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World of Lies



by LifeInABox USER (23 Reviews)
March 23rd, 2007 | 17 replies

Release Date: 2005 | Tracklist

The Berzerker is an "industrial death metal" band out of Melbourne, Australia. Their sound combines the vocals and tempo of a Death Metal band, with a drum machine and fuzzy sound guitars of industrial metal. All in all World Of Lies is a long journey through a muddy mess of an album.

Luke Kenny- Vocals/drum programming/synths
Ed Lacey - Guitar/bass
Jay - Guitar/bass
Adrian Naudi - Guitar/bass
Sam Bean - Guitar/bass

The third album by The Berzerker, World of Lies, was sppost to be “Heavier than before” with “No more masks”. Well, they got both of those right, it is heavyer, and they lost the lame masks, but what happened to a little varaition? And how do I expect to remember any of these songs? World of Lies starts out with…I don’t know. It could be any of the 13 tracks. They all sound completely alike. Follow the same formula. Have the same guitar tone. Have the same sounding riffs. It is really very boring. There is one track that grabbed my attantion from the start though. That is Never Hated More. This song brought this album up from a 1 to a 2 in my eyes. The drum machine is punchyer, the guitars are stronger, the vocals range from a synthesized death grunt to a shaky black metal yelp. The interlude halfway through the song is litterd with inhumanly fast drum beats and the main guitar riff is crushing. The “double bass” complements to song very well, while it is not too much and can barly be heard until it is desired. It kind of sounds like a maritan’s computer generated death metal song. Its actually very good.

Outside of Never Hated More, there arent many other things I can pick out that I like or can distinguish from any thing else. Free Yourself has some memerable parts such as the cranking guitars, but it really is just the same as every other track on here. The samples at the beginning of every song are quite annyoing and after one or two songs, your saying to yourself “Please shut the f*** up”. The whole industrial death metal idea, I think is stupid any way, because what death metal is and stands on, is musicanship and how can we hear any of it over the electronic death metal dance beats? From start to finish World of Lies is very boring and unimaginitve.

One more thing i actually liked about this album going back and listening to it, was Farewell. The real drum sound really makes it a much better song. Too bad it was at the end and by the time you make it to the last song, your sick of the album! Along with Never Hated More, this would be the only other song off this album I would purchase, except for the fact that its 20 minutes long and itunes makes you buy the whole album to get it. Its combination of slower emotional guitar riffs and spacy background make it a deep cutting track and goes back to what The Berzerker used to play. It is worth listening to the whole thing however, so do so if you ever get the chance. Amazing song that pulls this album down from the dumps...if you can make it to it. The light at the end of the long, boring tunnell.

Recommended Tracks:
Never Hated More
Farewell if you want a long listen

… I like Never Hated More

Not Much of any attampt to diversify anything
Somewhat annoying sound to the drum machine
Final Track is 20 freekin’ Minutes long!

Final Ruling:
Your better off passing this one off for any of their earlier releases

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March 23rd 2007


Yes! first comment! Finally ive been waiting for this day! hahahahah!!!!
uh yeah. i totally agree with your review. seemed muddy.

March 23rd 2007


thanks man. Yeah sorry about the length i was kinda rushing to get it done

March 24th 2007


I personally don't think this is as bad as you think. Yeah, the songs are pretty much carbon copies of each other, but it's nice and aggressive when you need it. Every so often, it's good.

March 24th 2007



March 25th 2007


I tried to listen to these guys. They arent very good.

April 3rd 2007


i have to disagree with what you say
i loved this album and the 909 kick
it's great live.

April 3rd 2007


Really? Maybe i should have listened to it a little bit more..... oh well.

April 14th 2007


dude who negged this and didn't explain either???

May 9th 2007


Album Rating: 4.5

man I have to totally disagree with this review... The Berzerker are one of the most important death/grind bands of the last years due to albums like this, pushing the limits of an already extreme genre and creating a sense of total misanthropy, hatred and negativity.

I really can't understand how a true grindcore fan can find this album "boring"...and being used to very heavy music, and to The Berzerker discography, I even find the riffs and in general the songs on this album (as all of The Berzerker's albums) someway "catchy".

I'm sorry for saying this but this review is really superficial.

and saying "The whole industrial death metal idea, I think is stupid any way, because what death metal is and stands on, is musicanship (...) From start to finish World of Lies is very boring and unimaginitve" is just childish and pointless;

how can true music be"stupid"? death metal is based upon musicianship? I thought extreme music was based on passion. musicianship and skill are means to express this passion, not the end of it. and I can recognize any riff on this album so I wonder why can't you. The Berzerker is a unique band, they make their own kind of music and I know it's not easy. but it is everything but "stupid", "boring" or "unimaginative".

I'm sorry if I sounded like I wanna go against you, cause it's not my intention.

I just want to point out the fact that this album (like all others from this band) needs maybe to be approached many times before liking it if you're not used to the band sound, but is just AMAZING if you'rer a fan of the band, and should be checked out by everyone who like EXTREME-music.

May 9th 2007


As I obviously do, and even you could probably tell by my reviews, Album Ratings, etc, but really, please do not sit here and tell me my review is "Childish and Pointless" when maybe one or two tracks sound different from the rest of the album. And really, by rating this a 4.5, i can obviously tell you are a fanboy, because in no way shape or form is this album anywhere near a 4.5.

May 9th 2007


death metal is based upon musicianship?
Yes, or explain to me why the technical aspect is so developed in Death Metal and why DM drummers are some of the more praised drummers in Modern Metal.

May 10th 2007


Album Rating: 4.5

ok so you didn't understand my point at all.

I personally laughed when I saw a 2 as a vote for this album, as I PERSONALLY love it. but it's not about the rating that I was talkin about. logically, as you didn't like the album, you felt like givin it a very low rating. and that's ok. I couldn't give it less than a 4.5 just cause I keep consumin the cd and still find it awesome. I think there's no problem. but, reading your review, even someone who could love this album would just pass over it, cause you described it as an album with no substance, composed with no musical skill and creativity, with the same song repeated all over the album, and that is just not true. I really don't know how carefully you listened to it.

I'd also add that darkthrone's "transilvanian hunger" has the same exact drumming in ALL of the songs with almost no change, but it still is a masterpiece. not all bands (or projects) can be judged with the same criteria.

yeah death metal and extreme metal in general is usually very technical. and if you listen closely to the guitar riffing in the album you'll find that this stuff is pretty technical too. but I won't say that technicity is the whole point of death metal, that's why a lot of ultra-technical bands suck: they don't offer anything but a display of technical skills.

and believe me, I love the Berzerker as I love hundreds of other bands, but I've never been a real "fan" of any band or artist (except me :P).

beside that, cool man, I didn't mean to offend anyone.

May 18th 2007


technicity is the whole point of death metal
It is one of the big points.

May 18th 2007


One of my friends turned this on when I was at his house, and at first i had no idea what it was supposed to be but it grew on me a few tracks in.

I think this is pretty rediculously overdone, but its entertaining nonetheless (like mortician). But, i dont own it and havent heard the whole thing, so i wont rate it.

May 19th 2007


How about the review, did you like that aspect?

April 12th 2010



April 17th 2011


This actually sounds funny, it is listenable but also entertaining at how cheezy it sounds. If you just want pure aggresion then you might like this.

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