Down In Albion



by Jmac87 USER (2 Reviews)
November 21st, 2006 | 8 replies

Release Date: 2005 | Tracklist

Review Summary: A very messy sounding album, but worth listening to.

When Pete Doherty was kicked out of The Libertines, he created Babyshambles. These guys are pretty popular in the U.K., but myself being from Canada have never heard of them. It was by chance that I can across them and now I love them. Their sound is so messy, yet acoustic, yet at the same time still has the punk elements from the Libertines. I encourage anyone to go buy or listen to the album, if you dont like it then i guess its not for you. But give it a chance...
First off i find it near impossible to rate a song or an album because a song might mean something to one person but nothing to the other. myself i find i cant listen to some songs when im in a certain mood, but cant get enough of the same song when im in a different mood. but anyway, here goes nothing, remember my rating might mean nothing to some ppl.

La Belle Et La Bete:
This song was accually written by Pete AND Irina Lazareanu (a rising supermodel and musical artist currently working with Sean Lennon). Kate Moss helps with vocals too. First song I heard from them and its definitely a different sound from the rest of the album, almost has a jazz feeling.. but it doesnt at the same time. What I like the best is the lyrics. it shows just how good they are with poetry. Plus its got a good flowing bass line. 8/10

*** Forever
Great song, sounds like something the libertines would write. Very disorganized, yet it fits it perfectly. Love it and im sure you will too. 10/10


32nd Of December
Great song, got a softer side to it and very catchy. 8/10

"Oh Paddy put the pipe down", that line was stuck in my head for hours when I heard it. Great catchy song to listen to. This is the type of song that will get people asking more about Babyshambles. The verse, chorus goes together well and the guitar hooks tie it all very well. 9/10

Sticks And Stone
Softer more acoustic song with what seems to be a trumpet in the background. Reminds me of a song youd expect to hear in a small lounge at night. The chorus and lyrics are what stand out the most. verses are just Pete wailing out sometimes to the point were you cant hear what hes saying. but once again thats the messiness what we all love so much. 7.5/10

Punk-ish song, i think it was a single. Defenitly worth hearing but might take a few listens before you get the hang of it. 8.5/10

8 Dead Boys
Meeeesssssy, but sounds good. Once again with the british punk sound, seems like something the Clash would make. Not a highlight at first, but the more you hear it, the more it grows on you till its one of your favorite. 8/10

In Love With A Feeling
This song is ok. In my opinion one of the lesser songs, but if you like what youve heard so far, why not listen to it. Not saying its not good, cuz it is, just saying its not one of the best by far. 7/10

This song is about the time Pete spent in jail. Someone else is singing, i think its the guy with the dreadlocks we always see with Pete. Cool song, but i cant understand what hes saying. 6.5/10

What Katie Did Next
Nice lyrics. Has a smooth feeling to it, a type of... i dont know verse, then into a pop sounding chorus. Worth listening to until you like it lol. 7.5/10

Probably the best acoustic song on the record. Great all the way through. 9/10

Back From The Dead
After the slow Albion, Back From The Dead comes a wakes us up in a good way. a much faster tempo, not a song you will likely skip. 9/10

Loyalty Song
One of the best tracks on the album. probably would be the best if it wasnt for *** Forever. Ill give you a warning tho, this song will stay stuck in your head. 9.5/10

Up In The Morning
Aaaaaawsome song. Ive never heard anything like it. you cant real hear anything except background noises and a guitar then it plays a D major.. then a D minor and its just.... just listen to it. My personal favorite song right now. 10/10

Merry Go Round
Good way to end an album. has the same feel with an acoustic guitar. A bit slow, but its all good. 8.5/10

Great album, i love these guys now and i want them to come down to North America (Canada mainly) for a show, ill go to a different city if i have to just to see them. cant wait till they release new material (should be december 15 in canada). Pete Dohery has lived an interesting career so far and i hope he'll have a long one to come. Watch the documentary: Who the F*ck is Pete Doherty. it should be on

Great tracks:
Belle Et La Bete
*** Forever
Up In the morning

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November 22nd 2006


Pete definately has problems - I prefer the other splinter band (of the libertines) - Dirty Pretty Things. However, I have not listened to this entire album, only the singles. You make it sound like an album I'd enjoy. Some may criticise your grammar and the writing style is a little awkward, but I liked your enthuisasm! Nice work.This Message Edited On 11.22.06

November 26th 2006


Album Rating: 4.0

ya, alot of people would have a hard time getting used to this sound, especially if your from north america because its a different music scene. But if you like any one of the singles, then pick up the album cause youll be sure to like the whole thing.

January 5th 2007


Uhmm yeah, he should have tried finishing (and I mean REALLY finishing) this album instead of trying hard to get into every tabloid there is.

December 3rd 2007


Album Rating: 4.5

yeah, im sure he wants to plastered on every stupid celeb mag out there. his lyrics/guitar writing is amazing and i doubt he just shoots dope and smokes crack purely for everyones entertainment.

November 13th 2009


Album Rating: 4.0

MASSIVELY underrated album, like actually, I didnt think too much off it at the start as I wasnt expecting much due to mediocre reviews but this has to be one of the most underappreciated albums of recent times.

June 6th 2010


I don't have this but how can you give a song like 'fuck forever' a 10?

January 7th 2015


Band is shite

August 28th 2019


Album Rating: 3.0

Fuck Forever is such a tune!!

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