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Between Order And Model EP



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December 8th, 2006 | 12 replies

Release Date: 2002 | Tracklist

Review Summary: Overall, this is a very strong debut for the band, but not perhaps as strong as its follow up, Four Ways To Scream Your Name. 2 great songs, one pretty damn good song, and one disapointingly poor song make it a positive, but not essential addition to your

This was one of, if not the first, recordings that Funeral For A Friend released. It's quite rare nowadays, but you can get it from shops like HMV and Virgin in England, or if you look on Ebay.

Anyways, I'll get on with the review.

The first track, 10.45 Amsterdam Conversations, starts well with a cool strummed guitar part, before bursting into the traditional twin guitar riffs of the band. Unlike the bands' later work, this song has good portion of screaming from Darren, with him filling the verses. When it comes in, Matt's voice sounds very different here, and you can tell it's an early recording. The song itself is still very good though, with some cool riffs, and a nice lead into the chorus, which is catchy without being poppy, backed by a bouncy guitar line. The second verse is just a repeat of the first, before heading back into the chorus and then into the bridge. Matt sings very well here, and Darren's presence is very noticable compared to later songs, which is a plus if you liked FFAF's heavy side. The song ends with quite a random but cool high pitched riff.


Up next is Juno, which you will probably know as Juneau from Casually Dressed, but this song is a very different animal. The prodcution on this song is much more raw then its later incarnation, a plus in my opinon. Also noticable is the presence of Darren's screaming, which was removed from the album recording, but works very well here. As a song, it has a really cool stop start rythm, and goes against the normal verse/chorus structure which is refreshing. There's some nice guitar work, but Darren's screaming does sound very forced and strained at part. The end, which increases the tempo, gives it a nice lift.


Red Is The New Black is another song you might know from Casually Dressed. I wasn't a fan when I first heard it on that album, and this earlier version isn't much better- in fact it's rawer production makes it sound amateurish. It starts with a fairly boring guitar riff and Matt singing over the top, and like Juno, Darren's screaming seems undeveloped, being forced and strained. The chorus is uplifting, but this song just never did much for me to begin with.


The Art Of American Football starts with one of FFAF's most metal riffs, and some nice percussion from Darren building up the intro. This is a distinctly heavier song, with a blast beat, and shouting vocals from both singers. Matt sings some nice melodies over the top, but the '*** them, *** us' line sounds amusing now we all now that Matt Davies is in no way a rebel. The song is one of the few FFAF tracks that has a solo, but it's nothing that special. A cool song, but not classic.


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December 8th 2006


Album Rating: 4.0

There, edited.This Message Edited On 12.13.06

December 8th 2006


I think I'm going to get this soon. I like this version of Juno waay more.

December 8th 2006


Good review, but Ryan is FFAF's drummer/screamer. I haven't heard any of their stuff before 7 ways, maybe I'll take a look sometime.

December 8th 2006


I put that Kris was the drummer and screamer, but it's Darren. My bad. I'd edit it if I knew how...

Click on "My Profile" at the top of the page, and on the left toolbar of your profile there's an "Edit Reviews" link, so click on that, and you'll see a list of your reviews, and you can edit it there.

December 9th 2006


Red Is The New Black is one of the best FFAF songs ever, even in this rawer version.

December 13th 2006


Album Rating: 4.0

Well, reviews are opinion, and in my opinion I think it's a weak song. But your welcome to yours of course

May 24th 2007



I also think Juno is amazing. I think it's their best song ever, off any album or EP.

Red Is The New Black is an aquired taste. When I first heard it, I disliked it. Now, I really enjoy it.

May 25th 2007


all the songs on this EP are amazingThis Message Edited On 05.25.07

August 6th 2007


Album Rating: 4.0

Actually, I do believe Ryan is the drummer and screamer and Darran is the rhythm guitarist.

Digging: Barrows - Imprecari Island

November 2nd 2007


The only negative point I would have about this review is that you claim The Art Of American Football has a blast beat. Fast drums are not the definition of blast beats, and it annoys me much in the same way as when most of the general republic refers to any music with screaming in as "screamo." Other than that, decent review.

Oh yeah, and Ryan is the drummer/screamer not Darren.This Message Edited On 11.02.07

January 1st 2009


Album Rating: 4.0

I truly bum this EP. I wish they'd just kept producing songs with this mindframe instead of the shit they did after Casually Dressed.

September 24th 2009


Ryan is the screamer. It's kinda funny to watch him with the headset sometimes when they play live.
Btw in the tracklisting, *Juneau
not Juni

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