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Favorite Covers Death worst to best
Past 6 Months Favorite Death Metal
The real cost of vinyl. More Music of Interest
Band Tolerance B-day pickups
My Favorite Albums As Of October 18, 2017 Back Pain
In Memory Of Chuck Schuldiner (1967-2001) Bands That My Friend Got Me Into
18 albums for 18 years What I listened to as a kid
Bands with more than one 5 Personal favorite DEATH METAL
MUSIC ARTIST ROASTING CHALLENGE 2 years of sputnik; abe's Top 100 album
Favorite death metal albums ranked Overrated videogames
My Favorite Albums Riffbutter
Need some early Death Metal rec's BATTLE OF THE GENRES: Round 1
Perfect Songs ROUND 1 Dear sputnik
25 favorite metal albums My entire vinyl collection (for metal)
REC ROULETTE ROUND 7 -- Build Butcher a Decade Songs that deserve a bit more love
Allmusic Sucks Memorable album covers
Chel's Top 5 Death Metal Songs Sput's Best Users
Death ranked Essential Metal Albums
Death Metal Classics Death Ranked IN BBGAMES' OPINION
Death Ranked IN BLOON'S OPINION Death Metal Guitar Solos
Favourite songs of all time The Records That Got Me Into Death Metal
Essential metal albums 25 Favorite Metal Albums
straightforward death metal Best 3-Punch Metal Combos
Band that are BAD Sputnik Birthdays
YO its me! FarGO! Recommend Some Good Progressive Metal
Retarded Chuck's AOTYs '65-'16 Best death metal songs
Vinyl Collection, updated My favourite records
Languages Spotify Premium - opinions?
7 Years 55,000 comments 115 reviews Hint of Bass
Castlevania Recent (metal) purchases...
Favorite Pies (2500 ratings) GLOW
my loved CD Collecton (part 1) My Top 101 Albums of All Time
Latest CD and Vinyl Purchases Florida
Anyone else noticed this? bedtime playlist
My Favorite Metal Artists Best Streak in Music History
Favorite Metal Albums Favorite Albums
20k comments! Death Albums Ranked
Oweiners favorite Death albums ranked (revisited) A Crepuscular Journey, Pt. I
hello all nice to met sputnik. The Ultimate Mother's Day Playlist
What's the very last song you've played on your phone? Top 10 Favorite bands (redux)
Proggy Death? Fav For Every Year I've Been Alive
1 year on this site Top 250 Albums (Part One)
My favorite 3rd Tracks of All Time Posting someones 5's to prove a point
In Need For Album Recs Do you think you're smart but feel dumb sometimes
A Few Bands I've Been Enjoying Lately 1,000 ratings or whatever
The Greatest Of The Sponge Bands that punch you in the balls
Annual Sputnik Maddness WINNER EVILFORD Shuffled
Trumps ties with Putin revealed! Part 1 Favorite Closing Tracks
rec me DM my record collection
Highly Influential Albums for Metal We All Need A Little...
purple generic "stuff i dig right now" list
Usernames. Death Albums Ranked
Extreme Metal - 1985 - 1989 (Thrash, Death, Grind) Top 10 Death Metal Bands
Music taste "mellowing" as you get older? Not me. The 90s
My Favorite Death Metal Bands 5 years a sput
Favorite Death Metal Records Top 5 Death Metal Albums???
A generic first list My Favorite Metal Bands
My record collection Worst Album Covers
Death Metal Archive My Top 25 Metal Albums
Soon To Metal Last ten album buys
Good workout music (any recs are awesome) Death metal I need to listen
Music Origins My personal 100 favorite metal albums(1 per band)
50's First Sputiversary Bands whose whole discographies I will listen to
A Very Late, Half Assed* Sputiversary Top 10 Pop Albums of 2117
Cool Bands I Found in 2016 200 Greatest Albums of the 1990's (200-101)
My Favorite Death-ish Metal 200 Greatest Albums of the 1990's (100-1)
Doof3000Ratings (10,000 comments) Worship Me Death ranked
Top 50 Heavy Metal albums of all time Hannibal TV Series
exam week coolest band name ever
Sputnik: A Genre History In celebration a name change
heavy rotaiton 1st week of december Haven't made one of these in a while
bitch dont kill my vibe Bands that would be good if the vocals didnt suck
top 10 guitarists of all time Rec me Death Metal
Essential Metal Albums oweiners top 10 metal subgenres
Essential Albums: Death Metal Album Rankings If Only Trve Fans Counted
Metal and Other Music Recommendations Pencil's Week 12 NFL 'Ems
Recent Pickups from Relapse The Top 250 Users: The App
Tracks that simply click every time How I got into BM and harsh vocals
Conjuring 2 Albums I own
high school 77vs91 GRAND FINAL
top 10 live albums of all time Consistency
Favorite albums per metal genre Metal of Death
My First Day On Sputnik! Hi Everyone! Metal recs please
Top 50 Albums Dragon Age: Inquisition
Favorite Users Top 30 Horror movies
Some Pretty Good Death Metal Anime of 2016 Part 2 - Spring
i feel bad for corey feldman PSAT Tomorrow
Topster 100 Death albums ranked
Bands/Music about Capitalism, Modernism and Race? Jews win.
Death Ranked good albums with cool covers
My Favorite Drummers My Favorite Metal Vocalists
My top 25 albums Birthday Money Acquisitions
Favorite Metal Vocalists i have to listen to...
Riffs & Biscuits Best metal/rock vocals
Attack of the Killer Riffs TOP FIVE
rec me good 2016 death metal plz Best death metal
vinyl collection part 1 It's My Birthday
Top 10% of My First 500 Ratings My goats pt. 1
Fuck everything "Death Ranked" Lists in a Nutshell
Metal Recs Needed hey
What's Your Favorite Album Artwork? Albums that rule
Favourite LP's Part 1 My Lords of Modern Metal...
Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood characters ranked Deathgasm
Any Yu-Gi-Oh! fans? Top 10 DM releases
And the winner is... 2100 Pilots
Sputnik's favourite band TOURNAMENT: Final Round Ben's vinyl and cd buys since May
Sputnik's favourite band TOURNAMENT: Round 5 Cool/Badass/Favorite Band Names
Sputnik's favourite band TOURNAMENT: Round 4 Chris' Recommendations
Updated Vinyl Collection Sputnik's favourite band TOURNAMENT: Round 3
Sputnik's favourite band TOURNAMENT: Round 2 Sputnik's favourite band TOURNAMENT: Round 1
Simply for insurance purposes. Vinyl list 1 let's jam on Plug
Sputnik's favourite band TOURNAMENT: The first 64 I have a request
some digs My Top 50 Favorite Songs
Albums with great title tracks top 100
Symphony of Riffs The Greatest Metal Albums That Ever Did Exist
albums i overplayed the ass out of Sputnik Users "Yearbook"
Random Ratings Milestone? Make a List! Top 10 Greatest Albums All-time
Genres that Piss Me OFF. Vinyl collection so far
Most "Ranked" List Bands Ranked A Metal List
101 Awesome Artworks Favorite Albums of All Time
Doof2000Ratings Death Metal Everywhere
Free Music To Add Vocals To Should i bump these to a 5?
Metal Journey Top 5 Death solos
Rating Problem. WTF? Resorting the Top 200 2: User Usage Weighted Mean
up in this bitch (new here) Should I 5 it?
One of those vinyl lists aye Resorting the Top 200
Death Worship My personal all-time favorite albums
RIP Agalloch Beauty
CDs Acquired Thus Far in 2016 My Standbys
Inflated Albums My 5/5's
Forever fanboying these bands, no nuance required CD Collection Part 2
April Jams: Week III CD Collection Part 1
Albums on Sputnikmusic with most ratings User Similarity
Artists I'm Glad I Discovered In 2016 Trying to find reasons to keep going
My favorite Metal Albums (Updated) 2016 Stanley Cup Playoffs!
Quest for Riffs RSD 2016
Sputnik Majors Census How to not kill yourself in your cubicle
Rec me something 1986 - present (a retrospective)
it seems like any list will get featured these days anyway. Death Ranked
If You Weighed it Differently Death ranked
2015 AWARD WINNERS "Preferred" Songs
Dodecaedro Pentakis - Bands Definitive 90's Considerations
Gimme some drummers to worship Metal Album Art
Old school death metal Most played Metal Bands, Revision of my favorites
Definitive 90's Albums The Greatest Albums Ever Made (Definitive)
January Jams: Week III My vinyl collection so far
January Jams: Week II 15.49
Favorite Album Art Crismuhs/Winter Break Jams
Goodbye 2015 Christmas Haul
Christmas gifts!! December Jams: Week III
Top 15 albums of 1992 R.I.P. Chuck Schuldiner
Classics Would 'classic' albums hold up if released today?
Thinking of Designing a board game finished my exams y'all
My weight room setlist evilDeath Metal
CD Collection Thus Far Where Is The Love?
Top 15 albums of 1991 happy birthday me
Oh, the Horror (Movies)... Halloween
Favorite 40 OSDM Albums I beat Dark Souls
Does listening to an album too much dull the experience? My Top 50 albums atm (1 per artist)
Thank you Sputnik Finally Got a Job (Angel's 100 Favorite Songs)
My Favorite Bands Right Now A Favorite 150 Albums: The Finale: Part 3 50-1
Allmusic's 5/5 Death Metal albums My Top 25
A top 150 favorites Part 1: 150-101 PeachedPunch72 loves Hitler and BrokeNCYDE
Rate My 5's Happy October
Acoustic death metal Premo Songwriting
It's My 22nd Birthday! Favourite Albums From 1993 plug iz reborn
The Ballad Of FlyheadMetal plug.dj is officially dead
Top 101 Metal Albums Top 5 Death Metal Bands
Best albums I've heard Death - TSOP
Sput's favorite album | closed Timeline of Extreme Progressive Metal
Updated Song Of Mine Metal to the Extreme
dathvada321's favorite albums Pleb Smash
Top 25 Favorite Metal Acts My top 20 Artists at the moment
Check Out My Friends' band! m/ Satanic Goatmoon Ov Metal
favorite record labels Metal that rules
A Lesson in Violence Record Collection (So Far), Part 2
Metal album covers Favourite short rock/metal albums
The Sound of Perseverance Ranked Favorite Bands (In No Order)
55 Worthwhile Albums Jasdevi's top 150 favourite albums: Part 1 150-101
Band Shirts I Own Favorite Albums Covers
Death ranked New User
Favorite Death Metal Goodbye Wes Craven
(FREE) Check Out My Band's Music (FREE) My Top 15 Wrestlers
Top 10 Death Metal Albums Chills & Goosebumps
Are my 5/5's good? Death So Hard
Favorite Metal/Hardcore Vocalists CULT OF TOMORROWS END - A Conclusion
Top 50 Favorite Albums Rec Me New Dig Releases That don't suck
PROG METAL RECs Favorite Tracks From the Metal Genre
my metal shirt collection Sell used CDs?
My amazing sputnikmusic dream last night My 100 Favorite Albums
Don't Call It a Comeback Death Ranked (Correctly This Time)
20 Favorite Metal Albums No Country For Old Men
Scar's Top 5 Albums of All Time (With Descriptions) Flutt 3/4 Years
100 Favorite Albums Death - Chucktastic Riff Collection
Growls From Hell CD Collection So Far
Record Collection So Far time to plug.dj
Songs That Rule Still here
Kickass metal The Movies
Important and Essential Music best metal covers
Been too long since I made a list... Bacon And Beer
for the bass - metal Rate me as a user
Upcoming Gigs! Summer Of Hearts
5/5 Classic Albums Meeting the Schuldiners!!! (Plus more metal awesomeness)
About changing my username? plug.dj
My Very Own Metal EP Top 40 Progressive Death Metal Albums
Pretentious Metal Bands My Musical Journey Through High School
Top 20 Metal Albums of the 1980's Top 20 Metal Albums of the 1990's
8 or 9 years worth of my shit taste Favorite Albums [In Order]
Rate my 5s Best Albums According to RYM Friends
Favorite Metal Frontmen bye-bye high school
Favorite Metal Drummers Favorite Records w/ Open-Handed Drumming
Pseudo Deathcore Rec Bad Music in Good Genres
Why Did You Choose That Username? I graduate high school tonight..
Updated Top 15 Last.fm Artists Best Classic Rock/Metal Albums
Bought this sucker today (favorite Death solos) Lately
Best Death Opener?? Happy Birthday Chuck!
Favorite Death Metal "i'm in high school but i'm super into music"
METAL and its many subgenes 25 Favorite Albums
Rock And It's MANY Subgenres Part 1 How my dad would rank my 5s
android or ios? Potsy: '92 til Infinity Part II
Most Badass Guitar Player Ever... Dodenakker's Artist Wrap-up: Round 1
1990, man... My Favorite Albums
Top 10 Favourite Bassists Sputnik Voted: Prog Metal
Bacterial Surgery Rec Me Horror Films
Guitar Hero: Metal VOTE NOW! Prog Metal
Progggggg Game of Thrones Season 5 Leak!
ford's favorite album art Metal from every state
Overtime Fuel (Death Metal) Best DM song ever??
Vinyl collection Cd and Vinyl collection (updated/improved version)
Looking for sick riffs The best music creators in ford's humble opinion
Three.Five Heavy Metal Four.Five Heavy Metal
Thank you Sputnik One Direction ranked
Your Top 5? Sputnik Voted: Death Metal Classics
Rare CDs I own What???! TDG vs Death
Top 10 Metal Album Covers VOTE NOW! Sputniks DM Classics
My objective list of metal:: Top 50 Albums Of 1995
Guess The Album My Vinyl Collection (So Far)
Metal Radio Station - Most Played Death Ranked
Symbolic Ranked [2] Symbolic Ranked
My 5/5 albums Top 100 Albums
Death Ranked (Updated) Death (Band) Ranked
Going to L.A. Tomorrow My Sputnikmusic project
My Death Metal Top 20 My first Vinyl record
Oranges' Nine Albums of Power Riffs
Cartoons Relapse Records Sampler
Prog Archives Pt.II Kingsman: The Secret Service
Birthday! Average Score For Every Year I've Lived Top 50 Death Metal Albums
Favorite Metal Of Death Funniest/worst genre tags for bands
My Favorite Metal Albums Of All Time Ed Repka Rules
Favorite 10 Albums The Best Of 1993
Death Metal Cd For The Car! Resident Evil: Remastered
Recent Purchases Metal Recs For A Friend
Seasonal Depression A Humble Hello: My First Day On Sputnik
My Favorite Albums Of All Time What I'm Listening To Lately
Switched To Vaping My Top 10
My Favorite Album From Each Year, 1990-2014 Consistent Bands/solo Works
Recent Purchases Personal Favorite Albums
Finding Snow In Arizona Heavy Songs With Light Endings.
Festive Blues Jams Goodbye 2014
mytop10guitaralbms Rec Me Modern Bass Guitar Music
My Amazon Music Album Playlist Wow These Openers
Death albums ranked The Usual Suspects
Killer Opening Tracks In Metal Death Metal Recs
Rip Chuck D: Best Live Metal Albums
Progressive Death Metal Recs? Jazzy Songs To Play With My Band
Bands That Changed My Life Trying To Get Into Death Metal
Best Death Metal Songs Death Metal - Florida Vs. Sweden Vs. New York Vs. England Vs. Canada
My Favorite Albums Favorite Albums
My Metal Journey Death Metal Recs?
Seagrave Vs. Necrolord Vs. Repka Albums I Own
Death Metal Recs I Missed You Guys
Ryus's Anniversary Howdy Sputnik
Hello Sputnik Halloween
Albums I've Been Jamming Too For Awhile New Songeth
Best Songs Ever Got Any 90s Recs?
31 Days Of Horror! On A Metal Kick
Influential Albums In My Life Favorite Artists Game
My 25 The Evil Within
What New Video Game Should I Get? My Top 40 Favorite Albums Ever
Thirty Pretty Bullets Dressed In Plaid Personal Top 25 Albums That I Have Heard
222 Ratings Until 1000 Essential Halloweencore
Need More Death Metal 1 Year And Fav Users/albums
Energy Drinks Ranked Symbolic Ranking
Who Is The Best Metal Band Of All Time? Need Study Music
Orgasmic Outros Best Metal Albums
Favorite Guitar Albums 1-1/2 Years On Sputnik. Favorite Albums Found Here.
Bonjour! New To The Site Album Digging - Since God Knows When
1000 Ratings Metal Classics
Treb Metal Top 10 Favourite Albums
Albums That I Really Dont Care For Despite Everyone Else's Opinion Some Of My Favorite Album Covers Pt. 2
Superb Digs 2 Your Top 5 Dm Bands?
5's Favorite Albums By Favorite Rock Artists
Death Ranked 1995: The Year Of Disco(volante)
Add Me On Psn! Old School Metal
University Digs Great Album Covers - Part 2
Rec Me Prog Death/black Metal Fordeath Metal
Veldin's Metal List - Come Hither Joined the Gym
My Taste In Music in 100 Albums The Rarest Metal CDs In My Collection
Jac's Fav Metal Of Death Dbz: Battle Of The Gods
My Objective Top 10 Worst Albums (in-genre) 100 Metal Songs
Favorite Dm/melodeath American Pride
4 Years Rec Me Interesting Dm
My Pie Chart Is Sexy Most Appropriate Album Covers
My Current, Top Ten Albums - Suggestions Please My Top 10 Lord Of The Rings Characters
Florida My Top 15 Favorite Death Metal Albums
Cool Sputnik Users Favorite Album Covers
Birthday Jamz Artuma Hits 10k! Top 200 Albums: 200-151
10 Excellent Episodes Of Lost Bass Metal Recs For My Bday
Metal I'm Digging Because Of Sputnikmusic Sputnik Music Facts And Trivia Game
999 Ratings Dark Metal Pt. 2
Bored Af 10 Albums Per Decade Since 70s Why Not Bands That I'm Looking To Get Into.
Go Hard Or Fook Off My 50 Favorite Songs Of All Time, With Explanations
Guess The Album Bands You Recd Me Yesterday
5 Favorite Full Metal Alchemist Charcaters Top Metal Albums Of All Time
Strictly Metal Diet Influential Guitarists
Gym Song Digs Shows I Couldn't Get Into
Need Death Metal Recs Need Some Vinyl Collection Advice
Death Drummer Richard Christy Genre Defining Albums
Conspiracy Theorists Goat Jams [2]
5 Years Of Sputtin Underrated Albums
Top 20 Last.fm Artists Got A Job!
My Favourite Metal Albums Newest Acquisitions (2)
Underappreciated Albums From Great Bands Closers From Final Album or Only Album
Some Of My Favorite Video Games Worst Death Album?
My Top 10 Favourite Video Games/albums Death Ranked
10 Albums 5 Bands: Metal In Opposition To The Sophomore Slump
Death To Posers Gonna Meet Snide Tomorrow
Some Of The Best Metal Debuts Top 5
Albums I Still Haven't Heard Yet Awesome Death Metal Albums #2
Awesome Death Metal Albums #1 Top 10
Top 10 Fave Albums! Best Songs Ever
Hench's Top 25s: 1998 100 Albums I Own On Cd
Hench's Top 25s: 1995 Which Is The Best?
Great War Of The 90s First Battle (2) Great War Of The 90s First Battle (1)
Which Is The Best? Hench's Top 25s: 1993
Trends In Metal Over The Last 3 Decades The Best Songs From Each Death Album
Hench's Top 25s: 1991 Soundtrack To Hell Vol. 1
Everything New I Listened To In Freshman Year How To Tell Good From Bad Grindcore
Metal Recommendations Hench's Top 25s: 1988
Deathcore/metal Recs? We Are The 1%
Hench's Top 25s: 1987 Baby Birds Rule
Favorite Metal Album Covers Beast Drummers!
What Is The Best Band Of All Time? My Top 10 Metal Albums
Monday Morning Jams Console Wars
Albums I Used To Like But Now Don't Why TSOP Is Terrible
Tsop Is Disgustingly Underrated! Favorite Gym Albums
The Yellow Riff Road A Drug Filled Winter
Happy Easter, Bitches Rsd Haul
Essential Heavy Music Favorite Guitarists
Well-Made Games That The Internet Hates A Week Of Sputnik
Which Is The Absolute Worst? Obligatory Favorite Bands List
Which Is The Worst? Worst Users of all time
Playoffs Playlist Sometimes, You Want Vanilla
Bands This Site Won't Shut Up About Jac's Favourite Countries
Death Ranked Recs For Danny
My Top 15 Favorite Albums Of All Time Jams
Digs My Favorite Video Game Franchises
Albums That Got Me Into Metal Need Summer Recs
I Had A Dream Albums I Can't Like Because Of The Hate They Get
In What Order Should I Check These Out? Bands/artists I Will Be Giving A Shot Soon
Potsy Falls In Love Sput Bday: Favorite Users And Albums
10 Of My Favorite Users, Pt. 2 Pissed Because Of Football
Digs 29 Albums I've Heard This Year
Potsy Joins Last.fm Vote For The Best Death Album
Incredible Heavy Albums FiveLeavesLeft's Ranking Of Death
Amazing Albums That Bore Me Bad Songs That I Like
Worst Death Songs Classic Albums With One Bad Song
Special Albums Albums I Jack Off To
Albums I've Made People Hate The Insomnia List Blues
Famous First Words Pt. 1 Rating System Pls
Winter 2013 - 14' Jamming Heavy
Meatal Death's Final 4
Favorite Albums At The Time, Rec Me Some Which Death Album Had The Best Production?
Underplayed And Underappreciated Death Metal Recs
Worst Megadeth Album? Classic Metal Albums That No Metalhead Hates
Favourite Albums Best Slayer Album?
Album Ratings Reduced? Your Least Favorite Of Metallica's First 4 Albums?
Albums I'm Insecure About Liking Worst Death Album?
My Top 10 Favorite Songs Highly Rated Albums That Are Hated By Many
Death Ranked My Favorite (metal) Albums
My Meager Collection (vinyl) Vol. 1 Seven Churches Vs. Scream Bloody Gore
My Metal Club Of 100 Hated Albums That I Like
10 Of My Favorite Users Awesome Goddamn Sput Users
Hard Riffs My Top 20 Bands
Great Closing/final Tracks So Much Music, And So Little Time
To Listen Recent Film And Music Digs
Rec Me Bands With Good Bass Players Great First Tracks
20 Favorite Death Tracks Rec Me Prog
Suicide's 10 Favorite Bands Jac's 10k Comment Milestone
4 Years Of Sputnik Overrated Metal
Top 10 Favorite Artists! What Are Some Albums That You Need To Buy But Haven't Yet?
Treb's 50 Favorite Albums Prog Rock/Metal, Metal
To Listen To Checklist Favorite Bands: Past & Present
My Album Collection (CD) Learning Guitar
80's Movies N Tunes Album Openers With The Best Intros
Ranking Other People's 5s : Fearthyevil9 My Favorite Songs
Birthyear List Me Dig, You Dig, We Dig
50 Good Albums I Need Some Fast Music
Users' Favorite Albums Pt. 2 My Cd Collection (part 1)
2 Hard Metal Alben 2.0 Top Best Metalbands
Bands I wish were still together Recent Cd Purchases
Seeing Red 50 Great Opening Songs
Some Sweet Album Art Album Battle - Death
Top 15 80's Metal Albums 90's Metal Masterpieces
December 2013 New Year's Resolutions?
Songs That Make Me Think Of Mountains Quick Digs List, Why Not?
Another Christmas List hey hey merry xmas
M/ A Bit More Than Usual Favorite Years For Music
Music That Makes My Asshole Bleed This Month's Additions
My Favourite Guitarists Any Death Metal Suggestions?
Sum Closers Favourite Drum Albums
Albums I Digged Recently (december 2013) Symbolic
The Most Listened to Artists in 2013 (last.fm) 3 Favourite Metal Bands
Rip Chuck Schuldiner Cowboy Bebop
Symbolic Vs. Rust In Peace Death Ranked
Butterybiscuitboom The World Cup
Hellfest 2014 Hi Sputnik
25 Biggest Influences On My Guitar Playing Winter Break Resolutions
The Finest Hours Of Black/Death Metal Recent Digs. Rec Me Plz.
Black Friday Buys Death - Ranked
November 2013 Top 10 Death Metal Vocalists
!!thanksgiving Death Plug!! Death Metal In 1993
Top 1991 Death Metal Favorite Metal Bands Of All Time
Stuff I've Been Listening To Best Albums Of All Time
25 Perfect Songs Got A New Job
Best Album Art Baddest & Realist
Digging Up Dem Digs Youtube Music Listening
Kingdom Hearts And Death Metal Some of the Best Death Metal Songs
My Top 100 Favorite Albums Ever Popped Another Molly
25 Great Games Headphone Amp
25 Awesome Openers Favourite Drumming
Milo Goes To Crystal Mountain Proving Sophomore Slump Wrong
Can't Sleep Personal Top 50 Death Metal Albums
My Top 50 Death Metal Albums (before 2000) Flu Jams
Some Great Closers Songs That Change Lives
The Vox Is Back Latest Metal Purchased
Instrumental Scary, Frightening And Creepy Album Covers
The World's Not A Church, It's A Graveyard 90's Artists
Riffs I Miss Silentpotato
My Top Five Albums Death Ranked
Top 10 Favorite Albums Government Shutdown
Rip Jac Hola Sputnik
The Real Weird Thing About Death 100 Albums, Demos, Splits Etc That I Enjoy
Just Some Kick-ass Songs Favourite Bands/album/song
Best Of My Cd Collection Favorite Bands
Death Vs. Saliva Feeling Murrican
Better Call Saul Bands Who Have Never Released Anything Bad
Hangover List Best Albums Of The 90's (by Year)
Fave Albums Top 5 Metal/rock Albums Of 1998
Album Artwork Annoying
Red Albums 80's Death Metal
Favourite Songs Awesome Production/tone
Top 5 Metal/rock Albums Of 1995 Heavy Metal Albums I Dig
Top 5 Metal/rock Albums Of 1993 Luke Kuechly
Top 10 Metal/rock Albums Of 1991 Sputnik Dm League Assemble!
Learn To Tech Death Top 10 Metal/rock Albums Of 1990
Sick Death Metal Vocalists Top 15 Death Metal
Top 10 Metal/rock Albums Of 1988 List Is Music
Top 10 Metal/rock Albums Of 1987 I've Been Paying My Respects
Top 10 Death Metal Albums My Top 80's Metal Albums
Top Old School Death Metal Albums Death Ranked
Something For Everyone Need Recs
Top 10 Favorite Metal Albums Introduction To Bens:top 100
New On Sput, Sup Doods? 25 Awesome Closers
10 Awesome Moments Vol.2 Guide To Metal Elitism
Copping A Feel Of Trebor My Favourite Albums
I'm Young, So I Help Me Out Favorite Death Metal Bands
Death Guitarists Ranked My Top 20 Death Metal Albums
Cheeky 10 Death Albums Ranked
Which Is The Kind Of Music Fan You Despise Most ? Another Death List
Users That I Think Have An Awesome Musical Taste Good, Affordable In-earphones
Top 15 Influential Heavy Metal Bands Track Diggage
Vacation Albums Favorite Metal Albums
Top 15 Underrated 90's Metal Albums What's Going On Here?
Ty's Third Sputversary I'm Getting There, I'm Getting There
Favorite Albums Birthday Jams
My Favourite Death Metal Albums Sputnikcore
The Big Four Of Death Metal? Good Xbox 360 Games?
New York Vs Florida 30 Favorite Albums Of All Time
Recent Purchases Metal Albums Still Relevant Today
Japanese Buffett Favourite Metal Drummers
Death Vs Morbid Angel Favorite Songs>
Just Death Metal Girlfriend Left Me...
My Top 5 Albums 20 Today! :D
Artuma's Top 100 Addictive Albums
Team Fortress 2 Maps Sputnik's Metal Madness Winner
Top Ten Metal Albums Final Round: Sputnik's Metal Madness
1993 Sputnik's Metal Madness - Fifth Round
Sputnik's Metal Madness - Fourth Round 25 Favorite Albums Of All Time
Rec Me Some Death Metal Summer Jams
Sputnik's Metal Madness - Third Round Wheres Metal 2013???
Sputnik's Metal Madness - Second Round Death Albums Ranked
Metal Greats 1988 Sputnik's Metal Madness - First Round
Sim's Top Ten Albums Sput's Favorite Albums Madness Rd. 4
Sput's Favorite Albums Madness Rd. 3 Sweet Sixteen Sput's Favorite Albums Madness Rd. 2
5's Ranked (thievery) The Best Albums Opener Songs *100th Comments Yay*
5's Ranked Sput's Favorite Albums Madness Rd. 1
Wagged A New Tape Deck On The Cheap Top 10 Death Metal Albums
Title Tracks My 20 Favourite Debut Metal Albums
Playing Dwarf Fortress Death Ranked
Who Here Plays D&d? Good Albums In No Particular Order Or Genre
Favourite Metal Albums Of The 90s Trebhammer 40k
Death: Vinyl Vs Cd Vs Digital. Scum's Favorite Title Tracks
Universal Acceptance I Just Started A Band
Killer Tracks Power Metal!?!?
Metal Will Never Disappear Of My Pie Chart M/ Metal Brothers M/
Dem Riffs Favorite Death Metal Tracks
Rec Me Some Good Osdm Technicians Of Death
Your Subway Sub Prog Metal Madness
Happy Chuck Day! The List Is Life.
Rip Bigpleb Really Awesome Songs
I Creamed Top 5 Voice Actors
Trilogy Of Truth Scum's Top 50 Artists On Last.fm
Rec Me Some Death/black/doom Metal Weekends Jams
A Peculiar Thing Guns For Kids?
Fuck You Calculus Shuffling
Best Vocal Performance By Schuldiner? Graduating College In 2 Weeks
Workday Jams Pt 2 Scum's Favorite Debut Albums
Most Important Old School Death Metal Albums (80's - Early 90's) Friday Night Jams
Favorite Instrument? Battle Of The 'Bests'!
Albums have slayed you Bible Belt People Piss Me Off
Essential Jams A Corner For Metal Ballads
1 Year Sputversary The Best Songs Vol. 1
Albums I'm Digging Right Now What Bands Do You Personally Connect With The Most?
Top 25 Cap's New Dm Song From Upcoming 2014 100% Dm Album
I Love Sputnik So Hard The Malleus Directory (part 1)
How Trve Are Your Facebook Friends 2 Key Years
Rapierapie The Hands That Thieve
The Chosen Ones ( My Favorite Albums) Chuck's Favorite Metal Drummers
Recent Metal Buys! Delicious Spicy Metal chicken Soup With Extra tomatoes & treated with Sufficient imported Indian Peppers For your Hungry ears
Coolest Artists Evah Another Sleepless Night
This Timeline Thing I Stole From Pbass0 100 Of Capt's 90's Albums
Death Metal And Runescape Classic Death/thrash Masterpieces
Trve Albums Favorite Metal
New Track W/ Captaindooright The Perfect Steak
Awesome Drummers Saw Evil Dead Last Night
A Year Of Sputnik A Prog Metal List
Albums That I Worship 100 Favorite Albums Of The 90's
Evil Dead Tonight Old School Death Metal
Essential Death Metal Hyperdeath
Metal For Christians Sputnik Nit Elite Eight
Any Reasons To Keep A Ps3 Top 10 Classic Thrash & Death Songs
10 Best Death Metal Albums Rec's For Long Drive
Rec Me Death Metal Review List Need Refilled, Gimme Some Recs.
Melodic Metalcore Recs Please Metal My Top 100
Everything I Bought In 2013 So Far The Best Featured Metal List Today
Metal: An Essential Library Vinyl Recs
More Metal Than Ya Momma's Black Kettle Do You Even Riff?
Fives Death To All Tour
The Drive Back Home 1000 Posts
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Top 20 Movie & Music List Horror Films That I Forgot In My Last List
Greatest Albums Ever 5 Great Death Songs.
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Death Recs Plz Metal Recs
Scoot's Top 100 Albums I Love You!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
50 States, 50 Bands Sputnik Music Taste
Death Metal Vs. Black Metal And Vinnie Stigma Will Always Love Whitney Houston
Metalcore! Fucked Up Story
Thrash Vs Death Metal Got Kicked Out Of My Band
Top 40 Artists Favorite Music: 90s Up To Now
Songs With Amazing Vocal Performances My Favourite Guitar Solos
Btjunkie.org Voluntarily Shuts Down 25 Years Of Death Metal
Death To All But Metal Top 10 Most Played Songs On My iTunes
Top 10 Death Songs My Favourite Metal Albums
Top 5 Greatest Death Metal Albums Elementary My Dear Watson
I Really Should Be Reading But... 80's Death Metal Recs?
Trebor Is A Top Commenter On Know Your Meme Top 30 Albums
This Is Why Anti-piracy Laws Are Stupid Some Metal in this fucking site
What Would You Do? Band Tees?
Gimmie Weird Stuff I Need Room Mates Who Listen To More Music And Less Dubstep -_______-
Jesus Christ Superstar Need Tech-death Recs
Recent Ratings.. When In Doubt, Pinky Out
Who Created The Blast Beats? It's About Time Katatonia!
Albums To Die For Don't Feature This List
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Fuck Cnn 10 Years Rip
Florida Domination Good Songs With Good Videos
Need moar Dan Swano Digs Of The Week
Rules Turning 21 Next Week
Favorite 90's Metal Albums Death Metal Playlist
Top 10 Lost Characters Bass Performances
I've Hit A Musical Brick Wall, Any Suggestions? Albums That Shaped Metal: 1970-2002
Quality Heaviness #3 Opeth Fans Are Horses
Just Saw Lights Live Die
Rec Me New Metal Need Metal M/
THE INTERNET CENSORSHIP BILL PASSED Kerrang!'s 50 Heaviest Albums Of All Time
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20 Amazing Metal Drummers 1988-present: My Favorite Metal Albums
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100 Ratings 100 Albums Winter Is Coming
Fall To Winter: Transitional Inspiration Favorite Drummers
The Best Bands I've Ever Heard! Passionate Albums From The Soul
Help Me Best Metal Albums
The Day Of Satan What Is The Most Influential Heavy Metal Musician?
F.y.i. Wolfhorde Is German Personal Favorite Prog Metal Releases.
Lulu Wanna Candy?
How Hard I Dm Needs Moar Metallicopeth
Lets go lynch all those blackmailing Bastards Need Some Death Metal Recs
Metalling Hard Today Digging!
100 Bands I Do Not Care About Real Metal
Ewwwww Jesus Hitler
Need Death Metal Recs 20 Righteous Tunes
Death: Where Do I start? Death Metal Is On My Pie Chart
1991 500 Ratings, 666 Comments
Converge Break Up Ello Sputnik!
First List Musical Dna
September 2011 Happy Early Birthday To Me.
Why Not... Top 100. I Joined Here When There Was Mxtabs/musicianforums.com, Heres Some Shit Ive Been Listening To The Last 6 Years.
Wtf 69 Ratings Choosing Death
12 Best Metal Bands Why Deathcore Sucks
Vile Hamster Classic Metal Craving Some New Metal
Recent Digs So I Got Gears 3
Rec Me Some Good Tech Death Masturbatory Bass Performances
I Hate Stuff Rec Me Metal Please
Looking For Good Rec's Edgar Wright Ranked
R.i.p. Lokomotiv Yaroslavl Quintessential Death Metal
South East Represent Holla At Your Boy James Murphy Day
Lift Your Skinny Fists [top 10] Death Metal
Bands With The Best Discographies??1?? Superb Ass
Sunday Morning Classics The Ear Drugs
Rec Me Books DM2011?
Listening Death Metal Off For The Weekend
250th List Balls To The Wall Brutality Recs
My Fave Metal Songs Of All Time Old School Death Metal Releases
Insanely Loud Drumming Well-produced Metal
My Favorite 100 Songs A Pure Explosion Of Ownage
Death Metal Recs Please Music For Winners
Kingdom Hearts Fuck Yeah Death Metal Em Slash
Rwake Has A New Song!!!! Playlist Juillet 2010
Digs... Top 30
Today And Tomorrow Overlooked/overrated/underrated Movies
Qual E's Wants Most Influential Heavy Metal Records
Beautiful, Powerful Songs Hard Jams
Super 8 Is Super Great! My 100 Favourite Albums
Essential Metal Albums Part II The Super Band Game #2
I'm More Important Than You Can't Sleep I'll Make A List
I'm New Best Of (Favorite bands/artists)
My Top 10 Albums From 1993 Lost All My Food Crossing The Road
100 Favorite Songs Rec Me Metal!
My Favorite Albums Dnor And Balls
My Top 51 Favorite Albums. Rec Me Good Earbuds
Vinyl I Bought Yesterday Turntable.fm Us Only
Fsharp Presents: Video Games Human Remaster Is Perfect
Words That Mean Things Without Judgement What Would We Do?
Rip Ryan Dunn Most Universally Liked Metal Band
Which Of These Should I Buy First Why '91 Was The Pinnacle Of Death Metal
Metallica Switches Genres??? Awesome Varied Digs!
My Favorite All Time Death Metal Releases 15 Awesome Albums
Death Ranked Summer!
Losing Interest In Metal Yo Dawg
Sputnikmusic Revolution Sputnik Revolution #3
Sputnik Revolution #2 I Would A Stayed In Tinychat
New Counterparts Artwork Revealed Cant Wait To Get 20k Comments So Kill Will Review Foreigner
You Can't Kill The Metal The Nineteen Nineties
The Nineteen Eighties Bands To Play At Your Grandma's Funeral
Metal Sunday Finally
90s Albums With Good Bass My 12 Favorite Metal Albums
Modern Metal Recommendations Anyone? Stuff I've Been Listening To In The Last 24 Hours
Death Albums Ranked I Hate Recording
Generic Digs List Sup Cuties, Current Digs, Recs Plz.
Real Albums To Play Games To 100 Greatest Metal Songs
The Real Best Cover Art Ever Part 1 10,000 Posts
Greatest. Concert. Ever 50 Albums I 5'd
Favourite Lyricists My Essential Metal Albums
Judgment Day: 25 Favorite Bands Death Metal Recs, Please
Inveigh's Favorite Metal Expansion
A Sizeable Giftcard To A Shitty Store Favorite Tech-death Albums
Evergreen Metal Albums Of All Time Metal Is Dead
Metal As Hell Does He Look Like A List???
More Sex! (free Nudes Inside) Top Ten Favourite Bands (warning may contain traces of cliche).
50 Favorite Songs - Recs??? Sputnikoar?
Manliest List Ever This Week's Metal
The Monday Blues Brutal List Is Brutal
Best Techno-jazz Fusion Hardcore Of 2011 So Far Each Person Rec Me One Album
Chuck Schuldiner Ranked Sput Nik Mo Vies
Possible Upcoming Reviews 12 Bands That Have An Inspired Me As A Musician
Dorkiest Musicians Ever? Top 10 Favorite Albums
A Blast From The Past 1000 Ratings
Dm Is Better 15 Genres, 15 Awesome Albums
Death Ranked Indie Recs Please
Indie Recs Please Favourite Metal Bands
1000 Ratings A Metal List
First Judo Competition In 3 Weeks, Need Training Recs. Years Ranked
You Can't Kill The Metal Symbolic Ranked
Sounds Hereditary. Death Metal Recs
F*** You Cd Art Makers/venue Owner/world Albums That Sound Better With Headphones
Cds I Bought In The Month Of Feb tooooooooooomb of desecratiooooooon
My Death Metal Died Some Of My Favorite Guitarists
Angel Of Death Metal Recent Digs
Best Songs From 5's Bands Sputnik Has Introduced Me To
Recs Some of my Favorite Albums
That's Enough, Nickelback. Oh Look I Bought Cds For Once
My Phallus Grew 4 Inches!!! Ohh Fuuuuu.... New User.
The Best Of What I've Listend To Recently Best Guitar Albums
Cold Water Music Fuckin' Metal, Duuuude
Bellum Omnium Contra Omnes Help! Need new music!
Albums Everyone Should Have On Their Mp3 Player? Favourite Songs To Play On Drums
Life Is Good Rec Me Some Music
Albums I Got For Christmas, And I Some I Just Bought Favorite Album Art
Bands I proudly rep. What Did You *nice people* Get For Christmas
Classic Death Metal Albums Johnny Gave Me An Assignment For Christmas Break
Zune Question Sonic's Guide To Cooking Like A Madman Pt. 1 The Chronicles
Top 100 Rec Me Good Obscure Music
Band Progress And Recs I Don't Always Listen To Metal...
Why the Usa Is Awesome New Opeth In 2011
Music To Make Sweet Sweet Love By 100 Songs Of The 20th Century
Death Recs Angel Slays The 90s
Classic Years In Rock: 1987 Essentials.
Your Daddy Didn't Want You... Fr33's Favorites
Am I Scene? Still Thrashin Hard
Songs That Rule Osdm
The Slow Loris Is So Cute Great Moments In Metal
Favorite Death Songs FuckingRIFFS
Bands With The Most Consistent Discographies Inveigh Does The 90's
Monkey Nuts Are The Tits Out With The New, In With The Old(ish)
New Account. Digs.. Lurk No Longer
Oi Sputnik! Do Me A Favour... Everyday Listens.
Everybody Look At Me I Want Attention!!!! Your Favorite Album
List Is Full Of So Much Win Great Album Art (part 3)
Essential Death Metal? Top Bands
Bang Your Head Death/Golf Balls
10 Best Metal Frontmen 1 For Every Year I've Been Breathing Air
666 Florida Bands/artists Ranked
10 Albums That Make Me Happy French Fries Ranked
Some Of My Cd's Best Of... Death Metal!
The "Big Three" of Prog Death Ranked Listen To These Albums Otherwsie U Suck
Making New Users Better Part 1 Great Album Art (part 2)
Flacing Yr Mom The Witch King's Metal List Vol.1
Urine Teaches You How To Indie Old school means you're sexy
Osdm Recs? Songs Me And My Buddy Might Do Next
Everybody Loves Chicken.... Right? Fr33 Turns 3000
Angel's Essential '80s Metal/hard Rock Bullets From Hell
Top 20 Favorite Guitarists Top 50 Favorite Songs Of All Time
Top 25 Favorite Albums 90's METAL
I Am Hungry Harmony Harmony Oh Love
Favorite Album Covers Death Metal Rec's?
Angel's 2-year Sputnik Ends....tommorow
Recent Obsessions Personal Favorites
Favourite Books My Descent Into Madness
13 Steps With I Got Into Metal Awesome/suprisingly Good
Real Death Metal Movies I Watched Recently
Life Changing Albums Need Accessible Death Metal
Fuckin Metal My Birthday
Gmork Turns 1000 Vocal Cover Ideas
My Old School Death Metal Picks Great Music You've Never Heard
'91: Golden Years Pt. 3 '90: Golden Years Pt. 2
I Am " An Hero" Beats By Dre
No Work Tech Death Recs?
America Rules Harder Weekends Are Too Short
Incredibly Consistent Artists Underrated
10 Quality Pieces Of Metal Best Guitar Solos
Favorite Albums Of 1995 Favorite Albums Of 1993
1,000 Ratings It's Cool Because I Can Make Lists
Vic's Awesome 90's Went To Maryland For A Week...
Judo Flower Power
Good Songs Addictive br00tality brah.
3 Years At Sputnik, Like Anyone Cares Battle Of The Genres- Quarter-final 2
One Year On Sputnik Another List Bites The Dust
Give Me Some Recs The Results Are In.
Last List Before The Final Name Change read my list or i will eat a kitten
Generic Feit List I Hate You All
Top 50 Albums Of The 90's Battle Of The Genres- Part 11
Watched Some Horror Movies Dm
Awesome Metalcore Breakdowns!! Bird Got Crushed, Brutal.
Graduated The Ten Essential Death Metal Albums
List Of Bands I Used To Dislike But Now Can't Get Enough Of Favorite Characters On Shows
Album Covers On My Tee's My Favorite Bassists
Hi Guys I'm New Tech. Death Recs
Hellyeah?.......hellno. I Need Rec's Very Bad!!!
I Feel Inadequate Excellent Death Metal.
Banned From Metal The Most Powerful Song From Each Of The Last 45 Years
Amazing Fucking Vocalists 10000 Lastfm Plays!!! Rec More!
Willie's 90 For The 90s Metalllllll Lots Of It
Death Metal Presentation Tommorow Top 50 Death / Black Metal Bands
10 Favorite Album Cover Arts Of All Time Blood Tests
Shuffles From Itunes...... Songs I Just Cannot Get Out Of My Head Atm..
Going Skiing Delicious Maliciousness
100 Essentials From The 90's Weight Training Supplements
Top 10 Guitar Lead Albums How Many Bands Is Too Many For A Facebook Profile?
My Fav Death ,metal Vokillz Death Metal
Greatest Metal Albums Of All Time Bleekill's Essential Death Metal
Favorite Albums - Suggest Me Some Music! Long List Of Awesome
My Top 10 Bands Right Now Scrambles The Death Dealer
Death Or Black Metal? Best Board Games Ev3a4!1pie!
My Favorite Albums Of All Time The 90s Yo part 1
Rock Band: Good Edition Essential Prog
Tom Servo's Top 90 Of The 90's Current Digs
5 Records That Got Me Into Death Metal Flamenco Recs
Greg's Top 50 Downloads 3 Plz Rec
Some Soft Music Ingenuity Obligated To Make An Obligatory 1000 Comments List
Last.fm My Top 25 Metal Albums
My Favorite Covers eminems new album is called recpvery
Deatherection Yer
First Punk Band Easy Death Metal Tabs?
20 Death Metal Albums - A Lethal Guide To Death Metal Some Metal
Albums That Push The Boundaries part 1 Recent Downloads
My Favorite Albums, Ever. My Genre-Defining Albums
I Should Be Studying.... Some Metal
Top 10 Favorite Metal Bands Most Beautiful Metal Songs
Top 5 Metal Dumming Albums New Here
Going Somewhere Crazy For Break?! My Very Favorite Music Found On Sputnik
Dream Concert Cds In My Car
This List Is Good Why American Metal Is Better
"The Crazies" was actually good Rec Me Essential Death Metal
Top Ten Bands Did You Know Woody Harrelson's Father Was A Hitman?
Florida Music Can Be Good! Blowing My Mind Lately
Favorite Moments In Metal Just The Tip. Just The Tip!
Abc's Of Metal Random Mixtape
New To Sputnik Bands Dug This Month
Police State 2010 I'm a Master of the Custodial Arts, or A Janitor If You Wanna Be A Dick About It
My Musical Progression The Best Of...EVERYTHING
You Know What Tickles Ma Giggle Bone? Ciudad Juarez Here I Come
Stuff Im Listening To Rob Zombie: Greatest Vocalist Ever?
New Here Recent Music, Rec?
Albums I Want Similar Styles To Barney Is Da Bestz
I Need Heavy Shit Brad Pitt's Beard
My First List Recs Prease
Best 2 Album Runs Taking Classes At Local Community College
What Would Brian Boitano Do? Jus Chillin
Albums Bought In '09 Favourite Death Metal!
I Am New What Did I Get For Christmas?
Metal Introduction Albums I Obtained Today
Metal I've Been Diggin Rec Me Whore Rar
Current Riff Writing Influences 50% Job Done
Death Metal Top 10 Metal Albums Of 1991
Top 10 Metal Albums Of 1995 Burn2Burn's Magical Journey Through The Decade
Top 10 Metal Albums Of 1998 Biggest Digs List Ever
Most Influential Metal Albums The Lusty List
The To-do List Bands That Quit Too Soon
Badboys Santa List Symbolic: Ranked
Best Of 2009 Favorite Metal Albums By Subgenre
Best Band Logos Musical Rut, Need Help
Best Bass Albums Death Metal Reccos Needed
Favorite Album Covers My Metal Stuff
Randomly Great Metal Albums Alt Account
Halloween Is Great Going To Arctic Monkeys
Give Me Good Old School Death Metal None Of That Pussy Ass Modern Bullshit Unless It's Modern Old School Then It's Cool 100 Albums
10 Dm Albums I Couldn't Do Without So... My PE Wellness Playlist
Death Metal Classics Death Recs?
My Favorite Death Metal Albums Another generic list of digs
The Year is 2033 Top 10 Favorite Bands
Florida Death Metal Rec Me Some Death!
Death No 5 Syllable Bands Here
On Constant Rotation! 9079 Plays On Last.fm
Rec Me Old Post-hardcore Benzum
Something For Everyone You Know Your Roomante Sucks When...
Napalm In The Morning Black People Death Metal
Shit, Sputnik (Rec me uplifting music?) Medieval
Opeth Are Shit Bands I Want To Get In To
Back From A Break METAL SUNDAY
Which One Should I Get For Righ Now This Or That!?
Essential Metal Bands Bands I Have Recently Started Listening To....
Alligator Is Cool Looking For Suggestions.
Best Death Metal Albums Of All Time! Sputnik, Help Me
Paul Masvidal Ranked Current Digs
Recs Please! Farewell Sputnik(Just Kidding)
Psyclone's Favorite Albums Altmer's Top Metal Bands
Favorite Metal Bands Recent Buys
Metalz An Unimaginative List Title
Albums I'm Going To Review Ultimate 90s List
Favourite Metal Albums Old School Death Metal Ftw
My Musical Progression Albums I Cant Stop Listening To
Top 90s Albums My Last List
Who Plays Cod World At War On The Ps3 "I need the biggest seed bell you have."
Classic Death Metal Klekticist Away For A Week
my fav death metal albums Favorite Death Songs
R.i.p. Steve Mcnair Big Jugs Pt. 5
/m/ Recomend Me Something?
Do You Have Any Megadeth? So Far, So Good
Rattle Your Goddamn Head Eureka!
Legit Metal Buys Need Some Advice
3 Years Of My Life Have Been Sucked Away By This Website, And All I Have To Show For It Is This Shitty List Disgusting
Top Ten Best metal Debut Albums My Musical Journey
Damn, I Have Good Weekends... Awesome Drumming
Current Digs. Good God Can You Still Get Us Home?
I Have Lost All Hope My Favourite Albums....
Need Some Rec's Please Albums That Influence My Drumming
Guys, Rec Me Non Metal Music Favorite Drum Albums
One Year On Lastfm AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
One Cannot Simply Tank-cat Into Mordor! Great Album Openers Pt.2
Fucking Hardcore Music Some Great Albums I've Been Listening To Lately....
Berfday Diggers Help Me Please
It Was A Good Weekend... The Ultimate Riff n Noise Nirvana
METAL Screw Work
Albums Full Of Amazing Riffs Throughout! The Ballstothewall List
My Top 10 Favourites Gettin My Weed On
Metal Albums I Love To listen to After Years You Cant KILL The Metal
10 Awesome Songs Need
Death Fucking Metal Best Old School Death Metal Albums
Death Albums Ranked Top 15 Death Metal Album
Metal Is The Best Genre 90s Death Metal Albums Part1
Albums On Repeat Favorite Songs (as Of 2/21/09)
So I'm Getting A New Bed... Prog Metal
KILLing Time I Seriously Need New Stuff
I Fart In Your General Direction! So I Heard Blink Got Back Together
Generic Dig List Another 50 Songs About Me
Top 15 Albums O' Mine (the Genericness!) Jrowa001's 100 Favs!!
10 Albums I Can't Live Without 11 In 7
New Name Death Metal At Its Best
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