Beneath The Sky
More Than You Can Handle

very poor


by Wemo USER (7 Reviews)
January 8th, 2007 | 37 replies

Release Date: 2006 | Tracklist

Review Summary: Yet another Victory Records metalcore band releasing yet another of the most bland metalcore albums in musical history.

Picture This If You Will. A boy around the age of 13 walks out of his local music store clutching Atreyu's Suicide Notes & Butterfly Kisses. This is a new step in his musical history being the first album he has ever purchased that features screaming as the main voice in the music (also his first perchase by a band on the Victory record label). Throughout the span of the next three years the boy continues to purchase albums from bands on the label (Darkest Hour's Undoing Ruin and Atreyu's The Curse to name a few), and grows increasingly discontent with what he is hearing. It is now 2007 and the boy (who is me for those of you who didn't catch that yet) has all but lost faith in the label's ability to sign a single band worth anybody's time (except for BtBaM of course). This album is in fact the last chance the boy is giving Victory to prove him wrong.

(The review will now switch to first person).
I figured that this time around I would pick out the least mainstream of the label's hardcore bands to choose a release from, and after a period of a half hour or so I stumbled on Beneath The Sky. They didn't have the usual fashion of the rest of the bands on the label, which lead me to believe their sound would be somewhat different, so I figured I'd give them a chance and somehow ended up finding the band's first EP. The only way that I could think of to describe how this album feels when you listen to it as a whole is in the following manner. I ask you to do exactly as the next sentence asks before reading the rest of this review.

Read this sentence over and over again 5 or 6 times, and when you are finished you may move on.

The first time you read the sentence it probably sounded like a decent one. There are no grammatical errors, a comma is properly inserted in the middle and it promptly ends with a period. However, by the second or third time you probably got tired of reading it and also noticed its nothing special compared to the rest of the sentences in this review. This is exactly how this release feels.

Music wise it is extremely underwhelming. The guitars never break out of the chugging riffs and often follow the eact same patter throughout the entire song. The riffs are all either open palm muted power chords throughout most of the verses with one or two other chords slightly higher on the neck, or those oh so forgetable hammer-on pull-off riffs. What makes this worse is the fact that everything is slowed down to half the spead of normal metalcore riffs leaving you wondering if they are in fact the least tallented guitarists in the genre. As for the other instruments, they all suffer from the same slowed down effect. The drums would be acceptable if they where played at a normal tempo, the bass never enters the soundscape, and the keytar (yes there is one) is absolutely devoid from the album except for the final second of one song where it plays a three note synth line. Vocally the album is craptastic. The "singer" has two pitches, annoyingly screechy, and vommiting. The clean vocals are just as bad, as they either sound extremely whiny or just plain annoyingly low pitched. There is no need to worry about the lyrics attatched to the vocals, as they are completely indecipherable. The reason being the singer's screaming sounds like it is only produced from the fact that he has an incredible amount of phlegm in his throat. If you must know about the lyrical content however I'll leave this paragraph with the first line of 7861 "7861, 7861, (vomiting noise), I saw the body, hanging from the ceiling". Cheesy Death Metal lyrics at their worst.

The band also sticks to the exact same formula for each song. Intro-verse-chorus-verse-bridge-chorus-end. There is never any variation at all in any of the songs so not only do they strongly resemble each other, they end sounding exactly the same. This is why I have not and will not mention any songs.

Overall this is perhaps one of the worst, if not the actuall worst piece of metalcore crap that I have had to suffer through. I could go on for days about how musically bland and devoid of any real tallent this band really is, but I believe I'll stop here.

What I suggest you do as a listener is one of two things. If you have this album you should immediately throw it out, and if you don't then pat yourself on the back and go out and buy some real metalcore like All That Remains.

Final rating
1.5 (for sheer lack of talent in all areas and the same bland metalcore formula)

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January 8th 2007


Pretty good review.

January 8th 2007


Nice review. I like that sentence part. That was a good idea.

January 8th 2007


Safe to say I won't be getting this.

January 10th 2007


Album Rating: 3.0

Ya, I was thinking about it cause I listened to a part of a song which sounded good, because I like the screamers vocals, but maybe I should think twice

January 14th 2007


personally, i like the album. i can agree that they do have pretty basic riffs and display most of their talent through breakdowns, but lemme tell ya, their tracks make me want to crush some skulls

especially because it cost me 3 dollars with a free sticker at one of their showsThis Message Edited On 01.14.07

January 21st 2007


I think these guys added me on myspace a long time ago...can't say I remember what their music sounded like - so it can't have been that memorable.

Great review - the sentence re-reading part was a great idea.

April 24th 2007


Album Rating: 4.0

A correction: the first line of 7861 is not what was stated in the review.

It's actually this: 7861 Blackthorne. 7861 Blackthorne (with "thorne" stressed through a deep roar.)

Honestly, I would disagree with the review as a whole.

The band deserves a bit more credit. It's not vomitting the vocal is doing, he'd be at a bathroom if he had to do that. He just has a more distinct roar and scream.This Message Edited On 04.24.07This Message Edited On 04.24.07

April 24th 2007


Album Rating: 3.5

If you have this album you should immediately throw it out, and if you don't then pat yourself on the back and go out and buy some real metalcore like All That Remains.

Wow. I have The Fall of Ideals and I prefer Beneath The Sky over ATR anyday.

May 10th 2007


Album Rating: 5.0 | Sound Off

fist of all i would like to say that i love their EP album and that a lot of bands are starting to turn towards that "vomitting" sound as you call it. and i agree with redice this band deserves a lot more credit for their work. the lyrics are not cheesy if you read and comprehend the entire song. and they only repeat the 7861 and the chorus. every other band in the world repeats the chorus so idk where you were going with that. and as for the variation in songs there are a lot of beneath the sky fans and a lot of ppl who enjoy their music as it is so why switch it up if what you are doing is working for you. why risk fucking everything up? but yea sorry you hate beneath the sky cuz there's another band like them coming up hope you don't think i sound like vomit.

June 21st 2007


Album Rating: 5.0

I don't know who wrote this piece of crap but if you're going to write a review on a band or a review in general make sure you're spelling and grammar are correct. You don't switch from third person and then first. It makes it messy and some people won't understand what you mean. Not to mention you aren't writing something that needs to be switched around like that. You're eighteen right? I'm fifteen and I can write better than you. Learn how to write correctly. Secondly this has to be the most biased piece of shit ever. All That Remains? Give me a break. Beneath The Sky may not be amazing but they're way better than All That Remains. And I like All That Remains. That shit you said about the layout of the song, I don't know when the last time you heard a song was but let me key you in a well known fact. Most songs sound like this: "Intro-verse-chorus-verse-bridge-chorus-end" When you have actually researched your shit and know how to write a review, wait no, when you learn how to write period then come back and write something worth reading.This Message Edited On 06.21.07

August 12th 2007


Album Rating: 1.5

i know this response comes a little bit late, but this was definitely not biased. In case you didn't notice by the opening paragraph I was trying desperately to find something from victory records to make me change my mind about them, so I was being as unbiased as i could while listening to this. I realize that nearly all songs are based around that structure, which is why it gets boring to me. Its the lack of originality that troubles me with music. I actually have listened to this since then and I do feel that if you are in the mood to hit things then this is album is quite called for. I mentioned ATR as a comparison of musical talent. Oh and in response to the switching of narrative points of view, I don't recall ever hearing anybody say that switching from first to third or vice-versa was illegal. If people are confused by it then that isn't my concern (not to sound uncaring)

August 12th 2007


Album Rating: 1.5

Oh and (not to sound all high and mighty) but please don't attack my knowledge of music. I don't know exactly how much you have studied, but I believe I have taken enough music theory courses and the like to understand basic song structure and chord progressions.This Message Edited On 08.12.07

August 19th 2007


Album Rating: 5.0

Well I'm glad you have also taken courses in theory basic song structure and chord progression. So I have. And I'm willing to bet my musical expertise far exceeds yours. Been in school studying music specifically for the last 11 years. So don't even start with me when it comes to MY knowledge of music against yours not to sound all high and mighty. Please forgive me if I do.This Message Edited On 08.19.07This Message Edited On 08.19.07

August 19th 2007


You talk high and mighty for someone who gave such a terrible album a 5.

August 19th 2007


[quote=Ravee]not to sound all high and mighty[/quote]

That would be an understatement.

I'm not gonna lie, I used to like these guys. But for their second album, definitely not this one. But, like most metalcore bands, they slowly lost their color and wore out over time.

This album doesn't even deserve to be rated. My time would be better spent clicking The Chemical Brothers ad at the top of the page than clicking the Rate It button.

August 19th 2007


Album Rating: 5.0

Oh I am high and mighty. I have no problem admitting my superiority over other individuals. That doesn't erase the fact. That number one when it comes to music I know more than he does. I don't just sit there listening to cds and call myself an expert. No I've had to sit in music class for eleven years actually learning theory and composing. So yeah I do know more than he does. And yes I aa high and mighty. Deal with it.

August 19th 2007


I think we have ourselves a computer nerd trying to rank up some cool points to help with his self-esteem.

August 19th 2007


Album Rating: 5.0

Number one I'm a girl. Number two I'm not a computer nerd. Number three my self esteem is perfectly fine. And number four my IQ can answer for it self. So don't try insulting me you aren't even worth my time.

August 19th 2007


lol @ Ravee's satire

August 19th 2007


[quote=robin2220]I think we have ourselves a computer nerd trying to rank up some cool points to help with his self-esteem.[/quote]

Haha, I knew you would chime in with a hilarious, yet true realization at some point in time.

[quote=Ravee]And yes I aa high and mighty. Deal with it.[/quote]

And BrainDead thought I was an elitist asshole?

And next time you're writing a sentence and buttering yourself up because no one else is impressed by your self-proclaimed mastery of musical theory, make sure you spell everything right. Otherwise, you'll look like a conceited imbecile who cannot spell, rather than just a conceited imbecile.

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