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March 4th, 2007 | 11 replies

Release Date: 1974 | Tracklist

After owning Herbie Hancocks Thrust for about three months or so I’m still not sure how to classify it. Is it smooth-jazz? Elecrto-Funk? Smooth electro-funk? Space-jazz? Smooth-funk? Funky jazz? Jazzy funk? Jazz fusion? Funky fusion? Whatever it is I’ve liked it since day one, there’s just so many things to like about Hancocks 15th studio recording, Thrust.

First of all the slick production fits the music perfectly. It captures the smooth basslines, groovy drumbeats, ethereal brass instruments, and jazzy guitar lines. The sounds that come from Thrust are just so smooth and vibrant, the music captures your interest and takes you into another world. Right off the bat Mike Clarks jungle-ish drumbeats propel the laid-back opener Palm Grease. Animated guitar jingles and Herbies signature jazz piano dominate most of the song creating a chilled out, relaxing funk jam. At just over ten minutes long Palm Grease seems to go by so quick, the eclectic rhythms and melodies are just so bouncy and catchy that it’s almost impossible to ignore them.

Herbie showcases plenty of variation throughout the thirty-eight minutes of Thrust. Actual Proof shows heavy leanings towards funk as it’s powered by a slick bassline and various electric pianos and guitars. The quick paced tempo and medieval sounding electronics also benefit the song creating a mildly cheesy yet enjoyable atmosphere. Butterfly is the most jazz inspired song as it’s driven by spacey brass instruments and subtle piano chords. Hancock immediately establishes a chilled out, relaxing atmosphere and keeps it throughout the song. For those of you craving another funk-inspired tune Thrust closes with the top heavy Spank-A-Lee. Musically the song is flooding with crisp sounding laser effects and choppy drum beats giving the song an extremely electrifying feel. It’s easily the most spontaneous song off the album and Herbie adds on so many layers of effects that it sounds like something coming from an space-aged sci-fi film.

If there’s one complaint I have about Thrust it’s that it often seems like an extended jam session. While some songs have insanely catchy melodies and funky electronic effects the songs themselves don’t feature much direction. That being said Thrust isn’t meant to be a deep or musically challenging listen, it’s just an entertaining and amusing piece of work.

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March 4th 2007


This sounds interesting enough.

Good review, except for the fact that the last two sentences are redundant.

March 4th 2007


Album Rating: 3.5

I'm gonna go fix that.

March 5th 2007


I need more Herbie Hancock

The Jungler
March 5th 2007


Nice review Zebra, as always.
This really doesn't seem to be the type of music I'd be in intrested in. I don't mind Jazz, but smooth electro-funk isn't really my thing.

March 5th 2007


I love Herbie Hancok. I like how his albums are accessible and complex at the same time. This and Head Hunters are my faves.

Good review too. Very concise and you addressed all the right stuff.

March 5th 2007


My perants are into herbie Hancock. Nice review

February 24th 2009


Album Rating: 4.5

I liked most of the review. Except your last 2 sentences really do throw me off. I think this music is a challenge for anyone to play. The music isn't as straight as the average listener thinks it is. You'll hear so many fills, and extra riffs from all the guys. Truely a great album though...

March 31st 2010


Album Rating: 4.5

good review. but i agree with mcoleman. this music really is a challenging listen, especially butterfly, actual proof, and to an extent palm grease. i think this is even better than headhunters overall

September 22nd 2013


Album Rating: 4.0


September 22nd 2013


Album Rating: 4.0

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September 22nd 2013


Album Rating: 4.0

Best story ever written.

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