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March 20th, 2007 | 8 replies

Release Date: 2006 | Tracklist

Overview: First of all I would like to say this is my first review so I'm sorry if it sucks. On to the review... Ankla was formed in 2001 by former Puya guitarist Ramon Ortiz. Ankla was formed because Ortiz wanted harder music, and boy was he successful. Ankla is nothing but hard hitting amazingness for 45 minutes straight. This has to be my favorite metal release of all time, and Ankla has to be one of the greatest current metal acts. Ankla is notable because they infuse a lot of Latin music with their metal. Well it is not predominant it is still pretty cool.

Track by Track

1. Intro/Sinking
This track starts with some wind blowing then Ankla comes in with a Latin influenced riff. This goes on for a little while then the song explodes into probably the second heaviest riff on the album. This riff is just great and you will find yourself wanting to listen to that part over and over again but wait.. it gets better. The song then downshifts and you get to hear your first taste of Ikkaro's "screaming". I personally think his vocals are very cool but that is up to you. That was just the intro. The next part is sinking of the Intro/Sinking. This is the so called "single" of the album. You may have heard this on Sirius hard attack. This is prime Ankla. This track showcases the amazing musicianship off Ramon and crew (note: the drumming is in particular amazing). This is the longest track of the album coming in at 5:38. That is another thing I like about Ankla short songs.

2. Step Ahead
Nothing particularly good about this one just really good Ankla. This is probably their thrashiest track. Great chorus and a great outro. Outros are Ankla's Specialty.

3. Deceit
This has to be the most Latin influenced track. It has a crazy cool intro and seg ways into signature Ankla riffage. That leads to the chorus proclaiming "what's the name of the game...... DECEIT" after the first chorus comes a solo type thing. The track just finishes with more chorus. It's a very short song.

4. Seasons Never Change
Cool drum intro then guitars come in mimicking the drum. Ikkaro comes in and were off the the Ankla races again. This is one of my favorite tracks another great chorus.

5. GeneraciĆ³n Mutante
This song is completely sung (or screamed if you like) in Spanish which is actually very cool and doesn't take anything away from the song at all. This song has no intro just right into the main riff. Probably one of the top 5 riffs on the record. Once again though nothing much else happens as this song is only 2:13 long.

6. Still Alive
You may have also heard this song elsewhere it was on some sort of metal collection which I don't recall the name of. More Ankla riffage which you would think would get old but it doesn't it never does. Ramon has a cool solo around 2 minutes but that can only last so long. Ankla abruptly comes back in perfectly.

7. Suelta el Ankla
This is the second of 2 songs that are completely sung in Spanish. Once again though it only adds to the song. This song I have probably listened to the most. Ikkaro screams 1,2,3,4. into what some may call a nu-metal riff. nu-metal or not its still amazing. The song ends with another song, actually called Boqueion. This is just a cool little Latin guitar thing.

8. Your Grace Makes Me Sick
This song will grow on you. Sometime during the day after you listen you will find your self wanting to scream "YOUR GRACE MAKES ME SICK". I love the little screaming intro by Ikkaro. He goes WAHHH GO which is extremely good for getting in the mood for more Ankla.

9. Glimpse
This is my least favorite Ankla song. However, that does not mean it is a bad song. It is still really good. This is the only song I would ever consider myself skipping. Nothing is particularly wrong with it, it just doesn't hit me the way all the others do. It still has some really heavy riffs.

10. Flush
This is my favorite Ankla song. It is another short one at only 2:53. Some cool Latin percussion and guitar work start the song. Ikkaro then screams "Flush" into the absolute best and heaviest riff on the album no doubt. By this time if for some reason you were getting tired of Ankla all doubts are vanquished. The verse is also very cool someone else from the band or it might still be Ikkaro actually sings "Wash it all away, away". My favorite chorus of the album is also in "Flush". The basic yet extremely effective chanting "It's all gone, It's all gone, It's all gone, It's all f***ing gone." After the chorus Ikkaro screams flush again and back to the riff we are. It ends with another Ankla Outro.
Ankla's Masterpiece.

11. Scattered Existence
More Latin percussion starts this song. Right into the chorus singing "Scattered Existence". This is another song that will grow on you. This track also features the other member or Ikkaro singing differently (refer to flush). Great song.

12. Steep Trails
Ankla can't let it go can they, every song has to be amazing. When you finally think they might tone down they toss out one of the best on the album. What may be considered as another nu-metal riff is once again awesome. The song continues in by now to be expected Ankla glory. Great outro.

Conclusion: Once again sorry if my review sucked. Ankla is amazing no doubt. If you are looking for more great metal or are looking for something a little harder to add to your collection Ankla is no doubt the answer.

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March 21st 2007


Album Rating: 5.0

i would aprreciate feedback on my review thanks

April 14th 2007


Wow no comments. So much for the feedback, eh? Anyway, I could be wrong here, but while you did a pretty good job describing things, you sound really biased and fanboyish. The greatest current metal band? I've only heard a few songs, but these is a HUGE statement to make about a decent band like Ankla. Nevertheless, I'll save final judgement until I see them on Ozzfest.

Note: You wanted feedback. Here ya' go. Don't do a track by track review next time. Review the whole thing at the same time. Read some other reviews on this site, you'll know exactly what I mean.

August 15th 2007


Album Rating: 1.5

I strongly disagree on the classic rating you gave this album...it's fairly repetitive and nothing new, and the singer is annoying.

Also, it's fine to do TBT reviews, just try not to describe the songs as much the atmosphere, feel, and just a few examples from each song.This Message Edited On 08.14.07

August 15th 2007


Yeah these guys are not that good. If you want tribal listen to Ill Nino and Soulfly. But first listen to Sepultura-Roots.

Digging: Kelly Lee Owens - Inner Song

August 16th 2007


Album Rating: 1.5

Yeah, Sepultura blows these guys away.

September 16th 2007


Album Rating: 5.0

actually im gonna have to disagree with myself i was just really hyped about this record at the time i still love it but its definently more of a 3

December 22nd 2007


actually im gonna have to disagree with myself


December 24th 2007


actually im gonna have to disagree with myself i was just really hyped about this record at the time i still love it but its definently more of a 3
omg! n00b.

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