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04.22.18 Fo(u)r Whom the Sniff jams - *hint* it'03.31.18 Sniffs third eye
02.28.18 The Second wave of Sniff rec's02.02.18 The first Sniff is the deepest
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Fo(u)r Whom the Sniff jams - *hint* it's for you

Aight you know the drill -18 stuff that hasn't been on my previous lists. I'll be away counting deer??? and getting drunk af for the remaning days of April so here we go with the song (list).
1Wout Gooris Trio and Chisholm/Vann
Some Time

4.5 [jazz] here we have it ladies and gentlemen. The first 4.5 of the year goes to Wout Gooris for his (i guess) super well composed and slick af jazz album
2Ill Considered
Ill Considered 3

4.0 [jazz] modern jazz is good so is this record

4.0 [electronic, post rock, dub, downtempo, i don't know] all you need to know is that it's pretty af
4Sons of Kemet
Your Queen Is a Reptile

4.0-3.5 [jazz] alternative take on jazz courtesy of Shabaka

4.0-3.5 [tape manipulation, programmed ambient] okay this is massif
6Wrekmeister Harmonies
The Alone Rush

4.0-3.5 [drone, post rock, goth] wow get wrecked every other album
7Lonker See
One Eye Sees Red

4.0-3.5 [psychedelic jazz] poland have a DECENT weird jazz scene for sure.
Perfect Texture

3.5-4.0 [d-beat dad] psychedelic tinged d-beat madness
9Haram Tapes

3.5-4.0 [field recordings, electronic] suprisingly powerful soiciopolitical statement, with ambient synth lines and sparse electronic percussion

3.5-4.0 [post metal, hardcore] what if you have Yautja replace brutality with beauty? You have this
schizo romance

3.5-4.0 [ambient, house, idm] downtempo and electronic genres galore. This is really pretty but maybe a bit too long?
12Denis Morin
Cold Ubiquity

3.5-4.0 [ambient, field recordings] this is how every modern ambient record should sound tbh
13The Recyclers

3.5-4.0 [jazz] piano, bass and drums (most of the time) trio complement eachother very well in this noire jazz outing.
Brethren of the Black Soil

3.5-4.0 [doom metal] way too cheesy to be a 4 but still you know. Damn SWEETEEEEEEHEHEHE Borf
15The Caretaker
Everywhere at the End of Time- Stage 4

3.5 [drone] pretty drone. The most acomplished in the series yet
Punk Life Is Shit

3.5 [crust] back to the roots crust
De Doden Hebben Het Goed III

3.5 [black metal] this just in. This album is more engaging than their previous ones
18Wanja Slavin Lotus Eaters

3.5 [jazz] follow bandcamps monthly jazz column for more sweet recs

3.5 [almost metalcoreish crust] nods heavily at a converge direction
A Ring Of Blue Light

3.5 [post metal] instrumental of the sort. Major step up form their previous
21Aidan Baker
Chrome Mouth

3.5 [drone] Aidan Baker does what Aidan Baker does best. Beautiful drone.
22Nightports With Matthew Bourne
Nightports with Matthew Bourne

3.5 [ambient, jazz, experimental] this is actually a compelling listen
23Laurence Pike
Distant Early Warning

3.5 [experimental jazz] playful music that has its roots in jazz
24Daniel Karlsson trio

3.5 [jazz] playful jazz from sweden is good
25William Selman
Musica Enterrada

3.5 [ambient] too chill for downtempo, too busy for ambient
26Christina Vantzou
No. 4

3.5 [ambient] it's beautiful
Light Cut

3.5 [post metal, post rock] of the instrumental sort. This is what it would sound like if i made music again
28Project Pablo
There's Always More at the Store

3.5 [ambient techno] leaning heavily towards house

3.5 [post rock, emo] named after the infamous swedish character. This is actually very beautiful and such. Check the song named after spring for most amazing stuff
30Orphans of Doom
Strange Worlds/Fierce Gods

3.5 [psychedelic doom] with heavy sludge influence this is worthy of your time

3.5 [experminental avant-jazz] is as weird as I wanted and hoped but not really as good as I wanted.
32Ash Koosha

3.5 [IDM, electronic] Yona 1.1 is GOAT
33The Mover
Undetected Act from the Gloom Chamber

3.5 [industrial techno] dark and foreboding. Very spook but dance friendly techno
34Rafiq Bhatia
Breaking English

3.5 [instrumental rock, experminetal, trip-hop] almost gives me a weird instrumental trip-hop vibe.
35Cardinal Fuzz Shop
The Final Age

3.5 [psychedelic fuzz rock, experimental] check it and dig it.
Red Goddess (of this men shall know nothing)

3.5 [ambient, drone] a little bit like Anna von Hauswolff but actually good
37Anne Guthrie
Brass Orchids

3.5 [field recordings, drone] it's abrassive but beautiful
38Yakamoto Kotzuga
Slowly Fading

3.5 [electronic] I dont really know how to describe it but it goes pretty hard while still being chilled

3.5 [IDM, techno] a collection of random songs made between 2001 and now.
40C. Diab
Exit Rumination

3.5 [ambient, post rock, drone] "Patient, hauntingly beautiful music"

3.5 [metallic sludge] has some features of metalcore but it's sludge based for sure + is the bandname supposed to be pronounced like asseaters?
42Ryan Porter
The Optimist

3.5 [contemporary jazz] lacks the sence of urgency really great jazz has. Still this has distinct Kamasi features
43Eagle Twin
The Thundering Heard (Songs of Hoof and Horn)

3.5 [sludgy stoner] sometimes the fuzz is so strong it all crumbles
44Ross From Friends

3.5-3.0 [house] chill summervibes house
Vague Memories II

3.0-3.5 [ambient dub] okay you've heard it before but it's still worth your time
Gentle Nightmare

3.0 [experimental] Yikii back and is as haunting and spooky as ever
47Mujeres Podridas

3.0 [punk] classic punk with a noisy touch
48Alexandra Milne
Back of Beyond

3.0 [house, UK garage] it's dancefloor ready with its prominent 4x4 for sure
49Kate Carr
I Ended Out Moving To Brixton

3.0 [field recordings, ambient] A soundscape opera about relocation, urban space and gentrification. This release is dedicated to the people and organisations in Brixton working to protect all that is unique about this district. As the bandcamp page reads
50Matthew Shipp

3.0 [piano jazz] Matthew goes solo and mad on the piano
Down the Well

3.0 [UK garage] I don't know about this genre tbh but this is okay.
52Wim Dehaen
12 Elegies For Pierre Boulez / Ústí OST

3.0 [ambient soundtrack] scary tunes and ambient tunes
53Mind over Mirrors
Bellowing Sun

3.0 [psychedelic] genre hopping af so it's a real trip
54Tor Lundvall
A Dark Place

3.0 [dark ambient pop] sometimes instrumentally sounding like Fever Ray. Sometimes sad
Weather or Not

3.0 [hip hop] classic vibe
56Daniel Avery
Song for Alpha

3.0 [techno, house] feels like i should enjoy this more but something doesn't feel right about it but i can't understand what.
57Angele David-Guillou
Mouvements Organiques

3.0 [classical ambient] is exactly what the title sais it's supposed to be
58Golem Mecanique

3.0 [ambient, new age] choral arrangements and stuff, it's cool
Actual Existence

3.0 [post rock] instrumental rock is ehm good i guess but nothing special
60The Maghreban

3.0 [instrumental hip hop, house, techno etc] a mixed bag of electonics where some tracks stand out as really good and some are well eh… pretty meh.
61Space Afrika
Somewhere Decent To Live

3.0 [dubstep] very chill with some bleeps and bloops
Somos Salvajes

3.0 [hardcore punk] classic hardcore punk with spanish shouting is m/
63Janusz Jurga
Duchy Rogowca

3.0 [ambient techno] standard-esque
Alba - Les Hombres Errantes

3.0 [folk, progressive] Hypn05e try folk

3.0 [ambient] with some post rock and some classical thrown into it for good meassure.
66Dame Cook
Music for Snow Days

3.0 [ambient] way too short to fit all the snow days we have in this god forsaken country
67Chrome Sparks
Chrome Sparks

3.0 [electronic pop] sports some really nice tracks but also a lot of ehm not very engaging tracks
68Caitlin Canty
Motel Bouquet

3.0 [country, americana] is pretty standard me thinks but enjoyable. Last track is best track.
69Applied Science
We And The Devil

3.0-2.5 [hip hop] boom-bappin hard but could loose some excess fat, much like rappers overall. But is fun at places for sure.
70Lights Out Asia
Alone Time

3.0-2.5 [post rock, ambient, new age] is ehm inoffensive to say the least
71Moon Gangs
Earth Loop

3.0-2.5 [synthwave] is okay i guess
72Solar Fields

3.0-2.5 [psy house, trance] am i making up genres now? Stick around for the full answer

3.0-2.5 [ambient] pretty but nothing special and also it's too long for its own good
An Anxious Light

3.5 [ambient] JS just gets better and better, this is almost 4 worthy - last minute entry for maximum exposure
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