The Horrors
The Horrors



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March 2nd, 2007 | 4 replies

Release Date: 2006 | Tracklist

Review Summary: This young and wild band from England tries to take over the music world in 2007. Wacky lyrics, enthusiastic and energetic vocals and a comedy horror set up. Every song sounds like a chase in Draculas castle. Weirdly wonderful.

Who are the Horrors?

The Horrors are a five-piece band who formed around the Junk Club night (known as Junk) in the basement of the Southend, Essex Royal Hotel. The band's sound relies strongly on the distinctive guitar work of Joshua Von Grimm, Badwan's vocals and the inclusion of an organist, Junk Club co-founder Rhys 'Spider' Webb.
Formed in the summer of 2005, the band rehearsed for only two weeks before playing their first gig. A combination of their distinctive image and sound earned them instant publicity and they have been on the rise ever since. They were soon featured in the cutting edge media such as Vice, Disorder and Artrocker. They were first mentioned in the NME in October 2005.
The band has won some serious musical acclaim from the likes of Nick Zinner, Bobby Gillespie and Jim Sclavunos.

Band members:

Faris Rotter (Faris Badwan) - Vocals
Joshua Von Grimm (Joshua Hayward) - Fender Jaguar Guitar
Tomethy Furse (Tom Cowan) - Danelectro Longhorn Bass
Spider Webb (Rhys Webb) - Vox Continental Organ
Coffin Joe (Johnathan Spurgeon) - Drums

The EP

Their first EP gives a first good look on what this young band might be capable of in the future. And that could be a whole lot if you ask me. Death At The Chapel, the first track of the EP, shows you exactly what the guys are all about. It has a definitive flair of punk legends like the Damned & the Cramps, but they are more than just a blatant rip off. The song has a happy yet very wacky melody to it and includes wild guitar bits, loud organs and the great vocals by leadsinger Faris Rotter that include a very neat British accent. Crawdaddy Simone sounds very mature already but in a good way. It sounds like Dracula himself is trying to get in a wild chase. In that way we get the result of a wild mix of rough sounding guitars, crazy synths, cool background vocals added in the refrain and a song that gets your heart pumping in an instant. They also show their love for weird sounds and effects like screaming people, smashed clocks etc.

Sheena Is A Parasite is the sweet little highlight of this EP. It starts with a rather darkish sound combined with very fast and driving drums. The highlights here again are the absolute raw, wild and just loud guitars. The song is appearantly linked to the Ramones classic "Sheena is a punk rocker", basicially telling in this new song that she became old and nobody wants her anymore.

Sheena is a champion of self-reliance
As soon as she needs it
She knows just where the knife is.
Her fingers aren't so fast anymore,
It's been 29 years since she came to these shores

"It's been 29 years since she came to these shores" (Rocket to Russia released in 77',+ those 29 years -> 06).

Jack The Ripper is definitely the darkest song on this EP. It starts with a scream that turns into a typical Misfits like anthem. It has a very haunting and fast bassline that makes this song instantly catchy. The vocals are also absolutely fantastic, Faris is screaming, grunting, singing and is trying to do absolute everything which comes off very energetic and enthusiastic to me. Excellent Choice tells the story of a man in a fast punkish fashion. His family basicially used him so he became depressed and killed himself in the end (of the song) as he lays himself on the train tracks. The song has a very interesting set up as they tell much of the story in a fast sung way and they rock out in the refrain with absolute hilarious sounding keyboards in the background.

The Horrors are already a good little band with lots of talent. They have that horror look goin on, in their music significantly as well, they have plenty of energy and they will definitely be a huge hit in 2007 (as they already are in the UK). The Horrors from the the UK Ladies and Gentlemen.

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March 2nd 2007


I remember them being all over the papers in England for like, a minute. I heard this and I like the sense of humour that they have. I don't rate them as highly as you or think they're particularly dark, but otherwise I thought you put them across very well. They're pretty quirky

March 2nd 2007


Ahh I hate this band. However good review.

March 2nd 2007


Good review, but I doubt I'll like this at all.

March 3rd 2007


Very good review, might have to see them soon, whether i like them by then or not, know what i mean?

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