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April 9th, 2007 | 5 replies

Release Date: 1993 | Tracklist

Review Summary: SONGS TO LISTEN FOR: Someday, I Suppose, Holy Smoke and Seven Thirty Seven/Shoe Glue. SONGS YOU CAN SKIP: Man without, Illegal left Songs you can pass over"

The Mighty Mighty Bosstones try and follow up their successful album More Noise and Other Disturbances some say they did an amazing job and other feel they were let down. I however Loved this album and I think of it be just as good if not better then More Noise.
This album is possibly the heaviest bosstone albums of all time, but they didn't shine away from the Ska and their infamous horn section. They just added onto what was already there and took it to a whole new level.

1. Our Only Weapon

The Bosstones always come up with amazing track 1's to get you into the album like Kinder Words, Noise Brigade and Devils Night Out just to name a few. This album is no exception. Not a fast Ska song but more of a rock get out and hit punch someone in your face type of song. The Horns are awesome in this song and they set the tone for they are the 1st instruments to start off the album, the guitar and vocals also have a lot of attitude overall a great way to start off the album! 5/5

2. Last Dead Mouse

This might be the heaviest song the Bosstones have ever made. Not the fastest (that comes a little later) but the heavies the guitar is heavy the vocals are very heavy and it has a dark feel, but the lyrics are awesome and it has some spooky, but necessary horns in it that really add to the mood. This song is definitely in the top 3 for the album its really really great, but its one of those songs you have to give a chance. 5/5

3. Don't Know How To Party

Heres a Ska song for you! The song starts off with a slow beat that builds up over time. In the meantime enjoy Dickey's Vocal work its gotten really impressive on how his range has gotten so good in a short period of time. Anyway the soft build comes in with a horn lead that gets you dancing and gets you singing along to. People say this album lacks "Ska", but not this song. This is a fast song with a fast beat you can rock out to definitely a favorite of mine. 5/5

4. Someday, I Suppose

This is the big hit off the album and why wouldn't it be because its freaking awesome!!! This in my opinion is MMB's best Hit beating out The Impression that I get (which is way over rated) and Where'd you go" The song overall has a slow tempo but it has very catchy horns and Vocals in it and has a nice smooth baseline. There is a sweet trombone solo in it too! This might be the best song on the album and it is definitely a fan favorite! 5/5

5. Man Without

This is an interesting song. It's very fast and its very heavy at the same time. There are no horns so this is not a Ska tune by any means. The bridge makes my Ears hurt because Dickey is going Slipknot on your ass at this point. Most people that like the Bosstones don't like this song because its to heavy and has no Horns. I used to dislike it a lot, but since then it grew on me a little. 3.5/5 (not terrible)

6. Holy Smoke!

Man people that say the Bosstones don't have any Ska in this album are dead wrong and its because of this song! This song starts off with a funky little piano intro and then comes in full power! The Horns are super strong in this one and can get you out of your seat and dancing in no time! This might be my personal favorite song on the album. This song right here is the definition of SKA. 5/5

7. Illegal Left

An interesting Choice it has a slower pace, but it isn't really that slow. It's not heavy by any means and it isn't Ska. Its one of those songs you don't think to much of. I don't love it and I don't hate it at all. Not heavy and its not Ska. I guess we can just call it rock with some horns. 3.5/5

8. Tin Soldiers

Another awesome song! I find it hard to believe that this album isn't beloved as much as I do. The song is a cover, but it done very very well. Very Catchy Chorus with an awesome horn line to go with it. The horns are few in numbers for this song, but they really add flavor to it and especially the bridge! Another classic song! 5/5

9. Almost Anything Goes

Almost Anything Goes just might be the catchiest thing you will be singing over and over in your head I have ever heard in my life. The song isn't Ska and isn't heavy Like Illegal left, but unlike Illegal left this song actually has a lot of attitude and gets you grooving where ever you may be. 4.5/5

10. Isachar

OK as I said before this album could get heavy and fast. Heres an example of what I was talking about. Isachar is by far the fastest song on the album and it really does kick a lot off ass. The verses are kind of lame and disappointing when the song 1st opens up, but the chorus makes up for it! It's a good song, but not the best. 4/5

11. What Was Was Over

This is actually a personal favorite of mine. I really like the verses a lot and the saxophone line is really something to listen for. I have found that most people dislike this song, because the chorus is a little heavy and doesn't seem to fit with the original tone of the song, but it grows on you. The outro is also something to watch out for for they end the song strong! 4.5/5

12. Seven Thirty Seven/Shoe Glue

Wait the album isn't over!!! The Bosstones began the album so strong so why not end it with some power and attitude"" Well they indeed do. A lot of people might have gotten a little bored after Holy Smoke well if your stupid enough to turn off the album after track 6 at least skip on over to this song! This is the longest song on the album because its 2 songs in 1 but they go into eachother so well you can't really tell when it switches (I mean I can but I love this song so I know the IN's and Out's) Its fast, heavy and Ska packed into what awesome song! The song even slows down a little bit! Its really great because it ties in all of the different genres MMB can play into one awesome song! This and Holy Smoke are my favorite songs on the album. 5/5

Well there you have it!! Amazing! I would get off the computer if I was you right now and go purchase this masterpiece! Although I have never seen this album in stores I bought it on the Internet, so you might want to do that or download it. Either way get your mitts on the classic!

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April 10th 2007


Hey, you might want to read over your review from start to finish, it will help you pick up on a few mistakes you have made and then you can edit them to make this much better. I would also say that for a track-by-track review you've done pretty well, even though I really don't like t-b-t reviews generally. Is English not your first language? Just because some of the expressions you used sounded a bit clumsy, maybe it's just because you haven't read over it or whatever. Anyway, if you can, fix up the mistakes and you'll have yourself a decent review.

By the way, you sound like a massive fan boy of the band, you might want to try being a little more objective in the future, but enthusiasm is never a bad thing. This Message Edited On 04.10.07

April 10th 2007


stop it with all the exclamation marks

April 10th 2007


Agreed, your language and grammer were unweildly at points; still, you backed your points with marked effort. But dude, not even I like ska this much (people who know me may not believe that.) Be able to see both the high and low on this album, because try as you may, you didn't fully justify the 5.

April 15th 2007


Album Rating: 4.5

Sorry yeah my grammer and Spelling are terrible, I'll try to fix it up.

February 29th 2008


'The Impression That I Get' is in NO way overrated.

Such a great song, and this is a great album

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