The Great Southern Trendkill



by XulOnerom USER (5 Reviews)
January 11th, 2007 | 5 replies

Release Date: 1996 | Tracklist

This is one of the most amazing albums ever made. A lot of people think that “Vulgar Display Of Power” is Pantera’s best album, and some regard this one as being their least interesting. I must disagree. In my humble opinion, this album is Pantera’s best, and no matter how much time has passed, it still remains in my Top 5 albums. Now, let’s go to the tracklisting:

1° The Great Southern Trendkill: The album starts with a brutal, fast and relentless song, so as to scare all the non-believers from the very beginning. The song is kinda odd, through; the first half of the song is the song itself and the other half is just a guitar solo.

2° War Nerve: Another thrashy song, with a call-and-response verse much in the vein of “I’m Broken”. Not as good, but it still works.

3° Drag The Waters: The lead track off the album, and an amazing song. This one is slower and groovier, and it’s probably the catchiest song in the album.

4° 10’s: A totally incredible track!!!! Very slow and gloomy. The acoustic interlude is very cute, and the guitar solo is totally fantastic.

5° 13 Steps To Nowhere: A much faster song than the previous two. In this one, Vinnie Paul shows his double-bass drum abilities, while Dimebag and Rex play some really good riffs.

6° Suicide Note Part I: This is the most quiet song off the album. An moody, acoustic track with some keyboards to make it even moodier, and Phil Anselmo singing like a drunk country singer.

7° Suicide Note Part II: The total antithesis of Part I. This fast, violent, almost-grindcore song is easily the heaviest track of the album. In this one we have Phil screaming at the top of his lungs, while Dimebag shows no mercy in shredding with his guitar. The problem is: those who play guitar will find it great; those who don’t will think is just noise.

8° Living Through Me (Hell’s Wrath): This one is more thrash-metal Pantera. It has a weird industrial-like interlude with Phil whispering something. It works, but it would have been better to put a guitar solo. Nevertheless, it still is a great heavy song.

9° Floods: Totally astonishing!!!!! The heavy riffs are great, the acoustic parts are awesome, the guitar solos are absolutely breathtaking, and the riff at the end of the song is beautiful. This song is a true gem.

10° The Underground In America: More thrash-metal for us. Again, Vinnie shows us how great he is when it comes to drumming, while Dimebag and Rex still give us great riffs. At the end, Phil starts screaming “the trend is dead”. Sadly, punk-pop didn’t die, it just got worse.

11° Sandblasted Skin (Reprise): One more song of good riffs and good drumming (no guitar solo, sadly). A good closer for the album.

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January 13th 2007


Welcome to the site. I've seen much worse first reviews, this wasn't anything spectacular but don't get discouraged. In general, if you're going to do a track-by-track review you should put the song rating at the end. Also, if you're going to give out the sacred 5/5 Classic rating to an album you sure as hell better be able to back it up tremendously, which means more than 2 sentences to review a certain song.

January 13th 2007


I've went through so many beginner track by tracks that I'm tired of going through it. Your track descriptions need a lot more beef on them. Describe the sound, what you like/dislike about the track, highlights etc. though if I were you then I would avoid track by tracks all together and try an overall review which is a lot more helpful. Check out any staff review to figure out what I mean.

Also about your rating, do not give out fives lightly, keep them for absolute classics (which this isn't) and if you do then you need to back it up which this review certainly doesn't do. You don't need to rate the songs though so it doesn't matter about that.

January 13th 2007


Well if this is in your top 5, then welcome to the site, because you're gonna end up having a different top 5 if you stay active here (as happened to me).
If you wanna know how to write a good track by track, you could check out my review of "Tribute" by Ozzy Osbourne :thumb:

south_of_heaven 11
January 14th 2007


Album Rating: 1.5

This album kinda sucks.

Digging: RAM - Rod

January 14th 2007


Pantera kinda sucks.

Don't really like tbt's, but this isn't terrible. Stick around and read some of the prominent reviewers' works and you'll get a good idea of how to expand on what you have. I liked some of your descriptions, but you'll have to expand on them a little bit.

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