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A Very Ipod 2012

As the year comes to a close it's time to see everybody's 'Best Of' lists. As far as 2012 goes, here's mine. Also includes a couple of Josh's 2012 metal thoughts.
1Carach Angren
Where the Corpses Sink Forever

There's no sweet fairy tales in the black metal world. An album full of concept and mystique, that not only allows for the mind to wonder, but to appreciate story telling again.
2Ash Borer
Cold Of Ages

After releasing some of the most solid black metal the past few years, it comes as no surprise that Cold Of Ages would be featured on a list somewhere.
3Anaal Nathrakh

On the back of Passion there was little chance that Anaal Nathrakh could regresss any further negatively. Vanitas blows away Passion in every way with a record filled with aggression, insanity and an atmosphere that reinforces the band's message.

Although being released earlier in the year Dodecahedron has launched themselves onto the metal scene in a highly positive way, this at the very least should be checked out.
Son Of Perdition

Son Of Perdition shows intelligence in the very face of commercialism. The music doesn't have to be completely revolutionary to make head way. People seem to be forgetting that. Wretched are back with a bang and a growl.
6Funeral Whore
Step Into Damnation

Death metal in the 'old-school' vein. Some find these revival bands a little grating but respect must be given for the old ways.
7Father Befouled
Revulsion of Seraphic Grace

Think Immolation, as in Immolation #2. These guys might sound like clones but the music itself is enjoyable enough to ignore the fact everything here has been done before.
8God Seed
I Begin

Gaahl begins again. Ex Gorgoroth includes Ov Hell. If you ever liked something under there earlier moniker check this out. It should have something that will please the veteran black metal enthusiast.
Atra Mors

On the back of the groups other releases, most new this was going to be good. Good thing all this hype was met with a solid albeit repetitive album.
Phantom Antichrist

These thrash veterans may have had to live under some other more well known acts but rest assured that Kreator is still very much alive and kicking.
11Paradise Lost
Tragic Idol

Speaking of veterans; Paradise lost have kicked most of the electronic inspired parts in their music and focused on a more straight forward traditional valued sound. An absolute must for fans of the band or the genre.
12The Sword

Taste the pointy end, The Sword show their relevance on the metal scene with yet another steady release.
Clockwork Angels

Who could forget these guys? After all these years Rush can still manage to pull a few rabbits out of the hat.
Reverence to Stone

Although two tracks long and clocking in at just over half an hour this doom metal group could have explored a little more and not made such a brief album. All that aside the music is still strong enough to maintain itself on the doom scene and remains a strong listen.
Silencing Machine

There is something weird in the waters. Silencing machine draws a bit from here and there to be the un-accessible record it tries to be. It's sinister and heavy so it pretty much ticks all the boxes.
16Secrets Of The Moon
Seven Bells

Simplicity in black metal, although the record flew mostly under the record Seven Bells remains one of the most consistent concept black metal records of the year.
Funeral Mouth

More black metal. Slightly gritty in its production, yet interesting enough to float the listener throughout. Not only does the record have a sense of melancholy but the riffs within deserve merit too.
Honor Found In Decay

Neurosis are a band that are far from decay.
Serpent Sermon

Even though Marduk has shown a steady decline in quality over the years, Serpent Sermon bites back (no pun intended) and highlights that there is some measure of creative talent being thrown about.
20 Alcest
Les Voyages De L'?me

Black metal doesn't always need to rip your ear off, take a step back and appreciate the world for what it is.
Faustian Echoes

Whatever these guys do, it's going to create some controversial responses. From here however Agalloch are only ever going to release some solid music and continue to move up in the world.
The Giant

Ahab fell of the side of the map during the last couple of years, needless to say now but - they're back.

For pagan metal Helveltios is one of the most catchy albums of the scene.
24Cattle Decapitation
Monolith Of Inhumanity

These death-grinders have found a sound largely comfortable now. The album itself re-affirms Cattle Decapitations place of the death/grind genre.
25The Contortionist

A sophomore record that doesn't have the same amount of punch as the debut but regardless The Contortionist are only going to present themselves the way they want to.
Psalms for the Dead

If this is the end of an era Candlemass are going out on a high. These doom veterans are still the shape of things.
The Campaign

Wow I was really not expecting this to be that good but it totally rules! It's easily one of the most confident 4/5's I have ever rated!
-Josh Hummel
28Cannibal Corpse

The album was not Cannibal Corpse's most impressive work but served as another great addition to a legendary discography of classic metal albums and satisfactory fillers. While it left a lot to be desired, not quite living up to the standards or albums like The Bleeding and Vile, it would be hard to dispute that 'Torture' was anything less than a heavy weight champion for metal releases of 2012.-Josh Hummel
Dead End Kings

Katatonia's 'Dead End Kings', though released with a questionable album title, has some of the best mainstream rock influenced doom metal tracks to have ever been released for the genre ever. - Josh Hummel

Burzum has taken a turn, and not for the worst. Since being released from prison Burzum's works have largely mellowed out. The album itself is far from the best of 2012 but has a nostalgic replay value when compared to earlier albums.
31Dragged Into Sunlight

The album itself seems to split listeners down the middle. Where-as the debut was a magnificent display of sludge soaked doom inspired metal Widowmaker has gone completely the other direction revelling in melancholy, atmospheric passages and has provided room for the listeners' thoughts on this three part affair.

2012 seems to be the year where a lot of veteran acts are releasing music. Not that I'm complaining though. RIITIIR is some definition of what it takes in the metal industry. For good or for bad these guys are simply doing it.
Blood For The Master

It's vile, sinister fast paced and forever unchanging. Goatwhore makes for a solidly enjoyable listen.
Dead Words Speak

There has definitely been a surge in doom records this year. This sophomore record displays a signal of what is to come. Music is sinister and moderately symphonic.
35 Darkthrone
Sempiternal Past

This record was a little unexpected, but then again they didn't do anything out of the ordinary.
36As I Lay Dying

Metalcore may or may not be frowned on these days however Awakened highlights that some bands can make head way and release a commercially viable album that doesn't completely suck.
37Backyard Mortuary
Lure of the Occult

This is a solid album and is easily one of the best OSDM throw-backs to have been released lately.
-Josh Hummel
38Blut aus Nord
777 - Cosmosophy

The final stage of a trilogy, brings the album's together and highlights the conceptual talent these guys have.
39Grand Magus
The Hunt

This album hits hard - just like it's supposed to. This is how things get done.
40The Faceless

Love them or hate them, The Faceless are evolving; maybe it's got something to do with the line-up change (namely the vocalist) but for what it is the music does have the ability to engage the listener.
41God Dethroned
Under the Sign of the Iron Cross

Steady black metal. No more, no less.
42Fear Factory
The Industrialist

The programmed drums are a little bit of a turn off here, but thankfully the album is typical pre-seperation in it's sound. Solid from start t finish.
43Ill Nino

This New Jersey six piece has come a long way since their debut and a record with Roadrunner Records. Switching from label to label and line-up changes have all played a part in the sound they make today. Dave Chavarri said he wanted to 'redefine latin metal again? and while it?s not exactly doing that Epidemia shows listeners that Ill Nino are indeed alive and kicking.
44Job for a Cowboy

Job For A Cowboy have finally found peace with their sound.

Power metal with the right amount of cheese. It's not over the top and a change in vocalist hasn't really changed Kamelot's overall sounscape.
46 Nile
At the Gate of Sethu

Nile have been at it for years. This is in the same vein as pretty much everything else they have released.
47King Of Asgard
...To North

No frills folk metal.
48 Tulus
Olm og Bitter

Straight up black metal, worth a listen.

Djent, why you such a fickle beast?

Same as above, without the testicles or the ballsack to hold them.

It's good to see these guys are developing, but where do they go from here, chances are it's about to get repetitious.
52Lord Mantis

I'll let Greg take the honours here.
Half Blood

Another great display of some relatively unknown black metal.
54 Maladie
Plague Within
56 Skjellum
Sempiternal Past
57God Forbid

Show us your groove and i'll give you a pickle.
58 Stone Sour
House of Gold & Bones, Pt. 1

It be Stone Sour, with tracks reminiscent of the early days blended with some new age concepts House Of Gold & Bones Pt. 1 makes for an enjoyable and interesting listen.
59 Les Discrets
Ariettes oubli?es...

In answer to Alcest's 2012 album we have...
60 Band
61 Band
62 Band
63 Band
64 Band
65 Band
66 Band
67 Band
68 Band
69 Band
70 Band
71 Band
72 Band
73 Band
74 Band
75 Band
76 Band
77 Band
78 Band
79 Band
80 Band
81 Band
82 Band
83 Band
84 Band
85 Band
86 Band
87 Band
88 Band
89 Band
90 Band
91 Band
92 Band
93 Band
94 Band
95 Band
96 Band
97 Band
98 Band
99Saint Vitus
Lillie: F-65

You guys probably havent heard this.
100Serpentine Path
Serpentine Path

Not really that impressive but gets a mention because of the calibre of band members.
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