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"Halfway" through 2023 (ranked) (empirical),

punctual as ever, from a leading tastemaker
37 Viper the Rapper
Crack therapy

this is what success sounds like. the man just straight up spits bars over the last 8 minutes of "It's a Wonderful Life". living in 2123
Due In Color

Unusually, an album where the middle stretch provides the best material
Crash Recoil
34 The Fun Years
Realness Converts
33 Yannick Dauby
Alang Skadang, Summertime

not enough frogs but also enough frogs
After The Magic

diminishes with repeated listens but retains real charm
Rat Saw God

Quickly runs out of steam but not enough that you can't alight happily at destination. Formula One must, one would think, be hot in contention for song of the year.
30 Jeph Jerman and Tim Barnes

the likely lads are back at it
29Angelo De Augustine
Toil and Trouble

oh angelo / rarely toils and troubles his best, most emotive and comfortable work but we can concede him a depression album surely
28Horse Jumper of Love
Heartbreak Rules

The horse may be a one-trick pony but - what's this - the Kentucky Derby?
27The Tallest Man on Earth
Henry St.

generally improved award
26 Mark Vernon
Callback Carousel

least improved award
25 Christian Mirande
Beautiful One Day, Perfect the Next

most improved award
24Philip Jeck and Chris Watson

good first name very auspicious / put it in the category of "great albums made on deathbed"
23 Philip Sulidae
Troca Ionica

one of the best doing it at the minute. consistently just really engaging
22RXK Nephew
Till I'm Dead

STEPPED IN WITH MY WHITE 1s ON (and they ain't got a scuff)
21 Ricercar Consort
Salvator mundi

the racecar quartet really go "vrrom vroom brr" with this one! and their name is the same backwards as it is forwards... damn that's cool...
Thought I Would Have Been Somebody By Now

[Placeholder for Andy Guthrie - Blemished. I will not deadname him, and his first release under his real name is as personal and lovely as one might expect. A gem. And cheap as chips.
19 Eric La Casa
Barrieres Mobiles

Lonesome barriers capture ominous threats of violence and hazards and the prospect of overthrow - but whether they're real or rather the product of paranoid inferences borne from seclusion/reclusion on a lonely estate is ambiguous; and what happens when they tumble down in the wind...
18Lana Del Rey
Did You Know That There's a Tunnel Under Ocean Blvd

really great music for making a queen-sized bed destined for one occupant
17Yo La Tengo
This Stupid World

yea more like Stupidly good! Lotta great comeback LP's this year ay
16 Gabi Losoncy

cute gabi !
15Sea of Shit
Sea Of Shit

2023 iteration proves they're the hardest in the game still and i am rendered a coprophage
14 Lil Ugly Mane

on God same calibre as Volcanic Bird
13 Taku Sugimoto

feel like Sugimoto has really entered a phase where, after drifting for a bit, his minimalism has found real expression and genuine lyricism. long may it last.
12Dean Blunt
Give me a moment

Rinsed is my most listened to song of the year and this is my most listened to album of the year and dean is my boyfriend this year also,
11 Graham Lambkin
No Better No Worse (Vol. 3)

The first of three Graham Lambkin - related projects in the top 10. Unheard of. He's on one of the all-time runs. Some of this material was, unbelievably considering it's quality, discarded. Year of the Lamb. How about: Lambkino,
10DJ Rashad

[PLACEHOLDER FOR: Nondi - Flood City Trax. Footwork, Outsider House, U simply gotta listen!, more fulsome write-up soon,
9 Graham Lambkin
...and James Rushford - Gondolas

With piano even more beautiful and alien than Aphorisms (it's coming... oh yes it is coming) and bricolage that trades in mystery and enigma, I haven't fully assembled coherent thoughts on this. Other than. There's something... quite dirty about this? Like yes sure it is perverse, dark and contumacious, but there's something... sexy about it, in a way that teeters - but never tips into - sheer prurience. What I'm saying is that I want to be dicked down with a strap-on while listening to this, experiencing perverse and grotesques heights of pleasure with multiple senses. That is my review... and you can quote me!
The Beggar

Finally - finally! - I find a Swans album I think is brilliant in entirety, and you all abandon ship? miscreant and incorrect behaviour, I simply cannot approve.
I Don't Need Forgiveness

[Placeholder for Franciso Lopez' "Untitled 2021 - 2022", musique concrete album of the year.]
6Jeromes Dream
The Gray In Between

I honestly haven't been this excited, or absorbed by, a screamo album since I was getting into Off Minor. That was over a decade ago. Potential fully unleashed, beautiful to behold; the sparingly-used melodic sections cutting through the chaos feel like being bathed in sunlight after weeks upon weeks of rain.
5Andy Shauf

Goes down as smooth as a cool glass of water in scorching heat - until you splutter it back up. Shauf's brand of soft, soft rock and deft arrangements have never been so beguiling, but he continually troubles the notion of his own sheer palatability, all fluttering vocal intercessions describing a stalking scenario that discomforts the lines between the acceptable, or even the seemingly innocuous, with something far more creepy and fucked up. Who hasn't wanted to catch someone's eye at the supermarket - but what if that heady impulse goes unchecked? How can love be real if it isn't reciprocated? What if God didn't understand what love is? Big questions posed by the silky/silver-tongued voice that is just so, so nice, but which is the voice of the unctuous poisoner.
Neo Seven

Touches the heart and leaves imprints, with distinct fingerprints.
3Arthur Russell
Picture of Bunny Rabbit

I actually can't believe how good this is. I've been skeptical of Audika's intentions in the past, like any doting father, but this has been compiled with love, dignity and frank astonishment that such sounds exist. The music itself is like nothing else except that also from its creator, who seemingly has access to a key and registers and chords that remain inaccessible to anyone else - and in these snapshots of whatever periphery Arthur Russell worked in, he communicates directly with the soul, so to call it "gorgeous", though it is, does a disservice to how *cleansing* it is. Likewise, to label it "innovative" ignores that 40 - fucking 40 - years later, it still sounds new. In the Light of the Miracle (the rendition of which closes the album perfectly) Indeed.
2Graham Lambkin

Dislocation is not a new concern of Lambkin's, but here it finds its most direct expression; tracks dissolve, resolution is fleeting and ersatz, jump-scares and woozy grotesquerie abounds. One feels they're sinking, bones belonging to unchartered waters somewhere in the Atlantic. Yet for all that, it's frequently beautiful, especially as the meandering and displaced truancy of the first disc coalesces into something firmer - though not unyielding - on the second. Like, T.S. Eliot refused to let people publish excerpts of The Wasteland and I get that bc stripping any of this into constituent parts muddles a narrative that requires them to be part of the whole and disavows synecdoche, at least on the level of each disc (possibly split into two because of density/digestibility) - so does it matter that the second disc is superior when one needs the first to ground it? Anyway, moments of beauty. The melodic line that slinks out in the second half of Trilogy of Embers. Porpitus.
1Graham Lambkin

The captivating bee-buzz guitar of the title track, with domestic anchors playing percussion; the eventual, long-fought triumph of belonging. The emphatic need to replay it from the beginning upon conclusion. No longer sound collage (nothing borrowed, nothing blue) or musique concrete (indeed, a surprisingly instrumenty and original affair as he tinkers on pianos, guitars), something then like a singer/songwriter's confessional or a genre unto himself. A masterwork. AOTY AOTY AOTY
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