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100 Killer Albums

Nothing big just 100 incredible albums that everyone should listen to in my opinion. All of these rrrare thoroughly enjoyable and contain numerous things worthy of praise. The reasons why you rrrshould listen are mainly listed and a little summary of the album.
Persistence Of Time

Regardless of what people claim about this album having songs that are too long, it
is undoubtedly an incredible record and in my opinion the peak of Anthrax's career.
The cover of Got The Time on here in particular stands out as one of the best
songs they have ever put out. The musicianship on display here is rather awesome
with stellar guitar work, crazy soloing and some brilliant drumming but it is Joey
Belladonna's soaring vocals that stand out, with this being his best vocal
performance to date, to the point where it tops even Among The Living. Definitely
check out this album if you haven't already as you won't regret it.
Blackwater Park

The absolute masterpiece of Opeth's extensive career, Blackwater Park is one of
the most emotionally powerful adrenaline-soaked albums of all time, shifting from
raw brutality to beautiful melody in seconds. From the incredible The Leper Affinity
through the shockingly well written Bleak right to the bone-crushing heaviness that
closes the album with the title track this is loaded with amazing progressive death
metal music and some of the best transitions in the industry. There is even a 100%
clean song on the album in the form of Harvest for those who claim that their songs
all sound the same. This is one of the finest albums ever written in my opinion, with
each song standing out for its own reasons.
3Fit For Rivals
Steady Damage

Combining pop-punk with more of a metallic vibe might sound like a band that is
asking for trouble and ridicule but the band fronted by the beautiful Renee Phoenix
actually pulls it off ridiculously well. The vocal work is the focal point of the album
having a wide range to it but the guitar work is extremely well written as well, far
beyond the three chord universally accepted style of pop-punk popularized by
bands such as Blink-182 and Green Day. The best pop-punk album i have ever
heard. Renee Phoenix has a slightly lower style of singing than many female vocalists on many of the songs but this helps to
make this album feel more diverse than much of the genre, and when she breaks into her higher register on Damage it is really
incredible to hear. The highlights of this album are Crash, Hallelujah and Damage, each of which is entertaining and completely
sing-a-long friendly and enjoyable to listen to, being really fun music with positive messages.
Rust In Peace

To deny the genius behind this album is to cause the end of the world in my
opinion. From that opening riff to Holy Wars through to the closing moment of the
title track, this is one of the best albums that thrash has ever put out, arguably
the best of all time, although i would still take Peace Sells as a better Megadeth
record. This is one of the few albums that is absolutely stellar from the start to the
finish and destroys all in its wake. In particular something that needs mentioning is that Poison Was The Cure is so often
underrated, featuring some incredibly technical guitar work and some amazing vocal work and lyrics from Mustaine that are a
credit to any Megadeth fan to know that they are a fan of a band that are capable of writing such masterpieces.
De Mysteriis Dom Sathanas

When one first hears this landmark black metal album they may well be surprised by
the demented vocals on display and the raw brutality on display but give it a little
time and it will grow on you. This is one of the best its genre has ever produced
and certainly Mayhem's masterpiece. Funeral Fog is the best introduction to the
band imaginable and this album really does create an amazing atmosphere from
start to finish. For those who heard the Deathcrush EP and weren't impressed,
listen to this and prepare to thrash your neck off. The drumming is intense as anything that you have heard, the guitar work
is relentless and, as mentioned before, the vocals are absolutely chaotic and one hundred percent unique. This is one of the
finest black metal albums ever recorded.

The best soul/pop album in existence, Seal's debut is absolutely stellar material
displaying his voice perfectly with his signature song Killer. This is one of the best
albums of its year and is really well written with some great lyrics including the
aforementioned freedom anthem Killer. Consider checking this out regardless of your
preferred genre as it will not disappoint. This is one of the finest pop/soul albums out there, depending upon your viewpoint
on his style of music. Whatever category you wish to name him, it is uncontestable that Seal possesses a huge amount of
vocal talent and there is some incredible musicianship backing it, but Killer will always be his masterpiece. For those looking to
get into soul/pop then this is the album for you as it contains a lot of fun, enjoyable enough music that can be sung along to
frequently and yet carry a huge amount of emotion to them.
Coma Of Souls

Whilst some may take Extreme Aggression, Pleasure to Kill or Terrible Certainty over
this, Kreator's first foray into a more technical based style of thrash metal that
focuses more on songwriting than sheer speed is their masterpiece in my opinion.
The first three songs are a few of the best songs of the genre with the amazing
acoustic introduction to the opener, the title track's magnificent flowing riffs and
People Of The Lie's angry lyrics being some of the standout moments among an
album where there is only winners and no loser songs. This is one of those albums where every single song feels like a task
just to get through in the first sitting as there is too much going off at once, with some amazing guitar work, and absolutely
manic barks from Mille Petrozza that echo sheer hate. The later songs are every bit as good as the ones mentioned before
with Terror Zone and World Beyond being incredible as well.

From that opening slow riff this album takes you on a roller coaster, straight away
diving into the speedy brutality following this and taking an even more progressive
styling than the previous two releases had dared, and containing some of the most
insightful lyrics that Chuck ever wrote along with one of the band's most well
known and loved songs in Crystal Mountain. Every song on here is a classic in its
own right and this really has cemented its status as one of the best albums ever
written. The soloing on here is as good as can be, with Chuck really having pushed himself when writing, and the acoustic
solo in Crystal Mountain being one of the most iconic moments in death metal. So many bands shoehorn gimmicks such as
that into their songs, but Crystal Mountain is the one standout where it works properly. In particular, the standout songs are
Zero Tolerance and Empty Words but every one on here is completely flawless.
9Red Hot Chili Peppers

The instantly recognizable title track is only one of the many highlights that this
album boasts. Regardless of the actual musical complexity of the album, of which
their is not a lot, this album is undeniably one of the best sounding rock albums of
our time. The guitar work sounds beautiful and is so well composed that it is a
wonder. No band should ever have been able to pull of such a simplistic but
amazing and downright fun album as this, but Red Hot Chili Peppers managed it. Couple this with an absolutely perfect
production that means every note from every instrument is as audible as can be and there is essentially the most perfect
radio rock album ever created. Californication doesn't need to worry about technicality when it can be as catchy and listener
friendly as can be.
10As I Lay Dying
An Ocean Between Us

Regardless of ones feelings towards the metalcore genre and this band, this is a
stellar release with a surprising level of technicality and variety to it. From the
staccato riff that opens up Nothing Left, the speedy one that introduces the title
track or the slow but melodic I Never Wanted, this has a surprising level of depth to
it that carries it above and beyond much of the metalcore genre. The guitar work is the best thing on display here, being far
more technical than much of the metalcore genre, with the drumming being intense and the vocals are completely demented.
Within Destruction and The Sound Of Truth are two songs that show off complete contrast within the album with the former
being a thrashier number indicative of around a third of this album including the stellar title track, whereas The Sound Of
Truth is a more commercially-oriented number with a sweet solo that shows off to the wider audience.
None So Vile

The monster roar taken from The Exorcist III was the perfect way to introduce one
of the most brutal sounding old school death metal albums and it never lets up with
these amazing factors. The stellar drumming is the highlight of the album, with Flo
laying down some ridiculously complex patterns but the phenomenally varied vocal
tones of Lord Worm and the masterful guitar work help to complete one of the best
packages in death metal. Another thing worth noting is the lyrical styling that Lord Worm takes, being one of the only lyricists
in any genre that truly can get underneath my skin writing genuinely disturbing tales of blasphemy and murder. This is a
brutal, highly technical and hyper fast roller coaster of a ride full of moments of absolute perfection, such as the bass solo in
Slit Your Guts and the incredible piano only opening to Phobophile that lures the listener into a false sense of security and
helps to make for one of the finest albums ever recorded.
Rip The Jacker

One of the absolute best albums in hip hop ever written, this unfortunately is
unremembered by many people today which is rather poor form given that this
album has some insanely complex rhyme schemes and some marvelous lyrical
content that even manages to top the genius found on the previous release which
is an accomplishment in itself. Top this off with a crisp production and, for the first
time ever on a 'Bis release, some great beats and we have one of the best hip hop
albums ever. Definitely consider checking out this album if you are a hard fan of rap music, as a casual listener will not be
able to get into the more complex styling of rap displayed on here. Many people perceive this to be his best and i can agree
for the most part, with songs such as Poet Laurette feeling like the perfect hip hop songs. This is an amazing collection of
songs that really do stick out among the genre.
13Chris Cornell
Euphoria Morning

Beautiful. That is the only word that comes to mind when one thinks of such
compositions as Preaching The End Of The World, the acoustic masterpiece found
on this album however this is only the tip of the iceberg. Amazing rock songs such
as Flutter Girl are rather hard to come by today but Chris managed it perfectly on
every song on this release. This is one of the best mixtures of acoustic-only and emotion-filled straight up commercial rock
numbers that all have a surprising amount of depth that are so rare for generic rock music. Chris has one of the most
soothing voices out there that compliments this style of music all the way through the album. Flutter Girl is the one to listen
to first as it serves as the perfect introduction to Chris' minimalistic approach to the album, and if you can enjoy that then
you will get into the rest of the album, which is a masterpiece.
14Shining (SWE)
V - Halmstad

One of the most emotional releases ever recorded, this record is flooded with
moments that almost bring a tear to the eye. This is one of the best depressive
black metal albums ever released, with the best composition i have heard from the
genre ever. Definitely consider looking into this if you haven't already. However, this may be hard to take in one sitting as it
is truly dark, spewing self-hatred at every corner and with every line of lyrics and every song. This is definitely a classic of its
genre. Extremely dark and depressing but brilliant in every conceivable sense, there are so few that will ever manage to
touch the atmosphere established within the first minute of this song, even their other masterpiece IV will never come close
to Halmstad.
15Neil Diamond
The Jazz Singer

The best soundtrack ever recorded, each of the songs on here are dripping with
feeling and emotion, including the haunting Hello Again and the optimistic song On
The Robert E Lee. This is one of the best albums ever recorded and each song is a
gem unfortunately forgotten by many today. America is a magnificent patriotic song, but the best song on the album is Love
On The rocks, a soothing ballad that really does pack a huge punch and have a lot of power and emotion behind it. This is
one of the best soft rock albums out there that definitely merits a purchase and remains to this day Neil Diamond's highest
selling records, and upon listening to it the listener will discover exactly why this is as it is an emotionally-fueled slab of sheer
16 Megadeth
Peace Sells... but Who's Buying?

Each song on here is a masterpiece that should require no introduction. Good
Mourning Black Friday is the standout here from its clean introduction through the
thrashing right to the end with its stunning solos. However, every one on here is
one that deserves a listen including the often maligned cover song I Ain't
Superstitious. The guitar work here is rather outstanding, although not to the solo trade-offs found across Rust In Peace
level of genius, and the vocal work in particular on Black Friday is some of the most demented ever to be spewed from Dave's
mouth. The title track is hilarious in ways that even Liar cannot manage, and then there is of course the haunting The
Conjuring, which alone merits a purchase simply for its incredible set of riffs and manic vocal performance from Dave
17Led Zeppelin
Led Zeppelin IV

Stairway To Heaven is their best known song and on here so that should straight
away be a reason to buy it, but the fact is that right across the board this album is
completely incredible and never fails to amaze. The musicianship and song craft
here is about as good as can be. Don't even think about not checking it out as it
will haunt you for the rest of your life. This is an incredible slice of classic rock music that anyone who has to this date failed
to listen to should get on right away as it will become a part of your life. There is no denying that Zeppelin's masterpiece is
hands down one of the best releases out there and the best in its genre, with Robert Plant's soothing vocals and Jimmy
Page's amazing guitar work.
Clockwork Angels

Yes, Rush have had many many classic albums but in my opinion their 2012 release
Clockwork Angels was the finest, from the hard rock vibes of opener Caravan this is
a concept album that delivers perfection with every single song. Listen to the title
track and Caravan if you are unsure, but with a legacy like Rush, why would one
ever be doubtful as to whether this is worth buying? Many would claim other albums such as 2112 to be better but in my
opinion this is better, with shorter songs that focus more on the actual song craft than merely from getting from A to Z as
fast as possible. For those new to Rush this is the album to go for.
19Alice Cooper
Brutal Planet

In my opinion Alice Cooper's foray into the industrial metal styling on 2000's Brutal
Planet is his finest release to date. Some may argue, but i feel this album is as
close to perfect as Alice will ever get and each song is a classic in its own right.
The title track contains some great lead work, Wicked young Man has that stellar
riff and Gimme is just pure evil. However it is Take It Like A Woman where this
album really finds its masterpiece, being one of the best songs i have ever heard. It
is the mandatory ballad of a recent Cooper album but is so much better than any
he has ever put out with some haunting piano lines and incredible vocal work from
Cooper. Give all of this album a go even if you do not like later Cooper as it is brilliant and the follow-up, the conclusion of
this trilogy, Dragontown, is equally as good but Brutal Planet just about pips it. This is the one that definitely needs checking
out as every song is a masterpiece.
20Biffy Clyro
Only Revolutions

Biffy's most commercial release to date has sold well for a reason. Each song on
here is utterly incredible, with the standouts being the emotionally powerful God
And Satan and the huge single Bubbles. Both of these songs best display Biffy's
current sound, although this will likely change as they seem to do so on every
single release. Check this album out if you want some great radio rock that never
fails to entertain. Mountains is a good one to listen to to get used to the band, but i would have said that God And Satan
and The Captain are my favorites off of the album. Definitely give this album a listen although do not expect to enjoy their
previous releases as they are completely different.
Volume 1

With incredibly varied vocal work and much more intricate guitar work than one
would expect for a radio rock sounding band, this album spawned the hit song 96
Quite Bitter Beings but has sadly gone forgotten. Consider picking this up as it is a
great release that is jam packed with entertainment and just generally fun and
good songs for a listen every now and again. Chances are that everyone can find
something to like about this album.
22Alien Ant Farm

Another band that has unfortunately gone forgotten since their hit songs Movies
and Wish, this is a great release that has some stellar bass work that stands out in
a genre where the bass is usually unheard. The guitar work is strong and the vocal
work has a real punch to it and each song on this album is really well written with
some good catchy moments but also a real heavy side to it. Universe is an epic conclusion to the album, and Courage is a
stellar opening that is very fast paced and powerful. Wish however is where this band hit their peak, with its nu-metal vibe
and aggression behind it.
23Jack Off Jill
Clear Hearts Grey Flowers

Strawberry Gashes is one of those songs that nobody can deny is beautifully
written and so emotional. That is one song in particular that is almost guaranteed
to bring a tear to the eye as it is so well written and the lyrics drip genuine emotion
and pain from them. Nazi Halo is a great fun song that is just completely bouncy,
and Author Unknown boasts some of the finest female screaming around. This is
certainly not an album for everyone but for those who enjoy it they will consider it
a masterpiece as i do. The screamed female vocals make for a slight shift in style at times that really is beautiful to hear, and
i can not recommend this album highly enough. For saying how mediocre their first album is, Clear Hearts Grey Flowers is
considerably better and an amazing release that deserves to be heard by absolutely everybody.

Not the album many people would put on their list, i honestly feel that many people
hate on this release for no reason. It is full of songs that are thoroughly enjoyable
and manages to be both commercial and heavy at the same time. Definitely check
this one out and don't jump on the band wagon as is customary. Nothing Else Matters, The Unforgiven and Of Wolf And Man
are three of the best songs on here, as well as Holier Than Thou. The only one that i really perceive to be weak is Sad But
True, a song i could never get what all the fuss was about. Everyone will no doubt have heard this, but if you havent Nothing
Else Matters is the best place to start.
Hell Awaits

A really dark atmosphere is what is instantly found on this album from the feedback
on the title track right through to the thrashing closing moments, this defined what
thrash meant at the time. Kill Again and the title track are the best on here, with the infamous "hell gates riff" of the title
track being the best moment of the entire album in my opinion. The song craft on here is stellar, and takes the band into
much darker territories, with songs such as Necrophiliac in particular being a sickening trip into the darkest possible corridors
of the human mind. This is a masterpiece.
26Quo Vadis
Defiant Imagination

Unfortunately this album does not get enough love from the death metal
community, being relatively unknown but is a great in its scene with the thrilling
Silence Calls The Storm kicking off the album in amazing fashion. Definitely buy this
album and support a band that is unfortunately unheard of by most, despite the obvious talent on display. What can be found
here is hyper fast drumming and some of the most soothing guitar sounds leading into some crazily heavy moments ever
found. The best thing to listen for is the twenty second growl on the opening song that absolutely blew my socks off first
time i heard it. Definitely listen to Silence Calls The Storm if nothing else as it is a classic of the genre.
27Green Day
American Idiot

Whilst the band has clearly destroyed any credit they had left with the trilogy of
albums they have almost completed releasing, it is still a fact that American Idiot is
a fun, catchy and thoroughly enjoyable dose of pop-punk despite its simplicity and
childishly written lyrics. The title track and Boulevard of Broken Dreams are the best on here that best display the simplistic
musicianship but the cool sounding style of the album that made the band so popular and sell so many copies in the first
place. Lets just forget what has happened with iUno and iDos and what will inevitable happen with iTres, and respect Green
Day for what they were.
The Pride

A great hard rock band that these days are relatively unknown; Reverie Shores
should tell the listener all they need to know about this band. This does not take
the technical over the top style of the previous release Herald Moth too far and has
just enough heaviness to keep a feeling of intensity to back up the emotional lyrics. This is a band that have long since fell
off the radar and most have not heard this album so i will recommend listening to Reverie Shores to make your mind up first
and if you like it get the album as it is incredible.
Slaughter In The Vatican

Such an amazing thrash debut, Slaughter In The Vatican is an absolutely essential
listen for anyone with a brain. The riffs are insanely speedy and tight and the
vocalist spews venom without even needing to hear the ridiculously dark, violent
lyrics. The absolute hate on display here is some of the most awe-inspiring found on any thrash metal release of all time and the
riffs are about as tight as it can get being blindingly fast and incredibly hard to play.
American Psycho

For those who have not already heard and loved this album, get off Sputnik, go to
Youtube and search the stream and listen and be amazed. This is one of the best
punk albums in existence, and carries a huge impact with it right from the word go. Every single song on here is a classic of its
genre and deserves a listen from anyone with an ear for good punk music, with a brash and aggressive styling to it all that is
unparallelled by any other band in the genre.
Agent Orange

So many thrash classics are found on this amazing album that it is hard to describe.
Just listen to Magic Dragon or the ridiculously good title track and prepare to break
your neck head banging. The title track is one of the best songs this band has ever put out, being slightly more progressive with
a slowed down section in the middle that leads into one of the best thrash breaks in the entire genre, bar the one in Angel Of
Death. This is a masterpiece of an album and Sodom will never manage to top it.
The Sound Of Perseverance

In my opinion Death's masterpiece, the opening song Scavenger Of Human Sorrow
never fails to take the listeners face off and it does not end there. Definitely get
into this right now and be thrilled by the final album from the premiere death metal
band. Flesh And The Power It Holds is, in my opinion, the best song the band ever put out, combining perfectly the progressive
and the raw death metal nature of the band.
33Ellie Goulding

2012's best pop album, this really does pack a real weight to it with beautiful vocals
that soar and hit notes that should be impossible to hit. This is one of the best
releases of 2012 period. There are few vocalists out there who have quite as wide a range nor as soothing a voice as Ellie
Goulding which shows exactly why her albums have been considered some of the finest modern day pop albums and really do
have a lasting impact on the listener. If there is one vocalist this year who deserves respect it is Ellie Goulding as she has the
most beautiful voice out there.
34Lamb Of God

Set To Fail stands out as one of the bands best songs but the whole album rules.
Sure, it may be their most commercially-oriented album but it is also one of their
best with Contractor being my personal favorite song from the band. The drumming
is as crazy as ever and the guitar solos are amazing. This is commercial heaviness at its best and unfortunately gets more
maligned than the rest of their releases despite the fact that it overall has a tighter sound than any of their albums other
than possibly Sacrament and parts of Resolution.
Cowboys From Hell

Before the band shifted to boring groove metal, they released this one of the
absolute finest albums of the early 1990's. Cemetery Gates remains possibly the
most emotional song they ever wrote ahead of Suicide Note Pt. 1, and this is
genuinely a classic. This is a stellar release that stands out as the best in this highly respected bands entire discography,
being the "proper" debut for the band even though they had released several albums beforehand. Many will have heard this
album, but for those who haven't, the best songs to check out are the title track, Cemetery Gates and Domination, each of
which will blow your socks off.
36An Ocean Between Us
The Failings

Pooling so many different influences this is one of the most varied metalcore albums
out there and remains some of the most enjoyable stuff out there to jam, with the
band clearly just doing what they enjoy and going with whatever they think is
necessary and it always works. The female vocals compliment the screams really well and this all fits in with the intense
instrumental work that includes ridiculously good riffing. The best song on here is Here Comes The Storm, an incredible song
that is so far ahead of most metalcore it is ridiculous.
37Wednesday 13

Some of these songs pack so much emotion in them they could reduce a grown
man to tears. Gone are the fun songs that Wednesday was known for and in their
place are some of the darkest most personal songs of his career. Listen to the title
track and My Demise to see what i mean. However, their is a song for those who
are fans of his more enjoyable earlier stuff and that is his best song No Rabbit In
The Hat.
38Blind Guardian
At The Edge Of Time

My introduction to one of the premiere power metal bands remains my favorite of
their releases. Listen to the epic symphonic masterpiece The Wheel Of Time to get
a feel of how good this band really does get and then continue to be shocked time
and time again by each song on here. The symphonic side of the band is shown really well on this album and that sets us up
nicely for their next release which will be completely symphonic supposedly.
My Dear Friend

A truly stunningly emotional piece of pop-punk genius, this is an amateur EP by one
lone eager person who has managed to make something that has truly grown on me
to be one of my most played EP's to date. The female guest appearance on the final song is the best moment of this album, but
it is all good with some nice instrumental work and nasally and yet powerful vocals that really do fit well with the music and
make for a great overall product.
Ace Of Spades

What better than some classic hard rock/metal goodness to brighten your day with,
Motorhead's masterpiece really does destroy almost anything at all in its path. This
is a brilliant release that commands the listener's attention. The title track in particular is one of the best the band has ever put
out and an outright classic in the metal genre. This is a great album that commands the listeners attention.
41Cerebral Bore
Maniacal Miscreation

Some of the most outrageously well done death metal vocals are actually performed
by a female on this great release. This combines technical death metal and brutal
death and still manages to sound exceedingly fun, something that is rather rare in
the genre. Surely the idea of a female death metal vocalist who isn't from Arch Enemy provokes some curiosity already but if it
doesnt then definitely consider checking out all of this album as it is a stellar release.
42Job For A Cowboy

Their shift to pure death metal was actually a really good move and the album
contains some great drumming, solid riffing and powerful vocals. Definitely pick this
one up. The vocals are the best the band has ever done. I liked the Doom EP but this was a nice shift in sound and felt a lot
more mature and better written than that, almost completely ditching the breakdowns that flooded that EP and instead
replacing them with some incredibly tight musicianship.
43Iron Maiden
The Number Of The Beast

My favorite of Maiden's albums is certainly a consistent album. That is the absolute
least that can be said about the album that contains some of their best and most
well known material, including the classic Hallowed Be Thy Name. I can not
recommend this enough. Each song on here other than perhaps Gangland is utterly perfect and completely stellar and more than
deserves its place among the rest of the classic metal releases.
44Avenged Sevenfold

In my opinion this is their most complete work to date, with every song on it being
good other than the annoyingly repetitive Welcome To The Family. The band has a
lot of haters but hopefully this album will prove them wrong about the band, with
even God Hates Us being there as a throwback to their early days for fans of
Waking The Fallen. The highlights are the title track, Buried Alice and Fiction but all of the songs are decent enough and merit
a listen.

The only nu-metal album that hasn't aged a bit, this is a real classic even today
that manages to pack every bit of the angst-filled punch that it carried upon its
inception. For those that haven't heard this should consider diving into it now. Sure, the simplistic down tuned riffing and the
ridiculous lyrics might feel completely immature, but at least there is some real soul behind this release and few moments in
music will be as memorable as "ARE YOU READY?"
All Eyez On Me

The definitive 2pac album, the lyrical content on here is a cut above every single
other rapper and shows both the thug and the nice guy in him perfectly on
numerous songs. Each and every song on this release is top of the line rap music showing of Tupac Shakur's masterclass style
of rapping that is nearly unmatched by any rapper out there. Whilst Necro and some Eminem material may match this, not a lot
will ever top it and this deserves its position as a classic.
47 Neco
Death Rap

Probably his most complete work to date, Necro boasts a great flow and some
demonic lyrics on this album that manage to surpass most hip hop out there despite
the violent themes on display. The beats to this are as good as on any Necro album and the production is his crispest yet as
he goes into new levels of gore territory pushing the boundaries of what is acceptable in hip-hop or music in general. The
death metal influenced rapper really has gone overboard with this one and created his strongest work to date, with this being
a masterpiece in hip hop and the best in his discography to date leaving me eagerly awaiting his next album. If you have a
brain you will check out this album.
Reign In Blood

No matter how overrated this album and the band in general are, Reign In Blood
manages to be a stellar release still, being very short and fast, with some of the
best riffs in thrash metal found on the opener and closing songs. Some may consider the songs between Angel of Death and
Postmortem to be filler, and they may be right in a way, but that does not stop this album on the whole from absolutely
kicking ass start to finish being a ridiculously speedy release. Whilst Darkness Descends may have been better in actual song
craft, Reign is the most memorable due to the brash styling of it and truly evil sounds that Slayer have always managed to be
able to create, although not quite on the same degree on here as they achieved on Hell Awaits.
Left Hand Path

The vocals have always been my favorite part of this death metal great, but the
riff work is just as tight. The production is really crisp and generally everything
about this album is great and deserves a listen. The vocalist is one of the best in death metal and really is a credit to this
band, making for one incredible listen. The riffs on here are the best the band ever put out, even topping their work on
Clandestine by quite some way in my opinion. Definitely get this album as it is one of the best old school death metal albums
around, although it lacks a little in variety.
The Eminem Show

Eminem's lyrical peak, this is one of the better hip hop albums out there and worth
anyone's time and money. I never understood why this was considered the weakest
of his early releases as to me it stands out a lot more. Whilst 2pac and Necro may be better as actual rappers, the lyrical
content and the overall relevancy to real life on this album is undeniable and remains one of the best in the genre. This is one
of the best hip hop albums for those looking for a politically charged angry record by a stellar rapper who knows how to write
exceedingly deep lyrics.
51Between The Trees
The Story And The Song

Some of the most emotionally charged songs are found from this band, and it is a
shame that their second album could not live up to the stellar material on here. Just
listen to The Way She Feels and tell me that this is not a magnificent release and a
true accomplishment in emo rock. Perhaps it is from personal bias that i rate this album so highly as it means a lot to me, but
the messages on here are what makes it so good in my opinion. The messages here range from loving each other and yourself
to anti-self harm messages that are all beautifully written through some amazing but cheesy lyrics from a band that lasted far
too small a time span.
52At War
Ordered To Kill

One of the best thrash releases out there that has unfortunately slipped under the
radar. The riff work is the focal point here with some absolutely demented guitar
playing here and some frantic speeds found. This really does merit a listen from
anyone remotely interested in thrash in general. This is one of the best underground thrash bands and this is their finest release
in my opinion, with each song packing a huge punch to them. Amazing album.

A magnificent progressive album that manages to slay almost anything in its path
with its odd changes in styles and some of the most incredible musicianship out
there in any genre. Even the vocals absolutely rule and kill off nearly anything ever
written by any artist. Definitely pick this one up if you have not already heard it as
this really is worthy of any music fans collection. This may well beat out all but the best Rush release and anything Floyd
ever put out it is that good.
This Is Exile

The best deathcore release of all time, Exalt and the title track in particular leap
out as being a cut above the usually samey genre. In a scene over saturated by
generic songs this collection really does manage to stand out. Whilst yes it is a breakdown obsessed chugfests at times, the
level of technicality from the three guitarists on here is rather good and the album is certainly a lot more varied than its genre
would suggest. This is their strongest work by quite some way in my opinion, and anyone into heavy music in general would
be advised to look into getting this album.
55Pink Floyd
The Wall

Another Brick In The Wall and Comfortably Numb anyone will surely have heard by
now but this album is consistently incredible and remains my personal favorite Floyd
album. Really consider picking this one up if you haven't already as it is progressive
music on the level of even the best works of Rush and Camel. Definitely consider checking out Comfortably Numb for an
indication of the amazing progressive nature of the band and the iconic status that this album has achieved by being one of
the highest selling releases of all time.
How It Works

The best modern punk album i can remember hearing, this really does slay. Not The
Same in particular sticks out as being one of the catchiest most down right fun and
yet equally emotional songs out there. This is an amazing album straight up. Listen to Not the Same if you want a sample and
then be prepared to be floored by every single song on here, that are so precisely written that they will take any listener
remotely interested in punk music clean off of their feet.
57Rage Against The Machine
Rage Against The Machine

Every song on here is a straight up classic, and the mega hit Killing In The Name
should already have convinced someone to buy this. This really is a masterpiece in
the rap metal genre and is certainly worthy of anyone. The riff work is surprisingly
tight and Zach's angry lyrical styling is perfect for it. Bombtrack and Wake Up are two of the best songs on here and are a good
indication as to how this band sounds with the rapping vocals over the top of a furious assault of guitars, bass and drums.

The finest thrash revival album, although Overkill have always been consistent and
solid enough even during the 90's death years for thrash. The two epics that kick
off this album should be enough to persuade any listener to purchase it, so listen to
The Green And Black and the title track right now and then prepare to be amazed
by the rest of the release. This album absolutely floored me the first time i heard it and should do the same to anyone as it is
the best album this highly revered thrash act has ever put out, even beating out the incredible The Years Of Decay which is
so often hyped up as being their best release.
59The Used
In Love And Death

A really emotional album and containing some beautifully composed music, this
release really is stellar. Whilst not particularly unique, the actual musicianship more
than makes up for the generic nature of the album. Many will hate it due to the emo vocals and overall whiny feel to the
album with ridiculous lyrics etcetera but i really love it. Listen to All That Ive got and tell me that it does not drip with
emotion and be one of the best songs the band has ever put out. The most noticeable change between this and the stellar
debut however is the lack of much screaming on here which was rather a improvement in my opinion.
Welcome To Hell

In my opinion this is better than the follow up Black Metal for the simple fact it is
the rawest album the band ever put out. This is an album that definitely deserves a
listen from anyone historically interested in thrash and other extreme metal music in
general. Welcome To Hell is a furious assault of guitars with a brash over the top style of vocals and an incredible collection of
songs that, whilst feeling half formed, still blows the listener away.
61Machine Head
The Blackening

Rob Flynn's prowess on guitar is absolutely stellar on this release and this is the
best album he has ever worked on in my opinion. This is a modern day metal
classic. The guitar work is speedy and fairly technical and the vocals sound as angry as can be, with the lyrics being the
usual sweary immature rubbish of today being the only thing to slightly detract from the album. However, this is a brilliant
release that metal heads in general should give a go if they have not already given the huge amount of popularity the band
has garnered recently.
Ghost Reveries

One of their most commercial efforts to date, do not be disturbed by this as this
really is a great album from start to finish. The single The Grand Conjuration is a fair
indication as to the quality of this album so get onto listening to that. The Baying Of The Hounds is in my opinion one of their
most well composed songs but this whole album is recommended, especially to those who are uninitiated into the band in
general. This and Blackwater Park are two of their strongest works.

Such an underrated album in my opinion, similar to Megadeth's much maligned album
Risk. This is a great release containing two of the band's finest songs in The Outlaw
Torn and Bleeding Me, this is a consistent release that definitely merits a listen. This gets so often maligned and i will never
understand why, with Aint My Bitch and The House that Jack Built also being absolutely incredible, and the whole albums blues-
rock style being amazingly powerful.

If you have not already heard this, where have you been. Death's first foray into
more progressive territory, this is an amazing release that is a landmark in death
metal, although not quite their best album. RIP Chuck. Each song on here is a masterpiece but i think Together As One and
Suicide Machine are their best, and this continues the insightful lyrics found on Spiritual Healing. This is an incredible release
everyone should hear purely for the historical factor.
65Tonight Alive
What Are You So Scared Of?

One of the best pop rock/pop-punk albums out there, this really is a stellar album
with some beautiful female vocals to go along with some great instrumental work.
Similar in fashion to fit for rivals, although not quite as good as that, it is still worth
a listen. The guitar work is amazing and the vocals are some of the best in the genre with each song on here being more than
worthy of a listen. Definitely check it out, although it is not for everyone.
66Demi Lovato

The 2012 release from Demi Lovato remains one of the most varied releases of the
year, containing some beautifully written music and one of the widest vocal ranges
I have ever heard. This is a masterpiece, straight up. Give Your Heart A Break in particular shows off how good Demi is, and is
one of the best songs of the year. This is an amazing release that anyone into pop and R&B should check out and prepare to be
absolutely floored by.
67Cannibal Corpse
The Bleeding

The finest collection of riffs the band has ever put together, She Was Asking For It
and Staring Through The Eyes Of The Dead remain two of their best songs and
absolute classics in death metal. This is also their most varied release and easy to
get into, so if you are looking to get into death metal, look no further. This has some crazy instrumental work and a much more
decipherable style from Chris Barnes which adds extra malice to the sickening lyrics.
68Judas Priest

An absolute classic of heavy metal, this is one of their heaviest albums and
certainly their best. The monster title track is a brilliant way to familiarise oneself
with the band but each and every one of the songs on here is more than good
69The Notorious B.I.G.
Ready To Die

Every single song on this absolute benchmark rap album is a classic especially the
depressing closer Suicidal Thoughts. If you have not already heard this check it out
as Biggie was one of the finest to ever breathe on a mic with some amazing lyrics
and a nearly untouchable flow.
The Sound Of Madness

One of the best hard rock albums out there,with the title track best showcasing
the powerful vocal work here. Everything about this album is utterly stellar in my
opinion. Listen to the title track for a good indication as to the sleezy brash sound of the band and then prepare to be
absolutely amazed by each and every track on the album.
71Thin Lizzy

Whilst not the one that many people think about when they think Thin Lizzy, the
fact is that this is one of their more varied and well composed albums that the band
put out. Sure, it is not their best by some way, but the title track in particular
stands out as being one of my personal favorite Thin Lizzy songs and the riffing on
here is the most unique the band ever put together.
Cause Of Death

John Tardy remains to this day a monster of a death metal vocalist, and this album
shows why. However, it is the gutter-dirty guitar tone and exceedingly varied and
catchy memorable guitar riffs that stand out the most among this album.
73Enrique Iglesias

One of the best pop albums of all time, spanish singer Enrique created a
masterpiece with this release. The title track and Dont Turn Off The Lights are the
best examples of how good a vocalist he really is.
The Listening

Lights has such a pretty voice, feeling both young and yet very mature, coupled
with the electronic pop music and one has a great combination here with
everything complimenting everything else perfectly here. The vocal work is some of
the best I have ever heard.
Crack The Skye

An incredible progressive metal album, this really does go through some interesting
twists and turns that keep the listener guessing as to which direction the album is
going to go in next. This is an absolute landmark in the genre and everyone should
give this a go.
76Lil Wayne
Tha Carter III

Much maligned though he may be, TC3 is one of the best modern hip hop albums in
my opinion and boasts some fairly intricate rhyme schemes and decent enough
lyrics. The beats really do make this album what is it, with the production being
crisp enough to complete the package.
77Edge Of Sanity

Clocking in at forty minutes, it takes some real stamina to get through this song but
it is worth it, with the section at twenty eight minutes in remaining one of the best
moments in prog-death. This is a masterpiece that no metal fan should go without
listening to.

No matter how badly they have aged, there is no denying the energy on display on
all of Slipknot's albums until their most recent one, with none more so than Iowa.
No matter how much maligned they get these days and how immature the band
are, Slipknot still created something truly enjoyable to listen to with Iowa.
79Demolition Hammer
Epidemic Of Violence

One of the rawest and most aggressive thrash albums out there, this release truly
is stellar material. The one thing that instantly comes to mind when one thinks of
this album is, for once in the case of a thrash album, actually the vocal work
instead of the riffs. The vocals on here are as demented as it gets.
80Demon Hunter
Storm The Gates Of Hell

One of the best metalcore releases to date, from the thrashing title track onwards
this really is an incredible album that is bursting with energy and the will to be
heard and liked. Each of the songs on here is as good as the others creating for
one hell of an interesting album to listen to.
Sons Of Northern Darkness

A blackened thrash metal album, this is the culmination of years of experimentation
deviating far away from the pure black metal sound of albums like Pure Holocaust,
this really is one of the best albums the band ever put out and In My Kingdom Cold
remains the best song they ever made.
Alice In Hell

From the absolutely amazing acoustic introduction through the entire thrash
masterpiece of an album that this is every moment brings something fresh and new
to the table and this is one of the best examples of riff based music out there.
Women And Children Last

One of the best horror punk releases of all time this truly is a cracking album and
more than a worthy follow up to their well received debut. Wednesday 13 sounds
absolutely insane on here.
84Black Veil Brides
We Stitch These Wounds

I really will never be able to understand why the hell this band gets as much hate
within the metal and hard rock scene as they do outside of their ridiculous image.
This album is energetic and entertaining enough with a nice variety and a beautiful
acoustic song The Morticians Daughter. Each of the songs on here are powerful
enough and more than enjoyable. This is a great release and does not deserve
anywhere close to the hate that it gets.
Beneath The Remains

The obvious choice for a Sepultura release to put on a list of good albums, this is a
masterpiece in how to create great riffs, and the slightly more progressive title
track is one of the best songs in the genre.
Thrash Zone

Great hardcore punk done with some real style. The riff work on here is stellar and
the vocal work is as talented as the genre gets. Brilliant album that deserves a
listen from anyone.
Holy Diver

Whilst i have never been a Dio fan this is a great album, despite the lack of riffs,
the vocal work more than makes up for it and anyone who can restrain from singing
along to the title track is extremely sick in the head.
Bleed Like Me

Great rock music with positive messages and some of the best songs in the genre.
Shirley Mansons vocals on here are about as good as it gets and this deserves a
listen from anyone out there.
89Alice In Chains

Rooster remains to me one of the best songs the band has ever put out, and this is
grunge at its best. I have never been a fan of grunge but this album got even me
sucked in. This is a great album with amazing songs jam packed into it, although
somewhat depressing.
90My Chemical Romance
Three Cheers For Sweet Revenge

An absolute masterpiece of its genre, this band gets too much hate when this
album is as good as it is in my opinion. Definitely check this out as it is entertaining
enough to listen to. The whiny vocals may irritate some but they are definitely not bad enough to deserve the amount of
bashing that the band gets, they are maligned for no reason in my opinion, or at least in the case of this release at least. This
is a solid album that i highly recommend to those interested in emo rock music.
The War On Errorism

An amazing punk album that really has stood the test of time brilliantly and is as
fresh now as it was upon initial release. The aggressive nature of this album is almost unmatched within the genre, and the riff
work is surprisingly tight from a genre that usually focuses on using the same three or four chords for each song of their
discography. NOFX have always been a standout band in the punk scene and this is the album that shows exactly why.
92 Rhapsody Of Fire
From Here to Eternity

Power metal how it should be done, this has operatic vocals and guitar wankery,
although never once takes it too far. This is an amazing release. From start to finish this album is laden with perfect composition
and precise guitar work that goes completely overboard but in the best possible way and shows off a huge amount of talent
that never fails to astound the listener.
93Sick Of It All
Just Look Around

One of the best hardcore albums ever recorded, this is completely fresh even now
and is worthy of a listen or two just to hear people sounding genuinely angry whilst
enjoying playing their music. The guitar work on here is incredible, and the vocal work is as aggressive as it gets, whilst the
lyrics have a genuine message that relates to real life instead of being pointless rambling.
Among The Living

The band's second best release contains all of their classic and most well known
songs so the chances are that everyone will have heard at least one song off of
this album. Worthy of its classic status for sure. god, what other band could get away with writing a song about Judge Dredd.
Anthrax were always the most punk influenced of the big four and this album is them at their punkiest.
95You Me At Six
Sinners Never Sleep

Some beautifully written incredibly catchy and memorable songs fill this album with
Bite My tongue standing out as the best in the bands entire back catalogue in my
opinion. Oli Sykes makes an appearance and for once does not ruin it nor make an idiot of himself, which is perhaps the most
amazing part of this album. This is a masterpiece in rock music, everyone should just pick it up, listen to it and prepare to be
96Avril Lavigne
Let go

There is no denying the real talent that Avril Lavigne displays on here, carrying a
youthful amount of energy and populating an album with some timeless songs that
will be as memorable in twenty years time as they were upon initial release. Sk8er Boi remains as one of her best songs and is
still as memorable now as it was upon its first release and their are few artists that hold as big a place in my heart as Avril does.
97Bullet For My Valentine

Commercial and predictable though it may be, this is a very entertaining album that
is catchy and does exactly what a commercial rock album should do. There are a
couple of real surprises in there for anyone who gives this release a go. A Place Where You Belong is a haunting song that
should be anyones introduction to this band, despite the fact that the vocals are pretty poor and the lyrics mean nothing to
Matt Tuck, but it is an emotional and atmospheric tune that should serve as a good place to start when it comes to this album.
98Cradle Of Filth

Mega hit Her Ghost In The Fog was spawned by Midian, Cradle's most debated
release, and it is not a surprise why as this is their best album by a mile and that
song absolutely rules. This is a brilliant commercial black metal album that really
deserves a listen from any listener with half a brain. Lord Abortion and Her ghost In The Fog are the standout songs of this
album in my opinion, showcasing Danni's ridiculously over the top style of vocals.
A Perfect Absolution

A highly technical 2012 death metal release this commands attention from the very
first notes, and is a modern classic of the genre that everyone should give a go
who is into the genre. This is one of the best albums to come out this year with some ridiculous levels of talent going off left
right and centre. the guitar work is all over the place and the drumming is intense, with some brutal growls to top it all off.
100New Found Glory
New Found Glory

Their self titled release is far and away their best. Great pop punk how it should be
done with some catchy songs, enjoyable enough sounds to it and a vocalist who
drips angst. Definitely consider listening as it is one of the most genuinely enjoyable albums out there and is certainly worth
anybodys money. this is the album to introduce yourself to the fun sound of this band.
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