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02.13.12 Favorite Singers ('til Now)

Favorite Singers ('til Now)

No particular order except for TOP 5.
1Van Der Graaf Generator

Peter Hammil
Probably my favorite. Powerfull, eery, depf, hollow, emotive, kinda queer in
fact, sarcastic, soulfull, evil, an existencial storyteller of the contradictions of
human kind. He sings/shouts/cries with his entrails and proves that is
possible sing raw and beautifully at the same time.
Top 3: Arrow, After The Flood, Man Erg
Unquestionable Presence

Kelly Shaefer
Ok, not the badassest death metal singer, or the most extreme "vocal
blender" (Arkenfeldt). But he puts heart in the cold word of "guttural
singing". Arkenfeldt blends extreme guttural with extreme clean vocals, but
has just one "guttural" style like most death metal singers, Shaefer do
some subtle variations in his guttural/scratched voice (with the help of
some studio effects, of course). Well, could be not the most prominent
menber of Atheist (Steve Flynn and Tony Choy), but he gives personality to
the band and power to the lyrics.
Top 3: An Incarnations Dream; Unquestionable Presence; Water
Cowboys From Hell

Phil Anselmo
I simple like too much his voice and his way of singing. He and Pantera
lead me into extreme metal and after this years (not so many years, hehe)
he remains as the most badass and funny metal singer/screamer and one
of the greatest frontmen ever IMO. (And showed that he have some heart
in Down). So hard to choose a Top 3...
Top 3: Art Of Shredding (Pantera); New Level (Pantera); Nothing In Return

Maynard james Keenan
Shouts of rage, cries of lust, moans of despair and whispers of cynicism or
maybe shouts of despair, cries of cynicism, moans of lust and whispers of
rage or.....whatever....you get it.
Top 3: Pushit; Third Eye; Sober
Welcome To Sky Valley

John Garcia
Sorry Robert Plant and Ian Gillan, but this is the best hard rock singer.
Top 3: Gardenia; Whitewater; Demon Cleaner
6Frank Zappa
Zoot Allures

Frank Zappa
Coolest voice ever, primarily to tell a story....and pretty versatile for a "non-
great singer".
Top 3: The Torture Nevers Stops; Caroline Hard-Core Ecstasy; Hungry
Freaks, Daddy
7Faith No More
King for a Day... Fool for a Lifetime

Mike Patton
The most versatile that I know (oh that's new), but besides that he can be
true and satirical at the same time.
Top 3: Just A Man (FNM); Mery Go Bye Bye (Mr. Bungle); Don't Even Trip
(Peeping Tom)
8Emerson Lake and Palmer
Works Vol. 1

Greg Lake
Well, he is not versatile, but he had the opportunity to transmit a lot of
emotions and sensations with his simple and good voice. And the fact that
he worked with two of the greatests prog bands helps. This Top 3 will be
Top 3: Hallowed Be Thy Name (ELP); Tarkus (ELP); Cat Food (King Crimson)
9Alice In Chains

Layne Staley
His voice is so overly scratched tha it fits like another guitar with Jerry
Cantrell's one. And I think he have a wha-wha pedal in the throat. Not
forgetting his work with Mad Season.
Top 3: Man In The Box (AiC); Rooster (AiC); Lifeless Dead (Mad Season)

Chris Cornell
Great one. I prefer he screaming wrapped into distortion than singing with
an acoustic guitar.
Top 3: Slaves & Bulldozers; Jesus Christ Pose; Smokestack Lightning
11Living Colour
Time's Up

Corey Glover
The perfect singer for Living Colour. This band made a "Third Position" in
"late 80's/early 90's hard rock" that isn't grunge or hair metal.
Top 3: Information Overload; Money Talks; Nothingness
12Captain Beefheart
Trout Mask Replica

Don Van Vilet
The Bizarre Shaman Hobo Master.
Top 3: Orange Claw Hammer; When Big Joan Sets Up; Moonlight On
13 Elis Regina

Elis Regina
Best brazillian female singer IMO.
Top 3: Cartomante; Águas de Março; Romaria
14Soft Machine

Robert Wyatt
I don't use to like soft, beautiful, jolly voices. This guy is the exception.
Top 3: Moon In June (Soft machine); Sea Song (solo); Alefib (solo)
Tago Mago

Damo Suzuki
The most tripy voice. His crazy and unfeeling style fits perfectly with this
band, pionner in mix avant-garde with pop.
Top 3: Oh Yeah; Future Days; Halleluwah
16 Nação Zumbi
Da Lama Ao Caos

Chico Science
I'm Brazilian and I agree when people say that portuguese language don't
match with rock in general. But when this band mixed the American rhythm
that spread around the world with maracatu creating a new way to make
brazillian rock, the unique singing style of Chico Science fit very well.
Top 3: Da Lama Ao Caos; A Cidade; Samba Makossa
Wheels of Fire

Jack Bruce
With Captain Beefheart and Rory Gallager he is the white guy who can
sings blues very good and he is one of the best bassists ever. (I would put
Rory, but don't know much about him yet).
18 Cassia Eller
Acústico MTV

Coolest brazillian female singer IMO.

Diana Serra
Usually I'm not fan of "female fronted metal"... well... 'til I found this one
with prog-technical background.
20Sisters Of Mercy
First And Last And Always

Andrew Eldritch
I don't listened a single album by The Sisters Of Mercy, but....c'mom....the
guy is cool as hell.
Top 3: Walk Away; Possession; Dominion
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