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Release Date: 2004 | Tracklist

Meat Loaf - Bat Out Of Hell Live with Melbourne Symphony Orchaestra.

In the 1970's, an aspiring song writer and pianist, Jim Steinman, wrote seven songs for an album, called Bat Out Of Hell. The album was recorded, engineered and produced by Todd Rundgren, who also played guitar on the album. The album was sung by Michael Lee Aday, who chose to sing under then stage name 'Meat Loaf'.

The result was quite possibly the greatest album of all time.

27 years on, the album has been re-released, but this time, all the tracks where recorded live on Meat Loaf's tour to support his recent studio album, "Couldn't have said it better". The two shows during which the album was recorded, Februrary the 20th & 22nd, not only featured Meat's backing band, The Neverland Express, but also the Melbourne Symphony Orchaestra.

I know what you're thinking:

Meat Loaf is cheesy and crap.


This is a great album. It's straight out and out rock, and works well with the orchasetra.


Meat Loaf (Vocals)
Patti Russo (Vocals)
Kasim Sulton (Bass/Music Director)
John Miceli (Drummer)
Mark Alexander (Piano/Keyboards)
Paul "Metal Loaf" Crook (Guitar)
Randy Flowers (Guitar/Keyboards)
CC (Backing Vocals)

Kasim Sulton and Meat Loaf are the only people that play on this album that also played on the original (I believe)

Bat Out Of Hell

This is my favourite song of all time. Ever.
The song starts of with the crowd roaring. A hi-hat cue leads the way for an attack of power chords before a flurry of piano and orchestra physically attacks you, complete with a very complicated groove on the toms of the drum kit - you know the intro to chop suey" like that but better.

After the incredible 2 minute intro that just builds up and up, featuring a mini-guitar solo, the band and orchestra drops out, and the first verse is great, featuring just meat loaf and piano (with some strings). a nice gentle verse, before leading to a soft-rockish pre-chorus.

A build up leads to the powerful chorus, with Meat vocals really hitting home. The orchestra really lends the power to the chorus, before dropping into quiet mode for the post chorus.

The 2nd verse again starts loud and fast, and continues that way for the rest of the verse. The bridge is quite soft, and then the song goes backing into the pre chorus and another hell of a chorus, before going into a loud and large post-chorus, before the soft post-chorus.

After this, come the guitar solo.

And i mean THE guitar solo.

Anyone familiar with how a guitar works knows that if you depress the wammy bar far enough, the guitar will sound like a motorcycle.

Well, that's how it starts off. And let me tell you, Paul Crook makes sounds you've never heard before. It's AMAZING. Then it goes into proper solo style, with lots of tapping, shredding etc, and effective use of the wah pedal. The final verse is crazy amazing mad man. The outro, two is amazing.

This song has to be heard to be believed. While I feel that Meat Loaf's vocals aren't as great as on the original version, the backing band is much better than the original band.

10/10 definatly

2. You Took The Words Right Out Of My Mouth

After a little skit-type thing, the song starts proper. It's a pretty laid back song, it really feels 'beachy' ... if you hear the song you'll know what I mean. I use to like this song loads, but it's kinda worn off. A great song though, but perhaps the low point of the album (gets kinda boring after a while, you see). I feel the orchestra is kinda wasted in this song. It doesn't really do much. 8/10

3. Heaven Can Wait

A slow ballad of a song. Great, emotive song. Unlike the previous song, this orchestra is used to great effect here - seeing as it's a ballad, it's got floaty strings and woodwind that plays delicate intricate little counter-melodies. Brilliant, but not as good as the other two ballads on the album. Better than the original. 9.5/10

4. All Reved Up With No Place To Go.

Starts off with out and out rock, with the hook normally played on a sax being played on a guitar. Very rock 'n' roll, a great rocking out song. Backing vocals used to good effect here, nice cowboy style piano during the bridge, but the orchestra is wasted throughout the song. In fairness, there isn't really much place for them. Different to the original, but not as good as the original - the 'fast' bit isn't really fast enough, and the sax solo is better than guitar solo in this one. 9/10

5. Two out of Three ain't bad.

A 'power ballad' of sorts. Orchestra works well, some nice acoustic guitar, a powerful middle, very emotive, a great song. 9.5/10

6. Paradise by the dashboard light

I. Paradise

A song that is, really, about sex sex and sex. A story-style song, this portion of the song, Meat is going out on a date with Patti Russo, and he's hoping to score. The song is very 50's style rock, especially the piano and guitar. The orchestra works really well here, too. This song is a duet between Meat and Patti


The backing music to this is out and out funk - wah bass, flanger guitar, strings that really make it funky. Similar to "Get On Top" by the chili peppers, that style of funk anyway. The vocals is a broadcast of a baseball game. It's great. The radio anouncer is talking about how the guy in the game is going from base to base (1st base, 2nd base etc). I wonder why that bit of the song is put there" :naughty: Announcer isn't as good as the original.

II. Let Me Sleep On It.

Another duet. Patti is saying, "before we go any further, do you love me, will you love me forever"" etc. and Meat replies, like a typical dude, "Let me sleep on it and i'll give you answer in the morning". It's a dirty song, what can I say :naughty:

III. Praying For The End Of Time.

Meat Loaf answers Patti: I swore I'd love you till the end of time... So now I'm praying for the end of time. More out and out rock.

This is an incredible song, no question. 10/10

7. For Crying Out Loud

The best ballad on the song. Really beautiful, great Orchestra use here. The only thing that ruins it is the Meat's singing at the very end. Ah well. 10/10

8. I'd Do Anything For Love

The main song off'f the 1991 album Bat Out Of Hell II, you must all know this song. It's great. Starts with a motorcycle-style guitar, before the piano joins in. you should hear the crowd scream when you hear the piano. THis is a brilliant song, definatly. At least as good as the original. Great orchestra use too. A real Rock Opera. 10/10

9. Couldn't Have Said It Better.

I don't have this album, so I never heard this song before. It's a great song, very rocky and written by the Bass player from Motley Crue (!) 10/10 (Great drum intro)

All in all, this is the greatest live album of all time. NO question. 10/10

You should all get this. If you want a taster, add me on msn ( and I'll send you a track or two.

Peace Ya'll

- Gur

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November 1st 2004


Good review! Makes me want it even more than I did

November 2nd 2004


Cool review. I doubt I'll get the album, mind, as I have 2 versions of Bat Out Of Hell anyway.

November 2nd 2004


Album Rating: 4.0

I got four in total :/ two originals, 1 'revamped' (it's also got deadringer) and that one.

I think that the live album should definatly be got by any meat loaf fan - if anything, only to hear Paul Crook's solo outshine Todd Rundgren's original (which I would have thought impossible)

November 2nd 2004


I like this album, not a Meat Loaf fan though.

Nice review.

November 3rd 2004


Just realised, the original Bat Out Of Hell is still up for grabs, and it's on the Top 500. Anyone likely to take it? If not I'll get around to it some time before Christmas.

November 25th 2004


Album Rating: 4.0

i'll take it

March 24th 2006


fucking band sucks cock and balls i hate this band!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

April 19th 2006


Album Rating: 4.0

That's great. So you posted...... why?

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