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Release Date: 1995 | Tracklist

Released: September 19th, 1995

The Band:

Vocals: Brian Johnson
Lead Guitar: Angus Young
Rhythm Guitar: Malcolm Young
Bass Guitar: Cliff Williams
Drums: Phil Rudd

BallBreaker is good old fashioned AC/DC fun. Playing what they want, singing about what they want. A rockin' album that any AC/DC fan should enjoy all the way through, and if you haven't heard it yet I encourage you too.

Hard As A Rock - 5/5
Start's off with a for those about to rock vibe. A little quiet lick followed by a building bass riff and drum beat. Then the second guitar kicks in with some power chords, then it turns into a blues style guitar lick as the verse starts in with Brian's powerful screeching vocals. Then we make our way to the chorus "Im Hard As A Rock!" catchy, good old fashioned AC/DC fine. Gotta love that chorus, so easy to rock out to and sing along with like most awesome AC/DC songs. And what AC/DC song is complete without a kick *** blues-rock solo from Angus! This is one of my favourite tracks of the cd, its an awesome song to rock out to.

Cover You In Oil - 4/5
Starts off with some power chords then goes into a blues rhythm for the verse, and Brian's powerful vocals kick in singing about his sexual fantasies about some girl who likes it hard. Another pretty catchy chorus "Cover you in oil! Let me cover you in oil." Not quite as catchy as Hard As A Rock but you can still sing along. I like the solo for this song more than Hard As A Rock nice and fairly slow but still awesome sounding, then the vocals kick in again with the solo in between the singing breaks then we go to the chorus as the song nears it's end.

The Furor - 4/5
"Im your furor baby!!" Wickedly catchy chorus, as well as a catchy intro guitar riff. The song slowly builds on that riff with the rhythm guitar coming in the background then the drums and the bass join in as the intro carries on into the verse, a similar riff is played during the verse but the rhythm is more emphasized. Then we get the chorus which also has a wickedly catchy guitar riff behind it followed by a quick little solo. Great song but not 5/5 quality.

Boogie Man 4.5/5
Starts off with a quiet blues rhythm with lead rhythm fills and Brian's vocals follow not to long after "Some people say...Im only out at night, maybe those folks may have got it right." Awesome chorus, only a band as awesome as AC/DC could get away with a song called the Boogie Man.. "Im the Boogie Man!" Good song about the dirty old man that is Brian Johnson

Honey Roll 4/5
Yet another blues riff to start off the song, it goes onn for about twenty seconds then it stops, and the power chords kick in for the verse. Good song about one of the things AC/DC loves to sing about women :). I really like the guitar for the verse sounds wicked with the vocals over top of it.

Burnin' Alive 4/5
Starts off slower then most of the other songs, with a rhythm guitar riff followed by a simple drum beat then Angus joins in and we get the rythm riff mixed with a lead lick and a slightly more complicated drum beat. Then we move into the verse. Catchy guitar, not so catchy chorus. A good solo like most AC/DC songs makes this song a great one.

Hail Caeser 4/5
Starts off with a boogie man vibe pretty quiet then we go into the verse with a catchy guitar riff behind it. A generic AC/DC song... pretty catchy in the chorus.

Love Bomb 4.5/5
Starts off with a cool rythm/lead riff combination then it goes straight to the verse "Love bomb, Love bomb!" Which is song powerfully by the ever so awesome Brian. This song get's .5 cause off the great guitar start, great singing, and a catchy chorus to go with it. A wicked solo also boosts this song up .5 over the rest of them.

Caught With Your Pants Down 4/5
I dont like the way it begins it sounds weird to me. But it saves itself in the verse with an awesome set up. Guitar Riff, then vocals, and so on. Then we go to the awesome chorus "Caught with your pants down!" Gotta love these guys.

Whiskey On The Rocks 3.5/5
Not much to say about this song, its pretty much generic AC/DC..."Whiskey on the rocks.." yep.

BallBreaker 5/5
The title song, the last song, and the second song to get a 5/5 on this album. Kicks off with a quiet little riff then the verse starts in with a catchy rock riff followed by a driven bass riff and the drum beat. Then enter brian johnson, his vocals are sounding pretty sweet in this song. I love the chorus "YOU WERE RIGHT BALLBREAKER!!!" With Brian screaming hard, as he does through most of this song. One of the best solo's on this album can be heard here :thumb:

Overall: 4/5
Some good old fashioned AC/DC is what we got here, AC/DC is always influenced by the blues but this album shows it off more than some of their others. Only two of the songs on the album are killer tracks which is why it got only a 4/5. Pretty high you say...well it's AC/DC anything lower than a 4 would be an injustice. ..Be warned if you dont like the bluesy side of AC/DC stay away cause thats what this is...a big slice of AC/DC blues. [/center]

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*Beavis and Butt-head chortling intensifies*...

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Jet Black Stare
October 23rd 2004


Anyone have any comments? Good review...Good cd? Bad cd?

October 23rd 2004


Worst AC/DC album ever.


October 23rd 2004


Good review though.

October 23rd 2004


I personally have never been a fan of AC/DC, but to each their own. Good review, I like the setup.

Jet Black Stare
October 23rd 2004


To each their own indeed...Eddie Van Halen's good in my books... I'll be seeing him tuesday

From South of Heaven
October 23rd 2004


Good Review on an O.K. album
E-Wit E-Wit

January 2nd 2005


Nice review, but i think 4/5 is too hight. I love AC/DC, but this CD isn't that great, oh, and by the way, does anyone kmow what ACDC stands for?

January 26th 2005


I havnt heard every song on this album i heard about 7 songs. I'm a reli big fan of acdc and in my opinion the songs were good but not acdc best i still think hail caesar is an amazing song though.

February 22nd 2005


good review, except for one thing, the chorus in ballbreaker goes, "you are a ballbreaker"

August 16th 2005


This album is a good taste of early AC/DC so it rocks, but i would not put it in my list of top AC/DC albums it just doesn't have that drive/powerful rock N roll sound that most of their other albums have.

Good, fair review

August 26th 2005


Album Rating: 3.0

This album was a very weak attempt to reach the "Bon" material from the 70's. Apart from songs like the title track, Boogie Man, and Hard As a Rock, this album deserves a 3/5 from me.

Pretty good review though.This Message Edited On 09.06.05

September 4th 2005


Album Rating: 1.5

Good review, bad album. Dumb lyrics mostly. What does hail caeser mean? Few good riffs, not so good album. And bad name of the album.

September 14th 2005


Album Rating: 3.5

i have to agree to disagree. most songs are generic, and the best ones you only give a 4/5 to. i'm talking about hail caesar, the boogie man, cover you in oil and whiskey on the rocks (it gets a 3, 5/5?! it's the best chorus on the album!). on the other hand, there's no way the title track deserves 5/5. it's among the werakest on the album.

other than that, well written and informative review

October 12th 2005


Album Rating: 1.5

Oh by the way, ACDC means activated circiut, deactivated curciut. Uh, don't know how to spell. Young's sister saw it on a vaccum cleaner.

October 12th 2005


I heard they got it off the back of a sewing machine box.

October 12th 2005


Album Rating: 1.5

Probably no one can remember it now.

October 12th 2005


They did.

October 20th 2005


AC/DC is Alternating Current/ Direct Current, taken from the sewing machine (some claim it was a vaccuum cleaner).

And if you would listen to any Bon stuff, you would realize that Bon actually wrote some very good lyrics. It is only in more recent years that the lyrics really suffered. Don't forget that on this album, only Angus and Malcolm penned lyrics.

December 25th 2005


Album Rating: 5.0

well in my opinion i thought this was a pretty good cd with lots of hard rocking tunes on it but i guess i am kinda alone here...but i still thinks it kicks ass!!!!! :D


December 28th 2005


the furor has a good riff...not a great album though

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