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2016: Rejects

Felt like being a Negative Nancy for whatever reason plus I wasn't sure if I had more than 100 albums for my half year list that I'm compiling right now. So I decided to make a list of all the albums that were either not quite good enough to make it, meh or just plain shit. Some of you might dig what's on this list so take what I say with a pinch of salt. List is loosely ordered from least to most offensive.
31St. Francis Duo
Peacemaker Assembly

Free Improvisation - The Wall of sound they manage to create (particularly in the first track) is quite impressive, but the booming bottom end sort of muffles the drumming and it's quite is irritating because I wanted to hear more of it unperturbed.
30Henry Threadgill's Ensamble Double Up
Old Locks and Irregular Verbs

Jazz - Lovely recording but just a little too subdued for too long and a little too scatterbrained when it tries to be exciting.

Hardcore - Nothing out of the ordinary, just some solid crust punk with heavy grind leanings. Didn't quite make it.

Ambient - Beautifully produced but a little melodramatic at times.
Destroying Chapels

War Metal - Granted, it doesn't do anything ~wrong~ but in so tentatively following the bestial black death formula it's ends up doing not much at all.
Strain Studies

Electronic - A lot of initial appeal due to being quite unlike a lot of music I've heard but said appeal begins to wane with repeat listens.

Progressive death metal - Though "The Void Alone" is an awesome song, this direction the band is taking here doesn't bode well for the future.

Black Metal - Pretty good if you're into the whole Deathspell-sound like I am. That is, until the last few tracks where the spoken word trickles in takes you completely out of it.

Tech death - It almost sounds like all the music has been put through a ~politeness filter~ or something. Everything is just so slick and unobtrusive that although there may be some sweet melodies and progressions here, they elicit very little.
Quase Driven

Musique Concréte - This honestly functions quite nicely as background noise but as a dedicated listen is lacking a bit, especially compared to "Them Corja" from last year.
21Wanda Group
Ornate Circular

Musique Concréte - A mix of pleasant and rather ugly sounds that don't really engage me or induce any kind of emotional contrast, but worth checking if you're into this.
Running Out Of Skin

Mathcore / Death Metal / Free Improvisation - Honestly, it doesn't really sound like these guys were trying make something great here, just having a bit of fun. For that reason I can sort of get behind it but I'm hoping they apply themselves a little more thoroughly next time.
19Nucleus (USA-IL)

Death metal - An album filled with good ideas that unfortunately pales in comparison to the sum of its parts.
18Graveyard (ESP)
...For Thine Is The Darkness

Death Metal - Super solid OSDM revival that's unfortunately very forgettable.
17Grischa Lichtenberger

IDM - Eccentric in a way that it's endearing a some points and kind of annoying in others.
16Weekend Nachos

Powerviolence - This was my first exposure to this band and it was alright, just nothing special. Might check their earlier stuff assuming it's on the rawer side.
15Chippendale, Gustafsson and Pupillo

Free Improvisation - Technically very impressive and the interplay between the musicians is remarkable but it's just such a chore to listen to.
Sea of Ignorance

Death Metal - Not especially bad in any way just really boring.
13Genocide Organ
Obituary of The Americas

Power Electronics - [2]
12Kanye West
The Life of Pablo

Hip-hop - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5jdwhKRZuBw
You Will Never Be One of Us

Hardcore - Way to clean and one dimensional to convey the supposedly uncompromising anger this band is so lauded for.
Gravenous Hour

Brutal Death Metal - See my soundoff.
9Caveman Cult
Savage War is Destiny

War Metal - A generic lump of Blasphemy worship that sounds like it's been scuffed up in post-production to fool you into thinking it's way more lo-fi than it actually is.
8Cassio Figueiredo

Field Recordings / Ambient - I dunno if this is trying to be all ominous or contemplative or whatever but it fails at all of them, particularly when the wave forms start peaking uncontrollably and hurting my feeble ears.
7Brain Drill
Boundless Obscenity

Tech-death - Checked this out due to morbid curiosity and like everything this band's done it's fun for about 2 tracks then gets old really fast.
6Mark Barden

Modern Classical - A 2deep4me collection of squelchy half-thoughts that go nowhere. The low-point is the bit in "die Haut Anderer" where ol' mate Barden decides it would be a great idea for the pianist to hammer the same note for 5 minutes solid until the piece ends. I'm sure there's some extravagant metaphor for abortion or something here that's going way over my head but it just doesn't make for good listening, sorry.
5Sutcliffe Jugend

Power noise - Went into this expecting great things given the reception this had but what I got what a mind-numbingly boring slab of death industrial jargon interspersed with blown-up techno beats and some shout-y bloke on top of it all.

Black metal - Sounds like something a teenager would come up with after listening to Paracletus once and thinking "I can do that".
3The Body and Full Of Hell
One Day You Will Ache Like I Ache

"Powerviolence" / Noise - Title is a little misleading because the sound of this album is so awful you wind up with a headache after about 10 minutes.
To Starve the Cross

Death metal - I can't believe I managed to fool myself into thinking this might have been okay but no, it's cut from same cum-stained cloth as the debut.
The Glowing Man

Haven't actually listened to this but it's prob really boring so w/e
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