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50 Musical Impacts

Moments in music that really left an impact on my taste. I never get tired of these portions. It was really hard for me to limit it to 50, but I tried to narrow it down. It's even alphabetized for your conveniance:

"Show Me How To Live" - (0:20) - Probably my favorite riff of all time - This album, in my opinion, is Audioslave at their best... Songs Like "Cochise," "Like A Stone," and "Gasoline" make it.
2The Black Keys
El Camino

"Little Black Submarines" - (3:25) - At this point when the heavily distorted guitars come in and build on an already awesome song, it always strikes me as a high point of the album. Fun in the car.
3Brad Sucks
Out Of It

"Understood By Your Dad" - (0:17) - One band that more of you guys need to check out is Brad Sucks. They don't have a bad song. But, on this one, some unique drumming comes in right before Mr. Turcotte himself hops in the mix and it all meshes up really well.
4Brand New

"Daisy" - (1:21) - Although not a fan favorite, Daisy remains my favorite Brand New album and the title track of this album remains my favorite Brand New song. At this point in the song, that fuzzy, almost clanky guitar compliments the stand-out lyrics, and previously mellow track.
Sans Souci

"Matador" - (5:30) - My favorite album of all time, Sans Souci, is full of awesome moments, but the one I chose to pinpoint exemplifies a lot of the math-rock riffs that this album contains.
Wonder What's Next

"Family System" - (0:20) - That cymbal tap at 0:29 is so dynamic and remains, in my mind, as one of the most attention-grabbing openers of any album. It helps that I am such a big Chevelle fan. They are my go-to harder rock band. Anyone else listen to them when they mow the lawn?
7Chrome Sparks
Sparks EP

"Marijuana" - (0:44) - This unique & obscure electronic track is topped off by an additional layer of synth, pushing it to its potential.
8The Cinematic Orchestra
Ma Fleur

"To Build A Home" - (1:08) - I have always had a love for songs with a piano lead but this song does a good job of showcasing an arpeggiation that really grabbed my attention. It leads up to a stunning chorus. Beautifully mellow.
Hair Guitar

"Zipper Problems" - (0:25) - Another one that deserves more cred. along with more entries to the data base. DJ Copy puts out a unique blend of electronic music. "Zipper Problems" gets good here when some fast-paced, high-pitched tones come in.
10Darwin Deez
Darwin Deez

"DNA" - (0:35) - Despite the labels and stereotypes that this band must deal with, their debut album is totally kick-ass and is one of those that I will always keep around because of how many times I can go back to listen to it and still love it. Very different. "DNA" is one of the singles that takes off at the chorus when an awesome guitar melody blends with an electronic drum loop and heavy bass.
11Death Cab For Cutie

"Title and Registration" - (0:45-1:13) - Early on the album, Death Cab takes off with this song, as it remains my favorite of their's to date. The chorus always relaxes me and puts me in a different place. Very nostalgic, different, and overall an excellent indie track.
Parking Lot Music

"The Process of Leaving" - (1:52) - This probably the album that I rec. the most to folks when they just want a "rec". The opening track shows the listener what this project is all about. E*Vax is 1/2 of Ratatat, another favorite band of mine, that appears later in the mix.
13Elliott Smith
Elliott Smith

"Coming Up Roses" - (1:24) - My love for Elliott Smith is endless and his self-titled album, along with Either/Or are albums that I don't know what I'd do with out. "Coming Up Roses" tosses in an electric guitar at this point in the track, making it one of the only times any "electric" instrumentation pops up in the record. Very surprising, very pleasing.
14The Evpatoria Report

"Taijin Kyofusho" - (2:35) - Post-rock remains my favorite genre of all time, and is definitely a go-to when I get bored with my typical alternative rock. The Evpatoria Report does it all. The drums come in at this point of the song and bring everything together.
Title of Record

"Skinny" - (0:35-2:25) - This little section here displays a flawless transition from a semi-interesting acoustic introduction and verse to a delicious, heavy bridge and chorus. Filter is pretty hit and miss, but when they "hit," it's great.
Holy Fire

"Inhaler" - (1:48) - I had to include this one. I am sure when you guys read the entry, if you have heard the song before, you knew exactly which cut of the song this was. Foals' blew my mind and my speakers with this awesomely heavy piece here.
17The Glitch Mob
Drink The Sea

"Fistful of Silence" - (2:25) - TGM has kept their fans waiting SO long for a new album but if it is going to be anywhere as good as Drink The Sea, then it'll be worth the wait. TGM really has a sound like no one else and incorporates HUGE bass and memorable electronics to create a large sound that makes for repeated jamming.
The Sophtware Slump

"Underneath The Weeping Willow" - (0:00) - Jason Lytle can make the piano cry. This song brings the presence of rain. It's one of those songs that brings a color to my mind - and this time, it is definitely blue.
Ganging Up On The Sun

"One Man Wrecking Machine" - (2:04) - On the second chorus, Guster incorporates a high-pitched synth-siren that trails around the already impressive chorus. This is my favorite of Guster's songs, a hard call to make with all of their AMAZING music. I just really think this song is perfect, specifically this part.
20Jets To Brazil
Orange Rhyming Dictionary

"Sea Anemone" - (2:38) - After an album that has relied largely upon an electric guitar-driven sound, Jets To Brazil delivers this mostly acoustic track strung with fantastic lyrics. The riff at this point in time is one that has grown throughout the song. Here, it reaches it's full potential. A great spring-time song - when the air is still a little chilly.

"Phantom II" - (0:36) - Throughout Cross, Justice's debut, listener's will come across a whole lot of bass. But, this bass is different from most. Within the electronic blend, Justice always delivers this awesome sound. I think that Justice delivers it best on this track and everything that is so crucial to their sound culminates here.
22Keaton Henson

"You Don't Know How Lucky You Are" - (0:33) - After the soft intro, Henson gets things going with this little riff. The second song I had heard by him, after hearing this section, I went to go download both of his albums. When he starts bending on those strings... A lot of sympathy and respect for this guy.
23LCD Soundsystem
This Is Happening

"Dance Yrself Clean" - (3:05) - Fuck dubstep. This is a real drop. This song got me into LCDS's music and now I am a really huge fan that can appreciate all three of James Murphy's genius albums. But anyways, the drop here is insane. It's intense, they change things up. It's all I could ask for.

"Am I Wry? No" - (0:00) - This opening chunk here is the perfect intro. The perfect intro to a near-to perfect album.

"Symmetry" - (1:02) - Coming a little while later in the album, "Symmetry" features guest vocals from a 14-year-old Georgian girl. The way her voice blends with Jonas Bjerre's is unreal. Another nostalgic one for me - fragile and beautiful.
Come On Die Young

"Christmas Steps" - (4:38) - This is the song that sucked me into post-rock - more specifically Mogwai, the first band of the genre that I really loved. CODY is still one of my favorite's from the renowned band. Here, the song climaxes with a long- awaited riff that the intro crept up to quite nicely - stealthy, ominous, and dark.
27Nine Inch Nails
The Fragile

"The Mark Has Been Made" - (2:07) - There were so many sections that I wanted to include from one of my favorite bands, NIN. I chose this instrumental track from my favorite NIN album because it just really explodes into an awesome song that seems to go quite overlooked when most listeners hear the album.
28Of Montreal
Hissing Fauna, Are You the Destroyer?

"Heimdalsgate Like A Promethean Curse" - (0:26) - Of Montreal has always been quirky and weird (just look at the song title) but they can really make it all sound good at the same time. HFAYTD is Of Montreal's best album, and this is probably my favorite moment from it.
29Olafur Arnalds
For Now I Am Winter

"Old Skin" - (2:07) - Visiting the neo-classical side here, we approach Arnald's new album's lead single. "Old Skin" climaxes at this point where a thumping beat is accompanied by the usual melody and an orchestra of pulsing violins. I love the direction things are heading for this young artist.
The Sauce

"Enter The Machine" - (0:59) - Glitch? Chill? Dubstep? A mixture of it all. I like to call it chilled out glitch-step. This is a side project from a couple of the guys of The Glitch Mob. "Enter The Machine" is heard later in the album, but drops a super catchy beat and a lot of AWESOME bass. The whole album is terrific though, and deserves a listen. Other tracks by the band - "Get The Money" and "Our Second Chance"
31Pedro The Lion
It's Hard To Find A Friend

"Bad Diary Days" - (2:52) - Pedro The Lion, a new musical love of mine, really hasn't made a bad album. At this point in the song, the driving guitar comes back in and does a great job of bring everything back together again after an especially soft section.

"Judoka" - (2:07) - Quadrupede's album cover caught my eye and after downloading and listening I was really surprised at this up and coming band's obvious potential. On this track, Quadrupede brings in a rumbling bass line that pulses travels up and down the scale. It bubble up from beneath the melody and percussion and has a really cool sound to it.
COM LAG (2plus2isfive)

"Gagging Order" - (0:00) - One of the most overlooked Radiohead releases, COM LAG, is one of my favorites. This song and "Fog (Again)" are both EXCELLENT. "Gagging Order" is a mostly acoustic track which is usually not something to expect from the band. The guitar is tuned all weird and the time signature Thom uses in a couple sections is absolutely insane. The riff used throughout the song, though, is relatively simple - and, also very enjoyable. Calm and collected - this is a different Radiohead then what I was used to.
In Rainbows

"Nude" - (0:37) - My favorite Radiohead track - from my favorite album. Colin Greenwood starts plugging away on the bass after a short textured intro. Selway's drumming is simply impeccable. Wait a couple more seconds and you'll be graced by some beautiful vocals from the talented, Mr. Yorke.

"Cherry" - (3:31) - Most of "Cherry" is just a massive build up to this insane climax. This portion is the definition of a musical climax. Cherry blooms and explodes here, filling my head with bright images accompanied by vivid colors. So good.
36Russian Circles

"309" - (1:32) - I don't even know how to describe this riff here. Brian Cook just rips up and down his bass guitar to create an undermining, deep melody that sounds SO good after backing off from the usual heavy lead that Russian Circles delivers so well.
37 Sigur Ros
Ágætis Byrjun

"Svefn-G-Englar" - (1:22) - Sigur Ros does it so well. All the time. Here, though, Sigur Ros does it best. The usual melody of this song is simply perfect, but here, they add a highly distorted, somewhat delayed lead guitar part. The result is an uplifting, soaring sound.
...and so we destroyed everything

"...and so we destroyed everything" - (4:10) - The closer to this wonderful post- rock album should be heard by every lover of the genre. Starting off soft it slowly builds. At the specified point in the song, an awesome riff is perfectly set up and delivered.
39 Spacehog
In The Meantime

"In The Meantime" - (0:11) - I bet you guys have heard this one. This a great example of a one hit wonder. The bass line here is insane. The hook it leads up to is even better.

"Reptilians" - (0:51) - Starfucker is so great. Indie/pop/electronica? It works out so well. Here they showcase a super catchy chunk of music with some deep bass, cheerful guitars, and another simple drum loop - copacetic.
41These New Puritans

Three Thousand - (0:18) - Some of you guys that have played Assassins' Creed or have seen the Revelations trailer may recognize or be familiar with this song. It begins with thumping drums and after adding some synth bass/brass really delivers at this point in time with the pounding melody. It's a badass song that presents a lot of power.
42This Will Destroy You
This Will Destroy You

"They Move On Tracks Of Never-Ending Light" - (2:20) - Hey! More post rock. When some light chords join the mix along with a soft drum loop, the opening riff that already sounded great, sounds even better.
The Book About My Idle Plot On A Vague Anxiety

"Metronome" - (1:17) - Toe's drummer is ridiculous. Ridiculously good. That needs to be understood before assessing the rest of the band. Here, they integrate a real metronome that starts off with some melodic acoustic riffs. About a minute in though, the riff returns to the place it started and sets up the pounding drums that come in. Everything adds up so nicely.

"Schism" - (0:13) - That bass line. What a great album. Anyone else ready for some new material?
45Two Door Cinema Club

"Sun" - (0:20-0:30) - This riff is repeated quite a bit throughout the song from TDCC's latest release. It's so catchy. The first time I heard it, I fell in love - primarily, with the bass. Still, I am not a big fan of the album as a whole.
Psyence Fiction

"Lonely Soul" - (5:19-6:48) - I am usually not one to pay much mind to strings. I don't usually listen to music with a whole lot of strings. But, I blindly purchased this album from Hastings a couple months ago and was driving home one night listening to it. At some point, this little section came on and the strings that it showcased were outstanding. They were definitely the highlight of the album.

"Meatman, Piano Tuner, Prostitute" - (2:08-2:43) - Helioscope is such a great album, and I love so many tracks on it. There is just something about this oddly titled one that catches my attention, especially at the listed time. The usual melody is overlayed with some extra ride and vocals that sound a whole lot like Radiohead's frontman Thom Yorke. It's all haunting and beautiful.
48The Whitest Boy Alive

"High on the Heels" - (0:32-0:48) - This is a newer discovery to me. It's nothing too special, but I found it so unbearably catchy that I decided I must post it. TWBA alive really needs deserves a larger fanbase anyways. This is just one of many great songs by them and this particular portion has a simple chord progression with a driving bass line. Some light synth is sprinkled on top for good measure and definitely compliments the sound as a whole.
49Wolfgang Gartner
Back Story

"Hook Shot" - (1:55) - Wolfgang Gartner is a name I found after searching similar artists to Deadmau5. I listened to both of his albums and came to the conclusion that it doesn't get much better than this right here. The "refrain" of this EDM song is kick-ass.
One Time For All Time

"Drove Through Ghosts To Get Here" - (2:01) - Last on the list is some more post- rock. Here, the tempo picks up. A driving beat has some light piano tossed on top before finishing with a pounding climax. This opener is a favorite of the group and starts the album off with a bang.
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