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January 20th, 2007 | 3 replies

Release Date: 2006 | Tracklist

Review Summary: Pretty good stuff this.

Deftones return at with their latest offering, Saturday night wrist, and in my opinion, It's one of their best offerings yet.

The band delivered what was in many people's minds a mediocre offering on their self-titled effort, and it is possible that the band took this into account when they started on their latest album as the album is certainly more reminiscent of White pony, with more diversity and experimentation, whilst at the same time going into a slightly different direction.

1.) Hole In The Earth:
A definite choice for a single, quite simple, and generic in comparative to much of the album. It's far from my favorite track, but it's still quite decent. The song opens with some guitar feedback which breaks into a crunching riff. however the majority of the song is quieter and more calm, and in fact is possibly slightly dull. I also believe the promotional video isa bit of a mess as well. (although that isn't really important) All in all, slightly boring, but not bad.


2.) Rapture:
This song hits hard, and is not dissimilar to hexagram from the self-titled album. A loud barriage of yelling and guitar noise. Moreno also seems to be using the same singing/screaming style used on Elite and When girls telephone Boys, 2 other heavy offerings they have produced on earlier albums. it is a very good song as well, and doesn't help but make you feel a little bit angry. the song hints at panic and rage, especially during the chorus where Moreno screams repeatedly "You Said I won't again, I swear to God!" If you enjoy their louder recent songs, then you will probably enjoy this too.


3.) Beware:
Now me go to more mellow and softer offerings, something which seems more effective after the manic song previously, which can only be cretited with good production editing i suppose. This is a very well written piece, although i'm not sure at what "The Water" is referring to exactly, it is a very good, darker song. the best so far probably.


4.) Cherry waves:
This is apparently the next single to be released, and i have to say it's a shame. not because the song isn't good, but because it's so good that it is going to be overplayed , and I always enjoy the best songs remaining on an album only. this is a gem, one of the best they have done in their time. Reminds you a lot of white pony and would definitely fit in perfectly on there. Quite slow-paced and soft, but brilliant too.


5.) Mein:
The song opens with a consistent riff, which remains throughout the whole song. the guitaring doesnt stop for a long time, and is a lot different from the songs we've been shown up until now. Serj Tankian from SOAD makes a cameo appearance on here and his vocal style is perfectly suited into the tone of the song. the lyrical pattern is also a lot different from what you would expect form deftones as well, faster and very suitable to moreno's voice.


6.) U,U,D,D,L,R,L,R,A,B,Select,Start
An instrumental effort. Blissful, Calming and absolutely beautiful. The first instrumental they have done, and it is absolutely fantastic. fits in perfectly with the dark mood of the album and definitely an attempt at something new being pulled off very well.


I personally find this song forgettable and mediocre. it's nothing particularly special and i think a little bit of a filler track, although a lot of people I know love it, so it's really a case of you decide. Slower, and slightly dull imo, but again still not bad


Very similar to rapture, loud and hard hitting, but perhaps even more so. mental stuff, and the repetition of screaming "Decide!" can get irratating after a while


9.) Pink Cellphone
Er... COMPLETELY Different t anything else. many will hate it, and i'm sure i will get complaints and disagreements with this song rating, but I think that it's brilliant. I think Delgado shows he can make some great tunes without the others except for Moreno's voice and the maniulative-sounding Annie Hardy's guest vocals create a weird tune, that despite not sounding lkike anything else they've done, somehow fits in perfectly with the mood created by this album; Dark, Psychedelic and almost sci-fi. As you think the album's going to end, Annie starts up with some singing that can only be described as dirty, X-rated stuff.. they have produced a clean edition without this in however.
im going to give this a 4.5/5 because i believe it fulfills it's purpose brilliantly, even though everyone seems to think it's a waste of time

10.) Combat
A loud, fast-paced song with fantastic singing by moreno (as always) and with a tremendous chorus Moreno has never sounded better than when he sings "A wasteof time, if you don't believe" Very effective subtle background work by Delgado as well


Another very good song. Creates the impression of everything ending, almost apocalyptic, as the lyrics suggest, " Our lives will go blank tonight, and and the earth will rot away". can't help but give you the same feeling. Very good song, and again proving that they can write some of the most subtle emotional songs around.


12.) Riviere
the pace settles down for the finale, Riviere, and although the lyrics are about a girl, this is not a love song. ends the album brilliantly, with the music creating a dark atmosphere once again. You can et into thissong so much it even takes you a few seconds to realise that it has all finished. (well i did anyway)


All in all, well done lads, your rule. Buy this if you're already a fan. if you enjoy their oldest stuff more however, you may not find this suitable for you as it is not at all similar. BLEURGH!

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January 20th 2007


Album Rating: 4.5

Man you suck. That is a rubbish review man. Booo!!! make that your last one! no excuses, it's poor. I'd even go as far to saying that it is unacceptably bad actually

January 20th 2007



January 20th 2007


Album Rating: 4.5

in case you haven't noticed, I'm slightly bored hehe

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