God Is an Astronaut
All Is Violent, All Is Bright



by Two-Headed Boy USER (86 Reviews)
January 15th, 2007 | 328 replies

Release Date: 2005 | Tracklist

I'm quite fishy when my dad recommends me a band. Judging from a good deal of his musical tastes, it might seem safe, but then he throws a curveball at me with 20 minutes of white guys jamming into a fortress of psychadelia and, essentially, annoyingness. So when I played Mogwai's masterpiece Happy Songs for Happy People in his car, he instantly got this wonderous look on his face. "You might like this one band I have", he says, and my face instantaniously caves in to a look of uncertainty. Not another "Flying Fun-Time Walter Flagington Jam Experience", for the love of God. Just please no.

Voila, two God is an Astronaut CDs are handed to me. A small exchange of words, and forty minutes later I'm there with a small smile of approval.

The Irish trio that is God is an Astronaut can be blamed with being uncreative or generic, or perhaps even a carbon copy of other bands such as Mogwai or even lesser-bands such as Explosions in the Sky. But the band, being a trio, give a marginally unique perspective to their music with simplicity and sheer jaw-dropping beauty portrayed throughout ten tracks on their debut, All Is Violent, All Is Bright.

Perhaps one way of looking at their sound is to attack the formula of them being a trio. Rarely does the venture out of the realm of certain safety for a trio, a solid combination of guitar, bass, drums and occasionally a loop of synthesizer washing over the music. While on paper this could seem to be a sure enough con for the music, on record it's actually quite enjoyable. Not nearly self-indulgent enough to get on your nerves, and not boring enough to make you reach for the skip button. On the album's first standout track, All Is Violent, All Is Bright, things take a little while to build up with just a single guitar plucking around with a fiendishly pretty chord sequence, until it erupts into a chaotic burst of ethereal noises and fast-paced drums. Very energetic, and suprisingly one can find little evidence that this is not a trio, besides the keyboards swarming overtop the three fundamentals. This formula also follows with such songs as Suicide By Star (which is probably the most overall accessable song on the album and also features a kick-ass double bass drum attack at the coda), Dust and Echoes (which takes a poppier approach to the sound, adding Sigur Ros inspired ambient noises and a more formulatic rhythm section until it, once again, erupts into a fuzzy mess of noise), and the final song When Everything Dies (which, as the title suggests, is the most gloomy part of the album. Gothic and trudging pianos, hammering away until, once again, everything comes together with a noisy coda and brings the album to a suitable noisy close). While somewhat repetetive, the formula works very well for this band because it doesn't require alot of players and is achingly pretty and enjoyable throughout.

That's not to say that listeners might get tired of this sequence after a while. While it is a very enjoyable sound, things rarely vary in sound values, tempos and, basically, just the overall musical quality of the band. Few songs balance out the formula. Infinite Horizons and Remembrance Day are both songs that are way too short to fully achieve what the beginning of each song hints at, and both are dissapointing for that same reason. Fire Flies and Empty Skies is alright if you aren't already a bit tired of the band's formulatic ways, but if so then this song just becomes way too uninteresting, because it is already a somewhat sub-par piece of music due to it's inability to get moving or slow down in the right places, and also because when everything comes together, it just gets a bit corny and tiring. However, as their method of sound continues, the album's middle-positioned masterpiece, A Deafening Distance, carries far beyond the album's limits as of yet and takes off into a spacey, dark and (don't ask) philisophical journey into an under-four-minute jam piece. While those descriptions might sound more suited to a much longer song, the band does an exceedingly outstanding job packaging it up into a small 3:49 package, leaving the listener refreshed and eager to look into the other half of the album.

This is a very enjoyable listen if you like post-rock, but as stated before several times, things get repetetive after a while. Considering this is a trio, I'll cut them some slack but this is the main problem with their music. It's breathtaking, sure, and quite intellectual and melodic, but such qualities are pushed out to different extents on the album time and time again. But, in the end, this is a very organized album, a startling debut and a good hint at things to come for this band. Perhaps as they mature in their sound, such insecurities will be ironed out and the band could churn out a monumental sound, but in regards to the present, they have a little way to go. Listen to your daddys, kids, they carry words of wisdom.

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January 15th 2007


Good review.

I'm gonna have to check this stuff out.

The Jungler
January 15th 2007


Very nice/funny review THB, I don't really need any more Post-Rock at the moment, but some of the tracks on this sound real good.
Once again, great review, the intro struck pretty close to home :p

Two-Headed Boy
January 15th 2007


Album Rating: 3.5

For the record, Flying Fun-Time Walter Flagington Jam Experience is not an actual band.

Thanks, boys. [shamelessROTMplug]3 Reviews in a month, hoo boy! [/shamelessROTMplug]

January 15th 2007


I wasn't too fond of what I heard from this. Great review though.

Staff Reviewer
January 15th 2007


These dudes are Irish as previously alluded to by an Irishman
I've only heard their EP, wasn't very impressed with it, but it was still good... just nothing really stood out for me.
Sounds like this is better, so I might give it a shot.
Good review and humorous intro.

January 15th 2007


Great review. I havent heard a lot of stuff by this band... I remember hearing something a while back, but I dont remember it that well...

January 16th 2007


Great review man

I downloaded this album based on the review, I quite like it.

January 16th 2007


I really love this band. Great album.

Two-Headed Boy
January 16th 2007


Album Rating: 3.5

Crap, I always get Irish and Scottish mixed up. I'll hurricane edit.

Thanks for the feedback.

January 16th 2007


Album Rating: 4.5

God is an Astronaut sound nothing like Explosions in the Sky or any of the Mogwai I've heard.

This album is really, really great despite its sameyness. Just don't over-listen it.

Suicide by Star wins.

January 19th 2007


/generic comment


Two-Headed Boy
January 24th 2007


Album Rating: 3.5



March 6th 2007


Good stuff. Also, must be werd that your dad listens to good music.

June 7th 2007


Album Rating: 4.5

this cd is sex to the ears

January 2nd 2008


Album Rating: 3.5

It so is :D

March 25th 2008


Alex, you have the coolest dad.

March 31st 2008


Album Rating: 3.5

This CD is really beautiful, and has a surprisingly different tone then most post-rock, at least to my ears.

April 24th 2008


Album Rating: 3.5

I've finally taken some time to give these guys a listen and I'm pretty annoyed that I didn't listen earlier. This is really good.

June 28th 2008


Album Rating: 3.5

Okay, ummm

the review says this is their debut, but its really their second album someone fix this please and thank you

September 23rd 2008


Album Rating: 3.5

This is so good to study to.

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