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December 29th, 2006 | 3 replies

Release Date: 2002 | Tracklist

Review Summary: Rockinfunkapunkamelodiscorealternativoso. Needn't more to be said? The debut release from this mexican band excels by pounding together all the influences they could, in separate packages for more comforting listens to the public.

Watching MTV to get new bands is a pretty bad idea, especially if you have friends (or know people in say, the internet) with more refined taste in music. Nonetheless, every now and then there's a good band or two that are worth checking out. So I decided to check this band out, for the fun involved in it. Pito Pérez are a mexican band, formed by three members: Miguel Méndez (Guitar/Vox) , Abraham Bustos (Bass/Vox) and Jorge Chávez (Drums) whose discovery was as part of a contest in 2000's edition of Hard Rock Stage. They earned the recording of their debut album, and 1,000 dollars for the expenses. Not too shabby.

Their musical proposal, despite being slightly pretentious by saying their music is "rockinfunkapunkamelodiscorealternativoso ", so there's rock, funk, punk, melodic, realistic and alternative influences there. But it's a good rock album, straight ahead. I didn't really expect much from their single 5 ó 6 which has a very simple guitar riff, and somewhat dumb lyrics, but that's not the strongest track in the album. It's good, it's fun, but definitely not the best in the observation. Musically all the members of the band are quite proficient in their job. There's no abuse, of course, so that shows they are for the most part, intelligent at putting things together.

Tracks like Pito Pérez or Cuaco Paco or even 5 ó 6 have a very funky vibe to them, mostly due to the nifty instrumentation provided by Abraham and Jorge, Gandul, Intactos and Globo are all Hard Rock songs, with a very guitar-driven feeling to them. There are also the love tracks, Lupita, with a very nice solo, and Balas, all in a softer, more calm, relaxed mood, and Aerostático, a personal favorite of mine. There are the offbeat tracks like Western, with a very... well, western (duh tojes) feeling to it, and Lonche, a strangely interesting instrumental featuring some people talking at the end of the track, and the reggae-influenced Jamaica, with a very energetic chorus, in the line of the hard rock songs I mentioned earlier.

Lyrically there's nothing exceptional in here. Nonetheless, the lyrics are very fun, Cuaco Paco being about a horse. A very dumb horse, I must point out. The songs about love are cliché, but certainly need refinement at writing, at least in the lyrical aspect. Nonetheless they are not bad, though. They just need to work on them, they are quite green in there, but most musicians are bad at writing, so who knows, maybe they'll never improve. Not saying it's bad though. Just immature.

And well, what else is there to say" This album is good, considering the lack of experience of the band, but it clearly shows there's no particular driving energy to them. The eclectic and highly clashing influences this guys have clearly tell at the moment of putting things together. There's nothing with having distinct influences, but it's kind of difficult to find a good crowd that appreciates your music if you don't go on a certain line. Although there's people like Mike Patton that excel at being eclectic yet have a good crowd, so only time will tell. Nonetheless, the structures of the music are spot-on, there's no evident sign of them not knowing how to work a song, because at least it shows they work together pretty well. But it's an excellent, fun album, and the band really seems to have an interesting future:

Tojes demands you to listen to:Cuaco Paco, Pito Pérez, Globo
Tojes would be happy if you listen to:Jamaica, Balas, Aerostático
Tojes' face was like "wtflol" when he listened to the ending of:Lonche

- tojeam reviü crü

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December 29th 2006


Album Rating: 4.0

If any of you guys wants to listen to this I have a link somewhere for your convenience.

December 29th 2006


Album Rating: 4.5

Really nice review, Tojes. I love this album so much, thanks for the introduction and the link back in the day

December 30th 2006


Album Rating: 4.0

Yeah I knew only Mike would consider replying to this review and maybe that girl Montana, but otherwise I felt I had to review it, heh.

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