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Release Date: 2004 | Tracklist

Owners of the previous albums, like Clarity and Bleed American will know what to expect on this album. Hard hitting riffs, emotional lyrics and all round unforgettable songs. But Futures is a little heavier than the previous attempts, yet at the same time has some ground-breaking ballads. Can JEW reclaim their title as one of the best pop-punk/emo bands around"

Futures - 8/10
Amazing intro track. As soon as you hear the intro to this song, you will know what you are in for. This track is very pop-punky, and the lyrics are not JEW at all (I believe it's about the election). Nevertheless, this song is near perfect for an opening song, getting you hooked into the album for the more deeper songs.

Just Tonight... - 7/10
Brilliant follow-up to the opener. Featuring the same catchy hooks and fast drum beats you'd expect from Jimmy Eat World, the song delves into the feelings of a one night stand gone wrong. It seems to go by pretty quick, but this 3:26 is very impressive and has one hell of a bridge/solo to match.

Work - 7/10
A damn catchy intro leading into a lovely electric ballad. A lot softer than the other 2 tracks, while keeping the same energy from them. This song will get stuck in your head, and you will be humming the melody for ages, and the solo is a nice extra as well. I don't think it needed it though, but it is quite good.

Kill - 6/10
Another slower song featuring the full band, and it's done well. But the song just lacks the energy of Work. I like the way they don't have a chorus, but it doesn't really make it that better to me. A nice song to listen to, but a skippable track as well.

The World You Love - 8/10
A great way to reclaim the downfall that the album was experiencing. Very personal lyrics, and brilliant music to match the mood. The song is quite grim, and is about the addiction to drugs, but JEW have managed to put a positive spin on the song. Very impressive and a great lead up to...

Pain - 9/10
F**king amazing. I love it. It has one of the catchiest (and simplist) riffs ever, and the drumming in the verses sounds very experimental. The song is clearly about drugs and what it does to relationships, and Jimmy Eat World spill their guts about the subject so well. One of the best title tracks of an album ever.

Drugs Or Me - 7/10
The follow-up to "Pain" in this 3 part story, this softer ballad expresses how hard it is to deal with drug addictions, especially in relationships. The music is very melodic and harmonious, and the vocal work is done so well. I think it is a little long though, which gets slightly boring. But the song itself is incredibly powerful if you listen carefully along with the other 2.

Polaris - 9/10
In the final part of the story, we see the person finally choosing drugs over his partner. Such an emotional song, the music is so wavey and light and the song is sung so smoothly. Overall this and the last 2 songs are such an impressive show of lyric-writing and music.

Nothingwrong - 9/10
After the ballad-esque songs, we hit into this. A powerful and raw song about how people who are "silent protesters" against the war on Iraq. I love this song. The energy in it is supreme and carries on until the end (Even when it just stops, you feel it kick in).

Night Drive - 9/10
In my opinion, this should've been the last song. It is beautiful in so many ways. The music is mellow and soft like a lot of the album, but carries a lot of energy with it. The lyrics are so complicated at times, but you get the picture of what's happening. This is the perfect outro song... which isn't the outro song.

23 - 7/10
OK, so this is a good outro track too. Dealing with the question "Why wait for the person you love to love you back"", the lyrics in this a lot blander than Night Drive, which is a bit disappointing. The music again is very typical JEW so you can picture it in your head. I think this could be a great song, but it's so laid-out in front of you it seems unfinished.

Shame - 8/10
I don't believe this wasn't on the album! It is an incredibly good song with amazing imagery in the lyrics and beautiful music. The guitar in the second verse is priceless! I do think it drags on a bit though for the message it sends out, which is a shame. Geddit!"!"!!!" Oh well

When I Want - 6/10
So Jimmy Eat World cover a song from Jim Adkins side-project "Go Big Casino"" Strange. It isn't that much of an impressive song in my opinion. The music is quite boring and the lyrics are bland and, even though they are good, just aren't up to JEW standard. They should've put Jen on instead of this.

Overall this is an amazing album. From the powerful hooks of Futures, Just Tonight... and Nothingworse, to the ballads of The World You Love and 23, to the story-telling of Pain, Drugs Or Me and Polaris, this album offers everything old JEW lovers will expect, and what new fans will want to hear. Buy this album, it is certainly one of the most impressive of 2004
4/5 :D:D:D:D:upset:

Recommended tracks:
  • The World You Love
  • Pain
  • Polaris
  • Nothingwrong
  • Night Drive

Recommended for people who like:
  • The Early November - The Room's Too Cold
  • Coheed And Cambria - Second Stage Turbine Blade
  • Thursday - Full Collapse
  • Matchbook Romance - Stories And Alibis
  • Saves The Day - Stay What You Are

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November 10th 2004


Wicked, i'm chuffed you've reviewed this album, because i've just last week become a big big fan of Bleed American. This'll be on my 'to get' list, cheers.

November 11th 2004


I wanted to pick up this album today, but I got FATA - Fiction We Live instead.
I'll check out some of the recommended songs.

November 11th 2004


nice review. :thumb:
might buy it for christmas, as a present, which shall be burned onto a blank cd or something.

November 11th 2004


Album Rating: 3.0

There's someone else who actually likes "Night Drive"? Amazing! Everyone I've talked to hates that song.

I love "Kill," especially the demo on the bonus CD where Jim's voice cracks at the "Oh God please don't" part, so I have to disagree with you that it's a skippable track. It seems as if Jim's songwriting has become less consistent since Clarity came out. He tries too hard to rhyme on this album and, while there is plenty of good songwriting, the rhyming cheapens the whole.

In any case, I love the album. 3.5/5 from me with Clarity instead meriting the 4.5/5.

I am a revenant
November 11th 2004


Album Rating: 4.0

Great review, this album is great though i dont agree with the score you gave Kill, i also think 23 is a great track.

December 5th 2004


awesome cd, with heartwrenching melodies(and rythems), i love futures, kill, pain, and 23 so much. 23's guitar jamming toward the end just does something to you when you turn it up so loud, its like your there. this cd is great but i guess there is just is no way that anything can top clarity, its just frozen in time and a reference point for anything JEW, or even anything emo in my mind.

December 5th 2004


great album! nice review

December 6th 2004


This album is great. Some songs I dislike but the ones I like make up for them.
It's a good album to have on in the background because it's very accessable. My favourite song is '23'. It's beautiful.

December 6th 2004


I have Pain now and it's a great song. I doubt I'll buy the album though.

December 18th 2004


Album Rating: 4.0

Hmmm - great, great album - the best emo band in the world? probably...

/waits for controversy.

December 19th 2004


Amazing album...

...Enough said.

Tangy zizzle
January 7th 2005


Shyte review.

The album however... well I dunno, havn't heard it.

January 7th 2005


[QUOTE=rise_against_99]11. 23 - 7:25 - Well, this is it, yes its the last song on the cd but it is also one of the longest songs ive ever heard! Its not like its bad, but 7 MINUTES![/QUOTE]
Seven minutes!
Wow! That KIKS AZZ!!!!1!!11!

That review lowered my IQ.

January 7th 2005


Threads merged. And ease up, guys. Don't post just to say "this review/album sucks". By all means post to criticise, but constructively, please.

May 4th 2005


Album Rating: 3.5

JEW surprised me with this true jem. I was lucky enough to find the limited edition 2-cd set with one cd being the demo versions of the tracks that made up Futures.

Night Drive and Nothingwrong are my favs.

captain chris
May 27th 2005


i love JEW and this album wasnt a disapointment at all, but it still does not beat clarity, i think that will be their best album they will eva do, if they prove me wrong even better. best songs kill and work.

smooches xxx

June 24th 2005


Futures is a brilliant album. i just saw them live a few days ago at milton keynes and they were brilliant there to. i was sort of dissapointed because it seems that they didnt have an equal balance of slow songs and fast songs. on this album i thought that there were to many slow songs.

overal id say it was a 3.5

June 29th 2005


I like this cd. i like the songs work, pain, the world you love, and nothingwrong. awesome review.

July 1st 2005


Album Rating: 4.5

Love this album alot! I listened to Kill and Work sooooo many times, great songwriting here as Jimmy Eat World explores the darker side of their music.

July 18th 2005


Album Rating: 4.0

This was the album that really got me hooked on JEW. I like every song on this, except Night Drive (which isn't a terribly bad song). 23 is my favorite song on this and my favorite JEW song. Also, Kill was one of the best on the album and I don't think there is a let down in any of the first 4 songs. Sorry to disagree but good review otherwise (Kif's review not the other one).

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