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Release Date: 1999 | Tracklist

Before Thursday’s mainstream success with “Full Collapse,” they were an underground band from Jersey with two cents to their name. Unless you were into this music around the time of 1999 (which most of today’s Thursday fans weren’t) you probably didn’t even know Thursday existed. They continuously played basement shows for free, and released various demos. They were then signed to Eyeball Records, and soon after released their debut LP “Waiting.” Arguably the most honest, true, and emotional album Thursday has ever released.

Although “Waiting,” may be a little under-produced considering how little Eyeball had back then, the album is still a great listen. The opening track, “Porcelain” is one of the heaviest and best songs Thursday has put out. Not to mention one hell of an opener. With lyrics like, “But it’s too fragile to hold, and it shatters in our hands. In time, seasons will seal these shards.” This song is obviously speaking about something that happened personally that was very delicate and was destroyed easily, and the usage of porcelain as a metaphor fits perfect for this song. With some heavy guitar riffs, and a sing along chorus this is one of Thursday’s greatest songs. Then we have the unofficial single of the record, “This Side Of Brightness,” starting with some nice soothing chords, that lead right into a perfect catchy song for fans to enjoy. This song even features some violin’s in the beginning, and it a treasure for any fan.

Another great song off the record is “Ian Curtis,” which is about Geoff Rickly’s girlfriend and how they would listen to Joy Division (Ian Curtis being the singer of the Joy Division.) It is a very moving song with some great catchy tunes and the end of the song is one of the best outro’s that Thursday has ever recorded. The lyrics are incredibly moving singing, “It’s a part of you, it’s a part of me in time… we’re falling apart together,” while meanwhile shouting the famous, “Love has torn us apart!” and showing Thursdays true emotion in the this song. A must listen off the record. One of the most moving songs on the record is “Dying In New Brunswick.” This could be the most beautiful song on the record. It’s a song about how terrible the town of New Brunswick is compared to anywhere else and the lyrics just rip through your heart unlike anything else. “You’re stripped away the street signs and you shot all the stop lights, if you smashed away the buildings what would you have left"” An amazing lyric to end the song.

I personally think that this album could beat “Full Collapse,” because it is more honest, and truthful, and shows how much Thursday had done with so little, and is definitely a great addition to the collection if you are Thursday fan. The only downside to his amazing record is that there is only eight tracks on it leaving the listener wanted more than this. Another thing to add is that the guitar parts are a lot more basic on this record and not as technical as their other albums.

Amazing lyrics and songwriting
Deals with problems people can relate to
A great listen for a Thursday Fan

Only 8 tracks clocking in at around 33 minutes.
The song writing isn’t as technical as the later albums

Recommended Tracks:
“This Side Of Brightness”
“Ian Curtis”
“Dying In New Brunswick”

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March 18th 2007


Album Rating: 3.5

Also "Streaks In The Sky" is well worth a listen.

March 18th 2007


Pretty nice review. Just curious if you know of any other bands besides MCR and obviously Thursday who were on Eyeball Records who are now big.

March 18th 2007


Album Rating: 3.5

Zolof The Rock And Roll Destroyer who was on MTV Dew Circuit Breakout, The Casualties, were all on eyeball at some point.

March 19th 2007


Oh wow, cool stuff. Twas just curious since I hadn't heard a lot about the label anymore.

March 20th 2007


Murder By Death, The Oval Portrait, Interference, The Actual, The Number 12

I got this awesome sampler when I got this album that had songs by some of the aforementioned artists. "Killbot 2000" from the sampler got me into MBD.

As for this album, despite my love for Thursday, I still can't get into it save for "Porcelain," "Where The Circle Ends," "Introduction," and 'Streaks In The Sky." The poor recording just takes away from it and it's just simply miles away from Full Collapse.

You guys should definitely look into the b-side from this album (or at least this era of Thursday). It's called "Mass As Shadows" and it was featured on this Cancer benefit compilation. If you count it as a track from the Waiting era, it's my favorite of their early stuff and one of my favorites by them ever. Very Cursive-esque.

March 26th 2007


Album Rating: 3.5

Never heard that songs yet, I'll check it out.

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