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09.03.11 Skramzemohardcorepunkmetal(depression L

Skramzemohardcorepunkmetal(depression List)
1The Kodan Armada
A Collection Of Songs

Kodan Armada Drinks Pee....This band packs so much emotion about friendship, hard times, cops, and dads raping sisters.... Good friends, playing good music
2 Iwrotehaikusaboutcannibalisminyouryearbook

Not a very well known band, but this album is great if you enjoy post-rock and screamo.
Unloved and Weeded Out

I always liked these songs. From the moment you turn on the album "Downpour" grabs you by the throat and makes you listen to the rest of the album. "Undo" is a great highlight on the album, sounds like converge's version of screamo.
A Retrospective

One of the first "skramz" bands I ever heard. The first half of the album is Saetia's earlier recordings, which are more chaotic and angst ridden than ever. And by the second half of the album, they take a more melodic approach. The collection of songs is a great representation of the bands short lived career.
5 Cap 'n Jazz
Burritos, Inspiration Point, Fork Balloon Sports, Cards In The Spokes, Automatic Biographies, Kites,

Ever wonder what your band would have sounded like in middle school if you had talent to go along with all that teenage angst? Here ya go. Classic.
6Majority Rule
Emergency Numbers

This is a great album to listen to when you are depressed, It starts off hard with blast beats and black metal screams, but quickly shifts pace. The album flows back and forth between chaotic screaming, and smooth visceral moments of ambiance. Great album all the way through.
7I Hate Myself
10 Songs

Sunny Day Real Estate really helped make "Emo" mainstream. It took general characteristics of Emo, and made it accessible for people that would generally not want to admit they listen to Emo. I Hate Myself is the Sunny Day Real Estate for people who admit they like Emo music. The catchy choruses and verse chorus song writing is all here, but I Hate Myself does it in a sincere way that only a band named "I HATE MYSELF" could do.(I also like Sunny Day Real Estate by the way)
8Audience Of One
I Remember When This All Meant Something

One of Anthony Green's earlier projects, Audience Of One shows Anthony's more "screamo" style. His voice is still huge with dynamic notes, and beautiful melodies. But it is shadowed by gut wrenching screams, and punk beats. Ishmael and The Icarus Ambition are good highlights from the album
9 Pg. 99
Document # 8

I first heard Document # 5 by PG. 99, and thought it was incredible. I had then got the split with City Of Caterpillar, and realized this band had a lot more up their sleeve then just hardcore punk or screamo. Document 8, in my opinion, really hit a climax for Pg. 99. This album is beautiful and has it all. The line up for the band was huge at this point and it really shows. Very diverse album.
10Me and Him Call It Us

Wow. One of the heaviest screamo albums I have ever heard. Most people would not consider this to be "screamo" but I do. Simply because it is one of the most emotional albums I have ever heard. The song structures are free flowing, nothing is ever on a linear path. Most of the vocals are done by Aaron, the drummer, which gives the cadence of the music a unique feel. Aaron and Blake (guitar/vocals) go back and forth screaming bloody murder, and creating incredibly nasty songs. There are a few surreal instrumental tracks done by Blake, that create a nice mood for the album. In between moments of chaos, it gives you a breather to listen to ambient guitar feedback. Then "Headache" happens which is 7 minutes of nothing but noise, and a song "Loss" which is a few minutes of just screaming. All together this album makes a great listen as a whole. I recommend listening to this album all the way through at least once before you die.
11I Create
Complete Medley

These guys grew up near me, but i never had any idea they played music like this. I heard this album and was blown away, very sincere album, very unique.
12Touche Amore
...To The Beat of a Dead Horse

Short but sweet, these guys make a great album that sounds like a throwback to late nineties screamo, but still shows the influence bands like "Thursday" had on these guys. The combine the dissonant chords and song structures of first wave screamo, but added a little flavor of more modern screamo a good album, filled with lots of emotion.
13Hot Cross
Risk Revival

I grew up loving Saetia, and when I saw that some of the members had other side projects, i found Hot Cross. It is quite different from Saetia, and other "skramz" bands. But this album is incredibly unique, the guitarist comes up with guitar riffs that Tom from Fall Of Troy would say "WTF?!?" The vocals are always on point, the lyrics are great, and the music is great. Buy this album.
14Funeral Diner
The Underdark

A friend told me to "Buy the Underdark by Funeral Diner, It'll change your life bro"... This album requires patience to fully enjoy it but once you are like the young grasshopper you are ready to enjoy.

If you haven't heard this EP, do yourself a favor AND GO FUCKING LISTEN TO IT. Deafheaven is one of the best bands to emerge circa 2010. Not for everybody, but take Converges classic "Jane Doe" album, and run it through a My Bloody Valentine filter, and you have Deafheaven. It sounds like shoegaze/black metal. It is beautiful/chaotic/and noisey all at the same time. The album starts out pummeling you with blast beats, but then the second song is a long acoustic song, that leaves you anticipating and wanting more. Followed by a riff that starts out sounding like a pop punk song, but smoothly transitioning to the blast beat again, to force a huge wall of sound into your ears. This album is a MUST for anyone who enjoys beauty in chaos.
16Mesa Verde
The Old Road

Great album. Listen to the last song "Post-Youth," It is incredibly epic. If you like that song, you should get the rest of the album.
17Off Minor
The Heat Death of the Universe

Off Minor took screamo, and added more elements of hardcore to it. Orchid meets Botch.
18American Football
American Football

The quietest album on the list by far, but American Football is definitely worth listening to. Mike Kinsella was the drummer for "Cap 'n Jazz" along with his brother Tim doing the vocals. Although in American Football, Mike plays all the instruments EXCEPT the drums, (And trumpet which is done by the drummer) He has a very slow, sprawling approach to writing music. All the songs are on a slow tempo, and work by building up subtle melodies, with traces of trumpet laced throughout the album. It is a great album to listen to in the morning on your way to work.
19 Glassjaw
Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Silence

Ah yes, Glassjaw. Anger, rage, screaming, singing, mike patton, "fucking whore!", Nu-metal production, This album had a time and place in history. Although Glassjaw is still trying to make music, (very disappointing I might add) this album was the climax for them. It was youthful, and angry, but still had catchy chorus's that helped it achieve mainstream success. I loved this album when I was younger, and although at the time, unaware of most of the music i know and love today, Still love this album.

Concept albums can either be great, or crap... This one is great. Good story, great music. If you liked Modern Life Is War, this album picked up where they left off...
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