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Please recommend TheSpaceMan some music

But i'm entitled, so tell me why you think i'd like it
1Paul Kantner and Grace Slick

Divaman, because I 5d surrealistic pillow

nice rec dude, Grace is a goddess and sings like one too so i was expecting to love it and, well, I did! thanks man i needed this one

2Necros Christos
Domedon Doxomedon

Astral Abortis, Because he's always right and so am I so I'm anxious to see if one of us is a liar

okay so he isn't a liar and neither am I, cause this was actually pretty gnarly. I don't listen to metal like at all these days, so I wasn't really going in expecting much but the interesting interludes and overall atmosphere was pretty dope. Way too long though, coulda been gutted a lot. idk, my rating may not seem like much but it is for an album like this

3The Meters
The Meters

SharkAttack, becaude its chill and funky

damn this was cool, I can see myself coming back to it in certain moods. its got vibes oozen out of it. the fantastic drumming hooked me but the coolness kept me. good looks

Aratame Hajime Mashite Midori Desu

Fripp, because I can't wait to tell him he doesn't like music

dude you don't like music but apparently i don't either wtf is this

5Fleetwood Mac
Fleetwood Mac

TheLongShot, because it's similar to rumours which is a sexy album

so I honestly wasn't at all affected by what is basically just a shallow Rumours, I mean its far from bad but idk aside from a few massive standouts I just found that the energy wasn't there, the vibes were dry and the components that I loved from the band were lost. i'll revisit cause maybe i just wasn't in the mood

6Tom Waits
Rain Dogs

DominionMM1, because its a very good record that i havent heard

this was pleasant, very engaging and loved his Louis Armstrong meets grunge voice. the composition was all varied and super unique, and while nothing immediately stood out it never dragged and definitely demands a re-spin or two. seems like an album i gotta look more into for it to click and my appreciation will undoubtedly grow. nice one


+ townes van zandt- s/t; its a very good record that i haven't heard that needs more love

hansoloshotfirst, because it floats

heavenly, perfect amount of hypnotic repetition, and just a genuinely comforting listen. its getting this rating for now but as i keep saying i feel like the more time i spend with this the more it'll assimilate. its a record thats so up my alley i know i'll break, but for now i dont wanna lie to myself


+ The Neptune Power Federation - Neath A Shin Ei Sun, because it drives

+ loscil - submers, because it sinks
8The Loyalists

Drifter, because its great underground east coast rap, it feels like a classic with its ace lyrics and technical flow, with a soft spot of being innocent / amateurish

this actually was a lot of fun, your description did a great job representing it. not really my style, but it was very solid and had much more redeeming qualities than i'd expect.

9Black Magick SS
Spectral Ecstasy

YakNips, because 70s psychedelic rock + lo-fi black metal + esoteric aryanism (sickk)

damn i was dissapointed with this. idk man it coulda been my thing but it just was not my thing. i think it rubbed me wrong, but i think it was a super solid rec and im glad i gave it a shot. i cant really pin point something that I hated, but i also cant pin point an aspect that i loved. if they have more material, maybe i'd prefer it to this. still a novelty in its uniqueness

10Soccer Mommy

Ebola, because its real sadboi hours in here )":

okay so uhhh this thing was way better than i expected because normally this genre is the worst thing in the world to me and she needs to stop complaining but the guitar and her voice were nice enough to keep me interested. the only thing sad about this was everything about it.

11Kashee Opeiah
Panic in Solitude

KingDweedle, cause it pimp slaps johnson

it actually made my dick flaccid, shrivel, and retreat inwardly. i have nothing against metalcore but there was nothing about this i cared about

12Erykah Badu
New Amerykah Pt. 1 (4th World War)

ArsMoriendi, because she has a great voice and the music is super varied and engagin'

oh shit this was great, you weren't kidding, this thing is spiced with variety and its rarely at any expense. its was super fun and i'm for sure keeping it around. her voice wasn't too spectacular but it sure as hell works flawlessly. and theres just an overall coolness and fun style to it all. thanks ars

13Red Mountains
Down With The Sun

Aiwaz, because it has nice flow

parts of it did flow nicely, sure, but it wasn't really any cut above the best stoner rock out there. riffs were nice if not a bit too safe, and the vocalist wasn't special enough to stand out. i think my issue is just that there is just so much amazing stoner-rock out there that i'd rather have on, and its a genre that kinda grew stale for me (i dont even sm0k weeds anymore). maybe if they changed their bong water and bought the gas i'd be more in it. wasn't offensive or bad in any way though, and i probably shoulda cranked the volume on the highway

Circular Ræsoning

conman, because I am gracious enough to check it

if this isn't considered wanky math rock, idk if i could handle the real stuff. this was very pleasant in its loungey bits (mainly the first two tracks), and there were plenty of parts where i was like whoa this is super impressive (more so on the bigger track). but it was just a lot of show off in some cases sort of at the expense of chillness. its weird cause it was delicate balance of the two at some points then it would just get crazy out of nowhere. i think i'm getting dumber as i get older, cause only a few years ago this shit would have engaged the fuck out of me but i just feel mentally exhausted listening to something so flashy without a numbing rhythmic section to grasp on to. yet, i did find myself re - listening to the last song just out of the sheer "wowness" factor. very glad it was an EP, made it much cuter

Dragging a Dead Deer Up a Hill

Hawks, because it rules and has interesting genre tags

this was great. The mood it evokes is exactly what i was hoping for. it makes me reminisce growing up in new england woods, with a beautiful and almost surreal sensation of quiet ambiance with a slight haunting in the air. the acoustic guitar is played in a way that conjures imagery of dead tree branches blowing in a chilled breathy breeze, it takes me back man. i've honestly never heard anything quite like it.

Burial Songs

neekafat, because gaze

this ended up being a lot darker than i thought, which was an interesting surprise. the guitar is super crystalline and well produced, but it comes at a cost. i think too much effort was put into the actual sound of the record vs the songwriting, which most of the times sorta meandered. plus the glossiness of the guitar stood out in a strange way from the rest of the music. that all being said, it was an interesting listen that never became a chore to finish even if sometimes it was as rewarding as it could have been. i did esp like the overall sense of foreboding and longing that the record gives off and the ambient sections behind the lead were actually astonishingly realized. basically this thing coulda been super improved without the post-rock worship that plagues a lot of gaze out there.

17Bernie Sanders
We Shall Overcome

sixdegrees, because I need to have my mind sit down in a chair and think

the empowerment this masterpiece evokes makes me wanna do something unproductive

5.0 corporate boycotts/5
18Haruka Nakamura

brainmelter, because ~bliss~

jeez ~bliss~ is right, listening to this is just the audio equivalent contentment. I actually dwelled on this rec for a while, gave it about 3 full listens, because it was such an easy one that i was quick to loose myself to it and literally forget to take it in. the record has its faults, i didn't like the t/t at all. but the smaller tendency of the album: delicate notes, elements of noise juxtaposed with tranquil classical arrangements, the jazz like percussion, etc. all worked so well that i will come back to it again.

19Mutoid Man
War Moans

Dewinged, because I agree with Brodsky 's geometric analogies

this album crazy af, super intense, but clearly as a controlled chaos. the extreme tempos were offset by a sort of grove thats hard to derive from such an environment and proved to be the most impressive highlight of the whole thing. vocally and lyrically it was a fun but a bit too corny to hold staying power for me, and i found myself lost in the tracklist not really noticing when songs structurally change. i don't think i would revisit this, but that doesnt mean i didnt enjoy it. i know people who would def dig this so imma pass it on to them

Chairs Missing

Papa Universe, because its the classic of all classics and more post punk is always welcomed

this was awesome! post-punk is scary cause the avg post punk band is so dry and derivative but the good shit is so ace. and luckily this was the good stuff. found myself loving every second of it, even if i caught myself glancing at the run-time. idk if that was in longing for it to close early or to hope it keeps going for longer. its one of those albums thats hard to describe so i wont really bother, but either way, coming back to it and think this will grow on me even more.


+Kaviar Special - Vortex, because your pie chart says psychedelic is #1

asdfp277, because me

okay despite not having any interest in (new) prog for ages, this thing reminds me why the genre will always have a special place in my heart. first track comes in rhythmically pounding with that tribal percussion and synth / guitar dancing around it. 'snowfall' is the standout for me, perfectly atmospheric and melodically tasty. vocally and stylistically reminds me of motorpsycho which is a super plus. 'reminded' is the obligatory guitar show off track that is actually in decent taste, and the final track coulda been trimmed, and since its more than half the runtime of the EP imma have to slight the whole thing accordingly, but the noise inspired ending was very welcoming. the lull ive had in this list caused me to listen to this beast a few times over and it paid off cause it really grew on me over time

3.9 / 5
22Naang Naang
Le Ywei Sin Tei Mya

hal1ax, because it bangs and is being catered on a silver platter

this was fucking dope omg, crazy psych pop vibes (easily my bread and butter genre that will NEVER fail) that are even more distorted by the culture/language barrier. the vintage style production but forwardly-for-its-time experimental take is just such a pristine package of chill and sedation and jams and vibes that i put this on loop with a smile.

4.3 / 5
Collections 01

Chorturtle, because our downtempo tastes are the objective truth and if its been what you've been listening to in the chill of the mornings or after the puffs then heck yea baby

stars aligned or something cause i was in a super downtempo mood the other night when i first put this on, and this thing hit the spot. its got a lot of intricacies that separate it from being just elevator lounge music and form a solid identity. really nice production, and has this nice oriental world flare to it that i really dug, Verbena and a few others even having some sort of guitar/harp thing being plucked, and i love instruments mixed into downtempo shizz. i think "cook, clean" is a sour track and coulda been scrapped if only cause of the annoying lead but every other one is ace, i think "pretty polly" is my fav

4.2 / 5
Beyond Death Beyond Reason

coldheaven, because it's gnarly computational rock heavily influenced by ancient Japanese music

first off, absolutely love the album art on this. might be my favorite of all the recs. second, this is the third album in a row with at least some eastern/oriental world vibe going on. im digging this mini series lol. anyways, this is a good album for sure, but its just not my style. i wish it was more removed from its math rock roots but i guess thats what the band is in naked form, so thats kinda hard to argue for. drumming could get super annoying. idk, sucks cause i love so many pockets of this thing. im sounding a bit too critical tho, i guess its just easy to notice the flaws. these guys can def play. i did enjoy it for sure. production is great for the slower pieces but way too thin for the meatier moments that coulda been mountain crushing, and the inclusion of the violin and strings is awesome btw. more tracks like "the village" would have made this better.

3.0 / 5
25Title Fight
Floral Green

ZombieToyDuck, because I need some more punk in my life and a little gaze makes the world go around

gaze production is nice, and the energy is there. its sincere, i can tell. but honestly gaze production isn't punk at all. like it just doesnt mix well, its like pretty boys tryna get dirty idk. theres hype to it and when i was younger i woulda devoured this (not saying its juvenile and dont mean that as a slight, its just more in line with my tastes of the past). its just not my thing and not at all what i was looking for rn sowwy

2.5 / 5
26Richard Hell and The Voidoids
Blank Generation

ButcherBoy, because its the ambassador of punk that I also need in my life

This is exactly what I expected and I love that, definitely glad its in my collection now. Its a direction of music I really need to delve deeper into and I plan to hit this one a few more times again even though I spun it a bunch already. the minimalism is tantilizing but the energy is abundant. the singing aint my thing and holds it back but I love the production, especially that guitar and drums combo. solid rec, threw it at a friend who loves this type of shit and it was graciously praised.

3.3 / 5
27Manic Street Preachers
The Holy Bible

TVC, because everything considered alive should die

This was a massive surprise, not at all what I thought going in. First song was an immediate spike in my veins and catchy af. Love his voice, love the guitar and the energy is a nice balance of exciting and restrained. The political preachiness is a bit much but at least the lyrics are grimey and disassociated so far from typical 'commentative' alt rock... you got a chorus like "chop off his cock, fuck him and call him RIta if you want". Easily one of the best I checked on this list, I'm a sucka for this type of music. She is Suffering is probably my favorite.

4.3 / 5
28Kinoko Teikoku
Uzu Ni Naru

Aberf, because its his favorite j-gaze album oat and perhaps i'll dig

SharkTooth, because obscure prog gem
The Mollusk

nolerthebowler, because fr the mollusk is a psych masterpiece, beautiful synth work all done in a washy haze which gives it its underwater feel, connected with wacky, heart wrenching, and at times slightly uncomfortable lyricism. But still all around a feel good album, despite the psyched out lyrics
31Tupper Ware Remix Party
Together Through Time

DinosaurJones, because I like Daft Punk and Commander Meouch is apparently a bassist I need to check asap
32Ling Tosite Sigure
Just a Moment

SteakByrnes, because it rules and it's a post hardcore/noise gem
33Mercury Rev
Deserter's Songs

50iL, because careful study of my piechart led to this
34Laurel Halo

toad, because its an amazing/challenging record worth trying to break through with
35Yellow Magic Orchestra
Yellow Magic Orchestra

osmark86, because its some seriously delicious electronic music. Funky and very playful with some excellent arrangements and songwriting. The Kraftwerk of Japan but more melancholic iho ((hype))
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