Voices In My Head



by wrathi USER (9 Reviews)
January 19th, 2007 | 7 replies

Release Date: 2006 | Tracklist

Review Summary: This great compilation of tracks really adds alot to Riverside's discography. With 3 Great new tracks and 3 great live tracks, it is a welcome addition. Some moments can get repetative but it hardly ever hinders too much.

Contrary to popular belief, this is not Riverside's third album but merely a collection of unreleased songs and a few live tracks. One of the most likely reasons for this jumbled mix of songs is the songs do not fit in with the concepts of the albums that they write. Out of Myself, Second Life Syndrome, and soon in september of 2007, Rapid Eye Movement are said by the band to be a three album trilogy and these songs most likely don't fit in. And at only about 36 minutes, the album cant really be considered a full album.

Either way, these songs are quite good weather they are live versions of old favorites or brand spankin new ones. The album begins with a slow diddy called Us. Now normally I despise songs that are under like 2: 50 but this is probably one of the few exceptions. Slow and melodic, this song shows the quietest and most beutiful moments that the band has created. Strings or organs fill the backround and slow acoustic guitar takes over the melody until Duda comes in with the vocals, soft and quite perfect for the mood. Near the middle-end of the song some vocal chords are added that create a spectacular effect to the song.

The next song, Acronym Love, is another gem and, while being one of the more conventional songs they have written, it is also very interesting. Starting slowly with just a slow and mellow piano, it is joined by the vocals and then guitar and bass and drums. Shortly thereafter the guitar plays a cool 3 note motif that is repeated later in the song various times. after hearing a few other voices and a few other motifs, the guitar jumps into a awsome brige/solo, showing some of Grudinski's most interesting and quick guitar work. Of coarse no solo would be quite as good without a backup piano, which is timed spectacularly and then later some awsome bottom action on the bass by Duda. This is definatly one of Riverside's best.

The next song, whatever its called, is quite odd and not as melodic or catchy as the last two tracks. After some strange verses the big bass kicks in but the song still remains slow and dark with some odd effects from the piano and guitar. Unfortunately it dosnt really get interesting til about the 5: 30 mark of this 7 minute song, adding a bit of distortion and cool riffs and bigger bottom end, but all in all not a horrible song, just not that accessible.

The next song, The Time I Was Daydreaming, with more mellow acoustic guitar and then adds some piano and electric. The vocals jump in, soft as usual but again with the emotion we saw in the first two tracks. It is probably Mariusz's voice that really carries this song, not extremely beautiful but perfect for this kind of music. Some wiered electric bouncing noises begin near the middle and then carry the song. All the while piano and bass and Duda's whispers fill and create a great soundscape. Another Gem, another staple.

Stuck Between begins with a bouncy and catchy drum beat and it is accompied with Duda's doubled vocals. A guitar with unusual tone joins with the organ and they create a verse/chorus chorus chorus chorus. unfortuantley it gets slightly repetative until the added vibrato guitar joins the mix. ending with more vocals. Good but not quite as good as it maybe could have been.

I Believe, one of my favorates off the Out of Myself album, begins this time not with the voice of a crowd but with a pretty piano part. Though not quite the same as the CD, Duda's Vocals and tone are not harmed by the live performance but his timing is rather odd. A whole new bridge is added after the first vocals with big bass and guitar. Its quite alot like listening to a different song. After the guitar ends we are treated with Duda's awsome bass work and then the song ends. Although quite different, it is still a great song.

And of coarse Loose Heart, one of the more notable songs off Out of Myself, is just as good.
The sweet and spacey guitar work here is quite alot like Billy Howerdel's guitar and the bass and piano come in playing completely different parts from the actual song. The first chorus is unchanged but again the guitar solo is quite fresh and different. Again Duda dosnt seem to care about timing of his pauses when he sings but it hardly detracts. However, his screams are performed quite well, starting at a mere whisper and exploding with anger at the end.

The whispered chant of Voices In My Head, from which the name of the song is dereived, begin the the next song, Out of Myself. This song is a bit harder than the rest of the album as it is on Out of Myself. I believe this song does quite a bit better live than on the album. with cool piano and big bass. Duda could really give Geddy Lee of Rush a run for his money in a contest of singing with a big, bulky piece of wood in his hand that is the bass. Indeed he would probably win. The explosion of the end is a good way to end the album.

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January 19th 2007


Album Rating: 4.0

Did I mention that these guys are so very underrated?

January 19th 2007


Album Rating: 3.5

Riverside are great. This EP is cool because I was desperatly in need of new material by them.

September 20th 2007


acronym love is just exelent, a really nice and sad song, and the rest of the album is nice but not near to their other eforts

October 8th 2007


Album Rating: 4.0

definitely the best EP i know of.

September 27th 2008


Album Rating: 4.0

I love everything I've heard by these guys so far, there's just something about their music that sounds fresh. I've spent many nights driving home from work listening to this EP. I would love to catch them live sometime.

January 22nd 2013


Album Rating: 3.5

Good stuff

Digging: Dream Theater - Distance Over Time

January 26th 2017


Album Rating: 4.0

the guy who wrote this must've been drunk while he was at it

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