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My Favorite Albums Ever (as Of 2011)

I decided to compile a list of my current top10 albums, some of rthem have been life-rrchanging experiences, some are just brilliant rpieces of music, or a little bit of rboth.rHopefully rsomeone will discover some good music through this list, rspreading the love rfor good music ris my intent. :)rAlso, a side-note about this list... Thrice - The Alchemy Index rrwould be on rthe list, but the problem is that I consider the whole rthing as 4 EP's, but I rinclude them all rwhen I talk about it, but on ra site like this, it's divided into two parts, and I rcouldn't possibly rrrank them as two parts.rAnyhow, enjoy.
10Bass Communion
Ghosts On Magnetic Tape

Not sure if many will recognize this one, but Bass Communion is a side-
project by Steven Wilson, more known for being the frontman in Porcupine
Tree. Anyhow, this project is very ambient/creepy-type of stuff, something
that is right up my alley. Listening to this in headphones in a dark room - an
experience I'll never forget. Spooky as hell, but also fascinating. Favorite
song on the album would be Part II probably.
Hold Your Colour

Discovered this band through a friend, and I really digged the 'DnB'-thing.
This was back in '09 or something, because Immersion hadn't come out,
and I remember starting with In Silico. While that was a good album, Hold
Your Colour just stood out as being slightly better to me, and I still hold it
as my favorite, even though I love Immersion almost equally. A lot of
fantastic songs on this album, and the perfect gaming-music. Favorite song
on the album would be... the title track.
8Steven Wilson

Steven Wilson has for a long time been somewhat of a 'god' to me. Not in
the most fanboy-ish way, but I've loved pretty much everything he's
released, all his side-projects included, so when he released his first solo-
album, I was very excited. The album explores a lot of new territories that
he hasn't entered before, and there are many good examples of songs on
this album that are very 'new', at least in terms of genres he hasn't
attempted earlier. This album is one of his very best, and I can't wait for his
upcoming solo-project this year. :) Favorite song on the album would be No
Twilight Within the Courts of the Sun.
In Rainbows

Funny enough, I actually disliked this album the first 3-4 times I listened to
it. But I never gave up, because I wanted to give the band an honest
chance, and the album eventually clicked, and it clicked big time. However, I
do feel a bit sad that I have the physical copy without Disc 2, this album
just doesn't feel complete without both discs, so it's actually very crucial to
listen to both. ;) Favorite song would be Videotape.
6Porcupine Tree
Fear of a Blank Planet

PT was for a long time my favorite band, it wasn't until I discovered
Oceansize last year when that changed. Anyhow, FOABP and Signify keeps
battling for my top-spot when it comes to PT, on one day I prefer FOABP, on
the next I prefer Signify, so it's really close. Anyhow, some people might
complain about the lyrics on this album, but I've never cared that much
about lyrics, and the fact that the music is brilliant on this album just makes
me ignore the lyrics even more. The album has just about the perfect
length, it doesn't get too long or too short, it's 50 minutes long with 6
songs - perfect. Favorite song on the album would be Sleep Together.
(even though live-version is even better)
Ashes Against the Grain

A band I got recommended when I was in a huge Opeth-period. Checked
out The Mantle and fell in love with this band right away. There was just
something more then metal, the elements of folk and post-rock (to name a
few) was just very fascinating, and Ashes Against the Grain quickly became
my favorite album by them. It has everything I want from a metal-album, all
songs are fantastic, it has enough variety to be interesting throughout, and
it has that epic "journey"-feel, which results in me never wanting to skip a
track. Favorite song on the album would be Fire Above, Ice Below.
Perdition City

When I discovered Ulver (think it was a year ago), I remembered being
shocked. I looked the band up because I was a fan of Agalloch, and I
always saw Ulver being mentioned. Obviously this was a reference to
Ulver's first 3 albums, but I went with Perdition City after being
recommended it by a friend. Obviously it wasn't what I had expected at all,
but I was still blown away by it. The music really has a strong noire-feel,
and it's actually perfect music for playing Max Payne. Dark, electronic and
crazy - this album is outstanding. Favorite song on the album would be
Porn Piece or the Scars of Cold Kisses.
3Between the Buried and Me

An album I discovered this year actually, a band I had been hearing about
for quite a while, and finally decided to check out. Already being a fan of
Opeth, it wasn't hard getting into the "heavy/soft"-dynamics, and even
though this album took quite some spins to click, when it did - wow. This
album is such a journey, and all parts combined really feels like one epic
long song, with a lot of interesting changes. My favorite progressive metal-
album, at least now. Favorite song on the album would be Ants of the Sky.
2 Sigur Ros
( )

A very unique band, and an album that is very hard for me to describe. A
combination of Post-Rock and Ambient (with other elements) perhaps, but
this album transcends both genre and style. This is one of the best
listening-experiences I've ever had, and this album is such a masterpiece.
The journey it takes you on is fascinating, the difference in atmosphere
from the first half of the album to the second is just very unique as well.
Favorite song on the album would be Untitled 7.

When it all comes down to it, this album has it all for me. All songs on this
album are outstanding, and the flow it has just adds magic to it all. I
wouldn't take away a single second, and I wouldn't want to add something.
This album is just pure perfection, and when I discovered it last year - it set
a new standard for something being "perfect". This album has also
spawned 3 brilliant B-Sides, "Voorhees" is fairly known, but I think a lot of
fans are missing out on "Red Rag To a Bear" and "Siberian Bullshit", two
fantastic songs. If you haven't heard them, check them out! Favorite song
on the album would be The Frame.
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