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Release Date: 1993 | Tracklist

This is the first greatest hits album from the German punk-metal band Die Toten Hosen, formed in the early 80's in Düsseldorf, the CD consists of 20 tracks so I will give an overall review and a more detailed review of the highlight tracks.

As the first sentence suggests, the CD contains all the band's biggest successes up to but not including the "Learning English - Lesson 1" album around 1991, such as Hier Kommt Alex, Wünsch DIR Was, 1000 gute Grunde, Eisgekühlter Bommerlunder and more.

On to the review itself


The album varies from song to song whilst still staying mainly within the punk-metal, the major alterations being the occasional pop-punk ballad such as "Alles aus Liebe" and is about 65 minutes long in total, Campino's trademark vocals are good throughout, notable performances being on "Hier Kommt Alex", "Wünsch DIR Was" and "Alles aus Liebe". The lyrics are well written and meaningful throughout, with a punk attitude throughout.

Standout Tracks

Hier Kommt Alex

First song on the CD and probably my favourite, 30 seconds of classical intro are ended with a scream and into the verse with a finger picked melody backing them well, before the other guitars play a palm-muted rythym before the chorus kicks in echoing all the way, this song is rather catchy and the way the choruses are delivered by Campino is almost brutal, somewhere between singing and shouting. 5/5

Alles wird gut

This song has 80's hair metal written all over it, the intro, the slight echoing throughout the verses, and the way the backing vocals go really high after a while top it all off. Another catchy song delivered aggressively by the ever-impressive lead singer. 4.5/5

Wünsch DIR Was

One of the band's most famous songs, begun by a choir of children singing the refrain, before punk style guitars and fast spoken vocals kick in. Another great refrain tops the song off giving my second favourite song on the album 5/5


Fast punky style of song, even faster played live, palm-muted rythym, great refrain "Hey, heute ist unser Tag, Alles, zum Liebesspieler" Another great song if a little short. 4/5

Eisgekühlter Bommerlunder

This song is the same three or four line refrain repeated over and over but getting faster each and every time. 3.5/5


This song is another fast one with a catchy refrain, and a small solo thrown in for good measure! Well worth a listen if the style of music is to your taste 4.5/5


If you like Die Toten Hosen then this is the CD for you, other hits not reviewed extensively are: "Opelgang", "All die ganzen Jahren", "Bis zum Bittern Ende", "Alles aus Liebe" and "Sascha...ein aufrechter Deutscher". Overall I give this 4/5 - 5/5 if you are a Hosen fan and 3/5 if you aren't.

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August 16th 2004


i thought they were called die toten hoden? :confused:

August 16th 2004


[QUOTE=MortalRemains]i thought they were called die toten hoden? :confused:[/QUOTE]

No, they're definitely Die Toten Hosen, but anyway thanx for looking at the review :thumb:

October 10th 2004


[QUOTE=MortalRemains]i thought they were called die toten hoden? :confused:[/QUOTE]

lol, die toten Hoden would mean "the dead testicles"

October 13th 2004


[QUOTE=tapioca]lol, die toten Hoden would mean "the dead testicles"[/QUOTE]

Hmmm! Just a slight difference of meaning!

July 6th 2005


Greatest cover ever.

July 13th 2005


Die Toten Hosen are awesome and I think you did an excellent review, Hier Kommt Alex is among my favourite songs and I'm glad you gave it 5/5.

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