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December 18th, 2006 | 12 replies

Release Date: 1998 | Tracklist

Review Summary: A Piece Of Americana was the 3rd EP from The Offspring as a sampler for their album Americana. It contains pretty much their most famous songs and singles of it and is a quick, good & fun listen for (pop) punk fans all around.

The Offspring - A Piece of Americana EP

Released: November 17, 1998
Recorded: 1998
Genre: Punk Rock
Length: 15:39
Label: Columbia Records
Producer: Dave Jerden

Dexter Holland - Vocals, Rhythm Guitar
Greg Kriesel - Bass, backing vocals
Noodles - Lead guitar, backing vocals
Ron Welty - Drums

A Piece Of Americana was released in 1998 as sampler EP for their upcoming album "Americana". This basic EP starts off with The Kids Aren't Alright, arguebly one of the greatest Offspring songs of all time. The main riff is very catchy and sounds heavy yet poppy. The first verses have a great feeling with Dexter's usually good vocals and great background "Whoa Oh's!". Great energy and catchiness also provides the refrain of the song which is just great to sing along with. The short and sweet guitar solos also give the song the total package making this song just a perfect rock song. The whole song just has a very rebellious sound that makes you scream along with it in an instant.

What follows is probably the commercially most succesful song they ever made which is Pretty Fly (for A White Guy). It has very strong pop influences and catchy parts which caused a huge mistrust in the whole fanbase. I remember hearing this one as my first Offspring song at the age of 11 and I totally fell in love with it. The song is pretty much the perfect pop punk song. Funny spots with background chicks yelling "Give it to me baby!" and that guy doing the trademark voices for the Offspring who gained fame doing the intermissions and stuff like that on the other albums. The song makes fun of hip hop wannabes who listen to it because it is trendy and "all the girls say I'm pretty fly - for a white guy". Just an openly mocking for the upper suburban kids who listen to rap music for this reason. The musicvideo is still pretty damn funny to me, just an awesome all around idea.

She's Got Issues starts off rather calm with some really cool electric guitars in the background which come later into play again hyping the second bridge. The song is pretty basic, follows the normal pop punk song formula providing some good and catchy fun. My favorite part has to be the "I don't know why you're messed up.." verses where Dexter sings in full harmory with the band doing background "Whooos". Very catchy to say the least. The song is also very amusing providing some highly entertaining lines:

Now she talks about her ex nonstop, but I don't mind
But when she calls out his name in bed
That's where I draw the line
You told me a hundred times how your father left and he's gone
But I wish you wouldn't call me daddy
When we're gettin' it on

Why Don't You Get A Job, originally released as the second single, has extremely high ska influences with trumpets playing everywhere. The refrain here is absolutely fun, reminding obvious strongly of a Beatles classic (intentionally") and providing great sing along qualities. The lyrics are again simple but very fun in execution in the end.

she sits on her ass he works his hands to the bone
to give her money every payday
but she wants more dinero just to stay at home
well my friend you gotta say
I won't pay I won't pay ya no waaay
why don't you get a job

It's in my opinion the Offspring song with the highest Ska sounds and influences and one of the more calmer ones.

The closing song Feelings is a pretty much a highly entertaining and rocking parody of "Feelings" by Morris Albert, an absolute awful song by the way. They changed the awfully cheesy original lines into a more aggresive version of their own and the opening guitars of the song already gives it a fast feel and first look into the song which becomes a short little anthem. Basic, short song.

+ Extremely catchy songs to sing along with
+ Very amusing lyrics
+ Great musicianship
+ Very poppy

- Might be too poppy for older Offpspring fans (Self-Titled, Ignition, Smash etc.)

Short and sweet EP with their first singles and parody of Feelings. It was a good first sample for their upcoming album then, provided many entertaining lyrics and catchy songs which was pretty much what the end album turned out to be. A good, catchy and friendlier version of the Offspring. Nothing too wrong with that in my opinion.

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December 18th 2006


yeah im not a big americana/conspiracy fan but great review.

December 18th 2006


i really like the ignition/smash era of the offspring.... the more modern stuff is good but it just doesn't have the 'kick' like the older stuff did

December 18th 2006


Fine review. I assume these sound the same as they are on the album

December 18th 2006


I agree with you in most spots.

There's a few minor spelling mistakes and lots of trumpets does not = ska influences. But other than that, I'd agree.
I like all of the other songs on the album more than these ones though.

December 20th 2006


The Kids Aren't Alright is their best song by a mile. I used to dig them a lot.

December 21st 2006


Album Rating: 5.0

OMG! offsprings are just awsome!!


December 21st 2006


Oh man I go way back with this album. I remember rockin out to Why Don't You Get A Job with friends during the last day of 6th grade. Damn! Nice review and congrats on the feature.

July 13th 2007


is there a point in this ep at all?

July 13th 2007


Album Rating: 2.5

"The Kids Aren't Alright is their best song by a mile. I used to dig them a lot."

Wow, sooo far off...

September 13th 2011


i think this was the 3rd cd i ever bought

September 13th 2011


The Kids Aren't Alright rools

Staff Reviewer
September 13th 2011


Album Rating: 5.0

still love all these songs

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