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Metal Elitism Will Be The Death Of Metal
10The Acacia Strain

They were using this sound before emmure. before the metalcore explosion. They used djent influences before it was trendy for core bands to do so. And they are full of emotion and project that. They are just regular guys that have fun (watch "angry mob justice" on youtube). Besides, songs like "the combine"-and 'Skynet" have more angry emotion and, at the end of the day, just are killer songs imo. But they dont call themselves metal or core. they only call themelves "heavy". and thats what they succeed in being. It's music for when you want to break stuff, not listen to sweepin scales and increbile blast-beats.
A new era of corruption

Not deathcore. Suck it, it's not. It's death metal just fuckn deal with it. It's more on the edge of groove based death metal, but still dm. Even if it isn't, of all the cesspool of deathcore bands out there, what has whitechapel done to deserve the hate? oh right. they're really popular. That doesn't bode well with the masters of all music: Metal Elitists
the unspoken king

They changed. whoop-dee-doo. they added some clean vocals. wow. all of a sudden they are traitors to metal because they progressed their sound. dafuq?
7Black Veil Brides
set the world on fire

" They dress like fags and wear makeup. they're disgrace to metal"
wow laas time i checked that's what motley crue and twisted sister did. their music may not be great, but if you hate a band just for their image than you are the worst type of music "fan"
6Morbid Angel
illud divinum insanus

What? they made an album in a style that they wanted to make regardless of what people wanted of them? Get the fuck over it. they made that album for themselves because they wanted to. Sure it was pretty dodgy but fuck cut them some slack, and remember all the good they have done for death metal
5Cradle of Filth
Godspeed on the devil's thunder

How dare they get popular. Just how dare they. According to the trve kvlt black metal equation, symphonic elements + clean vocals / popularity = FUCKN GAY SELL OUT POSER SHIT!!! Geez the doom metal bands are lucky to have avoided this little spat. But if doom metal gets popular.....
4A Day to Remember
For those who have heart

I dont understand why metalheads feel the need to hate this as intensely as they do. It isn't metal. they never claimed it was metal. its pop-punk hardcore, but apparently it's "fake metal for fags", WTF? next thing you know rise against is gonna be called gay metalcore
3The Faceless
Planetary Duality

"Yeh the faceless are great tech death"
*signed to sumerian
"Wait they're on sumerian? fuck that pussy deathcore shit"
Ladies and gentlemen, the elitist strikes again
2 Suicide Silence
The Cleasing

Were never deathcore. Yep I said it. The Cleasing was death metal. There were no poppy chorus, no metalcore or even melodeath riffs, and the breakdowns were definately not metalcore. Elitists seem to forget that breakdowns by themselves don't make a band core
1Born of Osiris
The Discovery

Meshuggah are allowed to chug like shit but as soon as a band with breakdowns does it, all hell breaks loose. Honestly you may not like it, but for some reason elitists feel the need to be as hypocritical as humanly possible
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