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50 digz 4 sadness #softbitchvibes
fillin the void My Favorite Albums
Snippet of 2017 Babies Sup sput
What is your AOTY so far? 2 years of sputnik; abe's Top 100 album
Podcast reviews junior year jams
Doof's Top 100 Albums: Update 2 2017 3/4 The Good, The Bad, The Rad
In bed staring at the ceiling recs All the 2017 albums I've listened to so far
Woe is me my 20 favorite songs
Mixta_e mayh#m HELP 2k17 4 tyler period (so far)
gaze:dream:bliss Seven Year Sputversary
Jas' OBTUSELY modest 2017 basetouch Favorite Albums of the Year So Far
Rec me anything REC ME CLASSICS
2017: Year of the Comeback Album? Talons' 5 Year Sputversary
Favourite albums A Year Abroad
Always Thinkin Bout Boys Rec Boney Shoegaze
subpar albums 17 THE '67-'17 LIST YOU'VE BEEN WAITING FOR
Sputnik Birthdays Album of the Year 66'-16'
Top 100 Favourite Albums (Age 17) My Top 70 Post-rock Tracks
music for cold, dark rainy days? Top 200 Favourite Songs (100-1) (Age 17)
10k Boney Comments! Dig scrapPIT//Orphan Black s05
Late '80s to 1990s British stuff worth savin' Who I'd Like To See Live
halfperus 2017 2017 Half-time with Daddy
2017.5: you know the drill AOTY Contenders
under/RATED songs that you arseholes don't mention my top mind expanding songs
Ashcrash's Half-Bash (2017) 2017 Chart
Best albums of 2017 so far Got a 1 year scholarship to Japan
Top 10 Albums of Mid Year 2017 2007 vs. 2017
Another 'Halfway-Through '17 Best of' List 2017 so far
top 101 as of today Rating=year (2k milestone)
Pohoda 2017 Dope Ass Vinyl Pickups
Tentative BEST OF 2017 May 2017 resumé
Album Of The Year So Far For You? Can Anyone Help My Band Fill In These Tour Dates
2017 Part 2 rec me one of your 5s
2017 is [going to be] interesting (700 ratings) Been out of Sputnik for almost a year
"shit its 2015-2017 better make my album art b&w" The Modern World Is The Punishment
90's Alternative Rock Snapril -17
Playlists Generic Digs: Good Beer
listen to these 73 albums An Anticlimactic First Sputversary / 1000 Ratings
You're fabulous!!! Boney's Anticipated Albums 2017
rate my 5s kiddos music that sounds like dreaming
purple help! need 3.5 90's shit plz rec
bach's favorite albums 2017 BOOLIN edition Recent Repeats (Songs)
Rec me quiet music Rec Me Music to Gaze at my Shoes to
slept zero for two months Boreal
More snow this morning I'm making an ethnography essay about sputnikmusic
Overlooked Top 100 of the 90s Good books?
1977-2016: AOTY compendium Favorite Female Singers
Serpent Bite's Music and Sanity
200 Greatest Albums of the 1990's (100-1) Doof3000Ratings (10,000 comments) Worship Me
Pencil's Week 16 NFL Pick 'Ems Doof Predictions 2017
In celebration a name change Pencil's Week 14 Pick 'Ems
Things to Look Forward to in 2017 The Goats!
2000 / 100 So I finished a song
Dylan's To-Check List: Part II 77vs91 GRAND FINAL
sput talk list (or pseudo beef list for manchildren?) Favourite EP's
dope albums For my bois, ASepiaReproduction and YeezyStardust
Timeless Songs (to me) Drinking Songs
new album by me hello My favourite albums (in no particular order)
August Jams: Week II and III Ep's worth checking out
rec me stuff to listen to when im stoned Late Night Listening
My Intro to Shoegaze Keurig Machines Are Love, Light and Happiness
Favourite LP's Part 1 Cute artists for if you're feeling down
Cool/Badass/Favorite Band Names Top 100 Favourite Albums (Age 16)
Top 100 Favourite Songs (Age 16) Sputnicholas' INDISPUTABLE fav Underdog band RND 3
July Jams: Week II Sputnik's INDISPUTABLE Underdog Fav Band TOURNEY
My Band's First Single! AOTY 1990-2016
ya1k June Jams: Final Week
Top 10 Greatest Albums All-time rec bubs some shoegaze?
Great albums that I discovered here MyNameIsBirthday
Overwatch characters ranked iPod classic help?
May Jams: Week III Who Does Yoga Here?
My Standbys April Jams: Week II
good REUNIONs for sure favorite rainy day albums
albums preventing me from entering the void Shoegazeeeee
ryus's recent listens January Jams: Final Week
Definitive 90's Albums new album by yak/single soul is out
January Jams: Week I Current top fifty favorite albums 1/8/16
NFL Playoff Predictions! Brace Yourselves!
Favorite EPs happy birthday me
"Beautiful" Songs British music festivals?
Jasdevi's top 150 favourite albums: Part 2 100-51 1,000 mothafking ratings
My Summer Is So Boring albums that my stereo wants
100 Favourite Albums dogs
Had an epiphany pop
I have Lymphoma I accidently spo0ked Angelboros
sputnik votes: best music genre || results Most Wanted Upcoming/Unreleased Albums
Shoegaze dreampop stuff Best Albums According to RYM Friends
these are my favorite albums Rock And It's MANY Subgenres Part 1
Recs similar to The last 90 something albums I listened to
Potsy: '92 til Infinity Part II Rec Me Haze
Alter Ego 3 years on sput
Favourite Albums Year by Year Top 100 Albums That I like More Than Other Albums
Fifthy Album Covers I Like Fix Your Life
Rec me ambient/dream pop/drone EPs Top 50 Albums Of 1995
Top 50 Albums Of 1993 Top 50 Albums Of 1991
Top 50 Albums Of 1990 The best of Dream pop/Shoegaze
20 Favourite EPs Recent Digs, Could Use Recs!
Hogan's Favorite Anime The Best Of 1993
Ambience Create List. Press Play
Ten Best From 2014
Klap 4 Shows 2014 Thanks For Asking
71 Best Albums Of The 90s Mbv Vs. Slowdive
Added 50 Words To My Phone Dictionary Moved To Canada
My Vinyl Collection Favourite EPs
Shoegaze Recs Needed Cowboys
Some Post-Rock 90's Indie Rock/lo-fi/punk/whatever
Soothing More Badass Albums Under 4.0
10k + Beautiful Users Level 5 On Plug
Summers Over Life Is Beautiful
1995: The Year Of Disco(volante) Artuma's Top 200: 50-1
Living The Present, The Lucid Dream, The Intangible Numbers Of Possibilities Behind A Doorway, Who Leads To Another And So On Top 10 Albums
Fav 90's Songs You Could Dig A Ditch
Talons Gets 5000 Comments Artuma Hits 10k! Top 200 Albums: 200-151
1000 Ratings, 100 Favourite Albums Yearz
One Year Sputversary Getting Music Gear Tomorrow!
Perfect Night Time Albums 999 Ratings
What Are Your 5 Favorite Albums? Mmmm Music
Goddamn, M83 Albums That Slap
My Band's Music Video 10 Favorite Albums
Mountain Dew Flavors Ranked Great War Of The 90s First Battle (2)
Shaved My Beard Users I Could Beat At Kickball
Ranking The 5's: Gmemberkills One Year On Sputnik
Dream Pop/shoegaze Recs Eighty Kay
School Me On Dreampop And Shoegaze Albums With Immense Beauty
Albums - Work In Progress Potsy Joins Last.fm
My 100 Favourite Albums At Age 21 Reading Jammers
Energizing And Atmospheric Albums I Dig Favorite Albums At The Time, Rec Me Some
Shoegaze Albums Better Than Loveless? Some Overlooked Albums I Enjoy
My Past Year *thank You Sputnik!* Check Out My Band's Demo
10 Great Albums From My Birth Year (1993) New Band Ya'll
Rec Me That Shoegaze Type Stuff. Shoegaze/Dream Pop Favs
Anybody Got Some Good Off-kilter Snes Game Recommendations? 4.5's That Are Nearly 5's
Wadz 5's Ranked Nineties
Punching The Clown Best Music Finds 2013
Top 50 Albums Songs Everyone Should Hear
First Song, First Album Gimme Dat Slow, Sad Stuff
Cold Ass Honky Jams Egg Nog
Chillax Brother That 90s List
Cold And Rainy Autumn Nights - Songs To Dig My Top 100 Favorite Albums Ever
The Greatest Albums Ever!! Really!! In The Shadow Of Another Album
Some Great Closers Soothing Songs For The Restless Spirit
Weed Expenses Per Month? We Live....then We Die
So Um Songs That Will Make You Cry
Gaze Sunday Gta Ranked: A Retrospective
Sexy Songs For Sexy Occasions Punk/Shoegaze Albums I Dig
Music For Night Walking Zzzzzzz...
Music That Will Make You Feel And Think UK University 2013
Noise And Shoegaze And Such Favorite Alt Albums From The 1990's
Jash's Record Label Best 5 Albums Ever Made
The Psychedelic Playbook The Drugs They Work Its Just That I Dont
What Are Your Favorite Movies? Four.fives+fives
Rec Me Shoegaze Gazeblade's 33
Tried To Go Outside Fiddy Cent
Women Prom Sucked
The Deepest Thing Ever Awesome Office
Gazing At The Shoe 2 Key Years
Summertime With Grover Gazing With The Stars
List = Digs 2 Still Digging Jash's Vinyl (some Of It)
Rec Me Some Similar Albums? Shoegazing And Dream Pop And Stuff
The End Of An Era? Tinnitus
Similar Artists? The Culinary Game Ain't Nuthin Ta Fuck With
100 Favorite Albums 100 Indie Albums
Mika Huseman, Carey Jeffers, Adrienne Buchner And Rolf Beazley Amazing Songs That Kick Life's Bullshit Out The Window
Top 5 Dark Souls Bosses Had To Put My Dog Down
Vinyl Collection Pt.2 Gay List
Valentines Day Digs My Top Ten Winter Albums
~~~~~~~~~~ Anor Londo
Most Relevant Albums Ever (objectively) Rec Me Music...
4 Years: 25 Albums Theacademy's Best Of 2012
Most Listened Albums Lately Progmaster's/NeutralThunder's Final List
Music When You Miss Someone Shoegaze
It's Never Cold Enough Brutal/death/grindcore Is Not Music
90 Reasons Why The 90's Ruled Shoegazing/dream Pop Recs
I Hate Krabby Patties Current Jamz
Music For Walking At Night Hey Sputnik, It's Been Awhile...
Downtempo Hurricane Sandy
Genre Tags Sputnik Needs Shoegaze (and Some Other Kinds Of Gazing)
4 Rev-tastic Years On Sputnik List
100k Last.fm Plays Dreamgaze And Shoepop
Good Music All Day Erry Day Godtier Shoegayz (and Dream Pop)
Guitar People 90's Will Never Die
The Voice In My Head Sounds A Lot Like You Trix 4 Vinyl
Yips Truths 19
Let's Be Friends Shoegaze Summer
My Super Duper, Greatest 100 Songs Ever List The Art Of Production
New Sigur Ros Stan Petrov Tribute List
Marko Muzika Treb's 90's
Yeti On Dream Pop 100 Hard Jamz
Sexy, Sexy Shoegaze/Dreampop Listening To Cormac Mccarthy And Reading A Book By Clipse
Lent Rec Me Trippy Stuff
The Owls Are Not What They Seem Songs That Make You Want To Sob Into A Pillow
When In Rome... I Need Shoegaze
Whats Your Favourite Guitar Tone/effect? Jash Hits 2000
Songs I Go Nude For Movies I Need To See
Breasts Or Legs 50 Albums For Fall
Phone A Totally Rad Playlist!
50 Random Songs On My Ipod What Is The Purpose Of Life?
Favorite Songs... //_v
Stuff I Do My Psychology Homework To Who's Got Tattoos?
Atmosphere Fsharp Presents: Video Games
I Woke Up And Realized I Dont Care Hey Uhh
Fast Food Ranked Badass Movies
Lush As Fuck (Dreamy Soundscapes) Jash Turns 20
Songs For Pursuing A Higher Means Of Self Enlightenment Feeling Older.
50 Albums I Love For Whatever Reason Is Musical Taste A Deal-breaker?
Top 50 Albums Of The 1990s Great Lyrics/Delivery
Boner Jams 2011 Bliss
Listen Up 50 Favorite Albums Evar
Willie's Essentials Off To The Dominican
Shoegazin' Shoegaze And Doom
Need Recs, Man Pt:1 Writing Lyrics: Stage Ov Satan
Carlton Dance Merry Christmas Sputnik
The King Is Dead Music For 18 Supertramps
Is The Universe Just A Hologram? Baking Brownies
Bands/albums I Got Into Because Of This Site. Dig List
Angel Slays The 90s Trip To Massachusets
Actually Tripping Kind Of Hard Rite Now Your Current Musical Kick
The 90's Ruled... The Worst Call Ever
90s Indie Flacing Yr Mom
Its Been A While...What Up Guys Favorite Albums Of 1993
Vic's Awesome 90's Top 50 Albums Of The 90's
NINETIES Best Songs From Some Great Bands
Shoecore & Slowgaze Night Time Highway Driving Essentials
Seymour The Dog Willie's 90 For The 90s
Hey Man, Indie Vocal Performances
Sputnik Essential. Part I Gazeintomyshoes
Albums I Gotta Complete Mccdonalds Is Amazing
Tom Servo's Top 90 Of The 90's Shoegazing All Night Long
Shoegaze Recs Random Facts + Digs Iii: The Undickening!!!
Thrice1987 Is Dead!!!!! Daveyboyz Flaunting The Supercool Musics
Stargazer Vs. Shoegazer Help!!!
Shoegaze/dream Pop Over 2 Years On Sputnik
Early Morning Music... Masochist's Favorite Album Discoveries Of 2009
Winter Wonderland Forgot How Awesome Non-metal Could Be
Dream-pop Heaven Shoegaze Or Shoegaze Related
Albums I'm Getting Into. And Some I Can't 'get' Artists I Need To Listen To
All Time Fav Albums Late Night Tip
Top Bands The Croatian's Rec List.
Four Years On Sputnik Awesome Fucking Bands
Revise, Bitch Post Rock Makes The World Go Round
Primo Shit Bro My Vagina Hurts
100 At This Moment
One-And-A-Half Albums A Day Rain Rain Rain...
Covers My 50 favourite albums
Some Favorite Songs (part 1/5) Super Duper Charming
Little Known Facts + Albums I'm Digging A Lot Lately, Vol. 2: Sweet Baby J. Homewoorrkk
Favorite Mini Albums So Much Music, So Little Time...
Eargasmic Songs The Top 15 Albums of the 1990s


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