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February 9th, 2007 | 3 replies

Release Date: 2003 | Tracklist

Review Summary: Blitzing the neoclassical. The talent of fusing styles. Listen up..

Here we are, the third solo album fresh from the mind of the hugely talented guitar player and composer that is Marty Friedman ‘Music For Speeding’.

This album portrays to me as a fine attempt in Marty developing and fine-tuning his skill, while also proving that he can still blitz the fret-board in a hazy dash like in his heyday at Megadeth. Completely instrumental, Marty touches on classical, all out Metal and also a heavier underground dance feel to this. Other instrumentalists may sound like their music would be topped off with lyrics. This is so not the case with this Album.

1. Gimme a Dose- This track is quite a remarkable effort of a melodic metal twist. Lead guitar plays a huge part in this track as most of the tracks. He begins with a hypnotic windup into the verse (I say this because there is no lyrics). The song then lets out a nice solo which leads into another of Marty’s significant Riffs. 9/10.

2. Fuel Injection Stingray- This starts off with some bass wizardry. This song is quite like the first though in its verses then choruses. No fault with this tune. 8/10.

3. Ripped- Begins with an underground mix sort of start. The drums have much more of a presence in this song and these accompany a great piece of technical wonder. Oh the solo…Guitarists/listeners. 9/10

4. It’s the Unreal Thing- this track is great in which it plays around with effects so much but accompanies the heavier riffs going on. Good solid track in which the main feel is quite angry. 7/10.

5. Cheer Girl Rampage- This song is fast, upbeat and full of that bright lead guitar which is present in many of these songs. The solo is good- rock-ish feel with a neo-classical twist. Good but a bit upbeat for me, you will see what I mean. 7/10

6. Lust For Life- Now, this is where the album gets layered. This song is a neo-classical ballad. Not really my tea completely, but its appreciated and the composing skill shines through a bit. 6/10.

7. Lovesorrow- A greater addition to the much softer stuff. This song hits more buttons for me than the previous. 8/10.

8. Nastymachine- Here we go. A great start to this track with a dance feel. Marty again lays down his guitar lead and combines for this sometimes heavy track. The Lead is phenomenal in this and rounds off this great song. 9/10.

9. Catfight- Begins with Japanese I believe. Then pounds into a great heavy riff and solos throughout this song make it solid. This song is very good, one of my favourite songs on the album. 10/10

10. Corazon de Santiago- Delving into the Spanish feel here I think does it quite well. Another well laid out slow, soft ballad. Very melodic and European sounding to me. 7/10.

11. 0-7-2- A short Classical burst of creativity. Very short at 40 seconds. Leads into the next storm of a song- 5/10

12. Salt in the Wound- Strap yourselves in. This song echoes Megadeth slightly and manages to keep hold of Marty’s unique twist of tempo and style shown in this album. This gets slammed on in a rage usually. 10/10.

13. Novocaine Kiss- the last stroll on a great album. This I believe winds the mood down to finish. Another bit of balladry which fits here perfectly. A solo is taken advantage in the middle and delivers. 7/10.

There we are- Music For Speeding.. This album is a must-own. Marty has excelled in producing this album. The style oozes outta this, buy it already.

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February 11th 2007


I'm listening to this for the first time and I must say, just three songs in and I already have no socks, for they have been rocked off.

May 12th 2007


i need to check this out, ive always been a fan of his style, definately one of the greats in guitar
cool review btw

October 25th 2007


@ Shadows. Hilarious. I'm still laughing. Best album review I ever read.

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