They Can't All Be Zingers



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January 10th, 2007 | 21 replies

Release Date: 2006 | Tracklist

Review Summary: What a great album. Truely represents who Primus is, and what they're sound is like. Wierd as all hell but enjoyable as heaven. If you like Primus, or just like good music, go pick this album up.

I remember the first time I heard primus. Their sound was so unique, and so different from what ive ever heard before. At first it was almost repugnant. It took a few weeks for me to really get into it. The first song I ever heard which appears on this album is My Name Is Mud. I was in FYE listening to it and going "WHAT THE HELL IS THIS"" the strange sound was so alien to me at the time. I couldnt imagine getting into it at all. Friends of mine liked Primus alot, so i figured they were really good. At first i thought they were crazy. Then a few weeks later around Christmas time my uncle gave me seas of cheese. I liked most of the songs on it and couldn't get the masterful slap bass playing of Les Claypool out of my head. Tommy the cat was constantly on my mind. I quickly found myself heading to trying to find primus videos for a few days non stop. Then finally i grabbed my FYE giftcard and bought this album "They Can't All Be Zingers". Here i was buying the very unique sound i thought was repulsive weeks before. I was worried i might be disapointed, or i might get bored with this album. Wow was I wrong.You can go track by track and be satisfied with almost every song on this album.

So whats so good about Primus you ask" I say their sound is based all around Les Claypool. He plays slap bass, and if you've ever seen him play he is crazy at it. His crazed playing is the backbone of Primus' sound. His basslines are brilliant in almost every song, and are so addicting. Primus has been through different guitarists and drummers, but whomever it is they're playing fits in with Claypool's crazed playing. They're sound is definitly different than that of other bands, that's whats so good about them. The only weak point I used to think Primus had was vocals. I thought Claypool's singing was pitiful at first. But then i realized that his vocals mimmic the strange beat that the instruments play. It ties in perfectly, and i wouldn't really have any other vocalist in place of Claypool in Primus. To me each song is wierd, just insane. The sound can be compared to someone escaping from a mental asylum, just out there. Different from anyone and everyone else.

If I had to reccommend anything on this album for you id probably say every song. Just one thing you should know before you listen to Primus, is not to take the lyrics all that seriously. They are basically just a bunch of funny tall tales, that fit in with the beat of the song. This album is defintily enjoyable in almost every aspect. There is a bit of material to fill your time up with, theres 16 songs. Primus doesn't make 2 minute songs but they don't make anything huge and rarely go over 7 minutes. Each song has something equally special and unique about it. Like i said Primus' sound is unique to say the least, you can easily tell that by the lyrics to each song. The basslines are quite addicting, and like to stick around your memory banks for quite awhile. If you pick this cd up it will take a long time for you to get tired of it. Like i said i got it a week ago and can't stop listening, i haven't lost any interest. There wasn't much left out of the song list here, but there is some. I would have liked to seen Is It Luck" or Sgt. Baker on here (i only have this album and seas of cheese so if there is more sorry) but nevertheless this ablum is truely excellent.

If there is one possible flaw i would have to choose in this album or just Primus in general I would probably have to say vocals. Claypool truely isn't a good singer in any way. He rarely dramatically changes dynamics, and keeps a steady regular sound. His voice sounds very strange also, it's so different, fast yet slow, and mostly like everything else in Primus; crazy. His vocals sound anything but normal, or close to that of other singers. In spite of all that i still really like his singing. Sure he isn't a good singer, but his vocals like i said before fit in with the true sound of Primus, and are definitly a key component to they're success. So all in all, buy this album, and enjoy hours on end of entertainment.

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January 10th 2007


Album Rating: 4.0

Well I think Les tries to make his voice like that, because there are times when his vocals are more melodic and more natural. Anyway, good review and an improvement over your others.

January 10th 2007


^What he said.

January 10th 2007


I like some Primus. Most is average for me, though.This Message Edited On 01.10.07

The Jungler
January 10th 2007


This is like the worst band on the planet. Not a bad review though.

January 10th 2007


I find I rather them in individual doses. I can't really sit through a full cd of theirs.

This is like the worst band on the planet

That might be overrexageration but they aren't easy to like at all.This Message Edited On 01.10.07

January 10th 2007


The fact that this is a best of album and doesnt have 'Laquer Head' on it makes it a bad best of album. Still good tracklisting otherwise.

January 10th 2007


i've only heard frizzle fry and I liked it. This would be good I think. good review

January 11th 2007


Primus is some Funk-a-delic stuff!

January 11th 2007


Isn't Brain holding the rights to Antipop? That would explain the absence of Lacquerhead..

February 1st 2007


Lacquerhead's there best song.

February 13th 2007


I liked 'John The Fisherman' from Guitar Hero II.

June 30th 2007


Album Rating: 4.0

This band is fucking awesome.

Oh, why are they under metal?

August 5th 2007


Album Rating: 4.0

i still can't get into some songs, but primus is very enjoyable overall. i love lacquer head

August 28th 2008


The guy who gave this a 1 later cut his wrists while listening to My Chemical Romance. :D

June 9th 2009


Primus is pretty fing cool.

August 20th 2010


@ The Jungler - this is about 3 years late but you are an idiot, especially if you really like the bands you have as your favourites. Not that I am the biggest Primus fan or anything it is undeniably musical, and if anything the main flaw is that it is inaccessible. But with an album called anti-pop I don't think they give a shit if you get it or not. I just find all your really indy and hardcore tastes in music hilarious if you cannot see the musical quality.

December 1st 2010


Album Rating: 3.5

Dude, a lot of Primus's lyrics are meant to be taken very seriously, actually. Well, maybe not meant to be taken seriously, but they're about very serious things.

December 1st 2010


breaking news

July 2nd 2011


Album Rating: 4.0

I'm actually enjoying most of these tracks, seeing them come August hopefully. "John The Fisherman" is a personal favorite.

May 28th 2014


Adorable review.

Digging: Mesarthim - .- -?.?.?. .?.?. . -. -?.?-?. .

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