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November 21st, 2006 | 2 replies

Release Date: 2006 | Tracklist

Review Summary: Though Kid Rock really shouldn't rap as much as he does or talk about himself as much has he does it all makes up his character and this live album shows that he actually can sing quite well and really work a crowd.

LIVE TRUCKER sees the joining of Kid Rock (possibly the world cockiest man) and the Twisted Brown Trucker Band. Though not released until 2006, the album must have been recorded prior to Joe C’s, Rock’s fellow rapper and friend, death in the year 2000. As far as live albums go it is fairly good and Kid Rock does get the crowd going.

SON OF DETROIT, the opening song on this live album begins with the crowd cheering Kid Rock on and long introduction from a fellow band member. The song has a bluesy/rock feel to it with some good guitar work and with the absence of Rock’s repetitive rapping he actually sings reasonably well. With its rock n roll feel it’s an effective opening track. 4/5.

BAWITDABA, this is probably Rock’s heaviest song on the album. The opening works well, but is let down when Rock begins rapping. However, the chorus redeems the song (until he starts rapping again). Kenny Olsen, Kid’s lead guitarist, continues to play pretty well with some nifty soloing. Ultimately this song does not work as well live as in the studio. 2/5.

COWBOY (Intro), an addition to Kid Rock’s possibly most famous song, fairly dull piano work, but never the less represents an opportunity for Rock to insult Britney Spears, Madonna, Clay Akin and Radiohead as well as his critics. 3/5.

COWBOY, opening with that unmistakably riff this song seems to have been successfully transferred from the studio to the stage. His rapping again is, rubbish, but it’s all part of his style so we can almost forgive him. In the chorus, however, he is out sung by the backing singers. The song’s bridge picks up the tempo and reminds the world of Kid’s words of wisdom…(suck it). 4/5.

DEVIL WITHOUT A CAUSE, again the song begins well with more guitar work and backing vocals but is let down by Rock’s poor rapping (not a good idea unless your name is Eminem). The chorus as well shows just how cocky Rock really is….I’m going platinum, nine times platinum. The song just shoots downhill: boring guitar work, a really annoying sound comes in half way through the second verse. Then Joe C comes in. Let’s face it, he is almost worse than Kid Rock at rapping, but you’ve got to love the guy. 2/5

SOMEONES GOTTA FEEL THIS / FIST OF RAGE, another slightly rockier track, but not really worth listening to. Bad through and through. 1/5

PICTURE, a real country style song containing another friend of Rock, Gretchen Wilson. Though the guitar chords are pretty basic Rock actually shows he can sing when he puts his mind to. The lyrics aren’t really that special but it is a nice track and Wilson makes fulfils the role normally filled by Cheryl Crow very well. Another solo from Kenny Olsen is unremarkable but fits in with the song nicely. 3/5

AMERICAN BAD ASS, cocky, repetitive lyrics, another one not to listen to. 1/5

ROCK ‘N’ ROLL PAIN TRAIN, this song begins with a good country feel. Kid actually tries singing again. He’s still just as cocky but he pulls of a half-good country song. 3/5

EARLY MORNIN’ STONED PIMP, opening with Kid singing in the upper register quite well and at least in this song his lyrics are unique as he tends to reuse between songs. It’s a very chilled song with a rocky chorus with some good guitar work. At 7 minutes this song is longest on the album, so it does go on a bit. Joe C makes his second appearance on the album using pretty similar lyrics as he did on Devil Without A Cause. 3/5

MOTHERF**KER QUIET LIKE ME, this song opens with Bawitdaba (just to get us interested. The lyrics are cocky as usual but the song isn’t too bad as Kid does rap to much, more guitar work from Olsen. I dislike the pointless swearing in the chorus as it’s the only time he does in the whole song. Interestingly the song contains a tribute to Lynyrd Skynyrd, which Kid actually pulls off. 3/5

COCKY, this song shows Rock at the pinnacle of his self indulgence. For once his rapping actually improves the song and the lyrics are more original than in other songs. Again Rock can’t resist the temptation to make fun of the Lakers getting beaten by the Pistons. All in all this song holds together well and the band performs well even though it’s not that special. 3/5

ONLY GOD KNOWS WHY, another good slightly softer song. Cocky as ever Rock still manages to work the crowd and sings well. Cheesy can’t buy love lyrics are actually follows by a simple but effective guitar solo. It would make a perfect end to the album…

But then OUTSTANDING comes on. Its random, pointless and if it was his encore I wouldn’t even stay for it. It just ruins the end of the album. Even though Rock does sing well, it should be sung by Bob Marley and is certainly not his genre. 1/5

The Good,
• Rock can actually sing when he puts his mind to it
• As far as live albums go it’s good.
• Cocky as hell, but it’s his style.

The Bad,
• He should really learn to rap properly
• Get over himself for just one song (if that’s possible)
• Album ruined by the final track.

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November 21st 2006


Album Rating: 4.0

yo, this is my first review so any comments would be helpful. Plus i'm a big kid rock fan but i tried to be as unbiased as possible.

November 21st 2006


Why did you give this a three there and a four in your user rating? I was under the impression a best album ever would have to be classic.

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