Falling Away



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January 17th, 2007 | 4 replies

Release Date: 2006 | Tracklist

Review Summary: Crossfade is a band from south carolina,that came around with a less than stellar debut.But their sophmore album is something quite different.

I am going to give my track by track review on why this at least worth a listen.

Crossfade is:
Ed Sloan-guitar,vocals
Mitch James-bass,vocals
James Branham-drums

1.Washing the world away:This song was a good choice to open the album with,It starts out with some clean guitar and soft singing from Ed and Mitch.Then the drums and bass carry a short but cool sounding beat that goes into the main riff.In the verse Ed sings very rhetorrically that goes into the pre-chorus with some interesting lead playing.The chorus is nothing spectacular but it's stiil a great song.4-5

2.Already Gone:This one starts with an acoustic guitar.The lyrics in this song are okay,Ed seems to be talking about how he left someone without telling them about it,but yet they both get over it.This song has some cool mini solos after the choruses.It's a decent song.3-5

3.Someday:Fear not,this song isn't anything like the nickelback song of the name.The song seems to be like a mix between a ballad and a hard rock song,but yet not a power ballad.Also this song has one of the only guitar solo's on the record,but it's an awesome solo none the less.This song is definately worth listening to.5-5

4.Invincible:The first single from this album,also happens to be one of the most energetic songs.Alot of backing vocals in this song.Not that that matters because Ed and Mitch are awesome singers.Reminds me of a mix between cold and colors from their last album,it's not a horrible song,it's just not great,they could've picked a better first single.3-5

5.Falling Away:The title track that is surprisingly good.It opens with vocals from Mitch and a slide on the bass.I guess Mitch kinda wanted to be the star on this song,because Ed doesen't sing very much on it.3.5-5

6.Everything's wrong:In a way almost everything is kinda wrong with this one.It's not terrible,it's just kinda boring.More of a filler track really.2.5-5

7.Why:I like this one.Faster paced,and a bit more intense in some instances.The drums carry a cool beat throughout the song.It's probably about Ed or Mitch telling someone to *** off after annoying the *** out of them and using them for personnal gain.Great song.5-5

8.Breathing slowly:This is a really short song,Not too many lyrics to judge what it could be about.2.5-5

9.Anchor:This is a ballad through and through,but it's okay.I don't like when a band writes a ballad as a filler.Because when i'm in mellow mood,I like to listen to ballads.

10.Drown you out:This song is the second single,and is awesome.Fast paced like why and as melodic as washing the world away.One of the best songs on the record if not the best.It's about tuning people out or not lying to people just because it's fun.Either or it's still amazing

11.Never coming home:Although I enjoy them to some degree,every band these days is doing a piano ballad it seems.But regardless the song is good,but might not have been the best choice for an album closer.It's very melodic with just piano,vocals and drums.It's oldschool,but it works.4-5.

better than the last crossfade record.
amazing vocals
drown you out
lack of guitar solo's(not that no solo's irritate me,just some songs could've used one)
poor choice for closing track.

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January 18th 2007


Wow, no one commented on this?
The review was far from impressive, but it's a first (and judging by your site activity, possibly last) review, so I won't neg.
Don't be afraid to stray from doing track-by-track reviews, unless you describe the sounds of the songs, rather than go through their structures.
I have more, but it's late and I'm typing this very quickly.

January 18th 2007


Album Rating: 3.5

Okay,I understand.I'm a first time reviewer on here.I appreciate the understanding though.

February 1st 2007


This album severely disappointed me. It was nothing like the first. While their first CD was nothing spectacular, it was at least catchy and rough. I couldn't get into this one.

January 24th 2011


Album Rating: 3.5

Good review! I agree with you on Drown You Out ! What a track !

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