw that it's 5/5. That song rules, Swano has a great voice.

May 9th 2011


Album Rating: 5.0

Come on...Am I the only one who thinks this album is classic? Ah well this is coming from a hardcore Swano Fanatic so I gues my rating is probably bias but I just wanna agree with the person above me...

Losing Myself (3,5/5)

WHAT THE....????? HOW THE HELL IS THAT A 3.5/5???!!!!

Ah well, I probably think about these things to deeply...

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