The Sleeping
Believe What We Tell You



by Understanding In a Crash USER (60 Reviews)
December 8th, 2006 | 11 replies

Release Date: 2004 | Tracklist

Review Summary: A debut album from a now growing popular band that many people of different genres should give a shot.

The Sleeping is during "Believe What We Tell You"
Cameron Keym - Guitars, Keyboard
Salvatore Mignano - Bass
Douglas Robinson - Vocals
Joseph Zizzo - Drums, percussion

Original Release Date: July 13, 2004
Produced by Michael Birnbaum & Chris Bittner

Not Sleeping
I know how this scene works and it feels like being from STRONG ISLAND gives you a free ticket to stardom, or atleast being a popular band to "cool" kids. I truly believe that some bands take the strong music scene here for granted and others really pay their dues. Just as it looked like all hope was lost and every band was becoming faded carbon copies of one another, Long Island‘s latest export The Sleeping comes along to shake things up and insert sincerity and originality back into underground rock. These four dudes are literally only 3 towns over from me and everytime they come back home they always seem so happy to be where they are. The Sleeping formed in/around Long Island, NY in 2003, with founding members Salvatore Mignano (bass) and Cameron Keym (guitar) wanting to try something new and different from their days in the band SkyCameFalling. This band is an interesting hybrid of combining alot of different sounds together. Some bands fail at this to fit for a marketing campaign, and other bands just know how to mix and match. The Sleeping finds itself in a pop-punk spectrum with alot of post-hardcore qualities but it doesn't defeat some modern day indie and post-rock feelings through there music. I often regard there first album "Believe What We Tell You" a good mold of music before they really got out there...

The Album
The album is very concentrated on friends, ex's, touring, and the everyday struggles of many in an age range. The album starts off with "Sunday Matinee (Reel to Reel)" which introduces with a very distinct pop-punk guitar sound. As the vocals fill in the listener is swelling around Douglas Robinsons sincere singing ability. By the prechorus the other spectrum of what feels like frustrated screams are displayed. The bass is present filling the low end voids and the guitar is often swirling around you racing up the fretboard. The title track "Believe What We Tell You" takes a more mainstream approach to the sound but still doesn't disappoint. The lyrics seem to tell the story of someone reading through old nostalgia like journalism. "Stories and pages blended in your bookmarks of memories and cover-ups condense us until we burn away." The guitar still holds its hard edged pop-punk sound and the drums crash and roll during the chorus. The song by the 2 and a half minute mark slows down dramatically and turns into almost a cafe lounge band with slow grooving bass and percussion. On going with the outro the music begins to speed up and the vocals even have a solo along with the drummer. The transition is beautiful, melodic, and most importantly different. It doesn't leave the listener in the dust but gives him a good diversity of sounds. "Funus-Eris" has lyrics that could be related in many different ways. As much as I believe it is about a kid who's having personal dilemmas, it could be related to touring as well. The guitar really sounds out in a song like this because the song wasn't like the previous and really has an Incubus - "Make Yourself" feeling to it. I love the atmosphere the bass and guitar intertwining create and the drums/percussion fills such a valuable void. Into the first minute of the song the guitar really takes you off on a gritty dual humbucking clean tone while the vocals create a picture for the listener.

The Big Breakdown Day songs at the 5th and 6th slot of the album are enough of a reason to buy the album. I mean if you like these songs you'll probably like alot of the other songs on this album but these songs truly stand apart from the rest of the game. "Day 1" starts off with a drum count and the guitar immediately swells in. The lyrics in this song are catchy, sincere, and thoughtful. The chorus riff on the guitar is a great hook with it's frentic palm mute to swelling notes. Then by the interlude is where the guitar goes out there and really shines. The song itself just grows in intensity and really makes you want to move around. When it reaches its climax... it slows down and the bass grooves right behind the same riffs from the beginning with different variations and a more jazzy feeling to it. "Day 2" really puts itself from the others and makes the band feel mature about its sound. "Day 1" blends right into "Day 2" and it's easy to confuse it as the same song but "Day 2" does indeed feel like an after thought from the story that "Day 1" creates. The music is once again a growing sensation until it reaches an almost orgasm with the lyrics put in such a desperate voice: "I am not okay".

It's a hard act to follow but "If Your Heart Was Broken..." fails to follow. Okay, well it doesn't fail completely but it's kind of a let down. I'm all for experimenting your sound but here it was almost at the sake of annoyance. The song starts off with what seems like a "party" somewhere with alot of chatter and gibber but the talking is so loud and obnoxious it really takes away from the musicianship taking place. Then a group of girls repeats the title of the song over and over until it's just plain rediculous. Then the lead vocalist falls in with them, and the music really turns into an almost metalcore like song. The lead singers scream is alot better but once again it feels secondary to the choir girls... The song just had so much potential...

"One Flight One Flame" puts the band back in the same way it was with tracks 2, 3, 4, a pop-punk type. The song follows all of the rules that go with the genre and the vocals do its soft;loud contrast within verses to choruses. The song is allright but it doesn't exactly stand up and out. "Broadcast Silence" I liked alot better with it's post rock feeling to it. I really enjoyed the guitar work throughout the whole song but the chorus is so cheesy to this song and I just wish I could skip over it each time. "Detonation: Paradise" has a faster and heavier pace set to it. This is a much better attempt to the whole hardcore thing then "If Your Heart Was Broken" and maybe that's just because it isn't the same line repeated over and over. In all seriousness the song isn't really that hardcore but has some qualities to it and stands out from the other songs in diversity. "15 on the Freeway" goes back to the whole pop-punk spectrum feeling with strumming octave chords and soothing verses. By this point the bands musicianship has to atleast catch your ear a tad. "Fleet" is a nice bow out, with alot of the other songs within it. The song starts off at a fast pace and really would sound good in a live environment.

Song Layout
1. Tune In - Filler
2. Sunday Matinee (Reel to Reel) - 8/10
3. Believe What We Tell You - 9/10
4. Funus-Eris - 9/10
5. Big Breakdown-Day 1 - 10/10
6. Big Breakdown-Day 2 - 10/10
7. If Your Heart Was Broken...You Would Be Dead - 6/10
8. One Flight One Flame - 7/10
9. Broadcast Silence - 8/10
10. Detonation: Paradise - 8/10
11. 15 on the Freeway - 8/10
12. Fleet - 9/10
13. Tune Out - Filler

+ Great Vocal Work
+ Different and Intriguing Musicianship
+ Diverse

- The album after the breakdown days kind of veers off...
- Lyrics could be corny
- Some elements in the music could feel out of place

Much sounds like Hopesfall - A Types, and other songs could sound like The Movielife (RIP) and others fall in with Emery. It's pretty diverse and a catchy debut for a band...

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December 9th 2006


Album Rating: 3.5

Much sounds like Hopesfall - A Types


Then I must get my hands on this soon.

Good review.

Electric City
December 9th 2006


I really can't stand the vocalist's voice, it's just so terrible, from what I've heard.

December 9th 2006


Ive heard a few songs from this band and they were good.
I might check this out sometime.

Understanding In a Crash
December 9th 2006


Album Rating: 4.0

The vocalist has a pretty distinct lisp and almost sounds like hes frustrated or worried alot of the time. There are times where it can be annoying too in my opinion.

April 12th 2007


Album Rating: 3.5

this album is ok, i cant listen to it for a long time though, cause some of the songs aren't catchy. I like catchy.

January 11th 2009


Album Rating: 3.0

I'm listening to this album right now, as i've had it on my playlist and haven't given it a chance.

it's very meh IMO. Sounds a little timid to me at times, like someone always sounds like they don't know what to add to the song. Vocals sounds the same and fail draw me in. At least the instrumentation sounds tight from time to time. Very inconsistent. But i'm only halfway through it.

Much sounds like Hopesfall - A Types

kinda agree even though i didn't like a types, but i feel hopesfall pulled off their sounds a bit better as they had a bit more memorable of hooks. Right now the only things that stick out from listening would the cheesy lines from Big Day Breakdown.

Even though i think it's meh, i can still see why people like the band. I haven't listen to their other album, and i feel there's room for growth here.

September 19th 2010


Album Rating: 2.5

'Believe What We Tell You' is an ambitious debut LP, but The Sleeping has bitten off more than they can chew at this stage of their career. It is a diverse batch of songs & there are flashes of brilliance that display the NY quintet's potential. However, it hardly ever comes together as a whole, making for an inconsistent listen with tonnes of filler. Not helping matters is the album's lack of hooks during the overlong 62 minute duration... It's very easy to lose concentration over the final 5 tracks (which take up 35 mins). Recommended Tracks: One Flight One Flame, Believe What We Tell You & The Big Breakdown Day 1.

October 10th 2012


Album Rating: 4.0

guitar work is reminiscent of Night Verses

or more like the opposite

December 29th 2012


if your heart was broken what would happen?

June 25th 2015


I still really enjoy this, though I've always felt like they were way too ambitious here. A lot of the songs lack direction and the muddy mix doesn't help. Doug however remains one of my favourite vocalists. His voice, be it clean or screamed, is full of emotion and extremely convincing. Also, I can't believe this has only one review and so little comments.

April 19th 2016


The Big Breakdown Day 2 is still a fucking phenomenal song

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