Cryptic Writings



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January 16th, 2005 | 239 replies

Release Date: 1997 | Tracklist

Cryptic Writings

Produced by Dann Huff and Dave Mustaine

Dave Mustaine - vocals, guitars
David Ellefson - bass
Marty Friedman - guitars
Nick Menza - drums

Total running time: 46:51

Following the release of their small album Hidden Treasures, which was followed by Youthnasia, Megadeth released Cryptic Writings. Many fans were disappointed with this album because once Countdown to Extinction was released, they slowly moved towards regular metal instead of thrash. For those who have listened to Youthnasia before, you can see that many songs don't acquire those thrash like characteristics. Anyways, the direction of this album seemed more commercial. The production and shortening of the songs seemed like that was the direction that Megadeth wanted. Most importantly, the anger in mustaine's voice was gone. Where was that passion that you hear, like in holy wars, or peace sells? Many die hard fans were probably pleased, but yet again, many weren't.

Trust 5/5
This is an excellent song to start out the album with. It starts out with a cool headbobbing drum beat. The guitars slowly come in, and the momentum builds into an explosive heavy riff, that is the main riff. After the 2nd chorus, the song slows down into a small acoustic riff. Slowly but sure it builds, then EXPLODES again into the solo ( I literally mean explode). Marty Friedman's solo goes well with the song, yet I think he could have done a lot better. The song then finishes after the chorus again. This song is definitely different from normal songs because Megadeth tend to sing about politics, or war or other things, but this is about love in a relationship. A bit awkward at first, but a brilliant song to start the album.

Almost Honest 4.5/5
I found that noise for the first few seconds very irritating, but then the riffage starts. I would say that this song is definitely a commercial song. The riffs in this song definitely arent thrash, but they are good riffs. The verse is him singing softly over a good drum beat with a bass. The chorus is more melodic, and looks to have some pop influence in it. At about 2:13, the song goes into a little acoustic riff, which is very pleasing, and then into the solo. Friedman is the man. The song finishes again with the chorus. This overall is a very good song, if you look at it from a different perspective. If you are someone who loves thrash, this is not a good song for you. I am one of those people, but this song sounds so good.

Use the Man 3/5
This song kind of sounds like Almost Honest in a way. It has some acoustic riffs in it. Although I am not a person who hates Mustaines voice, in fact I like it, but I think Mustaine should have worked on singing a little more in this song. He didn't sound very good during the verses. This song sounds pretty good, but still, NOT thrash.

Mastermind 5/5
I love this song, one of the best on the album. It starts off with a killer bassline, then the guitar riff, which is even better. Wow, what a riff. Mustaine's voice will be VERY irritating for people that don't like his growling in this song, as he does a lot of growling. The chorus is very cool, as he shouts Mastermind and sings. This song has a nice solo by Friedman. Most importantly, this song doesn't lose its momentum. It starts strong and ends strong. Great riffs, great song!

The Disintegrators 5/5
Awesome song. Here is where you see Rust in Peace influence. It starts off with a riff, then busts into the verse where the guitar is fast, singing fast, drums fast, FAST FAST! Woooh, a really good song. Fairly short you could say, but it sticks to the thrash, and doesn't lose any momentum. It stays strong the entire way through. Great song!

I'll Get Even 4/5
I love the intro to this song. It is very calm and cool, and then Mustaine starts to sing. This song, isnt thrash at all , but more just plain Metal. This is a more melodic metal song. I really liked Mustaine's singing on this song; superb. After the solo, you hear this nice heavy riff that gets you headbanging. This song follows the same pattern of any other song, with having one solo. Come on Megadeth, we need some Hangar 18s. We will see any? Let's find out.

Sin 2/5
This song sounds purely rock. The riff is rock, everything rock. I don't see any metal in this song. You probably have to like the intro of the song to like the rest of it. The song loses its momentum at the end. I am very open-minded, so it sounds good. But I probably couldn't stand listening to it 4 times in a row.

A Secret Place 3/5
Keep in mind that I am very open-minded to music. I was a person who liked the intro riff. If you don't like this intro riff, then this is probably one that will be skipped. Obviously, this is not a thrashy song. Friedman's solo is short, just like most of the other songs. This song sounds good and all, but it lacks that vibe.

Have Cool Will Travel 3/5
The intro riff isn't too good. Mustaine uses it over and over for a while until the chorus. Now this is a GOOD chorus. Very nice and melodic. This song, not thrash at all. This song to me sounds like a filler song. The only reason I gave it a 3 and not a 1 is because I really liked the chorus. Otherwise, it is not very good.

She-Wolf 5/5
Woah, this is nice. The song starts out with a nice thrasy open E riff. And when the chorus starts, it sounds very melodic. This song is very nice. It keeps its good pace , and the end solo is just, WOW! Great song!

Vortex 2/5
I liked the intro riff. But then, the song gets boring. It follows the SAME pattern of writing as the other songs. Seems like just another song to me. Only reason I didn't give it a 1 is because I love Megadeth.

FFF 1/5
The intro to this song is like pure punk, WTF?! The song stays that way until Nick Menza starts pounding on his drums and the double bass comes in, increasing its momentum. But wait, for only a few seconds. To me, a horrible way to conclude this album.

-Good Production
-Good melody on some songs

-Marty's solos were short
-Where is the thrash?!?!?
-Some songs go nowhere
-Some bad riffs
-Where is the thrash?!?! (said again for emphasis)

For people who love thrash and like Megadeth's earlier albums, this is NOT the album for you. It has no influence of Thrash except for a few songs. Keep in mind, that their next album after this was Risk *shudders*. For people who are die-hard fans, add this one to your collection, it aint bad. Keep in mind, I was very open-minded on these songs, so your view towards them will definitely be different. The biggest trend I noticed was that the album opened with Trust, a Megadeth classic. Then, the rest of the songs didn't compare to its opener, and the album closed with something not too great. As an album overall, I give this a 3/5.

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November 4th 2004


*bump* What do you guys think of this album, for those who have heard it?

November 4th 2004


this album is really just an average album when looked at.. its not an average megadeth album.. just an average album... the only song i enjoy on this cd is the disintegrators... I don't even find trust enjoyable.. only the acoustic part.. Mustaine said it himself.. megadeth just got too caught up in the alternative sound and tried to drift away from their thrash roots.. its not a bad album.. just not one would expect from one of the greatest thrash bands

November 4th 2004


Yup, you make a good point.

November 21st 2004


I think this is more than just an "average album." It may not be Megadeth's best, but it still rocks. A few of the songs sound a little commercial and rock-y but the rest are awesome. Trust, Almost honest, Disintegrators, She-wolf, FFF are in my opinion the best songs on the album. Disintegrators, she wolf, and fff have the speed and energy of the old megadeth and are jsut awesome songs.

Of course this doesn't compare to Rust in Peace (what a godly album) but still we shouldn't be comparing it to anything. We should be evaluating it based on the music. I'm SICK of people calling this a bad album simply because some songs aren't thrash, etc etc. The band created some awesome MUSIC - whether it's thrash metal or not. It has some killer riffs, some killer solos, and some killer melodies. Remember, this was the last of the classic megadeth lineup.

Now I agree that there are a few songs that could have been left out of changed a little or something. I personally would have liked this thrashier. It's not a perfect album, but it still rocks.

November 21st 2004


Hmm...I actually liked this album alot, it's one of my favorites by Megadeth. I guess I'm not "thrash to the core," though.

Pulling Teeth
November 21st 2004


I think this album is really good. Its not their best at all but it has got some amazing tracks, expecially 'Trust' and 'She-wolf'. In this album, Megadeth lost their thrash element and it is not as good as 'Countdown', 'Youthanasia', or 'Peace' but its still better worth a listen, at least just for the solo in She-wolf!

November 22nd 2004


i kinda liked this album. but then, i ve liked almost all 'deth.
trust, she wolf and disintegrators are my picks off this, but the rest isnt bad.
so what if it isnt thrash?
i guess i'm not tr00 enough.

November 22nd 2004


^^ Agreed. Thrashiness aside, if you judge it simply as a metal album, it's quite good.

Especially if you compare it to the 90's material done by other thrash bands...*cough* Slayer *cough* Metallica *cough* *cough*.

October 7th 2005


Album Rating: 3.0

Almosr every band moves on to the mainstream and may become less good. But the songs She-Wolf and Vortex is the greatest songs from this CD!

November 6th 2005


significantly bump up the ratings u gave to sin, vortex and FFF, and lower ur rating for mastermind, and theres a chance id agree with this review. such an underrated album.

Red Cap Brain
December 28th 2005


In my opinion all the thrashbands which got less trashy got worse except of Megadeth. I think this the best album from the along with Youthanasia.

And Dethtrasher I like your comments. =)

February 5th 2006


Album Rating: 3.0

Thanks Red Cap

I can't see why people like Trust? That's the song that I would give the worst rating, I don't think it is that heavy at all and the intro sux IMO. Even ¨Have Cool Will Travel¨ is way more better than Trust.

October 11th 2006


FFF sounds like motorbreath, did mustaine write the motorbreath riff originaly?

November 6th 2006


Album Rating: 4.0

FFF sounds like motorbreath, did mustaine write the motorbreath riff originaly?

I thought the same thing.

What's wrong with fff?

Punk doesn't really have real fast solo's, but the riff does sound punkishThis Message Edited On 11.06.06

September 18th 2007


I actually think ALL of slayer's albums are good for what they do. some of them arent "OMG MILLION BPM THRASTACULAR!" like their early stuff, but they are pretty good for what they do.

but you have it on the ball with Metallica. Load and ReLoad were some of the worst changes for a band i have ever heard in my life. i wanted to cry. well, at least we have their old album legends....

January 2nd 2009


Album Rating: 3.5

Ive always liked Trust and the last three songs on here. But She Wolf has to be the best song on this album.

January 2nd 2009


Yea it probably is

January 20th 2009


Album Rating: 4.0

Really awesome songs here. One of the best is in here and FFF is very good.

February 28th 2009


Album Rating: 4.0

Slayer has ALWAYS done Thrash!!!!!!!!1

March 7th 2009


Album Rating: 3.5

FFF 1/5 you gotta be kidding! good review though

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