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Welcome To The North



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January 16th, 2005 | 12 replies

Release Date: 2004 | Tracklist

The Music - Welcome To The North

The Band:

Rob Harvey - Vocals
Phil Jordan - Drums
Adam Nutter - Guitar
Stuart Coleman - Bass

If you've not heard "The Music" by now, check your pulse. Exploding onto mainstream radio just under two years ago, they've become another example of the fine young talent that the UK has been exporting for some time. Essentially, The Music are "a bunch of kids who've grown up in public". At least, that is how they describe themselves. Forming in the music room of their high school in Leeds, this quartet was thrust onto the worldwide scene with the release of their debut self-titled album in September 2002. Just over two years later, they're back with a sophomore effort that is poised to solifidy their position with their extensive fanbase, as well as attract new listeners.

The distinct style of The Music is one of the reasons I discovered them. A friend had described them to me as "sounding a bit like The Stone Roses." Being a Roses fan, I made a mental note to check them out, having only heard the "Take The Long road And Walk It" single (and liking it). A few months later, I got around to listening to their debut album, and have been kicking myself ever since for not doing it faster. The Music are superb in their execution. Like the Roses, they have a sound that as indisputably influenced by electronic music. Wheather it be in Phil Jordans frantic 4/4 drumming or post-production percussion, or Adam Nutter's lush, effects-laden riffs, or the many layers of additional sounds that create a great listening pexerience, there is no denying that The Music have carved themselves a niche, and are comfortable in it.

From the get-go, this album piqued my interest. So without further ado...

1 - Welcome To The North

Opening with a lush, swirling arpeggio, this track is a great example of what give the music their individuality. Rob Harveys distinctive high-pitched voice constrasts with Phil Nutters jagged riffs. With a middle-eastern type of vibe to it, and loaded with interesting guitar work, this song is uplifting without being cheesy or pretentious, a difficult feat.


2 - Freedom Fighters

The second track on the record is one that really interests me. A straightforward rock and roll song, through Nutter's use of effects, it has this utterly etheral quality that drive the riffs and vocals to new heights.


3 - Bleed From Within

Lots of interesting percussion on this track. Strip away the instruments, and you have a decent sounding house music backbeat in the background. Yet another example of how this band can incorporate other styles of music into
their own successfully. Excellent breakdown and build-ups. Nice vocal work as well.


4 - Breakin'

With some cool guitar work, percussion, and a very poppy, U2-ish hook to it, this is another slick addition to the record. Rob's scat-like vocals in certain parts add an interesting improv-sounding element to the music, and again, gets the point across without sounding lazy.


5 - Cessation

More upbeat than other tracks on the album. A high energy, straightforward rock song, nothing spectacular but enjoyable to listen to.


6 - Fight The Feeling

The first ballady type track no the record. As I expected, it's good. Adam's distant, spacey arpeggios set the tone on a beautiful verse, however the chorus is rather weak and doesn't do the justice to the rest of the song. It starts to drone on after a while. Shame, the verse really caught my attention.


7 - Guide

I have to say, this track reminds me of some of the stuff Primal Scream did on Xtrmntr, which is DEFINITELY a good thing. Adam's interesting guitar work and Stuarts bassline really take control of this track, which drifts in and out of a driving, steady verse into a melodic chorus. A good all around track.


8 - Into The Night

Weak. That is the only thing I can say on this track. It's utterly boring, and I could only tolerate about a minute and a half of it before I was dying to skip it. The verse and chorus lack any intensity or conviction. It does nothing to hold your interest, and considering what I've come to expect from the first half of the record, it is completely sub-par. This just reminds me of bad pop. Decent bass playing, however.


9 - I Need Love

Nice little tremolo picked opener. The 4/4 rythym and guitar riff totally suit the track. The chorus of "I need love" is a little chees and redundant, but again, it suits the song. Thus is the style of The Music. Luckily, The Music are aware of how to properly execute a song with repeating rythyms, and they do tend to keep it interesting.


10 - One Way In, No Way Out

A slow tempo, riff based monster, Adam's atmospheric yet agressive riffs again set the tone for the entire song. The chorus is a little too "big" and melodic to fit the track, in my opinion, but it carries itself out strongly and doesn't do too much damage to the overall vibe.


11 - Open Your Mind

The final cut on this record, Open Your Mind is a slow, uplifting song that does a nice job of closing things out. Again, lush, etheral sounds penetrate through the instruments to create a surrounding layer of music that makes you just want to close your eyes and truly LISTEN.


OVERALL: :thumb: :thumb: :thumb: :thumb: out of a possible five.

Although the album tends to lag a bit in the last half, it is still definitely worth a listen. A solid sophmore effort, I have to give credit to their production team. It was extremely well done, the samples and sounds added post-production give the record a whole new meaning, and take it from being a simple straightforward rock record into a total aural experience. In a word, this record is LUSH. It's warm, pleasing to listen to, and features some killer instrumental work. If you're a fan of The Music, or rock/eletronica hybrid bands, you may want to check this out. It's an appealing record for music listeners from many genres, and that is one of the things that makes The Music so spectacular.


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November 4th 2004


Good review, would you say this is better than their first album?

November 4th 2004


Hrmmm...this one had alot more electronic influence. Some good riffs too...

I'd say they're fairly equal, but I like the first album more.

November 5th 2004


I love the music, but this album doesnt compare the first i have to say. It's just NOT funky enough. I love it how the first album had so many funky beats, its just made me move. This didnt do it for me, but still a great CD.

November 7th 2004


Fair enough. It does lack funkiness.

November 7th 2004


it's a 4/5 for me too, maybe a 3.5/5.

didn't live upto what i expected the album to be, the first album was almost too good compared to this. i really liked Cessation tho, that's my favourite from the album.

after i listened to it more, the longetivity just went down, it's not a fighter. the first album had little quirks you'd love more you listened to it, like the mars volta.

oh well, it was good, hopefully, they can fulfil the "best album being the 3rd" thing. hopefully.

November 8th 2004


Yeah, I think alot of people will think their first album was better.

May 13th 2005


i thought into the night was better than a 1 maybe a 2 or 2.5 at most i thought i need love was one of the best tracks....

Two-Headed Boy
December 18th 2005


Album Rating: 2.0

okay review, too spacious/short, in a way. THe debut is several times better

June 11th 2006


Album Rating: 4.5

into the night is so much better than fight the feeling, that reviewer had serious problems

August 7th 2006


Album Rating: 4.5

freedom fighters is one of their best songs

August 7th 2006


does anyone elses say that the reviewer gave this a 0?

btw, good review.

May 8th 2007


Album Rating: 4.5

Better than their first album, but only just. Good review but what is going on with the spacings and your rating?

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