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February 19th, 2007 | 42 replies

Release Date: 1994 | Tracklist

Review Summary: Overall a good album, people give it shit, but i say its great. Its definatley a recommended listen. I recommend a purchase at the next possable opportunity you can get it.

Former misfits frontman Glenn Danzigs fourth release as a solo artist, and an interesting one to say the least. It is the last album to feature what is considered the classic Danzig line-up, and the classic Danzig sound before it shifted to industrial metal in 1996s Blackacidevil. It is an experimental release that will keep classic Danzig fans both entertained and satisfied.

I am a guitarist aswell as a diehard Danzig fan, i have all his solo albums except 6:66 satans child (which is impossible for me to find at this point, but ill have it soon), and ever since i picked up Danzig 3 ive been hooked. So far id say this album strays away from the punk/ metal/ blues formula of the last three albums and delivers new styles such as jazz, middle eastern, and industrial. These unexpected changes in the Danzig formula have made this CD one of my personal favorites.


Glenn Danzig- vocals, guitars, keyboards.
John Christ- guitars
Eerie Von- bass
Chuck Biscuits- drums

Ill go track by track with a summery of each song aswell as a rating to go along with it.

1. Brand New God- This is the perfect opener for the album and is one of the best songs on the CD. It starts with a slow guitar riff and Danzig singing, then explodes into a fast-paced thrash like riff (similar to Godless from Danzig 3) taking you completly by surprise. Halfway through the song it slows down again, and picks up as it did before.
Glenns voice is great in this song, aswell as the instrumentation.

Rating 5/5

2. Little Whip- This song (like the first) starts slow but it stays that way much longer, and it has a somewhat southern tone to it. Glenns voice is low and silent in the beginning, and the song progresses into a louder and faster song with great vocals and a good guitar riff to build from, only to slow down again (repeats this process several times). Good song, has that classic Danzig edge to it.

Rating 4/5

3. Cantspeak- This is a very strange song, especially for Danzig. Whats even stranger is that it was a single, hmm didnt expect that. This is an industrial song with odd, high pitched vocals from Glenn (which become distorted at times), seemingly random drumming, a driving bass line, and a reversed guitar riff (let it be captured played backwards). Dispite how weird it is, its really catchy to listen to and depressing in mood. This song is what probably inspired Danzigs next album Blackacidevil.

Rating 5/5

4. Going Down To Die- The song that made me want to buy a Danzig CD. A power ballad with smooth, melodic vocals, and well written, depressing lyrics. This song is very catchy and probably one of the best on the album. It is the first song on the album to have a guitar solo, and it fits perfectly, and is slow and soulful, but not very technical. This song is yet another classic danzig song to get hooked on as soon as you hear it.

Rating 5/5

5. Until You Call On The Dark- Good riff to start things out. This song sounds reminesant of twist of cain, and has good Vocals, and an awesome riff to drive the song in the right direction. Unfortunatley this song can get kinda repetitive after a while, but it dos'nt detract from the experience.

Rating 4/5

6. Dominion- Great song, has a slow moody verse that booms into a loud, melodic chorus.
The chorus of this song has some of Glenns best vocal work on the album, and is addictive and catchy. This is a very dark song, probably darkest on the album, but is a vocal strongpoint for Danzig, and one of my favorite songs on the album.

Rating 5/5

7. Bringer Of Death- The opening of this song has machine guns and sirens blaring which serves as the songs intro. This shifts into a good riff with good lyrics, and melodys. The chorus however, leaves much to be desired, the lyrics are just "bringer of death" repeated several times. Another downside to the chorus is the backup vocals dont harmonize with Glenns voice which ruins it. This song however displays some progressive elements, and some middle eastern style guitar which makes it more interesting.

Rating 3/5

8. Sadistikal- Ok this is one ***ed up song, its easily the strangest on the album. Its not really a song, but rather a dark poem written by Glenn about torture. It has weird tribal drumming, and odd noises throughout it. Danzig reads this in a slow, and eerie voice which is unsettling. At one point the words "my love is your hell" are repeated, which is even more disturbing. Messed up, weird, but is interesting to listen to.

Rating 1.5/5 (because it is'nt a song)

9. Son Of The Morning Star- A jazz intro" interesting, i love it when bands stray away from their main style. The verse is jazzy, and slow, and it picks up into a faster, more rock based chorus. I like the vocals in this song, and the guitar. Overall a good song to listen to.

Rating 4/5

10. I Dont Mind The Pain- Yet another experimental song, but this time middle eastern.
This song rocks pretty hard in the chorus, and the lyrics and vocals are awesome, especially in the chorus when he sings "I dont mind the pain". This song sounds great, and like the last track, exibits experimental elements.

Rating 4/5

11. Stalker Song- This song has a weird intro with slow, menicing vocals which evolves into a great song full of good vocals, interesting lyrics, and guitar solos. It has sort of a haunting edge to it, which fits its title perfectly. Catchy song, interesting to listen to.

Rating 4/5

12. Let It Be Captured- This is my favorite song on the album. It has excellent lyrics, and an awesome slow, and melodic guitar riff. Glenns vocals are the strongest ive ever herd them, and the song becomes destorted about halfway through which makes it even better. Great song, excellent way to end an album.

Rating 5/5

And after 56 tracks of silence comes....

66. Invocation- This is a hidden track, it starts with what seems to be reversed wind chimes and voices. After this comes an organ with a sustained A minor chord (lasts whole song) giving it a dark, unsettling feeling. All four members contribute vocals to make it sound similar to that of a black mass. It is apparently about a souless deamon, or something of that nature. As far as hidden tracks go, id say its pretty cool.

Rating 2/5

Rating System:

N/A = Not Applicable
1 = Awful
1.5 = Very Poor
2 = Poor
2.5 = Average
3 = Good
3.5 = Great
4 = Excellent
4.5 = Superb
5 = A Classic


- Experimental, more veriety.

- Vocals, lyrics, and musicanship are all in good quality.

- Has that classic Danzig sound to keep you listening for a long time.


- Sometimes too experimental.

- Dos'nt have a blues song like previous albums.

- The last album to feature classic danzig lineup.

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February 19th 2007


Uhmm, sorry but your review wasn't very good. The intro was crap and the rest was a relatively normal tbt. Also, your spelling sucks. I advise you to use a spell checker next time 'round.
And how is "last album of to feature classic Danzig line-up" a con? I don't get it.This Message Edited On 02.19.07

February 19th 2007


Its your first review so ill just say I really like this album ALOT !!! The ontly thing I dont like is that it gets a bit repetative towards the end.

^^^^ work on the things that Valium man said.

February 19th 2007


not too horrible for a first review, just work on your spelling

February 20th 2007


Album Rating: 5.0

NOTE: this review was not intended to be well written (i couldnt care less)!!!!

it was written to stress an opinion on the album.

so if your commenting to tell me whats wrong with it i already know. but i have no intension of fixing it because i simply dont care. i was really bored and decided to post an opinion, thats all.

July 8th 2008


Album Rating: 2.5

Not only does the review suck, the album is probably Danzig's worst by far..

September 28th 2010


Album Rating: 4.0

danzig 4 has somewhat of an required taste perhaps it's far more melodic than the previous albums which isn't necessarily a bad thing. On the most part with such titles as cant speak,sadistikal,i dont mind the pain and stalker song which is everything lol good dark and depressive of danzig.The earlier stuff is far better in terms of heaviness but overall this album is pretty well written and dimensional so to say.

April 11th 2011


Album Rating: 5.0

There's something really great and special about this record. I give it a sold 5 maybe not their best but definately the most special and interesting.

April 28th 2011


Album Rating: 4.0

I don't think this record gets the recognition that it's predecessors get. Overall, it's a great effort, although like the previous 3 albums, it's kind of hit-or-miss. It's not quite as good as S/T or 'Lucifuge', but better than 'How The Gods Kill'.

July 3rd 2011


Brand New God and Can't Speak both rule.

Digging: Bright Eyes - Letting Off the Happiness

February 15th 2013


Album Rating: 4.0

maybe i'll write a review for this. couldn't be worse than what's here.

February 15th 2013


Album Rating: 4.5

great album.....i dont mind the pain rules

February 19th 2013


Album Rating: 4.5

this muthafucker wrote some great jams.....the final two minutes of brand new god damn!!!

February 20th 2013


Album Rating: 4.0

album rules. doesn't have the riffage of the first two but it's danzig's best vocal performance.

Staff Reviewer
February 21st 2013


Album Rating: 3.0

Bringer of Death is probably my favorite from this album. Nevertheless, I like it significantly less than the first three.

Digging: Airged L'amh - One Eyed God

February 21st 2013


Album Rating: 4.0

most feel that way. i actually prefer this to I and III.

February 22nd 2013


The last good album by Danzig and the last to feature the classic lineup.

There are some stand out tracks such as Brand New God and Son of the Morning Star. Unfortunately there is a lot of filler on this album.

February 22nd 2013


Album Rating: 4.5

album flows flawlessly......no filler here

February 22nd 2013


Album Rating: 4.0

not really much filler here.

Contributing Reviewer
May 15th 2013


Album Rating: 3.0

I know it must have been a challenge for the band to release something as good as their first three albums (especially 'III-How the gods kill'), but this album gives me the impression that they are simply going through the motions. Whilst Danzig's vocals are still charming (in a way) and the tone is generally doomy and melancholic throughout, many of the songs don't seem to be as enjoyable as they should. 'Bringer of Death' and 'Going down to die' are both superbly written, and 'Dominion' is largely helped by some enigmatic guitar work, but the other songs unfortunately can't quite match that quality. Maybe I'm overlooking something here, but this album disappointed me a bit.

Digging: Acathexis - Acathexis

December 29th 2013


Album Rating: 4.0

i dont mind the pain man

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