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Lil Ugly Mane x Shawn Kemp = Top Tier HipHop!

I'm dead meat, I'm dead weight, Dragging my body holding my chin straight. Probably never make it home again at this pace, Waking the Devil up cause I've been staying at his place... Ride with me!
8Lil Ugly Mane
Playaz Circle

Motherfuck all the cars, Motherfuck all the clothes, All that really matters is this bub in my nose, Next fall asleep, deep in my brain, Once you feel the Ugly Mane you never feel the same, The demons got through all this pain inside me, You think I give a shit about this body? I'm in jail, it's shell, I'm in prison this human world, The sooner out the better, Ima murder everybody, you can take the cheddar...
7Lil Ugly Mane

Flash forward: itching, burning, panic stricken, how the fuck am i still alive, i’m feeling horror struck, Spinning, can’t see nothing, screaming i can’t hear my voice, All i feel is pressure in my brain and all my clothes are moist, Fumbled on the ground, twitching all around, Spazzing gotta find the strap, Gotta put another in my dome before they find my ass, I know they heard that buck, know that they called the cops, Know my little sisters getting out of school at three o’clock, Leaking like a motherfucker, rub my fingers through the butter, Drawing shapes, finally find the courage now to touch my face, Feeling dizzy, bout to give up on that fucking gun, probably die from loss of blood, How could i have been this dumb? drag myself up off the floor onto the bed, I can’t believe i let a motherfucking bullet fly and i ain't even dead.
6Lil Ugly Mane

I used to like to rhyme when there was never any pressure, When your own bars were stone cold and beat you on a stretcher, It wasn't business it was pleasure, I heard God through a boombox lampin' on my dresser, Hip-Hop, the most progressive music in the bunch, We hear tracks from '05 on a flashback lunch, Cause we move ahead every 30 seconds, So hows it been 40 years and all we fucking rap about is weapons?
5Lil Ugly Mane
Uneven Compromise

Right to Hell, in a trance when I write the spell, Leave the blood on my hands cause I like the smell, In the death business, you the clientele, Motherfuckers can't win cause I'm trying to fail, Flesh is the fabric that covers my robes, Blood is the matter that built up my throne, Nothing but shadows I'm waiting alone deep in my coffin, I call it my home, Cowering and broken, I'm a victim of my evil deeds but I don't need your sympathy, I'm comfortable in misery.
4Supa Sortahuman & Shawn Kemp

Tell me bout Adam and Eve, what the fuck apples and trees have to do with anything? Fuck the way humans be doin, Earth is a place of pain, feelings and pressures change, Nothing is what its seems, the dream is everything, Coming from pulpits, say nothing but bullshit.
3Lil Ugly Mane
Bust a Sag

I want that cakey cakey, These bitches fakey fakey, I’m in this bitch until the planet want to just erase me, Then I’m outer spacing, Hover just above you, All these bitches all theses hoes, I never loved you, Playa shit, get that bread, ye ain’t know?, I’m on that elevator, watch me go, Pull the covers off you, no more sleeping, Take that plate from you, no more eating, Bitch, tried to warn you bout these snakes, Garden of eden, Keep my money, adam eve’n till I’m over breathing
2Lil Ugly Mane
Oblivion Access

I eat my vegetables, I like the broccoli, What is more fictitious, the gods or you and I? You needs a court's admission, you think the cops comply? I don't acknowledge systems, I never found it wise... I wasn't born to just support the shit that's palpable, I don't see Earth as disproportionally valuable, If there's a god I'm sure his name is unpronounceable, If there's a hell I'm sure we'll all be held accountable.
1Lil Ugly Mane

Turn me up some, 665 plus one, I'm entitled to my money like a trust fund, Come up off the dubs let me touch one, Drops on every corner like the way the city bus runs, You know that I'ma act a fool again and lick shots in unison with crews of hooligans until you're left with fewer friends, Catch me on the news being interviewed wearing your jewels saying "I saw it all, but I don't know who the shooter is"!
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