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My Favourite Vocal Performances Rap Binge
White Detroit Man ranks White Detroit Man Top 200 Favourite Albums (Age 20): 100-1
Top 300 Favourite Songs (Age 20): 200-101 Best Of: 2020
My Top 10 Albums / Artists of all time ranked Jeffery J. Bigglestien Eminem Ranked
Eminem Albums ranked because the people deserve to know my opinion
Jeffery J. Bigglestein's Least Favorite Albums Neek's 2000s Cram List
Rec me 2020 songs Mac's Essential Albums (kinda)
Rec me rap / hip hop Ranking Solo Eminem
The Year in Pop: 2010 RANKED (Part 1: 100-51) Ultimate quarantine playlist for me and gf
My record collection JustPressPlay's 2020
Eminem Albums Ranked The 10 Greatest Hip Hop Albums of the Golden 90's
Raps 2020
Where'd You Get Your Nickname? My favorite albums of the decade (2010-2019)
top 10 albums 1990-1999 top 10 albums 2000-2009
2000 is the greatest year in music. Change my mind 18 of My Favorite Music Videos (in no specific order)
Asleep's Decade Retrospective Extravaganza My favourite albums of the decade
My Top 50 Albums of All Time (at this point) Top 100 2000s. Punknews v Sput v Me
My Top 10 Favorite Eminem Songs Top 25 Albums (2017)
Top 50 Albums (2018) 50 Favorite Rappers of All Time (From 50 to 1)
Top 200 Favourite Albums: 100-1 (Age 19) Top 200 Favourite Albums: 200-101 (Age 19)
Top 50 Hip Hop Lyricists Good Hippity Hop
Drifter's Top 10 Hip Hop Albums Top 300 Favourite Songs: 200-101 (Age 19)
Top 300 Favourite Songs: 300-201 (Age 19) My favorite Eminem songs
50 Bands I Love Tracks I SKIP on my fav albums
Top 200 Favourite Albums: 100-1 (Age 18) Top 200 Favourite Albums: 200-101 (Age 18)
albums i bought this year or something pt. 1 To Listen
My Top 40 Albums Potential 5.0's
m/c Hip Hop 1979-2019 Musical Hot(?) Takes
non metal jams at the moment overrated hiphop
Forgotten era of hip hop Top 30 Movies/Albums
Top 300 Favourite Songs: 200-101 (Age 18) Top 300 Favourite Songs: 300-201 (Age 18)
Every Rap List on Sputnik Ever Top 35 Rap/Hip Hop Albums
2018: Year of the what is happening typhoon's top 10 emcees
Eminem Worst to Best Studio Albums 2k ratings
Favorite Things Of 2018, No Order Everything I Rated From 2018
Favorite Projects of 2018 Favorite Songs of All Time
Merry Christmas 2018 Eminem Ranked, I Guess
Top 15 Favorites Albums, of all time. Top Albums from the 2000s ('00 to '09)
Top 10 Albums of 2018 Best Songs of 2018 i guess lol
My 2018 98% of people can't tell the difference!
Rate yourself 1,100 Ratings
Biggest letdowns of 2018 6 Years of TVC/LPFTW
Birthday Digs Ranking 2018 hip hop albums I've heard
Drifter's Hip Hop 5's and 4.5's Your Lowest Rated 5’s
Neek's Q3 2018: Albums A Metalheads Favorite Rap/Hip Hop Albums
Second List Today Musical Arithmetics Vol. 6
Metal/Rock CD's for sale Ranking Eminem's Discography
Second Best Rap Album? Best Second Rap Album?
10 good songs from bad (or mediocre) albums Smash Bros Games Ranked
Eminem ranked Eminem Ranked (+HTS)
Eminem Album Out Today Rate My 5s
Top 10 Favorite Albums Ranking My 5's (8-7-2018)
Is Rolling Stone A Joke? 21 Favorite albums of all time, give your opinion!
You know what would be cool? Albums That Have Gotten Me Through Depression
songs u shouldn' listen to after cleaning your rec Personal Top 5 Albums of the 90s
Bands/Artists That I'd Like To See Music From Soon Personal Top 5 Albums of 2010
Top 5 Favorite Comeback Albums 100 albums that I love.
Eminem Album Ranking 2018
Top 10 Hip Hop Albums My friend Lee's Top 10 Eminem songs.
Sputnik User's Favorite Hip Hop/Rap Albums Best EP Ever?
Dru Thru the Years my top 10 favorite rap albums
Music of my teenage years. Does it still hold up? CD packaging designs that intrigued me as a kid
My CD Collection PT.1 Top 15 Most Disturbing Music Videos
Top 10 favorite albums of all time. Favorite Tan Album Covers
My Top 1000 Albums (Part 4 of 1000) 2017 Ranked
Albums from Junior High Sage Tellah's Worst Albums of 2017
Favorite EPs Sputnik Goes Diamond
Top 25 Non-2017 Albums in 2017 My top 20 worst releases of 2017.
biggest disappointments of 2017 My Top 50 Songs - 2017 Edition
Drifter's Rec Championship Round 3 Eminem Ranked
Worst Albums of 2017 this year music
Snide's Worst of 2017 101 Great Hip Hop Albums (Part llll)
LPFTW Turns 5 Years Old Worst Rec Contest Final Round
Politics yo 2 years of sputnik; abe's Top 100 album
Birthday Pickups Non metal vinyls
to let you know on the web site More Movie Digs. More recommendations?
COOL/ NOT COOL Hip Hop My Sputnik 1 Year Anniversary List
1999 in a nutshell Albums I really wanna listen to
Worst of the Best: The Competition ROUND 3 Top 100 Favourite Albums (Age 17)
Top 200 Favourite Songs (100-1) (Age 17) Overrated Artists
Gym Recs 101 Great Hip Hop Albums Part l (Alphabetical Order).
Favorite Albums of All Time (F### You) Favorite Albums
Top 25 Favorite Albums Hip Hop..Recommended
2000-2016 Great fan made music videos
Top 50 Albums Recs plz for heavy alt/grunge/post-rock/punk etc?
Hip-hop albums as rec'd by Sputnik Artists I used to love in middle school
that good home cooked hip hop Marsbro's Recent Digs and Such
typhoon's top 10 hip hop albums of 00s Eminem Worst To Best
Doof 101 Most Played Albums 50 Favorites
Sputnik: A Genre History Storm's Favorite 25 Rappers/Groups
2017 tho Dylan's To-Check List: Part I
Typhoon's top 25 rappers 2016 Hip-Hop... what's the story?
Hip-hop I need to listen Best rappers of all time
4 Years on the Sputnikmusic; Top 100 My Favourite Albums.
Definitive 90's Mario Party Ties That debate though
Birthday Pickups Donald J. Trump: The New Eminem
Second is really the best Sputnik Ink Thread
Girlfriend hates my music 300 Ratings
Rate My 5's Too pls Rate my 5s?
Rec me hip hop! Rec Me Hip Hop with Gorgeous Hooks
Ball's Favorite Rap Albums Musical Neighbors: It's Back*
Song Of The Year 1990-present screw the rules, i have green hair
my favorite hip hop beats Help me with movie choice.
2100 Pilots Albums I own ranked [4]: Places 301-310
Albums I own ranked [3]: Places 201-300 Albums I own ranked [2]: 101-200
My Top 10 favorite albums Users that act like assholes.
I'm New and Here's My Top 100 Albums I like that over the top BS
200 Ratings Top 100 Favourite Albums (Age 16)
R.I.P Kickass.to Top 100 Favourite Songs (Age 16)
Albums I picked up for €1 Sputnik Users "Yearbook"
Return of the lambsbread 101 Awesome Artworks
Favorite Albums From Artists Spartan Races
1K Ratings: 5/5 75 Favorite Movies With Your Good Pal MyCar
Albums that meant a lot in my musical experience Violent Rap?
My Favorite Cartoons Anyone know heavy/hardcore rap?
My top 20 Albums on Sputnikmusic with most ratings
Staff’s Favorite and Least Favorite Albums * Got New Headphones
Favorite Hip Hop Album? If vocal range was equal to quality
Guess How Old I Am? How often do you change your ratings?
The SLIGHTLY BETTER best LP everish tourney ROUND 1[WINNERS] The SLIGHTLY BETTER greatest LP everish tournament [CLOSED]
Albums That Genuinely Excited You Horrorcore Recs?
Albums I like that aren't Nu-Metal Best Albums 2008 - 2015
Hip Hop/Rap Newbie Looking For Recs The Essentials to Hip Hop II
My Music Taste Evolves Classics
November CD/LP purchases Greatest Emcees of All Time
910 708
Top 100 Albums Halloween Hip-Hop
My Top 100 Songs- All Time, 2015 Vinyl #3
Faves 1990-2015 5 albums that get too much hate
Who's Your Mom's Favorite Rapper? im back
Captivating: A Hip Hop list by dathvada321 Rate my 1.5's
2 Years of Sputnik Jasdevi's top 150 favourite albums: Part 3 50 - 1
Hip hop that rules Shit You Find in the Closet
Disturbing Songs 55 Worthwhile Albums
More Sput Quotes Albums that Changed Music for Me
Hip-Hop/Rap - The All-Time Greats My Top 15 Wrestlers
Top 50 Favorite Albums Fun Sludge/Black/Doom Metal album
50 Albums That Rocked my World Sick openers
Bad Rhyme Top 20 underrated Eminem songs.
Top 50 Eminem songs 5 Albums I Grew Up With, But Still Enjoy
Entry level rap? (?) 50 Favourite Songs
Album sequels (suggetions welcome !) Top 100 Favourite Songs (Age 15)
Ranking Eminem albums Favorite Albums of All Time
Top 20 favorites from 2000-2015 Top 50 Favourite Albums (Age 15)
GTA San Andreas 8 or 9 years worth of my shit taste
Anniversaries of the Week: May 22 5 Songs That Are Catchy, But Have Dark Lyrics.
Dodenakker's Artist Wrap-up: Round 1 Top 10 Hip Hop Sad Songs
Need Hip-Hop recommendations! My top 10 Hip Hop Anger Songs
Name the album cover 2: This time it's personal Top 100 Albums That I like More Than Other Albums
Cd and Vinyl collection (updated/improved version) 50 new rap albums better than Kendrick Lamar
All-Time Favorite Hip-Hop Records Workout Recs
50 Abhorrent Releases My Shitty Nostalgia List
Excellent Modern Hip Hop SputnikMusic: The First 50 Classics
Worst Career Reinventions 2010: Top 10 Songs from the Billboard Hot 100 Year-End Chart
Class Playist Last.fm Albums of the Past Year
2013: Top 10 Songs from the Billboard Hot 100 Year-End Chart Wasting Time Here [2]
Eminem Sober Vs. Eminem On Drugs Hip-Hop Essentials
Poll Help (controversy In Hip-hop) Tryna Get Hip-hop On The Pie Chart
Funniest/worst genre tags for bands Pleb's Name That Cover!
Favorite 100 Albums Favourite Albums
My Favorite Albums Of All Time Albums My Friends And I Listened To In High School
My Cd Collection Songs That Get You Every Time: Part 6
Personal Favorite Albums Best Rap Stuff
My 2014 List Great Rap Tracks, Vol. III
My Cd And Vinyl Collection Albums I Own
Eminem Overview 2014 Albums That Just, No
New To Metal Any Recs 100 Albums
A Rainbow Of Album Covers Top 10 Favourite Albums (age 14)
Introduction -> First Track My Best Ever Albums (2012 Edition)
Intro To Metal? 20 Best Songs Of The 1990s
The Marshall Mathers LP Ranked New Account
Rec Me Rap Please Songs I Can Listen To On Repeat
Albums That I Am Currently Into The First Albums You Ever Owned.
Albums That Defined Our Generation? My Top 40 Favorite Albums Ever
Billboard #1 singles that didn't suck Best Albums (1964-2013 ***redux***)
Top 5 Underrated Albums On Sputnikmusic Not Good
Do I Have To Leave Now? Fave Hip Hop Beats
The Sputnik World Eminem Ranked
My Favorite 30 Rappers My Terrible Taste In Music
Just One Second Favorite Rappers Right Now
Eminem Ranked Privacy
Bands With Food Names In Title Greatest Vocalists
Top 20 Albums From 1993 To 2014 Fav 00's Songs
The Great Album Adventure Part 1 A Hip-hop/Rap List
Eminem Eminem Top 10 Eminem Excellent Albums Are Classic
Vinyl Recent Additions And Favorites The Best Album Art From All Of The Bands I've Rated
Digs Most Overrated Hip Hop Albums
Finally Graduated Time Spent Writing Review?
Ranking My 5s (21/06/2014) Atmospheres In Music
Guess The Album Best Rappers
160gb Ipod Means Millions Of New Music My Top 50 Songs (with Explanations)
Hip Hop Treasures Goat Jams [2]
Fish's Arbitrary World Cup Predictions Sputnik's American Census
Top Ten Hip-hop Albums Awesome Hip Hop Albums # 2
Done With High School! Cds I Bought So Far
20 Favourite Rappers Record Labels: A Brief History
Ranking The 5's: Gmemberkills Best/worst Active Usernames
10 Best Abums Of The Nineties Albums I Didn't Like At First Because They Followed Up Classics
Campus T-shirts Ranked The Real Vermicide
Worst Users of all time Sputnik Modern Music Madness
Recent Pickups In What Order Should I Check These Out?
Why I Loved High School Lollapalooza
Quality Hip Hop 70 / 80 / 90 / 00
XXL Magazine 400 Ratings.
How To Be A Jerk (and Favorite Movies) Rad Hip-hop
Mac's Essential Rap Albums Third Sputnik Birthday
Favorite Albums. Boner Killers
My Favorite Albums Video Game Nostalgia #5 Part 1 - Mega Man X Series
Top 40 Albums Pre-2000. Top 40 Albums post-2000 (and some more).
Favorite Bands: Past & Present Gonna Watch 100 Music Videos Today i mean this weekend
My All Time Top 5's Cdeisar
My Favorite Hip-hop Albums... Yours? Best Of 2013
1997 Users' Favorite Albums
Top 10 Favorite Albums 2013 Bottom 5
Another 808 2013 Cd Collection - Installment Two
Top Ten Worst Hit Songs Of 2013 Pistol's 2013
Aids' 2013 In Last.fm Scrobbles My Top 100 Songs - 2013 Edition
Hip Hop And Rap Recs Alex's 2013 In Music
Top 100 Singles Of 2013 My First Hip-hop Vinyl Purchases
Hip-hop/rap Recs? 2013: Favorite Albums
My Best Of 2013 Stuff I Listen To
What Is Your Number? Songs Everyone Should Hear
Top 25 Favorite Albums Of 2013 (Everything Else) Real PsychoP
2013 Hip Hop: Top 25 Recommend Something!
Looking For Specific Rap Addiction
Comics Money Killed Hiphop
Straight From The Psychologist I'm Fucked Up!!!
Stout Terror
Notorious Academy Of 2013: Bottom 30
Russia Exposed Best Songs of 2013
Eminem Ranked Some Songs I've Been Digging
4 More Years Worst Albums Of All Time.
'my' Best Albums List The Rap Game
Albums I've Been Listening To Eminem Vs. Cage
Best Albums Of All Time My Favorite Worst Lyrics
An Analysis Of TMMLPII Worst Eminem Songs
Digging Up Dem Digs Stuff Im Gunna Listen To
Worst Albums Of The Year I Am 16
Best Of Post Encore Eminem Usernames.
My Favourite Eminem Albums Favorite Album Openers
Underrated Eminem Rec Hollier Hip Hop
My Top 100 Favorite Albums Ever Best Eminem Albums
Bye Sputnik :) Top 10 Eminem Songs
Eminem Ranked Mmlp2 Ranking/first Impressions
New Eminem Album Leaked Uehara
My Top 10 Eminem Songs Proving Sophomore Slump Wrong
Saddest Songs (suggestions?) What's Up?
Five Albums That Are Not 5's Need Some Music Recs
Amt Trick Or Treating Hip Hop Albums I Dig
New Eminem Album Cuz Any Time Is Cumin' Time
Best Albums Of The 2000s My Top 35 Favourite Hip Hop Albums :))
Digs More Albums
Recent Digs Hip-hop Albums
Favorite Sophomore Albums Best Rapper Ever?
What Year Did You Join Sputnik? Top 10 Best Debut Albums
New Member Controversial Albums
Fave Albums I Can't Get Enough
My Top 25 Albums 30 Greatest Rappers
20 Greatest Hip-hop Producers Top 100
Former Favorite Albums The New Eminem Song
White Boi Rap List! Marshall Mathers Lp 2! 2?!?!?!
My Top 100 Songs- All Time, 2013 Songs That Make You Wanna Cry
Alternate Cast For Lord Of The Rings My Favorite Non Rock And Metal Albums!
Part 2 Of Another Generic List Which Music Fan Do You Hate Most ? Peter Capaldi Is The New Doctor Who
Most Technical Rappers I need some Hip-Hop recs
30 Favorite Albums Ever Currently Digging
Worst Songs To Play At The Bar Top 50 Favourite Albums
Listening To Clutch Recs?
Cds I Own Top Anticipated Hip-hop Albums Of The 2nd Half Of 2013
Rip Bigpleb Albums I Dig
Plug.dj Favorite Lyrics
Ba-ba-ba-ba Who Loves The Sun This Timeline Thing I Stole From Pbass0
100 Favorite Albums Of The 90's Crawl's Most Essential Albums
Fuck, Wiz Khalifa Sucks Not Another Easter List
Melodic Metalcore Recs Please Top 15 Of 2000
Juggalo Ryda Just Forty Of Many
Album Titles My Best Hip Hop
So Its Almost Pooping Time Again ??? Takin' A Sweet Dump ???
Favourite Lyrical Hip Hop Albums Valentines Day Blues
Jamn, new original tunes Top 5 Rap Records
Favorite Closers Albums I Paid For
100 Albums Masochist Does The Hip-hop Thing Again...
Need Recs Middle School Jams 02-05
Most Relevant Albums Ever (objectively) Nostalgia, Shit I Listened 10 Years Ago
5 Passable Mainstream Pop Acts Stuff I Listened To In 1999
Most Played December Ready To Die
My Top 10 Albums Of The 1990s! High School Albums
50 Most Listened To Artists Since I Made Last Fm Account My Top 10 Favorite Albums
The Dark Knight Trilogy 400 Greatest Songs Of All Time (300-201)
Favorite Albums Of All Time Albums Of My Teenage Years (new complete list is coming)
Favorite Hip-hop Albums Sell Out Rappers
Top 10 rap artists Hip Hop On My Ipod
Molly Says Hi Best Emcees Of All Time
My Favorite Albums Hip-hop Beats Ranked (redux)
My Top 40 Albums Of All Time Rate My 5's
2000s Top 50 100 Killer Albums
Top 50 Albums Of The 90's (in Order) Favorite Books
Rec Me Hip-hop? Workout Music, Brah
Top 100 Hip Hop Songs of All Time Teenage Angst Albums
Awesome Openers 150 Albums You Must Hear Before You Die.
1-year Sputnik Anniversary My Top 100
The Nostalgia List My Top 25 Albums From 1950-1999
Best Hiphop Fucking Fanbases...
Top 5 Hip Hop Just Bought Some Really Nice Weed For Only 5 Bucks
100k Last.fm Plays Songs That For Some Reason, I Cant Stop Listening To.
Current Top 25 Albums Mac & Eddie's Essential Albums
Death Sucks Guess Who's Back, Back Again,jaajajjajaja.
Eminem Ranked Sony Volume Cap
The Best Songs Ever My Top 5 Mcs Of All Time
My Top 20 Albums Of The 2000's Hype-hop
The Best (yes, Its Your Opinion Too) Albums Ever. Prevent Beer Tiredness
Top 20 Artists Favorite Albums Of All Time
Albums I Grew Up With 50 Random Itunes Songs
Official Eminem Power Rankings I Hate Rap, Change My Mind
Mac & Jackie's Essential Albums My Top 100 Songs - 2012 Edition
The Decade Battle (1970/9 Vs 2000/9 Top 5 Hip-hop/rap Albums
Judge My Ipod 50 Coolest Albums
Grew Up To (10 Albums) Best Hip Hop/Rap Albums
My 25 Loves Ranked Buttyhop
My musical past Favorite Hip Hop Albums
The Legend Of Zelda Games Ranked Like A Sir Part Deux: I Capitalize Everything
DaveyBoy's Potential 5s (1000 In 50) Good Listens
Songs That Send Shivers Down My Spine Nostalgia
Is There A Reason Tyrael's 10k: Dawn Of Sputnik
Thank You Sputnik Rec Me Some Stuff
Rap Songs I Enjoy Some Animes I've Seen
My First Sputnik Birthday. Again, Hate Being That Guy...
Amazing Beats Gaming On A Budget
Beginnnig Albums!! Uh, Hip-hop
One-hundred Lists Scoot's Top 100 Albums
Sputnik Music Taste Top 10 Fav Hip Hop Albums
Record Player? My Top 10 Fav Rappers
Punk-o-matic 2 Albums i'm loving Pt 3
True Hip Hop Albums I'm Loving
My Top 10 Rappers/Hip hop groups How Does The Genre Graph Work?
The Use Of Guitar In Rap Songs One Year Later: Top 25 Albums
Why Doesn't Eminem Say The N Word? Mac & Jessie's Essential Albums
Top 50 Generic Sputnik Albums (kind Of) Top 45 Rap Songs Of All Time
Why Do YOU Like Big Asses? Eminem Ranked
90's Rap Or Today's Rap? Guilty Pleasure Albums I Don't Feel Guilty About
Friends With Benefits Rec Me Hip Hop
Occupy Sputnik! Good Songs With Good Videos
give me some books Qwe Rappers
Tebow's Playlist My Favorite 100 Albums
18th Birthday My List Of R&b (fixed)
Sucre Daddy My List Of Hip-hop, Rap
Top 10 Rappers (in Terms Of Flow) 100 Ratings 100 Albums
M&m's Top 15 Albums Of 2000-2009
Eminem Ranked Nfl Pickem!!
Starting Vinyl Collection? Deviant. Is A Jerk Face.
Lyrics In Defense Of My Fives
The Revised List Of My 50 Favorite Albums Of All Time My Favorite Tv Shows
Recent Digs Radio Isn't Complete Shit.
2002: The Partiest Party Ever Brawl To End Them All
Top 5 Favorite Rappers Of All Time Why Not... Top 100.
I Joined Here When There Was Mxtabs/musicianforums.com, Heres Some Shit Ive Been Listening To The Last 6 Years. First Rap List
100 Users Some Favorite Albums
Top 5 Favorite songs 2. Back To School
Awesome Lines From Amazing Albums Staff/contributors: Climbing The Sputnik Ladder
Being Lost How About That
25 Favorite Radio Songs New Found Obsessions
Things Are Different Now My Skating Playlist
My Top 100 Albums As Of Now Hip Hop Recs
So What The Fuck + Rap Why Do Rappers Lack Longevity?
Rick Rypien Killed Himself Eminem's Albums Ranked
25 Favorite Hip-hop Albums Paradigm Shift
Top 100 Albums Eminem Songs
Lollapalooza Day 2 Review Alley Of Infinite Suggestions
Permanent Virginity A Stoner's Paradise
Top 50 Hip Hop Albums My Dislike List...
A Grip Of Albums Qual E's Wants
Hip-hop (1985-2001) Lollapalooza
My Top 25 Hip-hop/rap Albums Can You Guys Rec Me Some Rap?
I Like Better Music Than You Super 8 Is Super Great!
My Music My 100 Favourite Albums
Back From Amsterdam Good Music Outside All Metal
My Top 50 Albums Favorite Albums Of 2010
Favorite Albums Fsharp Presents: A Hip Hop Summer
Real Punk Rock Which Is Better?
Meet Someguest Top 100 Songs On My Mp3 - 2011 Edition
Words That Mean Things Sputnikmoviesftl
Late Night Smoke Mix Rap Digs
Wtf South Park Finally, After Seven Long Years...
Music That Get's You Pumped/ Worked Up Yo wen dert that em/royce album drop???????
Comics Imyg
What Is The Best Website To Find Out About Upcoming/recently Announced Tours For The Uk? Shameless Self-promotion
B List. Pissed List
Well, That Was Hard New Digs, I Recomend
What Would Happen If Method Man, Redman, Naruto, And Tyler The Creator All Walked Into A Bar? My 50 Favorite Albums
26??? Eminems Albums Ranked
Albums I Reccomend To All. Favorite Eminem Lines/verses
Rappy Recs? Favorite Hip-hop Songs
New In Flames Sample Ipod Shuffled
I Can't Decide Top 5 Guitar Hero Games
Favorite Music Albums Qwe Hop
Lollapalooza 2011! 50 Albums I 5'd
Top 10 Albums Artists That Used To Be Great
Hello Sputnik! My 100 Favorite Music Artists Of All Time
8 Songs That I Know Of That You Probably Don't Dichotomy of a balanced rating
Rap Binge Bands I Hate
Oh Boy, Troll Bait! (top 25) The Hans 100 (records)
Great Lyrics/Delivery Your Sputnik N I T Champ Is...
Hip-Hop Beats Ranked Sput Nik Mo Vies
Fighting For Fives Top 10 Favorite Albums
Rolling Stone Greatest Artist My Spring Semester Staple Albums
Music Videos Users' Best Of 2010: 100 - 51
Download Tentative Best Albums Ever List Ranked
Biggest Sell-outs In Music History Who Saw That Ovechkin Goal Last Night?
More Songs That Make Me Feel Nostalgic My Fifty Favorite Albums
My Top 15 Of 2010 Urban Outlandish
Give Me STDs Hip-hop I Actually Like
Most Disappointing Albums By Great Rappers Transition Albums
What Music Did You Listen To When You Were 13? Hip Hop?
The Mystery Revealed: I Am Canadian! Mixtape For Rap Beginners
The Grammys Were Only Alright My Top 5 Albums Of All Time
That's Enough, Nickelback. Just Hit 10,000 On Last.fm
My Top 10 Rappers Of All Time Favorite Hip Hop Albums
Superman's Song My Top 10 Albums
1000 Comments 100 Albums Favorite Hip-hop Albums
Hip Hop Geography Battle Punchlines.
"Whats the Difference" verses RANKED Omg Its A List!
Recovery My Favourite Albums
Zelda Games Ranked Been Using The Site For A While...first Account
Users' Best Of The Decade Rap Classics: 1986-2004
My Top 25 Eminem Songs Diversify!
Favorite Albums 25 Songs For 2010
Dear God, It's A List About Music!!!1! The Best Albums Of The Year
Top 15 Of 2010 The End Part. 2
Favorite Albums Of 2010 Qwenty10
Top 5 Dead Or Alive. (hip-hop) What Rules The World
Best Of 2010 Notable Alubms Of 2010
2010 Atavanhalen Vs. The World - Underrated 2010
Favorite Albums Rainy Day Fireplace Music
Academy of 2010 Best Of 2010 - Hip Hop
Will Smith Don't Gotta Cuss In His Raps To Sell His Records; Well I Do, So Fuck Him And Fuck You Too The 90's At A Glance
Exams Are Over ... Finally Qwe: Rap This Year
Kingsoby2010 The Fight Lights Out Looks Awesome
Hans.fm 1000 Ratings! 100 Albums!
2010: The Year In Fail 2010: Year Of The Biebz
Music Saved My Life My Top Albums Of 2010
Not Quite There A Deviant 2010: The Year That Was
New Musics Top Ten 2010 Albuns
Knott's Top 20 Of 2010 My Top 20 Favorite Artists
I'm New Some Of My 2010 Honorable Mentions
Albums I Listened To When I Was 13 Ipod On Shuffle Agaiiin.
Top 10 Songs About Car Accidents Hip Hop Isn't Dead Yet
The Best Albums Of The Grammy "year" My Favorite Albums Of All Time
Way Too Much Free Time On My Hands.... Real-life Vigilantes
Ugh Grammy Nominees Fr33 is Leaving
Knott-'s Songs Of The Year Favourite Album Artwork
Happy Holidays Everybody Ender's Game
Moose's 2010 List And Ratings Make The Longest Comment You Can.
My Most Preferable Albums This Year Hip-hop Debuts
So Where's Everyone From? - Favorites
Bands I Need To See Live My Ipod Is On The Shuffle
Favourite Albums Of 2010 Fav Albums When I Was 12
Songs That Should Be On Rolling Stone 500 Greatest Songs Hip-hop Album Of The Year Nominees
What Mothafuckas!!! Top Ten On My Playlist Right Now
Sputnik: The Movie Rap Mixtape For Paul
No Shavember Favorite Eminem Songs
100 Great Rap Albums Albums Im Currently Loving
90s: Feit Rips Off Hans & Inveigh 200th List
Liste De Hip Hop Almost Got Into A Fight
15 Great Albums My Favorite Rock Bands
Metal League Of Legends
Strikey's Top 10 So Far Favourite Music Videos
Ipod Shuffle Songs Bonanza... 50 Of The Best Albums Of All Time (imo)
Ranked Up To 43 In Halo 3 Ts 15 Songs Of The 2000's
Sad Songs Amc Fear Fest
Shuffle Shuffle Shuffle My Classic Albums
Snapped My Mw2 Disc Hip-hop's 100 Greatest Lyricists
Mood Music My First 10 Hip-hop Albums
Top 51 Albums Of The 2000's Weekends Are The Best
Midwesterners Talk Correctly Birfday Muziks
The Marshall Mathers Lp Ranked My Favorite Songs
Favorite Rap Songs Ever Love Is A Dog From Hell
Getting Into Hip-hop Rap Binge
My Favorite Albums Getting Your Family Into Your Music
More Poopty In My Ipod Current Digs...
The Definitive Mynameischan User List -better Connections
Top 20 Hip Hop Songs Best Albums By Year
My 2010 So Far Big-Ass Last.fm List
Redid My Ipod For The First Time In A Year And A Half Nostalgic
Ipod On Shuffle Again! It's My 17th Birthday
Overrated 2010 Releases People In Music With Huge Egos For No Reason
Night Driving (featuring Jeff Buckley) Indie Hipster Bullsh*t
Abc's Of My Ipod The Video Music Awards
Labels For My Website Feit Reaches 100.
Hip Hop Essentials - Next Steps School Starts Tomorrow:(
Sputnik Has Decided! The Abc's Of Hip Hop #3 - Artists
The Abc's Of Hip Hop #2 - Songs Time To Settle This Once And For All...again (again)
Hip Hop Recs Feit Rec's You Hippity Hops.
Girls Are Confusing My Top 10 Albums
My Top 20 Hiphop Albums Rec Me Music To Get Me Jacked
Ipod On Shuffle I Guess Shes Xbox, And I'm More Atari
New To Sputnik, Need Good Stuff Favorite Albums Of 2002
My Ipod On Shuffle Favorite Albums Of 2000
Favorite Albums Of 1999 Shows I Watched When I Was A Child
Classics Real Top 10 Songs Of 2010
new comment system Happy 37th Birthday, Hip-hop!
Working On Some Comic Book Fan S Lol Wetherspoons
My 10 Favorite Hip-hop Albums Ever Going To India On Friday...
Albums Im Digging/Hi Sputnik Somberlain's Top Hip-hop Albums
50 Favourite Albums Ever 2002 Ranked
2000 Ranked Rec Me Some Experimental Rap
Best Rapper Alive Big Hans' 25 Hip Hop Favorites
I Just Wanna Let Yall Know Albums For The Gym
Rec Me Some Hiphop/rap My Random 50 Songs On My Ipod
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