Echoes of Eternity
The Forgotten Goddess



by Mikesn EMERITUS
February 20th, 2007 | 7 replies

Release Date: 2007 | Tracklist

There are very few sub-genres of metal that I haven't heard. Avant-garde metal would be one. Full blown industrial metal would be another. And finally, there's gothic metal. For one reason or another, I had never felt the need to give the metal genre a chance. That is, until I heard Echoes of Eternity. Formed in Los Angeles, California, the quartet's debut album, The Forgotten Goddess, quite an interesting collection of music. Lead by French-Canadian frontwoman, Francine Boucher, Echoes of Eternity combines the intricacies of progressive metal with the soothing overtures of gothic metal. And while there is a plethora of female fronted gothic metal bands out there, with The Forgotten Goddess, Echoes of Eternity gives listeners a very good reason to choose their offerings over those of their contemporaries.

The most striking aspect of Echoes of Eternity is the efforts of vocalist Francine Boucher. While surely not the most original in the metal scene, her relaxed technique is one of the largest factors in the atmosphere of the band's music. Francine has a pretty powerful voice, not in terms of aggression but rather in the way her efforts stick out among the mix. The standout track, Voices in a Dream, is probably where Boucher is at her strongest. Her vocal lines really carry the song, be it in the chorus, verse work, or when ever else she's required to lend her talents. It's really something you have to hear for yourself. However, the well doesn't run dry past this point. Underneath Francine's soothing vocals can be found the more technically impressive aspect of the music. With lone guitarist, Brandon Patton taking the instrumental reigns, listeners of the band's debut album are subject to both complicated, melodious guitar work and simpler, heavy riff-work. Each of the full length songs feature varying amounts of flashy guitar lines, especially during bridges and instrumental sections of the band's music. Fans of acts from Into Eternity to Dream Theater should enjoy the musical efforts of the band (though Echoes of Eternity's music is a bit more tame), as they are quite infectious.

The Forgotten Goddess features several standout tracks. The aforementioned Voices in a Dream and the title track, The Forgotten Goddess, are two of these songs. While instrumentation is still rather excellent in these tracks, it is hear where Echoes of Eternity's singer has her most powerful performances. While Patton's lyrics aren't exactly the strongest you'll ever hear, with lines such as "I hear you…calling me / Just like the voices in a dream," or "Memories…haunting me / They echo through eternity," with Boucher's angelic vocal efforts it doesn't really matter much, as her voice definitely enhances the experience. The album's longest track, at 6 minutes 16 seconds, The Kingdom Within, is one of the songs which showcase the rest of the band in top form. Both acoustic and electric passages can be found intertwining throughout the track, and they pack quite the punch, both on an emotional level and on a technical level. Each of these tracks are quite representative of the band's sound, and should impress fans of this type of metal.

With 2007's The Forgotten Goddess, Echoes of Eternity definitely has themselves a strong debut record. Fusing gothic metal with progressive metal, they manage to create a sound that combines heaviness with relaxing melody, complicated, yet controlled and tasteful performances from the musicians, and soothing vocals from singer, Francine Boucher. Echoes of Eternity's first in what will hopefully be a long string of albums, is both powerful and emotional, as tracks such as Towers of Silence or Garden of the Gods reveals to listeners, and is a great listen for any fan of metal. I would especially recommend to those into the gothic metal, as it should help ease in those not totally familiar with the genre. Well, it did for me anyways. Definitely keep an eye on this band.

Recommended Tracks:
Voices in a Dream
The Forgotten Goddess
The Kingdom Within
Towers of Silence

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February 20th 2007


Great review Mike, I am definitely pos' voting this one.

I am not a huge fan of gothic metal to be honest - but I may give this a try because it doesn't sound too bad.

Digging: Converge - The Dusk in Us

February 20th 2007


I didn't like this. The vocals are good. The music is good. But... the vocals are way out in front and a lot of the time they don't seem to go with the music...

February 20th 2007


in before encmetalhead

February 20th 2007


Album Rating: 4.0

more liek review before encmetalhead >.< meh i'll still probably review this

anyway, only thing i see really wrong is that she needs a male back-up singer for the heavier parts where you need a stronger voice

February 20th 2007


Album Rating: 3.0

Great review Mike, I am definitely pos' voting this one.
Thanks. Had a shit weekend, so I wasn't quite sure how this was going to turn out.

I didn't like this. The vocals are good. The music is good. But... the vocals are way out in front and a lot of the time they don't seem to go with the music...
Yeah, the vocals are a bit louder in the mix. Some of the tracks were a little difficult to get into at first, but after a few listens it really grew on me.

in before encmetalhead

March 8th 2007


I just listened to some stuff off of this. Got rid of it in 5 minutes. They're technically MUCH better than many of their bretheren, but they just don't flow together at all.

October 6th 2007


I have only heard the title track, but if it is representative of the rest of the album, I may just download the best tracks.

The song 'Forgotten Goddess' is appealing at first but the barumpbarumpbarump repetitiveness would grow weary fast. Probably would be great to put you to sleep though!

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