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The most ELITE list sputik has to offer

Alright, everyone. CK here and I'm a few drinkypoos in after a stressful fuck-you sorta day, and I randomly think it's time for all of us Sputnerds to brag about those albums we have heard that you know almost everyone on this site has never listened to before (so, let's say 20 ratings or less) that you find to be absolute perfection or the next best thing (so between a 4.5 and a 5 ideally). Rec me two albums like this that you know of, including a small sentence-long description, and I will throw them in the list. Also, if you know of a place where it can be streamed / bought / sampled, that would be great for interested listeners. I am going to rec two albums that I love but have yet to rate (wtf is wrong with me) just to get the ball rolling
1Boduf Songs
Lion Devours the Sun

Dark, borderline experimental folk with a very fitting production that creates a creepy and almost depressing atmosphere. Lyrics also do not disappoint, though I would not say they are the highlight. Streaming on Spotify and here's a full album link:
2The 3rd and the Mortal
Painting on Glass

This is very much a gothic-ish doom metal album in the vein of Draconian Times-era Paradise Lost and Judgement-era Anathema, but more experimental and more ambient. Absolutely stunning female vocals. Streaming on Spotify
Lush Islands - Illusion of Paradise

Submitted by oltnabrick. Stream:
4The Skinnies
Kill The Beat

Submitted by Hep Kat. double a-side killed by deathrock single. essential listening for any fan of '77/New Orleans punk.
5Couch Slut
My Life As A Woman

Submitted by Mort. 8 votes female fronted noise hardcore metal blah blah blah 4.5 (good description, brah)
6Red Krayola
The Parable of Arable Land

Submitted by altertide0.

Save for the closer, all the songs are twisted, psychedelic, abnormal abstract trips to who knows where, and I am yet to hear a better improvisation than the last "Free-Form Freak-Out". Pure madness this one!!
7Dyzlectic Octo
The Epee

Also submitted by Hep Kat. previously unreleased demoes of an album that was going to be on biscuithead recordings (a now defunct boston-based record label). features guest bars and production from Insight. Stream here:
Main Frame Collapse

Submitted by Sabrutin. One of the most important releases of Italian extreme metal. If you dig thrash, black metal or grindcore give it a shot.

Submitted by SnakeDelilah. Dreamy & gazey post-rock with space rock elements and an ethereal edge (also canadian post-rock that's not GY!BE)
10Kuroki Nagisa
Kuroki Nagisa

Submitted by CalculatingInfinity. Incredible J-Rock from one of Japan's best singers, essential listen if you're a fan of Shiina Ringo/J-Rock in general and worthwhile for anyone. Everything from Kuroki's screams on the opener to the solemn piano of Sakin is top notch, with plenty of variety to keep you intrested.
11Death Toll 80k
Harsh Realities

Submitted by Spiritcrusher2. Grindcore/Death Metal. 25 minutes of nonstop madness, containing some of the best riffs in the genre.

Submitted by Sevengill. French psychedelic symphonic-choral alien prog rock. Lyrics written in a language invented by the band's drummer, who also writes most of the music and the crazy post-apocalyptic stories the albums are based on. Spawned an entire genre (Zeuhl) of bands featuring musicians formerly in Magma. Would choose MDK but that's got too many votes.
13The Legendary Pink Dots
Malachai (Shadow Weavers Part 2)

Submitted by laughingman22.
14Forma Tadre

Submitted by TheCrocodile.

Industrial-ish ambient album. It's aight.
15Biz Markie
Goin' Off

Submitted by SharkTooth. Biz Markie is often called the "clown prince of hip-hop", and you can see why in this album
16Cerberus Shoal
The Land We All Believe In

Submitted by TheWrenKing. Freak/avant-folk, soundtracking your latest goat sacrifice. Available on Spotify
17Elysian Fields
Queen of the Meadow

Submitted by TheWrenKing. Sexiest dream pop you'll come across. Available on Spotify
18Sad Lovers and Giants
Feeding the Flame

Submitted by Graveyard.

An essential post-punk band/album that often got overlooked during the early 80's and even today. Key tracks: "Sleep Is For Everyone" and "Your Skin and Mine"
19Ryo Fukui

Submitted by Cygnatti.

japanese post-bop that's chill af
33 Revolutions Per Minute

Submitted by RoundOnEndHiInMiddle.

UK hip-hop from storytelling geniuses
21The Beatnuts
Stone Crazy

Submitted by hikingmetalpunk. "tossin' bodies off boats"
22Deep Turtle
There's a Vomitsprinkler in My Liverriver

Submitted by Jasdevi087.

Crazy ass experimental rock stuff that's all over the place and fun.
23Ichiko Aoba

Submitted by Frippertronics.

qt plays guitar over a field recording of Hideki Anno reenacting the opening scene from End of Eva
24Bluetile Lounge

Submitted by TheSpirit.

essential slowcore/indie
25Black Lung
Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars

Submitted by The Crocodile.

Creepy dark ambient with the scariest kitten sounds they are on any record
26The Hosemobile
What Can and Can't Go On

Submitted by Relinquished.

fuckin essential math rock. for fans of don caballero, don caballero, don caballero.
272 8 1 4

Submitted by Ryus. gorgeous dreamy ambient

Submitted by Frippertronics.

Ambient folk, sparse arrangements, ethereal synthesizers, and mumbled vocals that reveal a man who is an aspiring romantic yet has a withdrawn, vulnerable personality. probably one of the greatest, but forgotten, albums of the 1980s.
29Order From Chaos
Dawn Bringer

Submitted by Pissbore. Death/black metal from Missouri. available for streaming and/or physical purchase from Nuclear War Now Productions
30Doom Snake Cult
Love Sorrow Doom

Submitted by Pissbore. death/doom band that formed in 1987. available for streaming and/or physical purchase from Nuclear War Now Productions
31Stephan Micus

Submitted by Iron Giant.

prepare to be utterly hypnotized by an amalgam of sounds from the East
32DJ Screw
11/16/2000 Vol. 3

Submitted by RoundOnEndHiInMiddle.

screwed up comp from the originator himself
33Henning Christiansen

Submitted by Puntugruhm.

lo-fi recording of avant-garde piano playing over ambience created by electroacoustic instrumentation with usage of musique concrète and spoken word passages to create a feel of emotion and humanity in a genre generalized as ' elitist'.
34Su Wai
Gita Pon Yeik

Submitted by p4p.

Burmese classical/folk music.
Smiles Upon the Strokes That Murders Me

Submitted by JokineAugustus

Hardcore/Old Metalcore
36Dave Douglas
Charms Of The Night Sky

Submitted by Puntugruhm.

this guy is barely known on this forum for some reason.
(chamber/avant-garde jazz) strung out trumpet playing with accordion accompaniment and sparse piano that journeys upon a classic double bass sound.
37Abdullah Ibrahim & Johnny Dyani
Echoes From Africa

Submitted by Torontorian.

Its pretty much a Chill Jazzish african album. It may seem a bit repetitive but its so damn passionate it makes up for it in just about every sense. ITs pretty much impossible not to feel great after listening to it.
Let's Make Babies in the Woods

Submitted by SowingSeason.

Psychedelic, kind of abstract indie rock/folk...Female fronted vocals, but rough and drowned in distress/pain. Lots of cool imagery and lyrics. Can be bought on iTunes.
39Big Black

Submitted by ArsMoriendi.

4.5, verging on a 5, It's a great noise punk EP
40Daniel Amos

Submitted by Friday13th.

Early '90s neo-psychedelia with a great combination of old sounds like The Beatles and The Beach Boys with newer ones like XTC. Pretty sure this band single-handled started alternative Christian rock in the 80s.
41John Prine
Sweet Revenge

Submitted by Grish.

it's a country album from 1969 with great lyrics and a cool vibe. the album that got me into country
42Zahava Seewald and Michael Grebil
From My Mother's House

Submitted by Asdfp277.
43Weird Owl
Nuclear Psychology

Submitted by Royl123.

progressive/psychedelic rock that sounds really similar to pink floyd.
Please listen to them:
44Stara Rzeka
Cień chmury nad ukrytym polem

Submitted by altertide0.
A wonderful mix of post-rock/experimental/electronic/black metal and drone music, all bathed in Witcher-like Slavonic atmosphere. It feels like a walk through a pagan village, where the gods of old still exist, and the primary evil never sleeps.

Submitted by titanslayer.

Psychedelic neofolk with fantastic atmosphere that makes me think of a walk in the forest, it's one of the most relaxing albums I've ever heard. can be streamed on spotify
46Pet The Preacher
The Cave and The Sunlight

Submitted by Flugmorph.
47Pedestrian Deposit

Submitted by LivingThrowaway.

cut up, crazy as fuck harsh noise that manages to, amidst the chaos, create feelings of lovesick-ness and loss
48Vomir and Tanner Garza
Give Up The Ghost

Submitted by LivingThrowaway.

ambient tape loops + HNW = fucking bliss
49Pond (USA)
The Practice Of Joy Before Death

Submitted by zakalwe.

Made in a time when alt-rock/grunge really was alt-rock/grunge

Submitted by BMDrummer.

Submitted by tempest-- (I'm assuming you meant this album; looked around and "Evergreen" doesn't see like an album, just a song title)

sounds like '70s rock and roll/stoner/groovy/psych/Sabbath/Zeppelin etc.

soundcloud stream but its one of those hidden links that they only gave permission to this one website
52Grant Lee Buffalo

Submitted by Arcade.

fantastic mid-90s alt-country/folk album, not quite a classic but yeah v underrated
53The Man-Eating Tree

Submitted by porcupinetheater.

Gothic metal. But the best gothic metal. Something about the vocals which appear very clean and rather beautiful on the surface but with an underlying gruff edge in the inflections that I love (he isn't on their new album, fuck that), and compositions that just feel very authentically mournful to my ears. At the Green Country Chapel is breathtaking.
54Serpent (JPN)
Cradle of Insanity

Submitted by trvvve.

melodic death with a little bm influence, easily top 3 melodeath material

quote from the review:"Serpent carries along where Subterranean left off and built it up to extremes unknown to most melodeath enthusiasts today."
55The Sound Stylistics
Greasin' The Wheels

Submitted by Sharktooth.

Did you know that deep funk was a thing? Well now you do!

Available on Spotify
Pubic Fruit

Submitted by Cyberduck.

Shoegaze/Industrial/Dance Pop

It's a shame that this didn't appear as their first album instead of the far inferior "Doppelgänger". If you like heavy music with ambitious production this one is a must listen. (They also have a Bandcamp account btw)
All In The Circle

Submitted by ElegantElephant (I might have fucked up the album art upon adding this, so I'll fix it if it's still fucked up).

Experimental/Abstract hiphop, Dark, gritty production with a dangerous sounding dude flowing on top from the Netherlands, this is their full length followup to their 2010 EP
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