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11 Great Albums You (probably) Haven't Heard

Some albums without too many ratings that I really enjoy and would like to share.
1Estatic Fear
A Sombre Dance

A beautiful yet heavy piece of work that blends together a variety of different
metal styles and ultimately comes together as a very cohesive release with a lot to
offer to anybody that appreciates various styles of metal. A very satisfying listen
with a brilliant atmosphere. Recommended for those that enjoy dark but still
beautiful metal music.
Spiritual Angel

Another metal album. This one is very melodic and features a lot of keyboard but it
blends nicely with the whole sound that the band goes for. There are both clean
and harsh vocals to be found here, both pretty good. Tightly produced, the album
sounds great which is important considering the length of the songs. Recommended
for those that enjoy melodic death metal with emphasis on "melodic".
3Last Dinosaurs
In a Million Years

Enjoyable listen with catchy hooks, a summery atmosphere, and a generally relaxed
but still energetic tone. Tropical sounding riffs and a decent vocal performance with
some interesting drum beats and groovy basslines do a great job of keeping the
songs upbeat and full of life; some more than others. Recommended for those that
enjoy "summery" music and choruses that get stuck in your head for hours or even
days after you're done listening.
4The Outline
You Smash It, We'll Build Around It

Alternative rock that sounds unique and at times minimalistic, even though it can at
the same time showcase some more bombastic moments. Vocals feature more
effects than the guitars, and the tracks have a satisfying consistency that makes
the album a worthwhile and relatively short listen. Recommended for those that
enjoy vocal-driven rock and are looking for something different and modern
5Quartier Rogue
Les Annees Lumieres

Though the lyrics are entirely in French, the instruments all speak the universal
language of hardcore/noise accompanied by a dirty and chaotic performance by the
vocalist. An incredibly short listen that still manages to be tiring due to how hectic
it is, what truly separates this release from other bands is the vocalist. His
performance may be hit-or-miss with some, but they compliment the music in an
oddly fitting way that should not be missed. Recommened for those that enjoy
noisy hardcore ("noisecore") and short, spastic songs.
6Venetian Snares
Cavalcade of Glee and Dadaist Happy Pom Poms

A scatterbrained symphony of blips, beeps, boops, crashes, and a million other
sounds make their home on this breakneck album featuring time signatures that
would make Meshuggah scratch their head and ten tracks of maddening disarray,
this is a must-hear for fans of electronic music. Wonderful production makes sure
that the buzzes have a fitting static to them and that booming bass beats rattle
appropriately. Recommended for those that enjoy off-the-wall electronic music
and/or music that utilizes obscure time signatures and polyrhythms.
7Collapse Under The Empire
Shoulders and Giants

Instrumental post-rock that is highly engaging and does not rely a lot on passages
of ambience. Every note rings nicely and each beat of the drums sounds tight,
creating an atmosphere that is full of energy and life though lacking the grandiose
sound of bands like GY!BE. Constantly fantastic, this release makes for a truly
captivating listen and has enough to offer that there's not a moment of humdrum.
Recommended for those that enjoy atmospheric music that doesn't feel the need to
be slow or quiet but still accomplishes immersing the listener in its own sonic world.
8An Albatross
The An Albatross Family Album

I've never actually heard what an albatross sounds like, but I don't imagine that
they sound anything quite like this. Positively wild and noisier than that
construction site across the street, this album is an absolute racket. Not for the
faint of heart, or those that do not handle the unorthodox well. A circus of insanity
that halts its performance for nobody. Recommended for those that enjoy
confounding and uproarious music that doesn't like to shut up.
The Creatures In The Garden of Lady Walton

Starting off the album with a beautiful a capella performance and setting the stage
for a similarly melodious follow-up, such vocal talent is expected to be maintained
throughout the album. Luckily, it is, though not as often as it could be. Each song
features a relatively minimalistic string and woodwind compositions which sound
great on their own, but sound best while they underscore a singer. Recommended
for those that enjoy humble instrumental performances, orchestral sounding
composition, and wholeheartedly magnificent singing.

If you like one word bands that write one word albums and progressive songwriting,
then you should love this. Experimental and unique, this is a metal release that is
unlike almost any other. Capturing a sense of aptly titled "Vast"ness throughout the
duration, despite fairly standard length songs, there is a lot of weird riffing and
some baffling instrumentation all lead by a strong vocal performance. Recommended
for those that enjoy metal that truly embraces the tag of "progressive" and for
those that enjoy seeming superior to their peers by having knowledge of weird and
unknown metal bands/albums.
11Return To Forever
Light As a Feather

Jazz fusion with some great vocals and a relaxing tone makes this a pleasant trip
through 44 minutes of musical mystique. Solos and improv sessions aplenty, this
album offers the whole kit and kaboodle of a jazz experience in a compact and
consistent release without a dull moment. Recommended for those that enjoy jazz in
its entirety and those that live for collective improv.
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