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Sniffuary 17 (jams)

Ranking based on a super intricate system of obscureness vs. quality. Will add the albums missing from the database when the site stops being fucky. 2017 stuff only!
1Information Flash
Ego Murda Sound

4.0/5 borderline 3.5 [outsider house] it combines IDM, jungle, breakbeat, and acid techno to create a melting pot of beautifully expressed outsider house // RoundOnEndHiInMiddle
2Manu Delago

4.0/5 more like a 3.5 actually but fuck it. I’ve had a few beers and I feel generous [downtempo, jazz hang drum, electronic, potscore] he has cut back on the vocal features that made Silver Cobalt such a gripping, moving and special album. But production- and songwriting-wise this is just as good. Only a little harder to hang up all those pretty sounds on something when vocals are so sparsely used.
3Max Richter
Three Worlds: Music from Woolf Works

4.0/5 [classical] MUCH WOW
4Set and Setting

3.5/5 [post metal, black metal, post rock] I once went to a show where Deafheaven opened for Russian Circles. This is like if they had made music together instead of only touring and left the vocalist somewhere along the road.

3.5/5 [House, techno] officially the first cool house record of 2017 that deserves your attention.
6Kid Koala
Music To Draw To: Satellite

3.5/5 [ambient, maybe some jazz roots somewhere in this] makes for a nice long listen. Tend to drag a bit though which is a shame because I really like the sound if this.
Your Mess as Much as Mine

3.5/5 [Hardcore, metalcore, math core] just like every other dissonant metalcore album. Vox are kind of a deal breaker but they as well as this EP gets better towards the end of the record.
8Fox Capture Plan

3.5/5 [nu-jazz] many of the passages on this wouldn’t have sounded out of place on a Jizue record, that’s a good thing. Some bangers and but a few cheesy moment merits a straight 3.5.

3.5/5 [IDM, ambient] Not as good as Fathom of 2015 but short, focused and to the point.
10Dayluta Means Kindness
When You're Young You're Invincible

3.5/5 [post rock] nothing you haven’t heard before but this is well executed. The production is a bit raw which gives this an extra exiting edge.
11Fred Thomas

3.5/5 [straight up indie] Listen for the lyrics, storytelling.
12Avec Le Soleil Sortant De Sa Bouche
Pas pire pop, I Love You So Much

3.5/5 [loud, kraut] under layers of obnoxious loudness serious beauty is to be found.
Beast Incarnate

3.5/5 [death metal] varied and with crisp production. This has all the qualities that a 2017 death metal album should have. The ending of The Black Death is especially amazing.
14William Basinski
A Shadow in Time

3.5/5 [drone, ambient] this is a beauty. Almost a 4.
15Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs
Feed the Rats

3.5/5 [stoner, sludge] nothing you haven’t heard before. A bit of Black Sabbath worship with thick fuzz.
16The Necks

3.5/5 [drone, jazz] new Necks. Get on it.
17Shackleton and Vengeance Tenfold
Sferic Ghost Transmits

3.5/5 [“spoken word” and soundscapes] not what you hear every day. Good spacy outing. Dive into the Grave is a sweet track.
18The Great Old Ones
EOD: A Tale of Dark Legacy

3.5/5 [black metal] More straightforward approach than previous efforts, suits me just right.

3.5/5 [ambient with a splash of techno, a tiny splash] Kind off busy for an ambient record. I dig

3.5/5 [microhouse (maybe), downtempo, the first bite of a fresh guava in dappled tropical sunlight // Doofus] when it’s good it’s real good, when it display almost house-esque passages. Other times, like most of the vocal features, are a chore to get through. Recommended listen!
21Lizzard Wizzard
Total War Power Bastard

3.5/5 [Stoner, fun] a surprisingly fun listen. Recommended if you dig stoner and sludge.
22Mouse On The Keys
Out of Body

3.5/5 [math rock, post rock] LITE light but just as good as LITE at their finest, almost.
23Xiu Xiu

3.5/5 [art pop] FFO: Early leaks and dark “pop” music
24The Drip
The Haunting Fear of Inevitability

3.5/5 [grind] check if you dig grind of the modern production kind

3.0/5 [pitchfork friendly noise] not as engaging as her previous effort.

3.0/5 ["psychill trance"] FFO: Kalpatru Tree, Future Sound of London and so on. For my dub man Calc...
Cold Spot

3.0/5 [post rock] musically this is decent but vocals and lyrics as well as the band name are uhm, special to say the least.
28Arms and Sleepers

3.0/5 possible 3.5 [trip hop, hip hop] a bit too long for its own good. Rap features are cool and tbh there’s nothing wrong with the overall production.
29Richard Pinhas

3.0/5 [drone/jam] gripping at times. Dragging at other times. Features a lot of cool artist tho.
Scenes of the Tourist

3.0/5 borderline 3.5 [folk-ish, sowingcore] something y’all lovers of Tallest Man on Earth can come together over. Last track is phenomenal.
Temple of the Adversarial Fire

3.0/5 [Death metal, “ambience”] doesn’t earn its length. Gets pretty boring tbh.

3.0/5 [dark ambient, electronic] off to a slow start but picks up pace and with that my interest towards the latter parts of the album
Raw Light ll

3.0/5 [trip hop, electronic] has its fair share of ups and downs. The ups are cool at least. But way to inconsistent. Fans of latest Bonobo might dig.
Upon the Shimmered Bough

3.0/5 [ambient bm] Sevengill is onto something here.
36Sleaford Mods
English Tapas

3.0/5 [post PUNK or something] quite enjoyable. Up there with their best work. Can be find out there on the interwebs.
37Ulrich Schnauss and Jonas Munk

3.0/5 [post rock, electronic] ranges from Hammock-esque to Thunder Tillman like.
38Pregnant Whale Pain

3.0/5 [Modern prog] is it called prog because bands can’t for the life of them progress songs in a natural way?
39All them Witches
Sleeping Through The War

3.0/5 [psych rock, stoner rock] blues-esque approach to stoner rock. If you dig their 2014 release, this is a bit different but check nonetheless.
40Bing and Ruth
No Home of the Mind

3.0/5 [ambient, post rock, classical] doesn’t quite reach the heights of 2014s Tomorrow was the Golden Age but a perfectly good example of well executed ambient post rock stuff
41Anal Trump
To All the Broads I've Nailed Before

3.0/5 [grindcore] how could this sell out so fast? Let's treat this as a real record. uhmokay?
42Jan Lundgren
Potsdamer Platz

3.0/5 [jazz] decent offering but it feels kinda lifeless from time to time.
43Live or Leave
Spiritual Violence

3.0/5 [post black metal or whatever you’d call it] Decent, nothing too exciting.
44Brian Eno

3.0/5 [ambient] Decent, nothing too exciting. Does the job.
45 Eets

3.0/5 [lo-fi electronic, dubstep smelling] deserves a spin if you dig that kind of stuff.

3.0/5 [ambient, dubstep] might grow on me big time this. Has me nodding the head quite heavily. Check if you dig slow burning dubtracks and badass electronic music.
47The Vomiting Dinosaurs

3.0/5 [grind, death metal] fun but it didn’t leave any lasting impressions
48Theory In Practice
Crescendo Dezign

3.0/5 [tech death, soulless wank] this happened 2017…
49Dj Okawari

3.0/5 [trip hop, downtempo] pretty but undeniably nothing to keep listeners interested. Best songs are the ones without vocals
50Mors Principium Est
Embers of a Dying World

2.5/5 [melodic death metal] what every melodeath band needs to hear. 1. Programed strings, you can’t pull them off. 2. Face it. At the Gates peaked in the 90’s for a reason. Also oh my god. Death is the Beginning is the worst song ever.
51Ed Dowie
The Uncle Sold

2.5/5 [britpop done weird]
Nothing Feels Natural

2.5/5 [post punk] music made for pitchfork people. Seriously that tom/snare beat that every post punk/punk band in the history of ever utilizes sounds so retarded and is annoying af. Last track is cool.
53The xx
I See You

2.5/5 [snore pop]
54Yutaka Aoki
Lost in Forest

2.5/5 [experimental, dark ambient of sorts] a member of Downy releases solo material. This is a weird sometimes microtonal and improvised dark journey. The sound of nightmares.

2.5/5 [straight forward rock, stoner rock] nothing you haven’t heard before, decent enough.
As Embers Turn To Dust

2.5/5 [symphonic metal-ish] I’ll be damned if I give a symphonic metal album a rating higher than 2.5. This is pretty sweet though. Despite the admittedly flawed genre.
57Tracey Chattaway
Secret Garden

2.5/5 [post rock] pretty and happy but boring run to the mill post rock that you’ve heard a million times before.
58Sundara Karma
Youth Is Only Ever Fun in Retrospect

2.5/5 [hipster pop] boring but decently performed at least
59Gone is Gone

2.5/5 [lifeless rock] brought a bit of atmosphere from time to time. Salvages the rating from a total disaster.
60Pain of Salvation
In the Passing Light of Day

2.5/5 [prog whatever] prog is never sexy. Never.
61The Flaming Lips
Oczy Mlody

2.5/5 [psych pop-ish] Lifeless
Machine Messiah

2.5/5 [thrash, hard rock] better than expected.
Not For Music

2.5/5 [industrial black metal bs] has nothing of what made Nothing But The Whole a cool record. This has strange production too. FFO: tough guy-whispering and cookie cutter “this isn’t Rammstein, this is real industrial”-ambience. Last track is decent enough.
64Cloud Nothings
Life Without Sound

2.0/5 [some kind of indie apparently] for anyone who likes to be bored to tears.
65Code Orange

2.0/5 [attitude with nothing backing it hardcore, dullness] dullest hardcore.o.t.y dropped early this year.
66Count to Altek
A Seraphia Entwined

2.0/5 [sput] nah
67Different Sleep
Forget It

2.0/5 [EDM, dubstep] not all bad. Some tracks have a tiny bit of good vibes at least.

2.5/5 [UK grime] Not big on the genre, this is cool tho

1.5/5 [power metal] it does riff tho
70Dropkick Murphys
11 Short Stories of Pain and Glory

1.5/5 [dad punk] what’s with all the reviews for this? Kinda dug the idea of these guys trying to become the AC/DC of punk so I gave this a shot. Regret investing time in this mess.
71Chief Keef
Two Zero One Seven

1.5/5 [“hip-hop” “cloud rap”] …
72Neil Cicierega
Mouth Moods

1.5/5 [meme] +0.5 for being stupid enough to go through making this piece of crap
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