Living Sacrifice
The Hammering Process



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January 16th, 2005 | 42 replies

Release Date: 2000 | Tracklist

These guys got together in the 80's and launched their pure thrash metal self titled in 1990. They went Death metal for Nonexistent ('92), Inhabit ('94), and Reborn ('97). This CD is, as the title says, metalcore and normal metal. Their last CD is unclassifiable to me. They called it quits at the climax of the nu-metal trend. These guys or Mortification (not sure which) were the first Christian death metal band. I can't really say any bands these guys sound like. I know I say metalcore, but they sound nothing like Hatebreed or Zao. And unlike Slipknot, the experimental percussionist adds quite a dimension to the music.

Flatline - A good choice for an opener. As with most, if not all LS CD's there is a slight sound effect in the beginning and then the song starts. So after the effect, the guitar comes in. This is just a normal paced song. A little bit of sound effects, but nothing I could really pay attention to. Then the drums comes in. The song goes on in this odd sounding tone for a minute, then picks up just a little and Bruce starts growling. Matt's tribal sounding drums are not a major part in this song at all. I don't really like the solo in this song. I think it sounds like a completely other song because it compromises the songs groove so much. 3.5/5

Bloodwork - Awesome song. One of the high points on the album. It starts out with just the guitarist playing a very jagged riff, with Lance hitting his snare rim in sync with the riff. Then he switches to doing on his bass with his double pedal. Bruce starts growling very quietly, it sounds kind of like he's drunk. He doesn't sing for long, and the song is much more focused on instrumentation. Half way through the song, it stops all of a sudden, and a completely new sounding part begins. It's a little more upbeat sound, yet at the same pace. There's a lot more growling in this part. Right before this song goes back to sounding normal, you can hear Matt really good on this little experimental set. 5/5

Born Again - Pretty much a filler. I don't really like this song. I find it very boring. Not much to say about this song. 2/5

Local Vengeance Killing - Extreme pick up from the last song, second best on the album. It begins with the guitar and the experimental drummer. Nothing repetitive here. It's speed metal, and Lance is pretty awesome in this song. Lots of snare. The chorus kind of fades into a haunting whisper, then the guitar picks up again and it's really staccato(sp"), just as in verse 1. Then the song goes into major instrumentation. Bruce screams, but his lyrics are more staccato than the guitar. Very precise. This has to have the best solo on the CD. 5/5

Altered Life - I used to skip this song, but then I started liking it. Unlike all the other songs so far, the emphasis is on the vocals. The chorus is a duet. Not sure who's singing, (yes, singing) but it's good. It's got a mediocre solo. 3/5

Hand of the Dead - Another high point on the album. This song is pretty Doom Metal influenced. The intro is kind of like #2, but it's played faster, and has more silence. Then, Putman puts on an extreme show of talent, and breaks out in a tribal explosion on his drums. The first verse of this song sounds so satanic! Again, a melodic chorus, but this one is awesome. In the chorus, Lance is kind of doing an offbeat beat on the ride cymbal. It's wicked wierd. An original sound is what makes this song so cool. 4.5/5

Burn the End - This song starts out with Putman on a solo. Then out of nowhere, the guitar comes in, and it's in a really weird time signature, like none I have ever heard. From what I can count, it's in 9/4. I know its not as awe-inspiring as Meshugah's 23/16 beats, hemolias and polyrythms, but it just gets to me. I normally skip this song, but I don't know why. It's got an original sound. When Bruce starts to vocalize, it sounds like he's sad, but mad at the same time. The verses are really quiet. I just love how he says then where is my God able to shine through" This song has a very nice easy listening part in it. It's free of distorted guitars and raging drums. It's very soft and, dare I say, passionate! Soon enough, it sobers back up. 3/5

Hidden - This, too has a weird time signature in the beginning. I can't even hope to know what this is in. I skip this song too a lot, simply because there's nothing special about it. It's not repetitive, just boring. When the verse begins, you can hear the bass really good. Not much else to say about this song. 2.5/5

Perfect - This song won "Loud Rock Song of the Year" for 2000. It's ok, but definitely not the best. I'll admit that they actually ripped somebody off. The main riff is very similar to Creed's "Say I." Well, the song is still pretty good. Most of the verses are very quiet and calm, with softly sung vocals. A lot of singing in this song. Probably the most on the disc. 4/5

Conditional - EASILY THE BEST ON THE CD. Starts out with a grind/ death metal opening. Then it moves back into metal verse. A really nice mini-solo. Then the bass is the star. This has a very complicated pattern. The chorus is really long, but nice to listen to. Even though it's not a weird time signature, it's gotta be a pain to memorize. You think the song is going to fade out, then it goes back to the chorus. Call me generic, but this song gets 6/5!

Good: Unique riffs, lots of talent, little boring music, sick solos.
Bad: Lots of fillers.

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40 oz 2 freedom
November 12th 2004


Buddy likes these guys, maybe I'll check them out. Nice review.

November 12th 2004


Interesting. I'll check them out also.

November 12th 2004


Final rating out of 5 plz.


November 13th 2004


HOLY FU[font=verdana]C[/font]KING SH[font=verdana]I[/font]T, LIVING SACRIFICE APPRECIATION

Seriously, I can not thank you enough for writing this. You're the best poster ever. I love this band like nothing else. I can't even truly express my emotions because I'm rambling because I'm so excited, oh boy! Now if we can just get Reborn done...

EDIT: Ok, now that I've had some time to contain myself... awesome review. "Bloodwork" and "Burn the End" are my favorites, but that last song is a mammoth of a song, too. From start to finish, an extremely brutal album.

November 13th 2004


Living Sacrifice has to be the worst band name I have heard.

November 13th 2004


Your mom's the worst band name I've ever heard

November 13th 2004



November 13th 2004


[QUOTE=BuddyBigsby]Your mom's the worst band name I've ever heard[/QUOTE]

Was that a joke, or is there actually a band called 'Your Mom'? :confused:

Anyway, I'll check them out.

November 13th 2004


Album Rating: 5.0

[QUOTE=BuddyBigsby]HOLY FU[font=verdana]C[/font]KING SH[font=verdana]I[/font]T, LIVING SACRIFICE APPRECIATION


Now if we can just get Reborn done...


I know I will get reborn (remastered) for Christmas (I had to help my mom find it at the Christian book store) if my dad will let me get more metal CD's. You guys may have seen my other thread, And I am still trying to convince him that metal=good.

PS: It's my pleasure, BuddyBigsby. :thumb:

November 13th 2004


[QUOTE=freezerdrumfreak]I know I will get reborn (remastered) for Christmas [/QUOTE]

I have it, need me to send it to you?

November 13th 2004


Excellent band and excellent review

Good work.

November 13th 2004


Album Rating: 5.0

[QUOTE=Zmev]I have it, need me to send it to you?[/QUOTE]

Thanks, but no thanks. You could review it if you wanted. That would make Buddy love you more than he loves me :lol: .

November 13th 2004


well this sounds amazing
i like the idea of a christian band i might actually like
good review

November 13th 2004


I haven't had a chance to pick up the remastered version, does it really sound that much better than the original?

November 19th 2005


This band kicks ass. Conditional is great.

September 30th 2006


Album Rating: 4.0

I need to get this album. Flatline sounded really cool. Check out the review of Concieved in Fire [/shameless plug]

Oh and btw, Matt does the clean vocalsThis Message Edited On 10.01.06

November 27th 2006


Album Rating: 4.5

This was the first death metal band I ever got into. Reborn would have to be my favourite album though. I've only ever seen one proper video clip of them, and that was Reject. Are there any others (besides live performances)?

December 7th 2006


What? The third song is "Not My Own." You have it listed as "Born Again."

The first two songs are my favs. This was one of the first metal bands I started listening to.

December 25th 2006


Hey, stumbled upon this review by googling for LS info... Like how you gave a song-by-song description & rating. I have all the LS CDs and this is probably my 2nd fave (right behind Reborn). BTW, there are no weird time sigs in tracks 7, 8, and 10, just straight 4/4 stuff. Lance just fooled you w/ a little bit of Daubing. ;)

January 6th 2008


Album Rating: 4.5

This entire cd is amazing, as was the band, from beginning to end. Yea, the band name totally sucks, I just got their tattoo on my ribs. Oops.

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