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December 18th, 2006 | 10 replies

Release Date: 2006 | Tracklist

Review Summary: A tremendously good album. You can really tell that thay put everything they had into making this album. Michael's vocals are so powerfull, Jeremey Scott and Jon are very talented at guitar and bass. And in my opinion Spence is one of the best drummers ou

To start, this is my first review ever so please give me your opinion.

In August of 2006, the band With Blood Comes Cleansing put out their first full-length album, "Golgotha". And to only be a 2 year old band, I have to say they are probably the best Hardcore/ Deathmetal band I have ever heard, and "Golgotha" is one of th albums that just blew me when it was only at song 5 "Take Everything"

With Blood Comes Cleansing are also a christian based band which only have songs dealing god, jesus christ, and many problems that god will take you by the hand and pull you out of darkness.

Lyrics and Vocals

Michael is a very talented vocalist. The lyrics in all of the songs have much meaning and actually make sense unlike most bands. The lyrics are very catchy
too that leave you repeating them in your head for hours like "When the darkness doesn't cease, I long to feel your peace. Your arrows falling down to pierce the demons brow. Your voice echoing loud amongst the thunderous clouds. God I need your help now." Michael's screams are very wide and powerfull. He goes from high pitch screams, to low ones, inhales, and squeels. He is one of the best vocalist I have ever heard in my life. They also use a lot of gang vocals that really bring the song up and makes you want to shout "Bring Out Your Dead!"

Guitars and Bass

Jeremy Sims and Scott Erikson play guitar for "With Blood" on Golgotha. They are very talented guitarists too. Now you won't hear any Dragonforce riffts from them but they create very catchy, fast, and difficult guitar pieces. They have a lot of deep palm mutings and pinch harmonics in their songs that don't get old because of their way in using them in different ways and at different points. Jon Stripling plays bass for "With Blood". You can't really hear him too well in most songs but when you can, he really pulls it off and doesn't just play along with the guitarists all the time.


Spence Erickson plays drums for With Blood Comes Cleansing. He is in my opinion an average drummer at some points, but then at other points plays very complicated drum parts and solo like parts at a normal part of a song. One very good thing about his drumming is that he is unpredictable and if it is your first part listening to the song you can not tell what he is going to do next.

The first song on the album is an intro that is very simple. It is just a bunch of noise and then Jeremy comes in and plays 5 notes on the guitar. Then Scott comes in and plays 5 different notes along with Jeremy. Then out of know where "Golgotha" the highlight of the album starts with a tremendous small drum solo. "Golgotha" is in my opinion the best song on the album. "Mark Your Words" starts out with Michael scream out "Destroy!" then the song comes in with palm mutes and pinch harmonics and at the end of the song has gang vocals yelling out "Destory!" over and over again until the very end. " Fearless Before Opposition" has some of the most creative lyrics on the album. Basically talking about a war between angels and demons, and god coming in too stop it all. "Take Everything" is a song about god's glory and not to ever give up on your destiney. This is the song with the best drumming on the album. "My Help" is the second best song on the album. It is about God helping the world when it needs him most. This song really shows how awsome "With Blood Comes Cleansing" is. It has much of Jeremy and Scott's best guitar riffts in it. It also one of "With Blood's" oldest song but remade for the album. Persecution is a song about searching for god. This song has a very good break down in it which comes in the middle of the song. "Bring Out Your Dead" is the song for everyone. This is where Jon can really be heard in the album. It also complete with gang vocals and the best breakdown on the whole entire cd. This is the song that makes the crowd go crazy at their shows. "Betrayed" is a very basic song about someone going completely wrong and becoming dark and evil. Betrayed has very catchy lyrics though and Michael really does a different type of scream in song where you can tell what he is saying. The song ends with a short drum rifft leading too the last song "Hypocrisy". Hypocrisy is a very good song talking about the people that don't beleive and the ones who mock god. The album ends with the best line in the whole cd. "Judas You're Weaker Than The Enemy".

Pros: Catchy lyrics, powerfull vocals, awsome guitar riffts, unpredictable drumming lines

Cons:Can't really hear the bass in most songs. If it wasn't for that I would give the album a 5.

Best songs on the album.
Take Everything
My Help

This is one of the best albums ever made. I think everyone should know about them and their passion in god.

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December 19th 2006


Album Rating: 5.0

Good Review. I really like this cd, it's one of the best I have heard in a while

January 21st 2007


From what I've heard these guys are pretty generic, check out All Shall Perish instead, they're WAY better This Message Edited On 01.20.07

March 1st 2007


I don't know why i like this album so much. every song is basically the same. half a verse, breakdown, chorus, verse, breakdown, differant breakdown, end. but yet i crave it. but michaels vocals are crazy. he is one of the best metal vocalists you will ever hear. but sadly he along with jon and spence are no longer with with blood. and im not sure if they started in auburn alabama or not but that is where they claim now. for more information on the band you can check out there myspace. http://profile.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=user.viewprofile&friendid=10378015

December 17th 2007


from what i've heard of this, it's great.

December 17th 2007


this band sucks. alot.

December 17th 2007


I want to hear this band. My friend's band is playing a show with them so I wanna check them out before I go see them

January 7th 2008


This band...is neat. Good review. Just a good solid brutal album. Even if you don't like it, I am pretty sure if you saw them live you would still have the urge to punch a child in the face.

February 15th 2010


Album Rating: 3.0

i like this A LOT more than horror

July 9th 2014


Album Rating: 3.5

I find getting into deathcore bands hard.This is one I have enjoyed along with carnifex,whitechapel,thy art is murder and rose funeral.

July 27th 2014


br00tl as fuck

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