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Jac's First Half 2016

Well it's that time of year again where I'm a week and a bit late to post half yearly list after everyone raced to post theirs a week and a bit early. I ain't got time to waste time.
70Akio Suzuki
a i sha

Musique concréte / field recordings

Melodeath - This is honestly one of the most palatable death metal albums I've ever heard, and I mean that as a kind of backhanded compliment. I can see this being an excellent gateway album for people looking to get into the genre, but for my ruined ears I need something a bit more gruff.

Hardcore punk
Allir vegir til glötunar

Black metal
65Massive Attack
Ritual Spirit

64Eucharist (AUS)

Black / death
63Munchener Kammerorchester
Mozart: Piano Concertos Nos. 8 and 9

Classical period / concerto - Not the best interpretation I've ever heard: Tame performances and somewhat dodgy recording quality on the piano, but Mozart's music is delightful enough to overlook these minor qualms
62Kendrick Lamar
untitled unmastered.


Funeral doom - See my review.
Das Nichts

Noise / post-punk
59Ritual Chamber
Obscurations (To Feast On The Seraphim)

Death metal
58Aes Dana and Miktek
The Unexpected Hours

Darkness Transcend

Death metal - Iffy drum production aside, this is some good Ulcerate worship.
56Kashiwa Daisuke
Program Music II

Neo-classical post-rock
55Stefan Thut
un/even and one

Lowercase - This was actually quite difficult to get into at first, due to the fact that you miss so much if you let yourself get distracted. But lowercase is as lowercase does.
54Stillborn Fawn

Black Metal
53Valerio Tricoli
Clonic Earth

52Oren Ambarchi, Kassel Jaeger, James Rushford
Pale Calling

Field recordings
51Grave Miasma
Endless Pilgrimage

Death metal
50Mats Gustafsson
This is From the Mouth

Free Improvisation
49Arashi (jazz)

Free jazz
48Valerio Tricoli

Dark Ambient
47First Fragment

46Felicia Atkinson and Jefre Cantu-Ledesma
Comme un seul narcisse

Musique concréte / ambient
Larvae Offal Swine

Black / death
44Clouds (CAN)
Timeslip Roadmender

43Kassel Jaeger, Stephan Mathieu, and Arika Rabelais

Ambient / field recordings
42Vile Intent
Machine Into Flesh

41Fire! Orchestra

Experimental big band
40Jason Crumer
Stare at the Devil

Harsh noise / musique concréte
Perennial Void Traverse

Death metal - Blatantly rips off Obliteration but hey, just about everything in metal is an appropriation of something else at this point so w/e
38RIAS Kammerchor
Schnittke: Penitential Psalms

Modern classical / choral
37Puce Mary
The Spiral

Death Industrial / Dark Ambient - I hoped for more of the explosive viscera of "Night is a Trap II" to capitalise on all the suspense building, but the suspense building is pretty awesome in and of itself anyway so I can't complain.
Terminal Redux

Tech-thrash - Yes, it's not #1, get over it.
35France Jobin

Ambient / lowercase
34Le Concert des Nations
Les Elements: Tempetes; Orages; Fetes Marines

Baroque music
32David Bowie

Art rock - RIP
Le Dernier Crépuscule

Death metal - Slightly-flat production aside this is about as enthralling as I expected it to be.
30zeitkratzer / Keiji Haino
Stockhausen: Aus den sieben Tagen

Modern classical
Ultimate Care II

Musique concréte / IDM - A dense and disorienting exercise in sound design. Requires a very specific listening setting as it's easy to get lost and feel disconnected but ~
28Venetian Snares
Traditional Synthesizer Music

IDM - See my review.
Hideous Silhouettes of Lynched Gods

Black metal - Almost irritatingly good in light of being only two damn tracks long. Full length pls.
26Sarah Neufeld
The Ridge

25Destroyer 666

Speed / black / thrash
24Christophe Rousset
Bach: Das wohltemperierte Klavier 1. Teil

Baroque music - I was hesitant to check this as I've never been partial to solo harpsichord (too bright, lacking in dynamics and expression) but somehow this has hooked me for two hours at a time, without intermissions.
Exhumation of the Ancient

Death / doom - Devastating tunes with Infester-esque vocals
22Deviant Process

Tech-death - High-octane tech-death with progressive tendencies that is reminiscent but not an imitation of American styles that were prevalent in the 90s.
She Sleeps, She Sleeps

Avant-garde jazz
20Clara Iannotta
A Failed Entertainment: Works 2009-2014

Modern Classical - A compilation of dynamic, textured and suspenseful pieces consisting of sparse soundscapes in which the instruments almost seem to chatter with each other, occasionally erupting but only for the most brief of moments.
Distance | Collapsed

Death / doom - See my review.
18Michael Formanek
The Distance

Avant-garde jazz / Experimental big band - Takes a long time to get into the swing of things but once it does I'm hooked until 71st and final minute.

Black / death - Absolutely fucking gnarly, ever so sloppy demo with astounding production quality (for a demo at least), do check if you're into all things black-y and death-y.
16RIAS Kammerchor / Akademie fuer Alte Musik Berlin

Baroque music / oratorio - This is the first rendition of Bach's St. John Passion that I've heard and I'm impressed (duh), but I'm gonna check some other recordings as this one is a little sibilant and peaky in places. Performances are impeccable, notwithstanding.
15Tim Hecker
Love Streams

Ambient / Glitch - Bit of a shame this has gotten the worst reception of any Hecker because it's one of his best. Yes, it's reminiscent of Oneohtrix Point Never, but still far in excess of anything Lopatin's done anyway.
14Howls of Ebb
Cursus Impasse: The Pendlomic Vows

Death metal - Definitely Howls' densest album, musically speaking. Though I think it lacks the fun-factor of the debut and the expansiveness of the EP, it's another jewel in the band's now rather lavish looking crown.
13Jachna / Mazurkiewicz / Buhl
Dzwieki ukryte

Avant-garde jazz - Unbelievably methodical for something that - from what I've read - is improvised. "Nie Wiem, Mysle" feels sculpted from the ground and up, and "A Ya" is a superb bout of organised chaos. Whatever, it sounds good to these ears.
elseq 1-5

IDM - See my review.
11Szilard Mezei Sextet
Lerakat / Depot

Avant-garde jazz - Not for casual listening, but extremely rewarding if you're willing to put in the time to flesh it out. Can feel like a mish-mash of everything but the kitchen sink at time but it's a beautiful mess no less.
10Abchordis Ensemble
Stabat Mater: Italian Sacred Music

Baroque music - Joyful but surprisingly undramatic tunes from a few composers in whose work my interest has been piqued.
9Immune (UK-LON)

Outsider house - Okay, yes, the second track is by far the best one but that still counts for quite a bit when probably in my top 5 of the year so far. The others are nothing to sneeze at, hiding their subtle beauties beneath a blanket of iridescent fuzz.
8Myriam Alter

Jazz - Undemanding, concise arrangements that cover a broad range of emotions from jubilation to melancholia. Has a bit of Klezmer vibe to it.

Ambient Techno - Simple but sublime and surprisingly malleable beats that invoke a palpable atmosphere. Only complain is that I wish it was longer.
5Akademie fuer Alte Musik Berlin
Handel: Water Music

Baroque music - Just a superbly recorded and produced rendition of three seminal suites by an ensemble that's quickly establishing itself as one of my favourites.
4Matthew Revert / Vanessa Rossetto
Earnest Rubbish

Musique Concréte - Without trying to sound like a complete dilettante, I haven't even bothered scrounging for some narrative structure to this album, even if I'm sure it's present. I'm not even too sure what Revert's role in the arrangements and sound manipulation is, all I know is the result is oddly soothing. Maybe it's the presence of Australian accents, who knows?
The Last Witness

Death metal - See my review
2Hesperion XXI / La Capella Reial de Catalunya
Granada Eterna 1013–1526

Medieval / Renaissance classical music - My infatuation with this album might have something to do with my unfamiliarity with this period of music; it all just sounds so fresh and lively. The Arabic-style vocals and instrumentation give the whole thing a sort of mystical vibe without sounding gimmicky or inauthentic.
Pleiades' Dust

Death metal - After hearing the preview tracks I was reasonably excited but each of this album's constituents are so much more affecting when heard in context. Definitely better than Coloured Sands, having trimmed the fat while simultaneously taking the "DM-as-movements-rather-than-songs" approach to a whole new level. I know it's ~cool~ to hate on Gorguts for whatever reason now but for people who aren't total retards this will hit like a tonne of bricks.
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